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  1. A lurker steps out!

    Frank - how about a current photo? Please...
  2. Wife needs help finishing his bucket list AR92s

    Charity begins at home. An old addage that rings oh so true. Nice work Kent!
  3. What is a good price for a pair of Ar3s?

    As Norman Bates said in Pyscho "A hobby's supposed to pass the time, not fill it."
  4. Ar3 for $2,600?

    I owned the AR3 & AR3a simultaneously for quite some time. Eventually sold the AR3 to free up some space. I never felt the AR3a was superior or inferior to the AR3. Just different. But that's me. I enjoy both deep dish pizza, thin crust or Sicilian. I totally agree with AR Surround. AR is best for Acoustic and classical music. And to all AR lovers and owners (including myself), I'm sorry, but I have heard better speakers. Without a doubt. Can't afford a lot of them but that's my problem not the manufacturers. When I bought my AR3s & AR3As, they were cheap. But if you can get $5,000+ for a set of AR3s, more power to ya. So let's just enjoy the gems we own and love and get the most out of them. “Comparison is the thief of joy.” — Theodore Roosevelt
  5. Advent/1 recommended foam & caps

    There is a link in my post in the thread: What Size Refoam Kit For Advent 1
  6. DQ-10, Cornwall, or Speakerlab 7?

    So what's the verdict? Probably that Corns are better in most categories but DQ10 wins hands down on imaging. Alas, no speaker is perfect. Or better yet, one needs to prioritize what aspect of a speaker is most important to them and fits within their monetary constraints.
  7. What Size Refoam Kit For Advent 1?

    If a picture is worth a thousand words then a video must be worth at least 10,000.
  8. Unbelievable find, NOS

    I worked in shipping in my late teens and early 20's. The staple gun I used made those outlying holes every time. There were 2 pincers which made those holes and then bent the staple's legs in to complete the fastening. If you turn the box over, you would see the same thing. To remove these and re-insert would almost certainly be visiblee. So these are most probably unopened. Jeff_C, you're right. The interesting thing here is the who, where and why.
  9. Unbelievable find, NOS

    I once sold and shipped a beautiful pair of Klipsch Heresy speakers on Ebay that I wrapped in exactly the same way. One was received in perfect condition and the other was damaged badly. So the buyer had to fill out a UPS form, get reimbursed and I had to fill out a form saying that I would not also try to collect. What if UPS gives you the money to fix only one speaker? Will they ever match? Where do you get a 38 year old speaker fixed? Don't know what the final result was for the buyer on the Heresys but who needs the aggrevation and a sour transaction. Local pickup only for me on large items.
  10. AR 91

    Posting location and price will eliminate useless emails.
  11. When greed and idiocy take charge.....

    It's not like selling water in the desert. Last time I checked the AR3 is not a necessity for survival. The buyer got his AR3 and I'm sure the seller is thrilled.
  12. Tubes and older AR speakers

    "Long story short". You're a riot, Frank! I had a maroon 63 impala for many, many years. Lots of earrings wound up under the front seat. Great times and fond memories. I have owned 3 sets of AR3s & one set of AR3s and have always been very satisfied with 'solid state'. For almost all types of music. My problem has always been that I listen to mostly orchestral music and that is probably the toughest genre to replicate. Still looking for a better solution. My never get there but loving the journey.
  13. Great video. Always good to see how we got here and as always, So many contributed so much to give us what we have today. The Iphone did not just pop into existence. The late Ray Dolby certainly got his recognition in spades after being shunned, and pretty much laughed at, by the industry. Good for him and his family. And a big thanks to Frank for posting the link.
  14. Advent or AR?

    Wow! B&W 801s to Altec 604-8Gs. So this is obviously a nostalgic trip. In that case, get the Advents. Plenty of them around and they are relatively cheap. Easy to drive, set up and re-foam (if necessary). Won't have to deal with finicky AR pots.
  15. Tim, thanks for posting the Xover pic. I just finished a BSC and will test shortly. Pete B, if the BSC is wired incorrectly or has a cold solder joint or whatever, what are the risks to the rest of the equipment?