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  2. WTB-3a badges-long shot I know.

    Hey Glenn The original 3a badges are solid brass, so no rust. Use some paint remover or just buff them with steel wool. I've cleaned up really bad looking ones. -Kent
  3. New AR-9 Project

    Wow. This 12 year old thread brings back some memories. This was one of the first "naked" AR-9's that we played with (no blanket, no vinyl stickers), and we did wind up keeping the internal crossover with new caps. It was also the first one where we tried the AR-substitute polypropylene 8" lower midrange, which turned out to be a complete bust. My son kept a later set of "naked" AR-9's that originally had 8" lower-mids with badly damaged cones that Bill LeGall restored to perfect condition; he owned those for several years before finally parting with them. It's hard to believe how easy it was to find inexpensive AR-9's on Craigslist in those days - A Golden Age!
  4. Hey all! I'm restoring a set of 3a's, and the original badges were totally rusted on the surfaces. vintage-ar has repro's, but I'd much prefer a set of originals. Ok if the red paint is faded, I can repaint the recessed letters. Thanks in advance! Glenn
  5. Unbelievable find, NOS

    Yep, for $2,000, good photos are a must. The actual value of an AR-9 can be considered from a few angles. The individual drivers typically sell for around $75 - $100 each (the 8" mid, a bit more), giving a value of about $400 per cabinet for donor speakers. This is before harvesting switches, switch covers, foam inserts, grille panels, and crossover boards from the carcass; let's call it another hundred bucks. That makes a parts-pair of AR-9s "worth" about a thousand dollars on the eBay marketplace. The special value of this particular set of speakers was in its "new-old-stock" condition - something that is probably still unproven despite much speculation. As has been pointed out, all of the foam surrounds will need to be replaced, the original gaskets changed out, and several of the crossover capacitors will need to be addressed (or all, depending on your point of view). Unknown is the condition of the upper mid & tweeter foam inserts, which could have rotted in the carton, and the appearance of the finish. Is sitting in an airtight plastic bag for four decades a good thing? Unfortunately, the new-old-stock happenstance isn't a Time Machine; even if the speakers have never been used, they've still been subject to 40 years' worth of materials aging, and are simply not the same as brand-new. Against the current crop of modern loudspeakers, there is really nothing that can compare with the performance of a properly-functioning & properly-amplified AR-9 for less than many thousands of dollars, placing the speaker in rich company. All said, it's still possible to find good examples of the AR-9 for significantly less money, making a completely restored speaker even more of a value.
  6. Unbelievable find, NOS

    1982 mfg date. $1800/pair = $4,603.88 today IF NEW but they are NOT new. They are 35 years old. The seller still refuses to post pictures of the speakers and drivers. Why?
  7. New AR-9 Project

    Stimpy is exactly right. Here is Tim Holl's preliminary data on the prototype AR9 from December 9, 1977:
  8. New AR-9 Project

    There is stuffing in the AR9 cabinet, to provide bass damping. It just isn't directly between the woofers. The lower 18 inches, of the cabinet is left empty, by design. The rest of the cabinet is heavily stuffed. Tim Holl discusses this aspect of the AR9, in his paper, on the design of the AR9. "Cabinet Damping"
  9. Crossover Potentiometers revisited

    The original pots were used in a variety of AR models which employed various high and mid frequency drivers. Replacement of original pots with new L-pads has generally proven to be a satisfactory method for keeping these old speakers alive and still retaining variable control of frequencies above the woofer's range. The use of the additional resistor is fully optional, and vintage-AR's comment is consistent with many user's opinions, particularly for the 2ax tweeter which, after 40 or 50 years, probably has a quieter voice than it did when it was new. Omitting the added resistor from this circuit will allow you to get a bit more "oomph" out of the aging tweeter, and most restorers are looking for every bit of tweet they can grab. The L-pads should work perfectly fine as replacements for the original pots, and you may or may not wish to include a couple of inexpensive resistors with your parts order for experimentation to determine what you like best as a final assembly.
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  11. Crossover Potentiometers revisited

    As an added comment, here is the message I received from vintage -ar regarding the part in question. " The AR-3a Restoration Guide is an excellent document. However, we don't agree on all points and the need for the 25 ohm shunt resistor is one area. We do not supply it with this resistor. "These are not 16 ohm pots. but L Pads and we have sold over 1,000 with complete satisfaction.You are welcome to add the shunt resistor but I don't feel it is necessary and you will lose a bit of the slightly higher tweeter volume capability of this control. The AR-2ax can certainly benefit from a little more volume as they are all a bit subdued by now."
  12. AR-6 crossover

    Not quite sure how to respond to this question yet. Maybe you can show us a pic of your woofer after it has been cleaned and ready for re-foam, and after you've received your repair kit. YouTube tutorials can be very helpful to give you added confidence, but feel free to ask questions as they arise. The biggest issue that is forever debated with a typical re-foam project was first penned by William Shakespeare: "To shim, or not to shim, that is the question." Pic attached shows an AR-6 woofer with a new foam being loose-fit to the speaker cone after the dust cap has been cut (and removed) and is sitting atop the clear plastic shims that have been installed. When possible, I like to re-use the original dust caps after the shims are removed. "First, foam and cone, and secondly, foam and metallic circle." Yes, this is the correct sequence. ".....the sound design require a tight seal." Yes, this is also correct, and your woofers may require new material to seal them properly, but this is an easy step. "I hope that will balance the tweeter." Airtight assembly is important, but this should not have significant effect on tweeter output. Are you planning to replace the original blue capacitors?
  13. Crossover Potentiometers revisited

    So, I guess they are not really direct replacements of the originals ( true 16 ohm potentiometers) but are L-Pads so the 25 ohm shunt would still be needed. Just a copy of Roy's recommendation as a 2nd best option to the original potentiometer. Too bad because if they were direct drop in replacements, would be nice to have since they are so difficult to find. Thanks Dean
  14. RAMSA WS-36

    Hi Florian Not an English speaker forum--New England, as in USA But others are certainly welcome! My problem is I have no first-hand experience with these. I think you should look at the size and if at all possible audition them. But then again, we're talking background music and ambiance--not critical listening. If you think the physical size is OK and they will fit with the decor... maybe. With all those woofers and the horns on top they "look" more like disco speakers than jazz. I just don't know. Sorry I can't be of more help. Good luck with the restaurant!
  15. Unbelievable find, NOS

    $2051 now. lets see......reverse inflation adjust that to 1982, and its still a BARGAIN. 1800 dollars in 1980?
  16. New AR-9 Project

    I got your point Tom. But I believe AR was trying to TONE down the ar9lsi by overdampening it(for whatever reason). Its TREMENDOUS NOW. the Theory of not putting stuffing behind the woofers on the AR9, then doing the opposite on the ar9lsi makes no sense. I think they didnt want to surpass the bass of the AR9 like GM never wants a faster car built by them the exceedes the corvette. Whatever the "theoretical reason" the speaker sounds fuller and outputs tremendous Bass now. It was muffled before.
  17. New AR-9 Project

    I may have misinterpreted your comments. "Removing the overfill yields tremendous bass gains" implies that you felt it was better or improved. But what I was trying to say is that pretty much everything on the AR9 and AR9Ls (and other AR speakers) was put there for a reason. The goal was to have flat response and neutral, low-distortion reproduction. If you remove (or add) fiberfill to the bass enclosure, you will be changing the damping of the woofers, and if you remove material, the "Q" will go up and damping will go down. The damping is very critical to the proper performance of this speaker, so a removal of the material in the cabinet will definitely cause a rise in bass output at resonance, giving a sense of bass gains.
  18. Crossover Potentiometers revisited

    Larry is correct. And don't forget that you may need new caps - one 4uF and one 6uF in each cabinet. (Both 5.6 and 6.2uF are shown as examples.) https://www.parts-express.com/speaker-l-pad-attenuator-15w-mono-3-8-shaft-8-ohm--260-248 https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-dnr-25-25-ohm-10w-precision-audio-grade-resistor--004-25 https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-dmpc-40-40uf-250v-polypropylene-capacitor--027-421 https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-dmpc-56-56uf-250v-polypropylene-capacitor--027-425 https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-dmpc-62-62uf-250v-polypropylene-capacitor--027-427
  19. AR-6 crossover

    Thank's a lot for all this good advices, the good glue will help me. I would expect that your woofers have these two rings shown in this first pic. If so, be sure to leave in place the outer "basket ring" What if some come new with the kit ? can I keep the old one ? I will search more for tutos on youtube. First, foam and cone, and secondly, foam an metallic circle. I've understood that the sound design require a tight seal. I hope that will balance the tweeter .
  20. Acoustic Research AR3a Woofers Correct?

    Aha. Well.....good idea, and I have similar plans for a ar11 cabinet.....cept with a area crossover.....when I find one. The 11 sound isn't for me. Don't care for it.
  21. Unbelievable find, NOS

    Ps3 had me rolling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God and country. Hoooohrah! Someday I'll hear those lst...........
  22. Unbelievable find, NOS

    What makes you think that? Ar3''s are going for big bux tooo....
  23. Acoustic Research AR3a Woofers Correct?

    I have a set of beautiful AR 11cabinates with crossovers and no drivers or grills. I am thinking Franken 11’s. I have the correct midranges and some HiVi tweeters and these woofers. I could always replace the woofers down the road. Just a thought.
  24. Crossover Potentiometers revisited

    Correction. 15 watt mono 8 ohm with 3/8 in. Shaft.
  25. Crossover Potentiometers revisited

    They may be the same L-pads that you can buy from Madisound and Parts Express. 15 ohm 25 watt with 3/8 in shafts.
  26. Hi Guys, this may have been answered somewhere already and if so, I apologize for bringing it up again. I am restoring a pair of AR 2ax speakers and of course the potentiometers are corroded beyond use ( even after cleaning) so I am going to purchase new ones. I know that new 16 ohm potentiometers are out there but not plentiful and rather expensive so I am thinking of following Roy's suggestion to just use 8 ohm level controls shunted with a 25 ohm resistor. However , just noticed Larry at the Vintage AR store ( eBay) also lists pots that are listed as direct replacements for the originals and also listed as better than the originals. These look like a good alternative to the 8 ohm level/resistor shunt control but I am just looking to see if any one has any experience with Larry's level controls? All the parts that I have purchased from the AR store have always been good quality so these may be a real option and the price is certainly reasonable all things considered. Just have not seen them mentioned in any of the Forum discussions.
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