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  1. AR-LST: Placement

    trying to find every thing in here been some changes looking for the LST sheet showing the acoustic reflections bouncing off the walls? can anyone point me in the right direction with out any reflections Thanks Jim
  2. Unbelievable find, NOS

    They just might be in perfect shape bought my 9's in 79 got home from over sea's had them out for like 4 months packed back up and just open them back up a few years ago they were just fine still are. by the way good to see you frank I have been gone for a while just finished my music building 16by16 all acoustic panels even the ceiling and door. now have 5 crown 2400watt amps and this winter will install them with the 10 AR LST speakers in a 5 channel system we have a new sq and qs decoder made my some chaps down under land. can play all my quad record now with a updated decoder.I have a sansui sr-929 player. Frank you really should shim! I also forgot my password getting old someone needs to get those 9's and take them home Ps hanging a hammock in the music room head in the sweat spot Frank someday I will get the picture to answer the ? best way to listen to(The Wall )
  3. LST crossovers

    I bought the cabinets The guy I got them from is not a member If there is a interest I will have him come on here and list them and vouch for him I'm not selling them he will be.
  4. LST crossovers

    Hello working on a set of LST cabinets that were stripped he is keeping the crossovers I don't need them anyone be interested He is thinking 300 for the pair of crossover's Jim
  5. trying to load some pics

    ok those are 98ls Left to right boxed 9s are my first bought them in Italy Navy they have only been out of the box for 3 months. next 78ls 58s 9ls 10 pi 11 91 58s 3a my AR3's bought after got home with the 9's two sets of 3's not finished yet with one house not done so can't put them in yet waiting
  6. trying to load some pics

    hope this works
  7. trying to load some pics

    trying again
  8. trying to load some pics

    another one these are slow did not work
  9. trying to load some pics

    not sure if this will work stuck on 45k dial up
  10. AR LST and 2500uf cap?

    In one of the early LST schematics it show 5000uf caps put together to get np 2500uf why cant we still do that?
  11. How much are AR11's worth?

    Hello I'm also in Spokane

    Hello Mr Tyson I will try to get some good pics of the box's to post. Jim
  13. The 'Outer-Limits'............

    Sorry Frank. It is now 10 LST in a full 5 channel system. I Now have a center channel set and a set of original box's. but they don't make it sound better don't think any thing could make it sound better but go for it Frank you only live once

    Thanks steve I just picked these up serial number's 1018 ,1029 they have the original box's and stands since they were early they would need some work wrong looked like new cloth not stained or stretched or faded. well they will need some tweeter and foam but wrong again they had been sent back to the factory at some time all new back wired tweeters new woofers AR9 type . plug and play. I will be doing a cap job on them and I have some original woofer I can put in. First time these were close enough to pick up the last ones I got mailed one was smashed. want to do a cap job on them first then see if the new woofers make a diff other then handling more power.

    Just wondering how common are a pair of original box's for LST's? Jim