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  1. If you look at the 9th picture down it can be seen that the cap goes across the 2 lowest connections, then one lead of the inductor is above, most likely the other inductor lead is also above on the other side. In the 12th picture you can see the top resistor going across the driver terminals. The 6th picture shows a wire running from the input terminal to the R, L anc C pins, then another wire on the other side also going to RLC and back up to the output positive terminal. It seems that the network is an RLC to the paired drivers with a resistor across them.
  2. The drivers look to be in parallel, refer to the crossover picture with the red and black wires going to the drivers, there are jumpers in the rivets holding down the tabs for the connectors.
  3. $899 Guru QM10 Speakers (#3) Gray Clean Demo Units CT Another pair used by the importer for demos at his home. These are flat gray, huge hit at the HE2007 show: https://www.stereophile.com/category/he-2007 At RMAF 2007: http://www.sonicflare.com/archives/rmaf-07-sjofn-guru-av-speaker-system.php They are designed for placement against the wall, I even enjoyed them in the corners where their bass was comparable to my large Vandersteen 2Ci's - in fact the QM10's sounded better. They have sat around probably for the last 5 years unused so it is time to sell them. They have a few minor scuffs but are otherwise like new - see the pictures. Spent a few hours listening to them and they are fine all caps are film type so they should never need a re-cap. I have the original boxes. $899 plus shipping CONUS, prefer pickup in CT, or within 100 miles of 06611 The Stereophile crew was very excited about these: "Other Stereophile writers, like Wes Phillips and Stephen Mejias, had mentioned how impressed they had been with the sound in the Sjöfn room, but what I had not appreciated until I visited the Swedish manufacturer's room towards the end of the Show was: a) how small these speakers were; how good the stereo imaging was despite the speakers being right up against the wall behind them; and c) how much thunderous bass was being produced by just two reflex-loaded 4" woofers! Of course, the Guru speaker ($1800/pair), photographed here by Larry Greenhill, is designed to take advantage of the low-frequency boundary reinforcement afforded by the close-to-the-corner positioning, but even so, I was surprised by the result. The speakers also sung on soprano vocals; Sjöfn is a company to watch out for, especially as the fact that the speakers must not be used out in the room makes them very spouse-friendly." They were introduced in 2007 at $1800/pr and the price crept up to about $2200 over the next 5 years. These are the flat grey version as can be seen in the pictures.
  4. Where are these located, in case someone wants to pick them up and avoid shipping?
  5. A friend pointed this comp for Guru QM10s on Craig's List for $1199 used for the MKII version:
  6. Sorry I missed it, I have to keep in mind that it is only 1 hour for me to get there, for some reason I had 2 hrs in mind.
  7. @montyoldboy22 Where are you located anywhere near Connecticut?
  8. @claudel Any chance these are still available?
  9. Pete B

    Used to Work at Cizek

    I take it those are 6.5" woofers? They look to be built on a standard US 6.5" frame. Maybe a 30 oz magnet? I wouldn't mind measuring a pair. A complete guess would be this, but it is not built on a US frame so dimensions would have to be checked, might be a good temporary fix or perhaps someone could retune the crossover to make them work fine: https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/silver-flute-woofers-6-7/silver-flute-w17rc38-04-ohm-6-1/2-wool-cone/
  10. Pete B

    12.5 question

    As far as I know Shoe Goop is butyl goop. Someone who needs some might want to experiment.
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