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  1. Major Upgrade to The Classic Speaker Pages Forums

    On my CCL business home page, I have a link to the AR3a restoration document. Just for the hell of it, today I clicked on it and much to my surprise that page opened up. Thus, it seems to me this is proof the library still exists and all that's needed is a link to it on the updated CSP home page. So for now, here's the link I used. Once there, if you click on the 'discussion' button, the new CSP home page comes up.  
  2. Major Upgrade to The Classic Speaker Pages Forums

    I very much valued the "since my last visit" on the old list. Had to do some digging, but was able to resurrect it after digging down thru the activity button. You have to select that 'since my last visit' from a window of 'activity' options. I always found it convenient to check for new posts quickly.
  3. A cap is not a 'drop off a cliff' device. It creates a curved roll off in the FR. BTW, 0.1 uF diff. between 3.9 and 4.0 is only 2.5%. Most commercial caps are 5% tolerance or higher. Dayton does offer a 4.0 uF cap however for your future use files. Caps can be paralleled to get a huge non-st'd variety of uF values.
  4. $40 OLA utility cabinets in Albany Craigslist

    This might be an opportunity to make them sound much like original using this mod.
  5. Can it be true?

    It sure must take a steady hand to install these in that tiny air gap w/o damaging the coil itself & ensuring it's centered and properly glued down. Not my cup of tea.
  6. Can it be true?

    Until someone with tech. skills and equipment buys a pair and runs a series of FR's both on and off axis out to 90 deg., I'd be skeptical this guy is pitching equal performance after his rebuilds.
  7. Project LST

    Do a rough calculation of the internal volume of the cabinet and stuff at a rate of 1 lb/cu. ft.
  8. Project LST

    AR did use yellow fiberglass for a period of time. Are you sure it is not original?
  9. AR 11" woofer driver refoam (AR9)

    Clever, and thanks! I may consider doing this for early Snell woofers that pointed up into their cabinets. Many I've refoamed have sagging spiders. The new foam helps somewhat.
  10. AR 11" woofer driver refoam (AR9)

    Can you share with us exactly how you attach weights to an up side down woofer?
  11. Snell JIII crossover capacitors

    Thanks for experimenting and sharing your impressions KC. Now, Enjoy the music!
  12. Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays and best wishes from the CSP Admin. team.
  13. Snell JIII crossover capacitors

    Thanks for the link. I couldn't find a way yesterday browsing the site to get to specific foams. The pic sure looks like the real deal. How do they measure compliance? if at all.
  14. Snell JIII crossover capacitors

    No I haven't. I looked but could not find any mention of Snell foams. Most of the US foam sellers now have the correct Snell foams. They all buy from MWA who only sells to re-sellers. I helped MWA identify a European foam supplier that most closely matched the Snell foams I was buying from AudioNote at rediculous prices.
  15. Snell JIII crossover capacitors

    You seem well read on capacitor issues. Good luck with your upgrade.