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  1. They'd like you to bring your 3 's if you are still interested, bring a friend or two if you'd like. We have excellent turnouts, I expect 30 to 40 people. I'll PM you if you are interested.
  2. How far is it for you? They really want 3a s.
  3. The Connecticut Audio Society (CAS) is having their annual cookout and the Audio theme is to listen to about 10 of the most popular vintage speakers. We need a restored pair of AR-3a's and if anyone has a pair in good restored working order and would like to show them off and attend please message me - we would all appreciate it very much. The event is on Saturday June 1 in Westport CT.
  4. Great info, thanks very much! How about that they are still in business.
  5. Thanks for the info Tom, do you know any more details about how spiders are made?
  6. Pete B

    LST revisted....pleasant surprise!

    It is always good to hear that a person is getting so much enjoyment from their system, that is what it is all about.
  7. Pete B

    Ar-3a Capacitor Advice

    I've done it for many years, maybe once every 10 years or so. I'll think about it for one of the fests.
  8. Pete B

    Ar-3a Capacitor Advice

    I could do a capacitor A/B switched comparison at one of the Frankenfests if anyone is interested. We could start a thread in the Mods section if so.
  9. I've been wondering lately if this EPI/Genesis woofer replacement would work well as a replacement for the AR 8" woofer: http://www.humanspeakers.com/e/parts/001.htm I also wonder how close they are to the original woofers from EPI.
  10. Pete B

    Winter 2019 FrankenFest - March 23 Sutton, MA

    It was great seeing you again Robert! I'm determined to get there early to set up (11 AM) next time since between setting up and talking so much I didn't get to see much equipment or other tables.
  11. Pete B

    Ar-3a Capacitor Advice

    @DavidR David have you attended any of the Frankenfest audio fests in MA, lately in Sutton MA?
  12. Amazing work and pictures by the way!
  13. Jim on AK posted: The next event will be at the same location on SATURDAY OCTOBER 19th. Since historically the Fall event doesn't get as many participants we'll be fine as far as crowding and table availability is concerned. As mentioned, we'll be instituting a one table per participant policy. Frankenfest is an audio fest/swap meet that has been going on for many years originally hosted by Frank (RIP) in Clinton MA. It is organized by people on AudioKarma but we need more people so I am posting here also. These are the general rules, $5 fee for main person rest of the family is no charge: We have once again secured the American Legion Lodge in Sutton, MA for Saturday October 19th, 2019. We have the room for 12 noon until 5 PM though "organizers" can show up early to help "setup". The location is just off of route 146 south of the Mass Pike (I90) - so this should be a little bit closer for most of us versus Clinton. Dudley-Gendron American Legion 156 Boston Rd Sutton, MA 01590 Here's a link to a map: https://www.google.com/maps/place/A...24bd01d4435f98!8m2!3d42.1598864!4d-71.7401907 There will be an Audiokarma "Barter Town" thread listing gear that people plan to bring but you have to subscribe to have access to it. It is usually created a few months before the date. For sellers: As we saw last time there are tables available. We should bring extension cords and power strips. They have an ATM in the bar (could be dangerous, I know).
  14. Pete B

    Winter 2019 FrankenFest - March 23 Sutton, MA

    This had a much larger turnout, I'd say over 80 - 90 people and the organizer says that's how it has been historically, smaller in the Fall. It was nice chatting with several members from here and from AK.