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  1. Filled Fillet Foam on AR-9 8" LMW

    A look thru the AR drawing files for the AR9 8 inch would answer the question regarding the application of that bead of polymer.
  2. Filled Fillet Foam on AR-9 8" LMW

    Yup, that's it Stimpy. IIRC, that was AR's initial attempt at addressing cone edge breakup - long before the creation of the filleted foam.
  3. Filled Fillet Foam on AR-9 8" LMW

    Pete, I've done a few AR4x's with filleted foams. But no 9's that I can remember. Did the AR9 8 inch OEM woofer have the bead of polymer around the inner side of the roll?
  4. Where to find 10" Bass Drivers for AR9LS

    Hue hand builds all of his woofers. I retrofitted one of his 8 inch models into a cabinet that had a similar, slightly over-size issue. I used a Dremel tool with a cylinder abrasive tool to hand grind the rabbet out to fit the new woofer. It just takes patience. I can't speak for the 10 inch working well in the AR though.
  5. Smaller Advent woofer

    The Mundorf life spans quoted are for some pretty severe conditions. For example: 85 Deg C equates to 185 Deg. F. Not to worry
  6. Smaller Advent woofer

    I fully agree. NPE's have gotten a bad rap, to the point where a huge bias against them now exists among restorers. That' s mostly due to the fact that NPE's are known to have a life of 15-30 years as opposed to permanent life for film caps. A new, good quality audio grade NPE will restore a speakers original voicing.
  7. AR90 Crossover Recapping - Taming the UMR

    As you can see in Troels stacked experiments, mH values changed noticeably. I'd be much more concerned if the AR9 had stacked coils in the mid or HF circuits where your hearing is much more sensitive to.
  8. AR90 Crossover Recapping - Taming the UMR

  9. AR90 Crossover Recapping - Taming the UMR

    You've got a high likely hood of inductor cross-talk in a couple of spots due to their same orientation and close proximity to each other. One of the large coils in the left pic should be stood up on edge, In the right pic, stand the blue coil on edge. These changes should be beneficial to your speaker's performance. For more info. on inductor cross talk, visit Troels Graveson's web site. He has a nice chart there that shows recommended mounting of coils and distances.
  10. AR 9 Mid and HF Cap suggestions

    With the 0.1 cap the bypass allows signals to pass ~ 1 kHz and above. with the 0.01. not until ~ 4 to 5 kHz. So, with a 2-way speaker there's more benefit with the 0,1 uf and with a 3-way, 0.01 uF.
  11. Ar3 for $2,600?

    Why do people collect anything?
  12. Ar3 for $2,600?

    You are not seeing the list of collectors that were lined up to buy them.
  13. AR 9 Mid and HF Cap suggestions

    If you want to hear more of the effect of the bypass cap, use a 0.1uF. If you want to hear less, use a 0.01 uF. Vishay makes a good one.
  14. What Size Refoam Kit For Advent 1?

    In my professional opinion, NO! In the later years of my business, I always used the narrow outer lip foams on the masonite woofers. Install it concave after applying glue to the flat OD of the cone. Those foams always fit the OD of the cone perfectly. Press the foam down into the glue. Let dry. Carefully apply glue to the narrow outer lip of the foam all around the flat surface of the outer lip. Use a 1.5 V D size battery with the pos end connected to the pos terminal on the woofer. That will pop up the woofer so the narrow foam edge is pressed against the underside of the masonite ring. With the signal still applied, turn the woofer upside down and check the seal all around by pressing with a finger. Do a couple 360's. You may then want to keep the woofer upside down and place it on a flat surface, disconnect the signal and let the glue set overnight after checking there is no voice coil rub.