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  1. ar_pro

    Greetings of the Season

    Kudos, DavidDru - that's a smart-looking Fisher console! Any details of the restoration that you'd like to share?
  2. ar_pro

    Original AR 3a's???

    They're very attractive as a nice AR-3a resto-mod; is it possible that the constructor might have left some notes on the project? It would be interesting to see if the crossover has been worked on, as well.
  3. ar_pro

    AR1U question

    Maybe 20 years ago, I attended an audio show/sale in New Jersey put on by the old Audiomart hi-fi classifieds publication - I think they were based in Virginia. On working display at this show was a Western Electric 755A, mounted in a very large plywood baffle, and driven by what was most likely an SET amplifier of very early vintage. I'd never seen or heard anything like it before, and in a word, it was awful. Awful in the sense that your ears would cringe, and your face take on the aspect of having bitten into a lemon. Awful. Imagine my surprise at how well the 755 came to do in the Asian market.
  4. ar_pro

    AR1U question

    Simply stated, the Altec 755 is what drives the price of the AR-1 above what it would otherwise be expected to sell for as a pair of very old vintage loudspeakers; if the amount you'd want to receive in a sale is not significantly lower than that figure, then it too, is affected by the current desirability of the 755, and you should just recognize it as such. If it's not about money at all, then maybe some sort of essay contest could be held, with the speakers going to the person with the most engaging & heartfelt composition outlining their future plans for the AR-1.
  5. I owned the Advent 201, and it was really a solidly-built deck; sourcing from Wollensak was a good move. Needing to hold onto the lever for FF and rewind was tedious, but it made great recordings. Years later, I stumbled onto a lightly-used Nakamichi 1000 for $125, and while it was considerably more sophisticated than the 201 and had a ton of features, I don't recall the recordings sounding any better. I bought an unbuilt Dyna ST-35 from the same used-audio dealer in the late '80s - I think I paid about $100 - and had a lot of fun assembling it - what would a new-in-the-box Dynakit tube amplifier sell for on eBay these days?
  6. Nice job! - an excellent way to spend Black Friday! Only an American would drive 600 miles for a pair of speakers - well, maybe a Canadian. USA! USA!
  7. ar_pro

    Kind of weird AR 3a amp question

    Ha! That's a classic American hi-fi - I'd like to have a dollar for every attorney or MD who owned that same system in the '60s!
  8. ar_pro

    AR-3 Restoration Complete!

    That's a really nice set of AR-3's - congratulations on rescuing them! I've never used Minwax poly over Watco, only with other Minwax oil stains, and with a good & uniform result so maybe the uneven gloss is an interaction problem between the two products. I also agree with Lakecat that the final finish on your speakers is significantly more glossy than what I've come to expect from Minwax spray satin poly. The color on your speakers is beautiful, but if you do decide to strip things back, Minwax Special Walnut 224 mixed with just a touch of English Chestnut 233 or Red Chestnut 232 can come very close to the original AR oiled walnut color in most circumstances. It helps to let the finish set for a week or so, before spraying your poly. With the Minwax poly spray, go lightly on your first coat, and subsequent coats should be applied within 2 hours of each other, otherwise you should wait 72 hours between applications. Oh, and it's always a good idea to use a tack cloth to remove any residual dust from the cabinet, prior to applying your first coat of stain to avoid blotches and help the veneer to evenly accept the stain.
  9. ar_pro

    Kind of weird AR 3a amp question

    Wow - that's a classic look. That series was the first that included the all-glass black front panel, back-lit gold lettering, and big blue meters (BBM). I tried to buy a very clean MC2105 about 25 years ago, but the power transformer had developed a mechanical vibration/buzz noise that was noticeable, so the sale fell through. Be careful moving it around, Sam - lift with your legs!
  10. ar_pro

    Kind of weird AR 3a amp question

    The magic is in the Mac autoformer, Sam.
  11. ar_pro

    Kind of weird AR 3a amp question

    Those are very good descriptions of the HK and Nikko power amplifiers, and probably what one should expect in this setup. And although the Citation is a beauty, I'd be inclined to use the Nikko, for its lack of plumpness with the AR-3a. Just for the heck of it, have you considered a Mac power amp for your system, Sam? The MC2205 would play nicely with your C24, and its plain-faceplate version - the MC2200 - has been selling for about a thousand bucks, which is a pretty solid bargain. That amplifier will drive any speaker AR ever built, and sound great doing it.
  12. ar_pro

    My Dads AR1s

    There's this schematic, but I still see only two choke coils: Just wondering about two things - was there a problem with the original capacitor, and wasn't fiberglass packed around the 755A in its sub-enclosure?
  13. ar_pro

    AR10Pi metal stands

    That's some good Googling - the S-1 specs are a nice addition to the database! As I recall, they were very well-constructed, with a smooth satin finish. A&M Fabrication might be a good source for custom tilted stands with the same dimensions as the S-1. https://www.aandmcustomsteelspeakerstands.com/ They built a pair of stands using 5/4" steel, filled with sand with floor spikes & powdercoating for a very reasonable price. Most of their stands appear to use 1" tubing, but the 5/4" really looks substantial.
  14. ar_pro

    AR10Pi metal stands

    I think those are aftermarket stands, David. The S-1 wasn't angled back, and didn't have the vertical braces shown in your photos. I don't have measurements for the S-1, but here are a couple of pictures of the AR stand. I once had four of the S-1 stands, sitting side-by-side, and supporting two pairs of horizontally-stacked AR-3a speakers.
  15. ar_pro

    Just bought my 2nd pair of AR9

    Two pairs of AR-9 systems in two months - that's a pretty good streak, Mez! Before selling one set, you could always try to replicate the AR MGC-1: https://www.stereophile.com/content/acoustic-research-mgc-1-loudspeaker A digital delay/EQ box from eBay and another stereo amplifier should probably get you in the ballpark. All by themselves a single pair of AR-9 woofers would provide better bass than the MGC-1, so that 2nd pair might be overkill!