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  1. I've done a number of those. A pain to clean off all of that accumulated dust. I always thought is was a mistake to make a woofer with a sticky finish on the cone and then place it in a cabinet facing up. Once clean, I applied a light coat of speaker cone black finish. With the new foam, it looked a good as new. You are lucky the spiders aren't sagging.
  2. Yes, a lot. Best I can tell they are flat. Now you know which direction to take. You may want to consider having a pro do the refoaming if you are unsure about it.
  3. Look under the cone at the spiders. Are they flat from outer edge to where they attach to the base of the cone? or, or they sagging or protruding? If flat, all you most likely need is a refoam job. If sagging or protruding upward, then it depends on how much deviation from flat are they. Refoaming, most times helps non-flat spiders. I'm thinking you don't need a recone job. Properly done, every moving part of the cone assemble is replaced. With that come risk of the speakers not sounding original again.
  4. Steve, if I may go off topic and as a question.... Did BA develop the filleted foam surround? Those foam surrounds I bought from MWA were all referred to as BA surrounds. I've used them for other woofers as well. They worked and fitted great as replacements for AR4x fabric or foam surrounds. I'm presuming whomever, developed the filleted surround was inspired by AR's use in later years of applying a clear soft polymer bead around the inside of the foam's roll. It's clearly specified on some of the AR woofer drawings. Of course, I strongly suspect AR found out that filling in of the inside corner of the foam's roll significantly dampened cone edge break up modes.
  5. LOL! loved the AR insiders version of TSW. Clearly a marketing effort to introduce a new series. I guess combining titanium and solid wood was supposed to impress. :-)
  6. Just to be clear once again, are your woofers dead? or, do they just need new foam surrounds. Big difference in complexity and cost. If all you need is a foam kit, then I highly recommend ebay seller looneytunes.
  7. Try Simply Speakers. They sell after market kits. Your chances of finding an OEM kit seem pretty dim to me. If SS can't help you, contact Bill Legall at Millersound in PA. He should be able to piece something together for you from his vast inventory. Just to be clear, he'd do the repair, not sell you a kit.
  8. Years later, the same customer contacted me and asked me to do another pair he'd just bought! I was close to retirement then and politely declined.
  9. I updraded the TSW 910 crossover.
  10. The 3a restoration doc. calls for 28-30 oz. of new FG. So I guess you are good to go in that department since you have an early woofer IIRC.
  11. What stuffing density did you use for the JM glass? I hope it wasn't the same wgt as the much denser stuff you took out.
  12. If crossover components like coils, caps or drivers are connected to the pots, readings will not be correct. You need to disconnect everything from the 3 pot tabs and then attach your DMM.
  13. If the foam no good and if you have a strong tool with a reverse bend at one end, hook it under the edge of the woofer frame and pull up with all your might. Don't know why Snell sealed them so tight being they were vented speakers. I was able to refoam a pair of all silver Audio Note woofers in situ with help from my wife. It was tough but I succeeded. They were owned by the U.S. attorney for Audio Note. Those 8 inch woofers wouldn't come out easy either.
  14. LOL! Thanks Tom. It's also worth noting that the Sg of FG is 2.5 and Polyester fibers is 1.38. Quite a difference that contributes to the differences seen in stuffing AS speakers with each.
  15. No idea. I don't know enough about those models to be able to hazard a guess. Where's T.T. when you need him? :-)