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  2. Are the lugs on the L-Pad for a .110, or a .187 female quick connect?
  3. The quick answer is yes. Supply photos of both woofers for a more definite answer.
  4. Hi everyone, one my ar11 woofers is damaged, do you think I can connect an ar 3a woofer instead inside my ar 11 cabinet? (I have an ar 3a woofer in stock) Thanks a lot. Arthur
  5. Maybe we can have a CSP convention at @frankmarsi house to hear his double stacked LST's. People probably would not want to leave and it would be like Woodstock with traffic jams up and down the street. LOL (Just joking Frank.)
  6. I got a pain in my gut when I saw the pictures....
  7. AR Surround, Your most recent comment is relevant to my listening situation as well. More specifically: 1) I have always set the UMR controls to -3db on the AR9s. Unfortunately, I don't have an EQ to tone down bright recordings even further. 2) Now that I have new longer cables, I moved the speakers out from the rear wall 4.5 feet. They are 1 foot from the sidewalls with no toe in. Your correct, moving the speakers made a great improvement in the sound. 3) Also agree the AR5's are great speakers for classical music. In my opinion, the timbre of the instruments can't be beat. And yes, when I put on rock, I like more sizzle and almost always use the AR9s (or Sound Dynamics 300 TI's). I've never been fortunate enough to hear a pair of AR3a speakers nor the AR LST. Maybe someday my luck will change.
  8. Yesterday
  9. ChrisM

    12.5 question

    First the Family Portrait. The 2 on the left are the gauze type and the 2 on the right are the cloth type. The top right one is a Model 24 tweeter. And here is a closeup of the bottom 12.5s.
  10. If you look at the 9th picture down it can be seen that the cap goes across the 2 lowest connections, then one lead of the inductor is above, most likely the other inductor lead is also above on the other side. In the 12th picture you can see the top resistor going across the driver terminals. The 6th picture shows a wire running from the input terminal to the R, L anc C pins, then another wire on the other side also going to RLC and back up to the output positive terminal. It seems that the network is an RLC to the paired drivers with a resistor across them.
  11. The crossover plate is a total remove and replace. The MDF backs and Norwood labels are a tell that this is a late model 3a that originally came with back-wired mids and tweeters. This is a project for someone who already has a crossover and a full set of drivers in his/her spare parts box. And who lives close enough to not have to pay the shipping.
  12. What would you do with crossover plate and speaker wire terminal that has been destroyed also? Paying $50...then buying 3/4" fiberboard...then drilling holes with recessed flanges...then buying crossovers and caps...buying all drivers...wiring and stuffing...I see over $400 or more there easily. Then...refinishing cabinets...new grill cloth...and badges....to still have a hacked speaker? I will pass...:) My point of this seller being an idiot....is all he needed was a screwdriver!!!...lol...but he attacked with drills and circular saw....insane...
  13. I think that's correct. I was thrown off by the fact that the earlier Model Eight radio speaker used two 3" full range drivers, wired in series. I don't have pics of the 14s I worked on but that's how it looks in Peter's pics.
  14. Ben m

    Dynaco A-25 Grill Cloth

    Hi Colin I have a pair of Dynaco a10 that I want to restore.Can you advise a supplier of grill cloth please? Thanks in advance Ben M Perth Western Australia
  15. ra.ra

    12.5 question

    Hi ChrisM, if you have observed some subtle difference in the cloth surrounds from various drivers, the very best way to receive specific feedback to your questions would be to post a few well-focused good quality pics (± 100KB is fine) for readers to see the situation you are trying to describe. This is very easy to do, and it is always helpful.
  16. The drivers look to be in parallel, refer to the crossover picture with the red and black wires going to the drivers, there are jumpers in the rivets holding down the tabs for the connectors.
  17. Cut away the remainder of the old baffle, glue furring strips to the insides of the cabinet faces, then glue a new baffle to the strips. Not sure if the strips would change the cabinet volume enough to require tweaking the stuffing.
  18. ChrisM

    12.5 question

    True, but my point was about what it is made out of rather than the color. The tweeter in the Model 24 and the 3" fullrange from a Model 8 have similar surrounds to my 12.5s out of the 11 portable. I've looked at a lot of pictures on Google and all the 12.5s appear to have the gauzy surround with black or clear goop. I would have thought someone else here had seen some like mine.
  19. Just wondering. How would you go about replacing the front baffle? Is it just glued to the back of the inner cabinet spacer or would the front beveled trim have to come off? No I am not even considering getting them, just trying to understand what would be involved.
  20. Last week
  21. I did my AR58S and AR92 crossovers, with the boards in place. No issues, and fairly simple. I even changed the stock binding posts, which some of us hate...! New caps too...! 'Nuff said.
  22. I agree with ar_pro. Do the work in situ. Look at all the "stuff" I was able to put into an AR915 (UK version of the AR91) without removing the board. (I had a bunch of surplus 24uF Solen poly caps, so I cobbled four of them together to make a replacement for the 100uF NPE. Totally unnecessary as opposed to installing a new 100uF NPE, but as some on this forum are aware, I had a serious vendetta against those Solen polys.)
  23. I bought my second AR7 pair (in total, now I have 17 pairs of Acoustic Research speakers!). The first 5 photos illustrate the first couple and the back of a woofer: n ° series 01622/01623, woofer dated 73/07 (see in the photos the non original labels - already purchased original pair - and the woofers with the surround glued underneath the paper cone - they are ready to receive new surrounds that will be correctly pasted over the cone). The next three photos illustrate the new pair just purchased (it has yet to arrive at my house) with serial number 16638/16639. Both pairs are veneered in wood, of different colors and have canvas frames: 1622/3 in wooden slats and 16638/9 in masonite. I am very happy with this new purchase!
  24. I've always wondered about the need for these spikes. My AR9's stand on a carpet with thick foam base on a concrete floor. With my installation, I wonder how these spikes could possibly help because they aren't "coupled" to a wooden floor as they would if in the living room. Right? (That's one of the few advantages to having one's system banished to the basement.) Also, regarding the foam around the tweeter, I installed some aftermarket felt from vintage-ar: https://www.ebay.com/itm/ACOUSTIC-RESEARCH-SPEAKER-AR-9-AR90-AR91-AR92-AR11-AR-10PI-TWEETER-RINGS/192715894526?hash=item2cdec32efe:g:vnEAAOxyhodRzaLC:sc:USPSFirstClass!07869!US!-1 Did it make a difference? Perhaps, but if so it was subtle. I never tried installing anything around the UMR. As I noted in another post, I'm extremely happy with my AR9's right now and hesitant to fool with them any further.
  25. I'm very happy with my AR9's since they've been recapped (Poly caps except the UMR which are Mundorf E-Caps + F&F bypass caps across all caps) and I went to fancy cables that were gifted to me. But the thing that made the greatest improvement was moving the speakers away from the walls and toeing them in a bit towards the sweet spot. That works for me in my room and listening location but it may not work for others. Since the "digital age" I have never liked the AR9 or 90 with the UMR controls set at 0 dB. I prefer -3dB on the 9s and -6dB on the 90s. Even with the UMR attenuated, I still use a bit of EQ when playing classical music through these speakers. Regarding the AR5's for classical music, I had a pair of them as well as AR3a's. My preference for classical music was always these classic AR speakers, but they are bit reticent for my taste when it comes to jazz/pop/rock. I've never heard the AR LST, and I speculate that it excels with all genres because of the multiple tweeters/midranges.
  26. Ra.Ra I corrected the title again with the correct diction of the 12 "TNG woofer: 1210003-2A, I realized today that there was still an error in the title !!! Ciao Giorgio.
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