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  1. Yes, that's another impressive Telarc recording from the early days of digital; they did an excellent production job on these large-scale performances, and the recordings have held up remarkably well. I can also suggest Riccardo Muti with the Milan Teatro alla Scala orchestra & chorus on RCA, and be sure to check out the YouTube video of Muti with Teatro Romano playing at El Djem in Tunisia - fantastic!
  2. Also in the 2nd movement of Saint-Saƫns' Symphony #3, the Maestoso is introduced by a full C major chord on concert organ; the AR-9 is one of the very few speakers from its era that could reproduce the nearly-subsonic notes. A personal favorite is the Philadelphia Orchestra recording with Michael Murray, on Telarc.
  3. AR-2ax Project

    I really love the 2205, lakecat - it's such a well-designed & built amplifier that performs so nicely with virtually any load. Low-impedance AS speakers, electrostatics, planar-magnetics - no problem; it's like a sledgehammer, wrapped in velvet. Never, ever sell it.
  4. The Quintessential AR Speaker

    No vinyl cladding, ever. 1967 AR-3a = 1967 Corvette L71 427/435
  5. The Quintessential AR Speaker

    With the notable exception of the LST, I've been fortunate to have owned most of the top-quality speakers from Acoustic Research, from the AR-1 up to the AR-9, and whether it's due to age or experience, my personal preferences among these systems have certainly changed over the years. Without doubt, the most technically capable design was the AR-9, which - in a large-ish room with a powerful amplifier - can hold its own against many modern, and much more expensive dynamic loudspeakers. Viewed in a straight path of progress from the earlier 3-way designs, the AR-9 represented a new pinnacle, but with the concession that although subwoofer-type response could be had in an integrated, passive loudspeaker, it would be at the cost of size, complexity, and the complete abandonment of a design aesthetic - the high-performance "bookshelf" loudspeaker - that AR had essentially established. Having parted with our last pair of restored AR-9 systems in favor of a panel design a couple of years back, I've come to better-appreciate the specific attributes of the older, compact 3-way AR speakers that were at their finest in portraying a wide stereo presentation while listening from a distance. As some here have previously observed, they are essentially musical in style, and reserved by nature. And although having a low rated impedance, they can still be satisfying with a very wide variety of amplifiers - tube, solid-state, vintage, and modern. This simplicity and graceful approach appeals to me, and for this reason makes the AR-3 or the 3a my choice as representative of the quintessential AR design. Oh, and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year to all!
  6. Quality binding posts

    The standard Parts Express black cloth had been criticized for not being a true black; some had said that it had a hint of purple to it. This might no longer be the case, though. The Mellotone cloth is a true black, optically more opaque than the AR-9 original fabric, as well as thicker, and a bit more difficult to stretch over the frame panels. Regarding restoration for sale - assuming no actual damage to the speakers, I'd be inclined toward AR-9's that had not been worked on, preferring to do any necessary restoration. If you're looking to realize a good selling price on a turn-key pair, there's no doubt a law of diminishing returns involved; past which, additional investment is money lost. There are a couple of members who are looking for AR-9's. You might consider listing them in the For Sale section, and see what sort of offer you could get in their present condition.
  7. Quality binding posts

    The original binding posts are not one of the AR-9's strengths. If you'd like to replace them at reasonable cost, the Parts Express model BPA-38 is available in nickel, satin, and gold finishes, and is priced at $7.78 a pair. https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-bpa-38ni-hd-binding-post-pair-nickel--091-1246?utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=pla This is a very strong, well-built connector that should last for the life of the speaker.
  8. AR 4xa

    Great-looking job - that's really a bold look & restoration for these fine speakers!
  9. Agreement with Sam on the quality of the Adcom 4500, as well as the effect that speaker placement will have on bass frequencies. The size of your room, and the distance of your listening position from the 3a's are also factors, and while the Crown or even an Adcom 5500 or 555II will provide greater power, do you actually need more volume? You might be able to get the sound quality that you're looking for by adding a decent equalizer to your system, and carefully tweaking the appropriate controls.
  10. AR amplifier: headphones, Delrama

    Beautiful. That's the best-looking amplifier faceplate I've seen since these were new! Nice job on the reproduction sleeve, too; it really captures the look of the original walnut enclosure.
  11. Another AR-91 recap

    But, if they were closer, I'd buy 'em...! Absolutely - there's $300 worth of mids & tweeters, alone. Those inerts are very funny things. Some of them are still in nice, if somewhat fragile condition, while others just crumble when touched. I'm guessing that it's up to environmental conditions and sun exposure; keeping the grilles in place is probably a very good idea. Most of the AR-9 systems that I've seen over the years were missing inserts - some from the very start! And just as a note, I believe the tweeter insert is the same for the AR-9, 90, and 91, but the AR-9 uses a different insert for the upper midrange than the one in the AR-90 or AR-91.
  12. I'm afraid it has happened?

    Yes, thanks for the detailed description, Roy. This looks like a viable option for updated restorations. I also agree with ra.ra about abandoning the front-wired connections; this is just a better idea.
  13. Another AR-91 recap

    Very nice, Kent - you should keep your pattern/jig should someone ever need a set of inserts! Stimpy, I've seen that auction for the AR-92.
  14. Very nice - you're going to have a lot of fun with these! The tweeters appear to be the older 1200011-1 model from the later version of the AR-11.