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  1. @Jrdavis89 Yes I have them, sent you my contact info. I also have them in gloss black.
  2. Pete B

    Woofer coil bypassed in NLA

    To make it louder and more in your face. http://baselaudiolab.com/ADVENT_LA_XO.html
  3. Pete B

    AR 11" woofer driver refoam (AR9)

    I have an AR-11 replacement woofer that has an aluminum former that was discussed on here years ago but main thread is gone. I wonder if the other one matches. Both are from 1978.
  4. I also was looking for a spider to fix the second woofer and contacted Nuway to see if they might be able to fabricate a very high compliance spider. They sent me some samples of a spider that they already made with the correct ID, OD, and the correct 6 corrugations. I got those out for the first time and they are very STIFF. I think Fs would probably be 100 Hz if I was to install one of those. Thinking back I seem to recall him saying check the fit and then they could make a very high compliance version. It looks like a perfect fit but it is a bit late to get back to him. I also contacted MWA, a supplier to professional rebuilders and obtained: 6002 C 6004 B They were out of the higher compliance A rated spiders. C and B just by feel are way to stiff, A might be close enough and I should try again to get a few. They all look to be made on the same die.
  5. Back in 2005 I measured woofer #1 in the AR-11 box with the factory white poly fill stuffing, and obtained these results driven directly without the crossover: Fc = 44.5 Qec = .79 Qmc = 3.16 Qtc = .63 I've hardly used the system all these years and pulled it out a few weeks ago to recap it and decided to do the same measurement (woofer #1) with these very similar results: Fc = 45.2 Hz Qec = .80 Qmc = 3.20 Qtc = .64 The crossover inductor DCR is .75 ohms and I ran the test again with .8 ohms in series to simulate the inductor DCR with these results: Fc = 45.2 Qec = 1.04 Qmc = 3.20 Qtc = .78 I don't recall the Qtc spec for the AR-11 but .78 with the simulated DCR is right in the ball park. Does anyone know of an impedance sweep for the AR-11 or was the spec for Fc ever provided by AR, or stated in a test report?
  6. Pete B

    AR 11" woofer driver refoam (AR9)

    Yes, it probably got very hot. Did the other silver ones look like aluminum or some sort of alloy? I've taken one completely apart and it was black anodized on the other side that you can't see. I'm wondering if all of the foam/ceramic magnet AR-11/10pi/9 etc. woofers have metal formers?
  7. Pete B

    AK gathering at Blue Mountain Lodge

    Also, since there is no AC there I'd suggest late October or November next time because it was quite warm there, especially hauling gear around.
  8. Pete B

    AK gathering at Blue Mountain Lodge

    I'd suggest that you run a poll where people can reply with will attend or maybe so that we can decide if it is worth hauling gear out or not. I'd more likely attend with 50+ positives in the poll. I suggest that you notify the surrounding audio clubs, CAS, NJ, NY and ask that they reply to the poll so we have a head count.
  9. Pete B

    AK gathering at Blue Mountain Lodge

    I had planned to keep one stock and one with my mid/tweeter replacement, but only had time to recap the one speaker so I've not yet done an A/B compare. We listened the night before the show and I was rather shocked by how good they sound - more to come. The mid is hidden behind that porous dust cap to hide the identity.
  10. Pete B

    AK gathering at Blue Mountain Lodge

    I showed my NOT AR-11s and NOT Small Advents, the turnout was not great and not many buyers: I received many positive comments about the NOT Small Advents, seems every person who heard them loved them. http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/not-ar-11-speaker.837616/ http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/not-small-advents.837536/#post-11963954
  11. Just opened up my AR-11's and noticed that the 40 uF is not a large can type rather it is a cheap Callins so I should redo this with .3 ohms for the ESR. I should probably measure the Callins but who knows how far the ESR has drifted since they were new.
  12. Pete B

    Cello Amati lst??

    The seller is a member of the CT Audio Society (CAS) and he is a good guy.
  13. Pete B

    AR-90 Crossover Electrical Simulation

    I used it here, it is free by the way:
  14. Pete B

    AR-90 Crossover Electrical Simulation

    Have you looked at Xsim by Bill Waslo? Best way is to measure the input impedance of the drivers in system, saved as a .ZMA file. Xsim will read in those files.