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  1. Pete B

    How to test crossover on Advent/1

    That is a New Large Advent (NLA) where the stock inductor IS air core.
  2. Pete B

    Winter 2019 FrankenFest - March 23 Sutton, MA

    March 23 is coming up, anyone going? I don't have much of anything new to show so I might skip it. Perhaps I'll just demo/show the A/B switch that I have since it really helps to demonstrate differences in speaker sound/voicing.
  3. Pete B

    Pot vs L pad

    Thanks Roy
  4. Pete B

    Pot vs L pad

    An Lpad should go between the crossover and the driver in this type of application. The intent is to properly load the XO even when there is attenuation.
  5. Pete B

    Pot vs L pad

    Does anyone know if a pair of PE 50W L-pads will fit in a stock 3a or 5 mounting positions? If not, how about one 50W for the mid and one 15W for the tweeter? The 50W is physically larger.
  6. Pete B

    Pot vs L pad

    How an L-pad works, that AK thread has mostly incorrect posts: http://www.bcae1.com/lpad.htm
  7. Pete B

    AR-5 Technical Details

    I mentioned in the first post that an AR-5 midrange on ebay showed a DC resistance of 4.8 ohms. Now a pair is for sale there with one reading 6.0 and the other 6.2 ohms DCR, one question is if the meters were zeroed before taking the measurements. An accurate reading would help.
  8. Pete B

    200003 12 "woofer needs spyder

    It seems that Roy and Carl used MWA 6" 6004-B spiders for woofer repairs, they also mention replacement voice coils of 2.5 and 3.5 ohms, I'd only use the 2.5 ohm version: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?/topic/7520-ar91-repair-story-new-mids-and-tweeters-identified/&do=findComment&comment=95206 They also seem to mention that the replacement voice coils have metallic formers which is good. I'd like a part number for the 2.5 ohm DCR voice coil on a metal former if anyone has it. I have a 6004-B and it _seems_ to be too stiff - might try it.
  9. Pete B

    AR5 midrange help, please

    I did not check that schematic carefully but it looks like the only one I've seen for the AR-5. I'm certainly no expert on the AR-5 so others should also comment.
  10. Pete B

    AR5 midrange help, please

    I plan to do a tweeter-mid plate for the AR-5, just have to get around to it. Try to enjoy the journey, assuming it is a hobby for you.
  11. Pete B

    AR5 midrange help, please

    Since I sold you the old 2ax woofers that I had, I came across some of my old posts where I mention that while the Fc measured in box looked correct, Qtc did not for those woofers and so there might be a problem with them. I'd be happy to measure them for you and take them back with a refund if they are not right - just let me know. I believe that most of the 8 ohm 10" woofers used in ARs 2-way and 3way designs should work fine in the 5 since all that I've seen spec 56 Hz Fc and a Qtc of 1.15.
  12. I was going to post a video with Sean Olive but seems it was taken down at youtube. Here is something on his blog: http://seanolive.blogspot.com/2014/01/the-perception-and-measurement-of.html This is the blog of what I was looking for but the video is gone: http://seanolive.blogspot.com/2012/
  13. Toole and Olive IIRC were both at the NRC in Canada. The NRC is the facility that helped to make the Energy 22 , many PSB speakers and many others so good through the research that they were doing there. They were both very active publishing in the AES and Toole was a past President of the AES. Here is a brief bio on him: from: https://www.bloomberg.com/research/stocks/private/person.asp?personId=177919&privcapId=4277430&previousCapId=4277430&previousTitle=Harman-Kardon, Inc. "Dr. Floyd E. Toole, Ph.D. serves as Acoustic Consultant of Harman-Kardon, Inc. Dr. Toole served as Vice President of Acoustics Engineering at Harman International Industries Inc. from November 1991 to 2007. In 1965, he joined the National Research Council of Canada, where he reached the position of Senior Research Officer in the Acoustics and Signal Processing Group. He worked with all Harman International companies, and directed the Harman Research and Development Group, a central resource for technology development and subjective measurements. Dr. Toole's research has focused on the acoustics and psychoacoustics of sound reproduction in small rooms. Most notably, he established methods for subjective and objective evaluations which have been used to clarify the relationships between technical measurements of audio equipment and listeners' perceptions. For papers on these subjects he has received two AES Publications Awards and the AES Silver Medal. A book, “Sound Reproduction”, for Focal Press (2008) is his most recent project. He is a Fellow and was President of the Audio Engineering Society and a Fellow of the Acoustical Society of America. He is active in teaching and course development in CEDIA and in 2008 he was awarded the CEDIA Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Toole studied electrical engineering at the University of New Brunswick and at the Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London, where he received a Ph.D."
  14. Toole and Harman have been pushing the flat off axis response thing for many years. I take it you are also aware of Toole's book? https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/sound-reproduction-floyd-e-toole/1128918001?ean=9781138921368&pcta=n&st=PLA&sid=BNB_New+Core+Shopping+Textbooks&sourceId=PLAGoNA&dpid=tdtve346c&2sid=Google_c&gclid=EAIaIQobChMImPbZ2sPk4AIVD4zICh0dLA1MEAQYAyABEgKvMvD_BwE
  15. Pete B

    Old Man and his AR 4Xa

    Where are you in the world, perhaps one of our members nearby can help you? I'd be happy to help you out if you're in the CT area.