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  1. ....and some of the drivers are from the late 70's. The glue around one of the terminal boards is not original either. Perhaps old DIY projects. Roy
  2. Thanks for the heads up, Glenn. I would love to get a close look at the 3a's with the apparent LST parts. If original, we could be seeing an AR-10pi prototype. Roy
  3. Just finished the 2x.....

    Hey Jeff, Nice restoration! What did you clean up the cabinets with? They look great. I used those RS tweeters with external L-pads on top of a pair of AR-2ax's in the very early 80's. I recall liking the combo very much with the controls set close to the minimum setting. There is a small cap inside the tweeter housing, and vaguely recall playing around with that as well. Roy
  4. AR-2ax Project

    Imo, the impact on the sound will not be noticeable one way or the other. Roy
  5. AR-2ax Project

    Hey Glenn and Michael, I don't have any data to share, but It's pretty likely the decomposed foam isn't doing much of anything at this point...and the vast majority of these woofers have rotten foam rings. Rather than remove it I just stabilize it with slightly diluted white surround adhesive (or Aleene's Tacky Glue). Even if it has mostly fallen off I paint some glue over the area where it was. Unlike the 12 inch woofer the foam appears to have been very light and porous. Even with this issue these are still great sounding woofers. The earliest version of this woofer had the same cone but no foam ring. I've only seen those in a few AR-2's. Roy
  6. AR-2ax Project

    Michael, If they return more slowly than when they are out of the cabinet, you're generally good to go. If they are going to be used at very high volume levels, a second or more may be better. Roy
  7. AR-2ax Project

    I agree with Kent. You are using the early woofers with cast baskets, and the original putty was harder to compress than any foam will be. It should be fine. Looking good Michael! (I like your hole punch too). Roy
  8. AR-2ax Project

    Thanks, Mike...always willing to be of assistance. As I mentioned above, I personally appreciate members like ra.ra and Kent, who do much heavy lifting in this forum. Along with sound guidance, they have the patience and skill to keep threads like this one going in a positive direction. "More than one road" indeed...Hey, your project is looking good! It is fun to see the personal spin on these projects. Make sure to place some stuffing material under the wires on the cabinet walls when you get to that stage. Years ago, I had a pair of KLH 6's driving me crazy with a persistent buzz at certain frequencies. It turned out to be a wire vibrating against the cabinet wall. In fact, you may want to use the zip ties without the bases on the walls and suspend the wires in the stuffing. Like Kent, I have a personal preference for tinned (18ga) marine wire similar to the original AR wire (just easy to solder and the available colors can be matched to original). Regardless, your amazing crimp job and very neat wiring should work great! Roy
  9. AR-2ax Project

    Ra.ra/Robert Since I'm the person you are so concerned about becoming, as you put it, the "all-but-one singular voice", I felt compelled to reply. First of all I agree with you. You do "spew forth" early and often on a regular basis in most threads, so I don't think you have anything to worry about in terms of your voice not being heard. I'm glad you do. Members like you and Kent frequently post well written, patient, helpful information. I usually lay back until called upon or unless I see the possibility of misleading or incomplete information being posted. I have absolutely no desire or motivation to post as frequently as you do, or carry the responsibility of being a singular voice. As it is, I spend much time assisting folks through PM's and email. Unlike you, I have been repairing the old beasts for over 45 years. When forum members disagree or appear to have conflicting opinions it may be confusing to a newcomer. Sometimes a more experienced or general perspective can be helpful. Due to the unusual nature of this thread I supported Kent's decision. I don't think it jeopardized you or any other forum member's status, and Mike and I are now communicating productively. Btw, if you need some clarification regarding driver polarity send me a PM. I believe that is about the time you went on vacation. Roy
  10. AR-2ax Project

    Actually that frustrates me as well, Michael....for a different reason. I frankly believe capacitor debates are absurd, which is why I try to be more general in some recommendations these days. I would love to line up our golden-eared capacitor police someday and defy them to discern the sonic differences of the capacitors used in a group of restorations. I originally suggested Carli (mylar caps in general) to some forum members because I believe they are a good value compared to higher priced film caps, which are so often recommended (especially in the AK forum). Later, I suggested they may have some electrical attributes (ESR) of the original caps. I have never said they are the best or only caps to use. For the record, you have made good choices! Roy
  11. AR-2ax Project

    All good, Michael...I don't think it will scare anyone off. They will be more concerned about speaker fixin'. Roy
  12. AR-2ax Project

    I'm not a mind reader, Mike, and I didn't know about the personal issues you felt compelled to share with the forum...which I see you have now deleted. I was simply trying to get you to stop spinning your wheels, and be specific about what was "frustrating" you about the responses you received. Your posts were becoming repetitious, and responding to them was becoming exhausting. Good luck with your project. Roy
  13. AR-2ax Project

    Very sorry to read all that, Michael. It's not up to me to close a thread. Though long, it contains some good information, and will likely prove useful to more than a few people. Try to enjoy your 2ax project one step at a time. Roy PS Yes, you can use your foam surround adhesive for the woofer surround issue shown in your photo.
  14. AR-2ax Project

    Michael, If I tell you what glue to use, and you get a different suggestion from another member or from AK, are you going to add that to your "differing opinions" list and prevent you from making the repair? Are you going to "regret" your decision before you actually implement it? This is the problem with this thread. If you believe there are specific "differing opinions" which will have a material impact on the outcome of your project, voice them one last time. This thread is becoming one for the record books. You can help yourself out a bit by choosing one forum for this project. Although I am an AK forum member, I find it to be far less helpful, and sometimes misleading, when it comes to AR speaker information. Fortunately a number of CSP members are usually present to straighten them out over there. Do not purchase any surround sealant (it's expensive) until your speakers are completed and the woofers are installed. A determination can be made at that time, and the treatment applied if necessary. When you reinstall your drivers just make sure the cabinet hole gaskets/seals are in good shape Roy
  15. AR-2ax Project

    Hey Jeff, The Pioneer receiver was brought to the shop and tested very well. Remember our conversation about the purpose of the "loudness" switch/button, and why it should not be used at higher volume levels? That's what happened. It has been a factor with most of the "blown" speakers brought in by younger folks in recent years. Roy