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    KLH Model Fives Recapped

    Sadly, our friend and moderator Carl Richards passed away a few years back.
  3. Reading this old thread (2010) and the thread CarlSpeak linked, http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Boar...?showtopic=5828 I'm not allowed to email CarlSpeak directly... maybe he's no long in the forum? Or maybe b/c he's an admin? Anyway... does anyone happen to have the Word document he referenced about 'capacitor performance' in that '5828 thread?
  4. I have (P/N 1-2109300-B) and I was wondering if any one knew what model it was used in. I checked the history link here and did not see this P/N listed there.
  5. JBL L300 Summit floor standing speakers On Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/JBL-L300-Summit-floor-standing-speakers-excellent-working/293280571492?
  6. All of the dual woofers in those push pull Allisons are series wired, as far as I know. Should be, (the wires to the woofers that come from the xover……….) one lead to a negative terminal on one woofer and one lead to the positive terminal of the other. Should be a loose jumper wire in there that ties the other positive and negative woofer terminals together. If you did that and the bass is lacking, try reversing the polarity of all those connections. Whichever hook up produces the most bass is the correct one. Do you still have the original woofers? Having those rebuilt professionally will get you the best results possible. Not sure, but the original woofers are probably 4ohm. The stands should not impact those adversely. I feel your pain with basement dampness.....I've long since moved, but I had a basement setup years ago and the dampness was my constant enemy. Bill
  7. Nice. Be sure to give us an "after action report" once the owners get to hear them again.
  8. I know Dayton polypropolene caps are a popular choice for the Model Five XO. Please let us know how you progress. I am slightly stalled waiting for online deliveries of caps, wood epoxy filler, sand paper, Watco Danish Oil and more. I tend to get "paralysis by analysis", but the analysis is also part of the fun. (For example, Watco dark-medium-light walnut vs black walnut, etc. ;^) But at least, I received the surround sealant yesterday. Fred
  9. http://techtalk.parts-express.com/forum/tech-talk-forum/61156-overstuffing#post1089910
  10. Help! I have a pair of Allison AL 120 speakers. I had to replace the woofers because of deterioration in my basement, which I didn't realize was present until I got them out again. I'm not getting as much bass as before and I wonder if I wired them correctly. Also, a made 15 inch stands for them to get them up of the floor. So I hope you can answer a few questions for me: 1) What is the correct wiring for the 2 woofers and how do I check it? 2) Does elevating the speakers on stands adversely affect the bass response? Thanks for any help you can give me and stay well. Doug
  11. Just found these in a box, whilst having a clearout; something to do whilst in lockdown. FREE to a good home, plus postage from Belgium.
  12. Just ordered the caps. €40/$40 for the complete set (Dayton), which considering I got the speakers for €50, I'm still looking at a bargain! With lockdown into third week, I'm running out of stuff to do! Already washed 'n' waxed car, cut the lawn, and cleaned all the window. All DIY shops closed, so can only get stuff on-line - luckily cap shop still operational! keep safe, stephen
  13. Thanks, guys. I have rather solid chipboard frames and it looked like staples wouldn’t be a good idea. My Wife, who teaches textiles technology, suggested a glue ( Gutermann ) she uses at school for attaching different types cloths. I worked perfectly. The ‘18S speakers look excellent with the new black cloth attached. Martyn Miles Oxford England.
  14. Rereading this, thanks you guys. The crossover is 15,000 not five.
  15. OK. Here's before & after. I was disappointed the new grille cloth wasn't as dark as the original (long boring story) but thy look and sound pretty good. Grilles were originally glued on, now they have Velcro.
  16. Last week
  17. Hi, Stephen. I haven't addressed my crossovers yet (but need to start thinking about them soon). But JKent is the expert there, and I'll follow his guidance. I did order the sealant yesterday... RoyC was sold out so I ordered from "Vintage AR" on ebay... total with shipping to me in Texas ~ $35 for enough to do drivers in both cabinets. The wood working has taken a bit longer than I expected, partly because of my inexperience working with veneers (and trying to proceed cautiously so hopefully I won't mess things up too much...) and partly because of house arrest (aka, self imposed home lock down because of the virus, so moving more slowly instead of just running to the local hardware or wood working store each time I need something). I think I'm going to order some "Mohawk Stick Epoxy - Walnut colored' and give that a try to repair edges and corners of my cabinets that need a bit of attention. For surface scratches and gouges, I'll probably try the same initially and see how it looks, but wax sticks might be as good or better (and simpler) for certain scratches. Looks fairly inexpensive from Amazon.com with delivery in about a week. Fred
  18. I was actually referring to those old "test your stereo system" LPs. If you're registered with 23 and me, they have a hearing test.
  19. Hi Some Amplifier advice please as I have recently been given a pair of IMF TLS50 Mk 2 in very good condition. I have an Arcam Alpha 8R running a pair of celestion ditton 44s but will the Arcam be suitable to run the IMF speakers? Thanks in advance R
  20. You can find free tests online. You need to use headphones.
  21. The original caps are non-polarized electrolytics. If you use new NPEs that will be the lowest cost option, is true to the original design and should last 20-30 years. Film caps last virtually forever. Mylar is the lowest cost and also has ESR closer to the original NPEs. For each speaker you will need one 3uF three 4uF one 16uF one 25uF Small value film caps are pretty cheap so you could use a combination: Film for the 3, 4 and maybe the 16 (the 16 is for the mids) and NPE for the 25 and maybe the 16.
  22. Watching closely. I was lucky enough to find a pair that were in excellent condition. A very light sanding down, and then oiled, with new linen grille cloths, and they're cosmetically as good as I need them to be. Interested in your next step, with regards to the crossover. I do all of my own work and have calculated €50/$50 for new capacitors. Would you see this as OK, or would you spend more? I have no idea as to the return on your investment when it comes to caps.? I must say, I'm holding off on the 'goo' for now: I have too turn my two subs OFF, when I hook up the 5's. With everything else I have, they to 'add' to the overall effect. The bass is that good. Could it be better? I'll re-cap first and then consider my options. Rgds Stephen
  23. I would like to know what a good test record is for assessing my hearing please.
  24. It's not that bad. The xo is very simple and some of the work can be done outside the box. Cut the leads off the wax capacitor but leave it in place.
  25. Remove and disconnect the tweeters, make sure the wires are not touching, then play something through the woofers.
  26. Thanks Adams! I believe the woofers had fresh foam surrounds when I bought them and they look flawless. I also wonder what could cause this to happen to two speakers simultaneously. I just checked the drivers by moving the cones back and forth a bit and they seem intact and freely moving. When getting signal I do notice that the tweeters seem to have zero output..... Hmmm.
  27. True. GKent started this thread in 2006. Good advice from Aadams. Kent
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