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  1. ar_pro

    LST revisted....pleasant surprise!

    It is like being in love with a beautiful blonde and a brunette! Blonde, lakecat. Always go with the blonde. Seriously, congratulations on the LST's - with the MC2205 , they should sound amazing. Any thoughts on having a pair of dedicated stands built to measure?
  2. ar_pro

    AR-3a / AR-91 Combo Build

    Finally got around to having labels made for the backs of these speakers, and I took the opportunity when resealing the woofers with Mortite to flip the cabinets over & glue the new labels on. Signs.com made up a pair of 4"x7" aluminum sandwich signs from the image that I supplied for about $30, plus shipping, and I'm really pleased with how they came out.
  3. ar_pro

    AR3a restored and positioned horizontally

    Those are simply beautiful. I've always preferred the painted backs of the Euro AR speakers, too.
  4. ar_pro

    DIY Supertweeters

    Stereophile's Michael Fremer published something about maintaining one's listening skills while getting older & dealing with not-as-sharp hearing. I'm not unconvinced that it's whistling in the dark, though.
  5. ar_pro

    Preamps to Consider

    This is a good suggestion, as there has to be an entire universe of outdated HT receivers. I've also read that some relatively inexpensive headphone amplifiers can be pretty decent stereo preamps as well, sometimes even including a DAC.
  6. ar_pro

    AR3a restored and positioned horizontally

    Years & years ago, when we had stacked AR-3a speakers, they were placed on their sides on two pairs of the AR-11 metal stands, with the tweeters oriented to the outside. In that particular space, it seemed the better approach. Giorgio - I'm envious of your AR collection, especially the Euro-style AR-3a which looks very cool. Sam - The MR73 is a great tuner, and a nice addition to your vintage Mac collection. And is that a Nakamichi cassette deck?
  7. ar_pro

    Ar-3a Capacitor Advice

    "I'm gonna' wave my freak flag high...." Analogue Productions will be releasing an UHQR deluxe vinyl edition of "Axis" in April: https://store.acousticsounds.com/d/130940/The_Jimi_Hendrix_Experience-Axis_Bold_As_Love-UHQR_Vinyl_Record I've been enjoying the 2010 remaster on Sony for years, but I'm thinking about ordering one of these boxes. "Are You Experienced" is still my favorite - I put it right there with "Kind Of Blue", "Time Out", and "A Love Supreme" for breakthrough instrumentation. I could listen to any of them a thousand times.
  8. ar_pro

    Okay, these AR12 are awesome!

    Beautiful - I think it looks better than the original grille! Really nice job.
  9. ar_pro

    DIY Supertweeters

    Ken, I really like how you took your surplus tweeters and visualized & executed this great end-result - and at $40, it's elegant & thrifty! I'd been playing around with add-on tweeters for my old AR-91/3a project speakers, and went through a couple of iterations of the Microstatic array, as well as some inexpensive piezo tweeters, and the Aperion ribbon model. None of these seemed to add what I'd been looking for - an increased sense of "air" on acoustic jazz & classical recordings; they were all too directional, and - to my ears, anyway - overlapped too much with the AR tweeters. The Aperion is a beautiful little tweeter, with the flexibility of switchable crossover settings. I'd love to be able to try a pair of the Elac 4Pi ribbons that have a 360 degree output, but they tend to sell for well over $2K on the used market! Aren't they beautiful, though?
  10. ar_pro

    DIY Supertweeters

    Great project - thanks for posting this, Kent. Your work very closely resembles some commercially-produced supertweeters, and I'd say it certainly looks as good! Here's what Fostex does with their model T90A - a cylinder, like your tweeter, and here's the rear panel of the Aperion ribbon supertweeter, which uses a jack & plug method to reduce ouput. It also incorporates a 6-position crossover switch, which is very clever. So, how does everything sound?
  11. ar_pro

    AR 1 questions

    From the listing: $2300 firm. You have to look the pictures . this speakers plays but need to move the nubs back and forth to get them to play.I can don't know if all parts are originals.Thanks. ra.ra is right - that one 755A looks patched. And what's going on with that one woofer bolt? I'd love to find a pair of unmolested AR-1's that weren't ridiculously priced, and go the supertweeter route with a nice ribbon, or Heil-type driver. What a fun project that would be!
  12. ar_pro

    AR 1 questions

    Sam - I meant that your NorCal seller must've seen that eBay sale, and used it to set his price on Craigslist. It's so difficult to find an unmolested AR-1 that's not astronomically priced. My personal best was a single AR-1 for twenty bucks, but that was over 40 years ago! Any chance the blue wire could be a hot lead from the crossover for an external tweeter? Just guessing.
  13. ar_pro

    AR 1 questions

    Excluding an extraordinary physical/cosmetic condition or historic provenance, the state of the 755A drivers pretty much sets the value for the AR-1. Here's a pair of 775A's that sold on eBay a few days ago: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Mint-condition-Pair-of-Altec-Lansing-755A-drivers/264205246285?hash=item3d83dc1f4d:g:A6gAAOSwWtpcbL0o Your seller seems to have seen the same listing.
  14. I really agree with this. Sansui amplifiers & receivers from that era seemed to have a more tube-like presentation than the competition from Pioneer, Kenwood, and Technics. Marantz would probably be right behind Sansui for this sort of characteristic. Have you selected a phono cartridge, Michelle? HiFi News just published a reprint of their original review of your AR turntable:
  15. Michelle - QED hasn't had much of a presence in the USA, so you might want a UK member to weigh in with their opinion. That said, for a nice vintage system of AR turntable and AR-6 speakers, a NAD 3020 (or similar) integrated amplifier might do the trick; they were really popular in the UK, have an input for a turntable, and don't cost a fortune on the used market. Just hit eBay for prices & descriptions to get an idea. The NAD 3020 even has its own Wikipedia entry! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NAD_3020