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  2. samberger0357

    AR-3 Restoration Complete!

    Welcome, and wow!!! Amazing job restoring those gorgeous 3's. I'm drooling with envy! They look terrific, and you even have the perfect spot for them. Congratulations!!
  3. Steve Gifford

    AR-3 Restoration Complete!

    These speakers were given to me by a friend of mine at church who had them in the back of his truck destined for Goodwill. The cabinets were fairly rough and the grille fabric had been replaced but everything else was original. I had never restored a set of speakers before but thanks to the encouragement of Roy, Glenn, Kent and others on this site, I have spent the last 6 weeks restoring them and am very happy with how they turned out. Here are a few of the details: Year: 1963-4 Make: Acoustic Research Model: AR-3 Serial #s: C21604 & C21611 Restoration summary: - Original dual 24uF and 6uF paper capacitor replaced with new Solen 24uF 400V and Dayton Audio 6.2uF 250V Precision Audio Capacitors from Parts Express - Original 16 Ohm / 25 Watt wire-wound potentiometers were corroded beyond repair and were replaced with modern reproduction wire-wound potentiometers of the same size and specifications from captainfantastic07 on eBay. - Cabinets sanded and hand-rubbed with Watco Danish Oil (Dark Walnut) and finished with four coats of Minwax satin polyurethane. - Woofer perimeter and bolt holes resealed with speaker sealing caulk from Parts Express - Original plastic speaker grill frames replaced with more durable 1/4" Masonite for easier installation and removal. - Masonite speaker grille frames spray painted flat black before wrapping with fabric to prevent frame being seen through fabric. - Reproduction speaker grille saran material from Q-Components in Canada. - 3M automotive trim adhesive tape followed by ¼” heavy duty staples to prevent slipping of material or fraying of fabric edges - Reproduction “AR Inc” and "3" pin from jKent Attached are a few pictures so you can see before and after and some of the steps along the way. I plan on enjoying them for a while and then will probably try selling them locally before putting on eBay to avoid the hassle and potential damage associated with shipping. Thank you to Roy, Glenn and Kent for all of your input and for the wealth of information everyone else has contributed to this site! If you have any questions or comments, please let me know! Thanks, Steve
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  5. Pete B

    Woofer coil bypassed in NLA

    To make it louder and more in your face. http://baselaudiolab.com/ADVENT_LA_XO.html
  6. genek

    For Sale - AR9 Speakers $1200

    You should tell people where you are.
  7. FOR SALE - AR-9 Speakers Overall, these are excellent condition. All the caps on the upper frequency cross over replaced in July. Grills are in like-new condition. Foam surrounds replaced on ALL 12" woofers and 8"mid-range drivers. 3 of the 4 woofers are original. The 4th woofer is the correct AR replacement. Acoustic blanket and foam donuts around the tweeter and upper mid-ranges are like new Cabinets are in excellent condition with exception noted below. There are no nicks or scratches otherwise. All the cross-over switches operate with no issues. The very bottom sections of the cabinets veneer were damaged when I got them so just those areas were repaired with new walnut veneer then stained to match. The grills cover the sides and the front grill covers the seam between the original and replacement veneer. Nobody would see the repairs unless pointed out.
  8. Last week
  9. Pete B

    AR 11" woofer driver refoam (AR9)

    I have an AR-11 replacement woofer that has an aluminum former that was discussed on here years ago but main thread is gone. I wonder if the other one matches. Both are from 1978.
  10. Giorgio AR

    AR-2a level controls...

    Risposta molto tarda, ma i crossover e le pentole sono quelli dei diffusori Heathkit AS-2A, stessi diffusori (bassi, medi e alti) della contemporanea AR2a, ho entrambe le coppie e ho smontato entrambi, tra le altre cose anche i cappucci se diversi hanno gli stessi valori, i piatti sono 15 ohm (codice sul mio: B11-32 15 ohm, 6306 data di produzione), sono disponibili anche molte foto delle pentole smontate! Ciao
  11. newandold

    AK gathering at Blue Mountain Lodge

    Hello Glenn, Way back when....January I said I would show up (live near by 10 minutes) but perils of life took over this month...…...maybe next time! Bill
  12. newandold

    Allison 6 (CD6) tweeter health/repair question

    Is the other tweeter as nice in appearance as the posted picture? If it is you really hit pay dirt. As Allison "Fades" into the sunset, it's getting more and more difficult to find anything left that's good. Bill
  13. samberger0357

    Kind of weird AR 3a amp question

    Got a good deal locally and picked this up today. 200K ohm impedance. Problem solved.
  14. ra.ra

    AR12 Crossover network

    Here's what I can dig up. Hope it helps.
  15. fedeleluigi

    AR 11" woofer driver refoam (AR9)

    No they haven't. As regards the 12" foam/ceramic woofers made from about 1970 to around 1977 I have always and only found paper formers, at least so far. So the AR 11/10pi MKI woofers have paper formers, the AR 11/10pi MKII and the following 12" woofers used in the 9 and 9LS series have aluminum formers. Luigi
  16. ra.ra

    Prototype or DIY?

    Ahh....OK, now I see what you mean - - - yeah, I can understand how that first pic in the second post might suggest a similar double magnet arrangement, but no, this is clearly the tweeter magnet that has wiggled loose. This tweeter does not have a cone - - it is a 1-inch dome type - - - and I am just not familiar with what needs to be done for proper re-assembly. Re: epoxy, yeah, I have an easy-to-use two-part epoxy that would probably work well when that time comes. Thx.
  17. NielsAnkerLund

    AR12 Crossover network

    Hello Does anyone have the diagram for the AR12 crossover network
  18. Teletristan

    Allison 6 (CD6) tweeter health/repair question

    Plugged them into my Yamaha R8 this morning and the tweeters and crossovers are good. The woofer surrounds are toast but the cones were moving and making a little noise. I’m going to run a quick frequency sweep through them later today and make sure before I buy the foam kit. Even with the beat woofers these speakers sounded nice. I think they might get swapped into my bedroom setup which currently has ADS L300 bookshelves.
  19. newandold

    Allison 6 (CD6) tweeter health/repair question

    I noticed you said “apparently” good...hope they are working ok. Yes the shipping of Allison’s is tough if the seller fails at packaging. with only one exception, my luck with that was pretty good. The last pair I bought were close enough to drive it. Bill
  20. gelid


    I have the Albany, and they are an excellent speaker to my ears. Prob not as efficent as advertised, as my 12 WPC Pioneer SX-424 struggled with them. Currently, I have them connected to the receiver I bought them for... a 20 WPC Rotel RX-202 MK II. The Albany are a well-balanced speaker, if highly directional. Nice extended bass, full-enough mids, and clean highs. The bass is what surprised me the most, as I hadn't ever heard such a natural resonate bass before.
  21. I also was looking for a spider to fix the second woofer and contacted Nuway to see if they might be able to fabricate a very high compliance spider. They sent me some samples of a spider that they already made with the correct ID, OD, and the correct 6 corrugations. I got those out for the first time and they are very STIFF. I think Fs would probably be 100 Hz if I was to install one of those. Thinking back I seem to recall him saying check the fit and then they could make a very high compliance version. It looks like a perfect fit but it is a bit late to get back to him. I also contacted MWA, a supplier to professional rebuilders and obtained: 6002 C 6004 B They were out of the higher compliance A rated spiders. C and B just by feel are way to stiff, A might be close enough and I should try again to get a few. They all look to be made on the same die.
  22. Back in 2005 I measured woofer #1 in the AR-11 box with the factory white poly fill stuffing, and obtained these results driven directly without the crossover: Fc = 44.5 Qec = .79 Qmc = 3.16 Qtc = .63 I've hardly used the system all these years and pulled it out a few weeks ago to recap it and decided to do the same measurement (woofer #1) with these very similar results: Fc = 45.2 Hz Qec = .80 Qmc = 3.20 Qtc = .64 The crossover inductor DCR is .75 ohms and I ran the test again with .8 ohms in series to simulate the inductor DCR with these results: Fc = 45.2 Qec = 1.04 Qmc = 3.20 Qtc = .78 I don't recall the Qtc spec for the AR-11 but .78 with the simulated DCR is right in the ball park. Does anyone know of an impedance sweep for the AR-11 or was the spec for Fc ever provided by AR, or stated in a test report?
  23. Teletristan

    Allison 6 (CD6) tweeter health/repair question

    I just grabbed a set of CD6’s with apparently good tweeters in them, I can totally see how easy it would be to bang them up in transit...
  24. It looks like I need to refoam the 8” drivers... but the tweeters and crossovers appear and sound like they’re working great! One of the 8” grills is cracked and there’s some water damage to the oak veneer. I’m trying to decide if I’m going to rebuild these (I’m a NE speaker fan with lots of ADS, AR and Boston Acoustics speakers) or part them out as my current situation really doesn’t involve anymore acoustic suspension speakers and I’m onto the horn loaded speaker kick right now... (I got a lot of Klipsch, Altec, Western Electric and EV vintage stuff and I’m sort of saving to buy some Klipsch Jubilees in the near future. I don’t know much about Allison Acoustics other than they were a spin-off from AR I think? I’m in Massachusetts so seeing something other than the Bose name on speakers is always a treat and these needed a rescue. Any thoughts? I know I can fix the 8” for fairly cheap... and I might or I might list the tweeters and crossovers on eBay do someone else can use them to fix their bashed up or not working ferro fluid tweeters. Thanks for your thoughts on this... this forum seems to be the most active area for these boxes.
  25. dxho

    Prototype or DIY?

    My WAG is: pull the cone (of course, that needs to be possible); center and glue the magnet; replace the cone. My one experience with this was an early AR-3a woofer. The magnet and pole piece try mightily to pull themselves off center. So you'll need shims and/or a jig to hold them in place. Epoxy is probably the best option in my mind.
  26. dxho

    Looking to buy klh model five and six woofers

    More info in this thread "Early Model Twelves had a dual magnet woofer and early model Fives had a very large bolt together magnet structure. Shortly thereafter the Model Twelve, Five and Twenty-Three all shared the same drivers (same square magnet woofers, tweeters and for 5 & 12 the same mid ranges)."
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