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  1. ar_pro

    Kind of weird AR 3a amp question

    The magic is in the Mac autoformer, Sam.
  2. ar_pro

    Kind of weird AR 3a amp question

    Those are very good descriptions of the HK and Nikko power amplifiers, and probably what one should expect in this setup. And although the Citation is a beauty, I'd be inclined to use the Nikko, for its lack of plumpness with the AR-3a. Just for the heck of it, have you considered a Mac power amp for your system, Sam? The MC2205 would play nicely with your C24, and its plain-faceplate version - the MC2200 - has been selling for about a thousand bucks, which is a pretty solid bargain. That amplifier will drive any speaker AR ever built, and sound great doing it.
  3. ar_pro

    My Dads AR1s

    There's this schematic, but I still see only two choke coils: Just wondering about two things - was there a problem with the original capacitor, and wasn't fiberglass packed around the 755A in its sub-enclosure?
  4. ar_pro

    AR10Pi metal stands

    That's some good Googling - the S-1 specs are a nice addition to the database! As I recall, they were very well-constructed, with a smooth satin finish. A&M Fabrication might be a good source for custom tilted stands with the same dimensions as the S-1. https://www.aandmcustomsteelspeakerstands.com/ They built a pair of stands using 5/4" steel, filled with sand with floor spikes & powdercoating for a very reasonable price. Most of their stands appear to use 1" tubing, but the 5/4" really looks substantial.
  5. ar_pro

    AR10Pi metal stands

    I think those are aftermarket stands, David. The S-1 wasn't angled back, and didn't have the vertical braces shown in your photos. I don't have measurements for the S-1, but here are a couple of pictures of the AR stand. I once had four of the S-1 stands, sitting side-by-side, and supporting two pairs of horizontally-stacked AR-3a speakers.
  6. ar_pro

    Just bought my 2nd pair of AR9

    Two pairs of AR-9 systems in two months - that's a pretty good streak, Mez! Before selling one set, you could always try to replicate the AR MGC-1: https://www.stereophile.com/content/acoustic-research-mgc-1-loudspeaker A digital delay/EQ box from eBay and another stereo amplifier should probably get you in the ballpark. All by themselves a single pair of AR-9 woofers would provide better bass than the MGC-1, so that 2nd pair might be overkill!
  7. ar_pro

    AR-3 Restore or not?

    I haven't noticed any ferrofluid issue with these guys, they seem to be very robust, with a reliable, uniform output. I think it's my favorite AR tweeter. In normal hi-fi use, they appear to hold up just fine, but I wouldn't be brave enough to use them in a home theater set-up.
  8. ar_pro

    Please help identify AR 3’s

    Wowie, zowie....congratulations on an excellent find! vintage_ar offers grilles, cloth & logos for the AR-3, but with the AR-3a-style cloth: https://www.ebay.com/itm/ACOUSTIC-RESEARCH-AR-3-SPEAKER-GRILLES-CLOTH-LOGOS/161992719904?hash=item25b784be20:g:rYMAAMXQskFRGlNo
  9. ar_pro

    AR-3 Restore or not?

    Well, that's interesting. In all honesty, I don't think I've ever seen a bad AR-9 series tweeter - damaged, yes, but never a cooked one.
  10. ar_pro

    AR-2ax connecting external tweeters

    Have you determined that the midrange and tweeter drivers in your speakers are actually defective, or could your problem still be faulty level controls? The Microstatic devices are a great complementary addition to the 2ax, but not really a substitute for the original mid & tweeter.
  11. ar_pro

    New AR3a find and restoration thread

    They're not that far apart...you could easily restore both as a pair. If you do open them up, please take lots of photos, especially if you note any differences. Is that mildew on the woofer cone of the left speaker?
  12. ar_pro

    A few of the Classics ...

    I thought so. The Adcom passive "preamp" was a tremendous value, especially prior to the re-birth of vinyl, when most everyone used only high-level sources and could get by without boosting the signal. Back in the early '90s, I used one in an AR-9 biamp configuration with a pair of GFA-555II power amplifiers, and it was as clean as could be driven by one of the Sony "ES" series CD players. I've never heard a more pristine sound from the AR-9. I also owned a Line Drive passive preamp from Mod Squad, and it was a really well-built & attractive component - clearly more deluxe than the Adcom - but the little Adcom was indistinguishable from the Line Drive in that same system. I just checked eBay, and they've been selling for under $100 - I can't think of a better hi-fi bargain!
  13. ar_pro

    A few of the Classics ...

    It looks like the back page of the 1969 Catalog! And is that the Adcom passive preamp, Roger?
  14. ar_pro

    AR 58S

    You've accomplished a lot in short order - nice job, Harry! Clever use of the AR-91 switched crossover, too; those might be the most reliable level controls that AR ever employed. And thanks for the photos of your AR collection & listening room, as well as your work space - extremely impressive!
  15. ar_pro

    AR Tweeter replica/replacement

    Looking forward to that AR-9 restoration, too! The little base on the AR-9 is held in place by 4 screws & a bit of glue. Hopefully, it doesn't exhibit any sign of moisture damage, as its very cheap painted mdf, and pretty much dissolves when wet. If I can suggest - this would be a great time to consider spiked feet. The Parts Express 240-730 are excellent. Aadams: it's tough to generalize on the sound of the verticals without taking room size & amplification into account. I've heard both the AR-9 and AR-90 sound mediocre in undersized rooms, where the AR-91 with a common sonic signature sounded just right. Also, compared to a straight-up AR-3a, I'm sure the 91 will play more loudly, and with less chance of thermal failure.