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  1. ar_pro

    Amplifier driver tube AR3A speaker

    I want to buy quotations Harmankardon 1. Who sells this item please help me. Thanks a lot There is a Citation I and Citation II currently on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Harman-Kardon-Citation-I-Tube-Stereo-Control-Center-Pre-amp-Working/153356168770?hash=item23b4bd6e42:g:DZ4AAOSwJ4hcSOSe:rk:1:pf:0 https://www.ebay.com/itm/Harman-Kardon-Citation-II-2-tube-amp-Amplifier-RARE-ALL-ORIGINAL/113134007553?hash=item1a574ff501:g:OxIAAOSwzH5bP3gX:rk:1:pf:0 Also, US Audio Mart has a Citation II: https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649469154-harmon-kardon-citation-2/
  2. ar_pro


    I removed a pair of 12" woofers this weekend, and decided to try Mortite as gasket material. Having wrestled with & scraped ancient putty from a variety of old AR speakers, it never really seemed that attractive an option, with the typical foam gaskets and Parts Express sealing caulk providing a lot of convenience. Home Depot had a 90 foot roll for about six dollars, and I wound up peeling off three strips of about 40" for each gasket. I'm really pleased with the seal - the woofer frame is very tightly bolted down, and the excess that squeezed out was easy to remove with a utility knife. The woofer "push test" return takes nearly 3 seconds, which is pretty darned good. Yay, Mortite!
  3. ar_pro

    Calling Frank Marsi

    To "ar_pro". Yes it is and it’s a 8.7+ in condition and barely used when I acquired it it 2010, I have another that's about a 7 in condition. That's a beautiful, well-built turntable, and a very nice match with the classic SME arm. And your Orsonic headshell is wild looking! We currently use a pair of Technics SL-1210 turntables with rebuilt SME 3009 arms that we really enjoy. The ECM vinyl release of "Awase" by Nik Bartsch's Ronin arrived last week, and there are subtle audible differences between it and the 24-88 download that might or might not be "better".
  4. ar_pro

    Calling Frank Marsi

    Is that a TD-125 MKII, Frank?
  5. ar_pro

    AR90 compared to AR91?

    Just explain to your wife that the AR-90 "footprint" isn't really that much greater than the AR-91's. Be sure to leave a clear path for a quick exit, and be alert to subtle signs like a narrowing of the eyes, any sort of grimace, or a sudden set of the jaw.
  6. ar_pro

    Picked up some more AR speakers

    Yep - the larger peg sockets fit perfectly into the holes on the face of the AR-9. I used to put a little yellow glue in there when I set the new sockets into place. Old sockets can be removed from the speaker's face with an over-sized drill bit that doesn't quite fit down into the socket - slowly & carefully rotate the bit, and the socket comes right out. All of the "AR-9" badges that I've ever encountered have been attached to wooden grille panels; the "AR" badges I've seen have been on speakers with the later plastic grilles. I've seen exactly one pair of AR-9's with the off-white linen cloth as used in the AR-3a era. This was maybe 30 years ago, and I have no idea if it was home-made, or something that the factory had done. It was certainly distinctive!
  7. ar_pro

    Picked up some more AR speakers

    I always preferred the socket portion of the peg assembly for the speaker, and the male portion for the grille panels - it seemed to have a sleeker appearance with the front grille removed. Parts Express made - probably still makes - exact replacements that fit very well with a little glue for permanence. I've seen them both ways in the literature, so I guess either method would be authentic.
  8. ar_pro

    AR90 compared to AR91?

    Being a 4-way system that incorporates the same 8" lower midrange driver of the AR-9 with a low 200 Hz crossover frequency to the woofers and a 1200 Hz crossover to the upper midrange driver, it could be argued that the midrange presentation will improve with the AR-90 or AR-9. In the AR-9, AR-90 and AR-91 there are more overall sonic similarities than differences, as well as a "family sound" that is very similar but not identical to the older classic models from the '60s.
  9. ar_pro

    Picked up some more AR speakers

    Great photos, David - it's always nice to see a work in progress! Are you going to retain the orientation of the grille pegs, or flip them around?
  10. ar_pro

    AR 9 Crossover Rebuild

    We still find the AR 9's have a lack of openness, or much like a thin blanket over the speakers. This of course varies with source but seems to be present. Does your Oppo player have a volume control that would allow you to connect it directly to your amplifier without using the Marantz AV preamp? A passive preamp, or no preamplifier can sometimes provide that last little bit of clarity.
  11. ar_pro

    I Have AR-5's

    Wow - the restorations on this page look terrific! Here's an unsolicited vote to have your tweeters rebuilt, check with Millersound on the woofers, and keep your AR-5 as original as possible. Due to its low production numbers and AR's use of their best midrange & tweeter drivers, the AR-5 is kind of a special speaker, and there are some who prefer its appearance to that of the AR-3a.
  12. I was pleased to see that the American Radio History website has added nearly the complete run of High Fidelity (1951-1989) and Stereo Review (1958-1999) magazines, as well as filling in many of the Audio magazine issues that they'd been missing (1947-2000), including a few of the Annual Equipment Guides. https://www.americanradiohistory.com/HiFI-Stereo-Review.htm To the best of my knowledge, Stereo Review has never been available to any real extent, with just a few issues popping up here and there - this is a huge amount of content! Combined with the most recently-added post-'60s issues of High Fidelity, virtually the entire advertising and product test history of Acoustic Research - as well as just about any hi-fi manufacturer one could name - will now be available for download. Three cheers for American Radio History !
  13. The January, 2019 Hi-Fi News gives praise to Acoustic Research in a longer column on the history of high fidelity:
  14. ar_pro

    Greetings of the Season

    Kudos, DavidDru - that's a smart-looking Fisher console! Any details of the restoration that you'd like to share?