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  1. Improving The KLH Five - A New tweeter???

    Hi there Check out Ebuy for a used pair. The original tweeter was well regarded, not only in the Fives.
  2. KLH Twelve vs Five (drivers)--another piece of the puzzle

    Hi there Check your woofers cones for the black felt marked 25+/- or other numbers. This is the cone weight and depending how low the number was determined which model it was installed in. The opposite is also the the same.
  3. Dynaco A25 Vent Damping

    Hi there Put back the original piece of fiberglass.
  4. Dynaco A-25xl crossover network

    Hi there I need to scan and post the Audio Magazine review I have found of the A-25XL speaker system. I read it 3 or 4 times to try to digest it's contents. Will try to post it soon. The owner that gave them to me also found one broken coil wire. Strange!
  5. Bang and Olufsen and Dynaco Speakers

    Hi there Dynaco used both Scan and Seas drivers. B&O used some drivers that were made by Seas also. European speakers tended to be 4 ohms and North American 8 ohms. The original A-25 prototype was 4 ohms and Dynaco insisted that they be made in 8 ohms. You need to check the paper label for model numbers and if missing use a VOM to verify impedance. Whether swapping out both drivers in a Dynaco speaker with 4 ohm drivers or visa versa with B&O's would be up to experimenters to try. There may be an improvement or not in each case. I was recently given a pair of Dynaco A-25 XL's and the tweeters had been replaced with a brand of other manufacture. My hearing is poor so I cannot say if there is any difference in output between Seas and Scan drivers. Dynaco A-25's tweeter had a commented peak at about 9 - 11 kh in many reviews. I cannot comment on the A-25XL's tweeter reviews.. Even the Dynaco's woofer either had horned baskets or round baskets and were both were from Seas. These may or may not have performed exactly the same. I have not read the complete story of Dynaco's relationship with Seas and B&O, and the A-25 birth. While Scan drivers were used early on there was a switch to Seas. There was no fanfare or announcement to that fact that I've seen. There was tweeter on the right and left of center versions. Different grille cloth frames. There is no Dynaco internal information of any of their speaker systems. They may have experimented with a mirror image pair but found it difficult to keep paired in distribution. The A-25XL came out when I was transitioning and never saw them for sale. I own AR-LST's which are 4 ohm. Their tweeters tend to have a disintegration of the tweeter cavity padding. I bought 4 ohm versions of the Seas Dynaco/B&O tweeters for future replacement. They won't perform the same but will last longer than me. As long as you are happy with the xL's, enjoy.
  6. Too rough with 5 spot switch / A25 lost highs

    Hi there It is possible the switches stop is bent or broken. Only opening up the cabinet and inspecting the switch is there a possible solution available. A used switch is not much of a gamble in my experience. When I didn't have an original switch I bought a 5 position MBB or make before break stepped switch and have not had a problem with it. You may be able to buy a cheap used pair on Ebuy and if shipping is cheap go for it. Be carefull not to buy a BBM or break before make switch, as you lose the signal each break in the contact. Some surplus switches have adjustable adapters so that you can have 1 up to 10 positions (limit of some switches). Do check the stop post first.
  7. Internet Auctions and a river in Egypt

    Hi there I believe the AR1X schematic is one of the many thousands of documents I downloaded here over the years. In my many postings due for the library additions, I also included the original handwritten note regarding the AR-1 tweeter discontinuation. It was I believe, either a phone call from AR or a personal conversation with the A C Simmonds rep that the Altex tweeter was discontinued and the replacement was the cone 2 1/2" tweeter. My memory is bad but if you say Altec's as plural it sounds like Altex, that is why I am guessing the source rather that a printed sheet from AR. If you said that over a phone call you might write down the incorrect spelling accidently. The local warrantee depot did not have computers, fax or emails so personal conversation or phone call is my best guess at this time. I could ask my friend who managed the warrantee depot but I do not like to bother him. He may have had other sheets mailed from AR regarding this AR1-X conversion but I may have not photocopied it when I had the chance in the mid '90's. Obviously AR would have shipped out conversion kits, which I never saw, to warantee depots with the attached round hardboard or plywood adapter. The replacement would have been exceptionally well packaged, in a well designed cardboard box with instruction sheet (s) and lots of putty At the local warrantee depot you would have needed a very large van to haul all the parts that AR shipped, at absolutely no charge, including lot's of new cartons. From my perspective a company totally dedicated to the public, dealers and warrantee depots, without equal. We need not mention discounting.
  8. AR-1 and AR-3st system

    Hi there I am not here much any more but here is my nickels worth of advice. Absolutely do not allow anyone not experienced with AR speakers to touch your speakers. When working they are gems. When not they are not for the inexperienced service person to service. My advice is to NOT advertise on EBUY . When I was actively buying on EBUY a disgruntled seller wrote that with using Paypal and the cost of EBUY advertising, 25% was deducted from the sale price, for one issue. Tom is correct with his advice as usual, but they may also be the earlier 4 watt pots which I have seen totally burnt out. I will look at the photos again and will comment further. Vern Just returned and from the photos I believe they are the 25 watt pots with the black plastic shafts, not the 4 watters. Do not spray or drip any kind of fluid into the pot via the pot shaft. Do not attempt to remove the grille cloth even. The subject of removing and cleaning pots has been much discussed over the years here. To be absolutely correct, there is no long term repair to the pots irregardless as to the person or their efforts. The wiper and wire coil is usually scored and the original surface is scarred and pitted. Every effort is temporary at best, irregardless to who does the cleanup. Buying a used or reconditioned one is, in my opinion, a waste of money. A new old stock (NOS) original pot is the best replacement. It is made of unobtainium, as it has not been made for decades. There may be some out there in surplus companies but I have not come across any. A suitable equivalent replacement is the Ohmite surplus or Chinese new, equal in wattage, the Chinese version is slightly larger in diameter. Both are built like tanks, with their coil and wiper exposed at the back. The Ohmite pot has replaceable parts, also, if available as surplus from ?. I believe that I have a solution to the pots rear protection. A member here developed a stepped switch and the owners manual may still be in the library. It was ingenius and I do hope he was successful with his venture. This may be an quality alternative to pots, but I do not have any experience with them. Hopefully the pots are the only bad parts, but the caps may also be open and finally the tweeter may be open. A terrific AR specialist can diagnose and service them. Good luck. Try Craigslist maybe? No fees. They also will require very special packaging to limit potential damage. .
  9. Dynaco Crossover Capacitors

    Hi there I posted the actual original A-25 and A-35 capacitor information on May 17th 2011 which was the start of this topic. I am holding my original crossover board with the 2 different caps and a switch attached to it. I had tried using a pot instead of a stepped switch with the resistors. This was my attempt to be able to switch between A-25 and A-35 crossover frequencies. Also included was an inline open style fuse holder with a 1 amp glass fast blow fuse. Maybe someone here can check out the cap model number to see what level of cap this was. Likely it was a lower level but suitable product. As far as I can see 5uf and 8uf are not made anymore, but a slight value difference above and below these values is not going to be of a significant audible difference. I bought these from the local Dynaco warrantee depot here in Vancouver. There is no reason that Dynaco did not have to sub the caps due to a shortage for a brief period. This is only my guess as I have never seen or heard of this incident happening. Sadly there is little information here of Dynaco classic products other than positive magazine reviews, no engineering drawings or such. They seemed to stay with the same resistor and switch suppliers as well. Thank you Phil for the Dynamax information.
  10. Dynaco A-25xl crossover network

    Hi again Thank you for posting your copy of the Dynaco A-25XL speaker review. I used to really bug Mark a lot for a Dynaco section, thank you again Mark. He set up one and here we have some more historical documentation from the distant, 37 years later, past.
  11. Dynaco A-25xl crossover network

    Hi there Is it possible for you to post your speaker review here please. My comment regarding a A-25XL review I read was from an old Audio magazine
  12. Hi there I do not visit here very much anymore but I do have great respect of some of the more advanced members here. I hate to comment negatively, especially after all we are here to help us all enjoy our hobby. Do not put any solvent solution down the pot shaft. I asked once of an ebuy seller what he did to overhaul his pots. He loosened the nuts and sprayed a load into the opening. Not what I would call an overhaul. One of the problems with AR speakers was the serious corrosion of the A-P pot wipers and coil. The examples of corrosion go from minor to extreme cases where the resistance of the pot rises as the corrosion increases causing heat. When I was more actively involved with servicing AR and other brands I saw many melted plastic pot shafts. I even saw burnt fiberglass insulation around some pot bodies. Using something such as one of the suggested solvent spray could conceivably catch fire if the conditions are just right, or rather wrong. At this point in time I would first suggest re-installing another NOS un-obtainium A-P pot. Second choice would be buying a surplus NOS Ohmite pots and protecting the rear from wire and insulation contact. Third and I am unable to advise or comment on the replacement with a L-pad, but this has been well documented here on CSP. As a newbie I do not suggest removing the grille cloth and woofer to do this replacement, at least not yet. You must be gentle or you can destroy the frames, etc. Your speaker is a first generation AR-4, an 8" cloth surround woofer with a 3 1/2" tweeter. The foam surrounds were much later. The 3 1/2" tweeter, a non AR produced, was also used for the long production life in the extremely popular later AR-2AX speaker as their midrange driver. The sound quality of the AR-4 speaker was not perfect, but sure gave the most bang for the buck at that time for the most listeners. I am certain that any AR speaker, I'm biased of course, would have been a great hifi introduction, not perfect but close. If someone here has a review of the AR-4X to post we should see what differences were apparent. Often the good and the bad information comes out after each model upgrade, with tweeter and crossover changes in the AR-4.
  13. Cramolin Red

    Hi there I've seen products sold in one country and not others over the years. The chemical may include ingredients that are banned or just dangerous. As a side note, you can buy 3M cans of speaker sealant in auto body suppliers, but you need to special transport them These are specially listed here in Canada. You pay a special surcharge premium for shipping, similar to dynamite, you cannot airmail or snail mail them as well. My guess is there is more to the lack of information availability than we have here. It is nice to see it is still on the market at least. The Audio Amatuer magazine used to advertise it, way back.
  14. Dynacos on eBay. What are they?

    Hi my friend Interesting that we never were made aware of the Seas/Scan driver differences in any review that I ever read, way back when. Dynaco never mentioned it for a very wise decision. If they had we would have been looking for one version or the other, creating inventory havoc. Similar to AR not announcing, at least initially, the driver or crossover changes or cabinet modifications in the AR 2AX's AR 3A's and AR-LST's. We did read about these at a later date. How many people found that they had a cloth and a separate foam surround woofer when they got them home. Which one would you have liked to find in your living room? The LST's were crossover rear mounted and through the woofer opening method. There was a Mallory switch initially and I have had several USA made Mallory switches in utility boxes, nicely made. I assume Mallory stopped making switches and AR went upwards to a higher level of switch later instead of stepping down on quality, yeh AR. I have 2 pairs of LST's and one pair is rear mounted crossover and the other front mounted. I am not going to sweat bullets over which may or may not have the caps and resistors as per final end of the run speakers. When I was young and poor I would have wanted the very latest production speaker possible. Today I am old and poor and have learned little and will accept small compromises.
  15. Dynaco A-25xl crossover network

    Hi Dean The Dynaco A-25XL is different in drivers, crossover quantities and values and the grille cloth mounting, for our purposes, from the original A-25 speaker system. The original A-25 had more resistors and of different values. The capacitor was a different value as well. The XL switch had fewer contacts and appears to be made by a different source than the A-25's. The coil in my photos of the crossover boards that I bought off the net have no identification on them. I can at a later date check the coil guage with my wire guage. It is about thread size for certain. The switch was simple in design and self cleaning, the only problem was knob breakage occassionly. I never saw a discolored or burnt resistor or capacitor, unlike KLH Five and KLH Twelve. The 25XL used different drivers which I never serviced. If the coil wire is broken, carefully, using a magnifier glass or lens, working through the woofer opening, and using an Xacto type knife or razor blade, unwind that end of coil 1 or 2 turns, very carefully. The coil looks like bare copper wire but it is insulated with a transparent insulation which must be scraped off before soldering it. A few turns removed is not the end of the world and we have no information on the original wiring schematic. There is/was an Ebay seller in Victoria BC that had a website with some of the classic Dynaco wiring schematics and cabinets that he drew. Every time I've looked at his schematic I believe I see an error, but I just can't seem to put my finger on it. I will work this out eventually, I believe he has drawn a resistor inline without turning the switch. His name was David Dlugos, I believe. I had several successful and pleasant business dealings with him. It was very kind and generous of him to do the drawings and schematic and post them for all the world to see. Only a person with a coil tester can come up with the coils value. Unless the coil is burnt up like a crisp it doesn't need replacing. Surprisingly in over 200 Dynaco A-25's the very most common problem was burnt woofers. Some were covered by warrantee, even if the woofers voice coil was toasted and I mean toasted. I don't remember replacing a tweeter except in one A-50. The A-10 was a real dollar value speaker, all things considered. Available in oiled walnut, no switch but a Seas assembled crossover board less switch. Same tweeter and a larger than expected magnet assembly was used in their puny woofer. I always digress but what the heck. I did have a photocopy a year or so ago of a Dynaco A-25XL speaker system from our local library. I re-read the review 4 or 5 times trying to make sense of it. When I find and post it I will be doing a review of that review. It would not have helped the Dynaco A-25XL sell. I bought a mint pair of XL's off the net a few years ago and I'm expecting a nice pair of donated XL's next week. I am accepting these as a charity case and I am well beyond a divorce now. . .