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  2. Giorgio AR

    AR94s in the house!

    Hi Sudhir, I have 4 woofers 200001 and at my multimeter they measure 4.7 and 5.0 ohm as you can see from the photos
  3. DonT

    Model 5's Yellow wire from crossover mystery

    Yes they are GREAT speakers. After rebuilding mine I will never get rid of them.
  4. ra.ra

    AR94s in the house!

    I've got one 001 woofer on hand and it is measuring about 4.9 or 5.0 ohms DCR.
  5. sudhir

    AR94s in the house!

    Found more info here!
  6. sudhir

    AR94s in the house!

    Thank you! Any idea how much the #200001-1 should measure?
  7. Adrian T

    AR 310 HO

    I’ve come across topic and I’m keen to try these mods on my AR 310 HO speakers as I was looking to improve the bass response. As outlined in the tread I’ve noticed that there is a definite lack of bass especially at low volume level. As the volume levels increase the bass response lifts but I’ve always felt that it lagged the level required to match the tweeters and mids. I was wondering if I can have some guidance before I implement the mods as I’m keen to avoid damaging my gear from getting the instructions or components wrong. Would the following parts be suitable: - 20 ohm 10W resistor Would a wire-wound or metal-oxide film resistor be suitable and what is the recommended VDC capacity. I’ve noticed that 18 ohm or 22 ohm audio grade resistors are more readily available. Would these be ok to substitute with these on should one use two resistors in series or parallel to achieve the required resistance or as close a possible. Would this resister be suitable Dayton Audio DNR-20 20 Ohm 10W Precision Audio Grade Resistor - 4 ohm 20W resistor Would a wire-wound cement resistor be suitable and what is the recommended VDC capacity. - 10 uF poly or mylar cap Would the following cap be suitable or any other recommendation Dayton Audio dmpc -10 10uF 250VDC Polypropylene Capacitor High Current capacity. Finally I’m just a little unsure on a couple of connection details. I’ve indicated below where I’m seeking some clarification. Procedure: 1. Remove the biwire input strap on the + terminals. 2. Put a 20 ohm 10W resistor across the HI range terminals. i.e. across the + ve & -ve terminal of the Hi range terminals. 3. Put a 4 ohm 20W resistor from the woofer + to the HI range +. 4. Put a 10 uF poly or mylar cap from the woofer + to the HI range +. Is the Cap in parallel with the 4 ohm 20W resistor or in series. 5. Wire the Amp to the Woofer input terminals. Assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Adrian T
  8. frankmarsi

    Odd replacement tweeter

    Chris, I had my suspicions which kept me away from them. However, as an LST owner of many years, if the price was better than he was asking, maybe I should have.
  9. Chris1this1

    Odd replacement tweeter

    Frank, yup those are the same pair you saw up for sale, I threw a number at him and he bit. That said, I see now he has two more pairs up at through the roof prices, but he might biggt again at a low offer. Roy, thank you for identifying these. They do seem brighter than what should be in there, I will be replacing these with the proper types. Crazily enough, there were lots of problems with the previous restoration attempt. The tweeters were wired incorrectly, putting one in parallel with a combination of two in parallel with one in series, all due to a midwire at the front plane terminal. Also, the seller claimed that one woofer did not work, but the wire was actually pinched under the woofer mounting flange and I guess eventually broke off. It pays to do things right people, lol.
  10. Yesterday
  11. sarals

    I Have AR-5's

    The AR2ax recone kit I found on eBay arrived yesterday, and wouldn't you know it, the voice coil diameter is smaller than my AR5's 1.5 inch VC. I considered opening up the spider that came with the kit, but I discovered that won't work because it's a cupped spider, not a flat one like the original. It wouldn't sit properly on the masonite ring landing. So, I ordered a spider from Speaker Exchange. I'm looking at a fairly slow process to restoring these AR5's of mine. The tweeters are going to be expensive, no matter what route I take, so budgeting will be in order! They'll be the last thing to be addressed on this adventure.
  12. Giorgio AR

    I purchased a 12" woofer

    I just bought a 12 "woofer to keep as a spare. Purchased on the popular auction site, virtually blind! As can be seen from the 2 photos in the auction, the woofer has corrosion to the basket, a fold on the paper cone and I do not know the electrical condition of the woofer! (The seller did not declare if working or resistance values of the coil). On the auction site it was referred to as an "AR3ai" woofer. In my opinion, it could belong to an AR3a improved (this justifies the final i of the code), so it should be a woofer produced from '74, perfectly in line with my three pairs of speakers of the same year (AR3a - AR3a improved and AR LST !!!). I will be able to date the woofer in a few days when it arrives at my house and I hope to confirm the contemporaneity with my speakers. I will send more and better photos of the woofer at the arrival of the same, as well as the documented phases of its restoration. It will have to return to be perfectly functional and aesthetically perfect as when assembled by mom Acoustic Research. It seems like a great challenge.
  13. I am considering the small ADS dual dome 3 ways from the late 70s to the 90s with 8 inch or smaller woofer. Anything like a 710 or 810. My question is what is the status of the ADS parts market ? Is the availability as good as AR or is it more like a needle in a haystack. I have almost zero ADS knowledge beyond brand awareness and a connection with Braun. Adams
  14. nfafan

    NLA grill cloth?

    Great thread, thanks for the links! That said; has anyone found a close match at a Hobby Lobby, JoAnne Fabrics, et al? I ask as I'd really love to see the material up close and personal. Thanks!!
  15. DavidR

    AR94s in the house!

    I have woofer #200027 in my AR9s and they measure 4.8 ohms DCR
  16. sudhir

    AR94s in the house!

    Thanks Gentlemen! Now what should the resistance of the individual drivers be? I want to make sure no one has messed with the voice coils!
  17. LesE

    ADS L500 opinions

    I've owned my L500's for roughly six years and I think they are exceptional for a smaller two-way speaker. The L500 shares the same 206-0100 tweeter as higher end ADS models and I suspect that it's 8" woofer (206-0316) may be a 4 ohm version of the 206-0317 8 ohm woofer used in the L810. The bass may not be floor shaking but it is solid to around 45 Hz and very clean. Add a decent powered sub and you may be surprised at how good the result can be. Despite being rated at 4 ohms, I find them relatively easy to drive. In fact, I'm currently running my pair from a little Sherwood S-7100 receiver. Although ADS is fairly scarce in my area, I was fortunate enough to find a pair of ADS 810's which have greater bass extension and are more detailed through the midrange region. As far as where the fit into the ADS lineup at the time, I believe it went something like this: L910 L810 L710 L700 L500 L400 (Note: I'm not sure if the L910 was introduced before or after the the L500 was replaced by the the L520). I don't know much about the L1's but they seem to be a fairly scarce model . They appear to use the same tweeter as the L470/570 (206-0116) and the same woofer as the L520 (206-0323). These are rated at 6 ohms nominal with a 100W maximum power rating and like most ADS speakers, I would expect them to be fine performers. Here are some brochures and a test report that may be of interest. http://sportsbil.com/ads/l-500_fm_guide_11-1975.pdf http://sportsbil.com/ads/ads-500-brochure.pdf http://sportsbil.com/ads/braun_l-500a_l-700a-brochure.pdf Les.
  18. djcheung

    AR94s in the house!

    I repaired a pair of 94er sometime ago. The surrounds were indeed on top of the cones and not under. The picture below shows the before image.
  19. VSAT88

    AR-3 1965 Models ? SN C42801

    Just wanted to stop by and re read the thread. Yes, I still have them and yes I have been a bum. Have not finished the PL 700 either. Other things have come up and working on those but the AR's are around the corner ! Oh, I picked up a pair of Snell type J/III's and I really like them. Took the SDA 2'bs out and put them in. May well need some advice on those as well.
  20. DavidR

    AR94s in the house!

    They have a nice big roll on the surrounds. Hard to tell about the dust cap. The type isn't too important IMO. Anything close to original will be fine. I think the originals were just paper.
  21. sudhir

    AR94s in the house!

    @DavidR thanks for the reply. I have a pair of AR18 tweeters . I will replace the tweeters with along with a 4uF capacitors. The resistors too will be changed. Im only worried about the effect the surrounds might have. Who ever did it seemed to have done a good job. But do the dust caps look authentic?
  22. DavidR

    Needing Sage advice for AR17 woofers

    Just from my harvesting of drivers from AR94s and a recent thread.
  23. ra.ra

    Needing Sage advice for AR17 woofers

    Yeah, I miss that old Lechmere store, which was located one block from the old AR building on Thorndike Street in Cambridge. Looking at your "upgrade", it appears perhaps you no longer have real AR-93's, since all drivers shown are not original. Did you make any crossover revisions to accommodate these interlopers? What about the (4) side woofers....replaced or original? If you need any of these 035 drivers, I have two that I cannot find a proper home for - - - send me PM if interested. Hi David..... any further details to elucidate this statement? If there is any place where this info on part numbers, pics, or further descriptions will be appreciated......this is the place to share.
  24. DavidR

    Needing Sage advice for AR17 woofers

    Four different 8 inch AR/Tonegen woofers that I have run across and counting.
  25. CSUNRocks

    Listened to to AR-3’s for first time.

    Thanks. They are pretty nice !
  26. Last week
  27. That 2uF is a double cap. Replace it with two 2uF caps I don’t bother replacing the black scrim cloth You will never hear the difference between 8.0 and 8.2uF
  28. nefertem

    Needing Sage advice for AR17 woofers

    Thanks Ra.Ra. that is what I meant for the most part I got mine at Lechmere after they were discontinued from the other audio stores these are mine after Dr Frankenstein aka me did a upgrade
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