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  1. EPI 100 woofer relocation suggestion

    Is there a question there somewhere?
  2. That's surprising because the 58b mids look much less modern than the one's in the pics.
  3. I'm refoaming some 58Bs 4 inch mids. They look quite a bit different from the OP's pics.
  4. Spraying lacquer on the AR3's...big fail.....

    IMHO, spraying lacquer isn't something for the DIY'rs and for a number of reasons. The OP cited some that led to his 'fail', but other reasons are doing it safely. You're basically working in a highly explosive environment and special breathing apparatus must be used. I've been doing speaker resto's for over 10 yrs. and luckily haven't had a customer insist on a sprayed on lacquer finish. If one had, I would have taken the cabs to a professional to get it done.
  5. AR 3 toe in or not?

    Tax is an understatement unless for a pillow speaker. DJ said he doesn't turn the amp up too loud and really shouldn't because damage causing clipping from the amp could occur. The 3/4 in dome tweeters are highly sensitive to clipping.
  6. AR 3 toe in or not?

    Thanks Tom. Of course, everything you wrote about the in-ground FR test is true. We just look at the FR's differently. I see a roll off beginning at 50 hz in the AR test and typically saw 3a roll offs beginningat 80 hz in my living room.
  7. AR 3 toe in or not?

    BOOKSHELF VS FREE STANDING BASS BOOST The in-ground test AR did is called a 2 pi (180 deg.) test by audio techs. The recorded FR shows roll off at the low end at about 50 hz which is about 10 hz above box resonance. My FR tests are done with the speaker on a stand,out away from walls in a room and thus those results are called 4 pi. (360 deg). I've generally found the roll off to start at a higher level, around 80 hz. with the 3a's I've restored.In fact, most speakers I've meas. this way have roll offs approx. twice cabinet resonance. Consequently, that bookshelf (i.e. flush in-wall mounting)30 hz bass boost is certainly significant. What I've written above is pretty common knowledge now-a-days (i.e. placing a speaker close to a wall extends bass response). Allison tookadvantage of this in many of his designs that employed smaller woofers (mostly 8 inches)to help boost the bass from those relatively smaller drivers. So, kudos to those AR engineers and marketers for promoting bookshelf applications. Even their AR4x literature depicts them on a book shelf behind Judy Collins sitting at a desk, IIRC.
  8. AR 3 toe in or not?

    After thinking in the shower about what I wrote, I thought I should expand onthe suggestion at bit with some thoughts on how to go about doing those toe in experiments. First, pick just a few reference tracks to listen to. Music you are very familiar with. Then start with an orderly transition of toe in movement from none to pointing directly at you. Hopefully, you can do 3 or 4 different toe in positions in addition to none and full toe in. Most importantly, at each position, live with that setting for a week or two. Do some critical listening every few days and take notes in a journal. You might want to create some measures of sound quality to list and compare at the end of your journey.
  9. AR 3 toe in or not?

    What TT wrote is true. However,the final arbiter of what sounds good to you is YOU. Try experimenting with different degrees of toe in or none and judge for yourself. I suggest this only because your room conditions are a huge variable in how the sound is dispersed/absorbed, etc. Go ahead, experiment. Have fun. It's all part of the hobby!
  10. News? Are you watching The Masters

    Saturday's round end mini-collapse and yesterday's mid-round major collapseshowed me he really ishuman despite the tough outer appearance. He's young and has many years of golf ahead of him and he needs to focus on that.
  11. News? Are you watching The Masters

    The 3 holes-in-one on 16 came close to eclipsing Speith's collapse. You could watch PGA golf for another 6 months and NOT see another hole in one. Historic!!!
  12. Ideas for Updated AR Library Section

    I would refer you then to the published work of the late, great Roy Allison where he made measurements in a variety of real rooms. I suspect he documented well his measurement methodology. His AES paper is in the library.All others, I suspect, will have a lack of detail or be too variable to have any meaning.
  13. Ideas for Updated AR Library Section

    Could you clarify what you mean by 'age is putting its stain on measurements".?
  14. AR9 vs Infinity Kappa 9

    It's easy to see why the Kappa 9 is an amp killer!
  15. I just upgraded a pair of 12's Contour XO's. Didn't go over the top like Kent did with the Auricaps. It was just a basic upgrade that was badly needed after checking the ESR's and uF's on those brown jobs.