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  1. AR3/AR3a guidance needed

    Ra.ra's assessment is right on the money. Your AR-3's were manufactured in the mid-60's and were originally identical based on the serial numbers alone. The converted back to front-wired midrange driver was built in the mid 70's, and was used in the LST, AR-11, 10pi and last 3a. The original AR-3 mid had not been available for quite some when this repair was required. The added crossover components are also later AR parts, which suggests the speaker was sent to the factory or the AR repair center, AB Tech Services, for repair at that time. The screw through the center of the added #4 inductor shows it is definitely an added repair part. The replacement mid was matched with the appropriate crossover changes, but new replacement capacitor types will initially be the least of your concerns if you hear differences. Besides having different construction and sonic characteristics, the original AR-3 mid has been showing signs of degradation these days. In fact, the 2 speakers, though close, probably did not sound precisely the same after the mid was replaced. Roy
  2. Where to find 10" Bass Drivers for AR9LS

    The dimensions look good, Pete. The price is right for experimentation. Roy
  3. Where to find 10" Bass Drivers for AR9LS

    By the early 80's I believe AR was using 18ga air core inductors. Certainly nothing heavier than 17ga. Roy
  4. Where to find 10" Bass Drivers for AR9LS

    Hey Pat, your links show two different woofers. The woofer in the Midwest link has a much larger magnet (and is significantly more sensitive), larger voice coil, and requires a larger cut out than than the AR woofer(s). Enlarging the LS cabinet hole would not be easy, given its location. At $90+/- each I wouldn't take a chance on it. The woofer in Kent's link is much closer to the typical AR 10 inch woofer. Roy
  5. Where to find 10" Bass Drivers for AR9LS

    Hi Pete, I wonder if AR actually had that all worked out. I also wonder how long these down-firing woofers were operating "normally" as the foam surrounds gradually weakened and decomposed. The LS was an odd model for AR, especially for the era. Roy
  6. Where to find 10" Bass Drivers for AR9LS

    Kent, VAR has in fact recently sent out the 8 ohm version of this woofer as an AR replacement after I found it to work fairly well in a pair of 2ax's (with a change to a larger inductor). The cone is lighter and the suspension is stiffer than the typical AR woofer, so perhaps it has more of the attributes suggested by Pete. I suppose if AR had been "smart" about this arrangement they would have used a woofer with a cloth surround in this location. On the other hand, the space it fires into is always full of rotten foam as well. Roy
  7. Where to find 10" Bass Drivers for AR9LS

    Agreed, ra.ra...In fact, the differences between most of the AR 10 inch (and 8 inch) paper cone woofers are not dramatic, and should be even less so if used in a down firing position. Any slight differences have to do with extension into the midrange frequencies. Stimpy: That Simply Speakers woofer is no longer available, and Simply Speakers has none to sell. AB Tech was selling "oem-like" replacements to sellers like SS and Vintage AR for a long time until going out of business. These China sourced drivers varied in response between batches, and some were better than others. To be more specific regarding my earlier post, I re-foamed 4 original AR-9LS 10 inch down firing woofers about a year ago. Dcr measured around 3.5 ohms for each of them. (The AR 8 ohm 10" variants usually measure around 6 ohms dcr.) Roy
  8. Where to find 10" Bass Drivers for AR9LS

    The LS 10 inch down firing drivers I've measured have all been 4 ohms. The 2ax woofer and its cousins are 8 ohm drivers. Although there probably is one, I'm not aware of another AR model with this woofer. The cabinet hole dimensions are the same. AR Surround: OEM AR woofers have not been available for a long time. Replacements are "similar", and fit the cabinet holes. Roy
  9. Follow up ar-5

    Phxjohn, To address some of your comments and questions: -Your 3a's have stronger tweeter and mid output due to Larry's crossover preferences. His L-pads do not use the parallel 25 ohm resistor to bring the performance closer to the original pots. He also uses the original 6uf tweeter capacitor value, and reverses the HiVi tweeter's polarity. In my 3a restorations I prefer the use of a 25 ohm parallel resistor with the mid when using L-pads, along with a decrease in the tweeter cap value. I also prefer to not reverse the tweeter's polarity. This results is an overall ("warmer") response closer to that of the original configuration. -Chris' rebuilt tweeters have no shortage of output, and I am inclined to recommend them or the HiVi's over the old orange dome tweeters for consistency and reliability. The orange dome tweeters have no sonic advantage over either, imo. -I agree with ra.ra regarding the difficulty of installing an AR-5 mid in the 2a cabinet. It simply won't fit without major cabinet cutting...and if it did fit you would need to construct the AR-5 crossover to make it work. After all, the 2ax is essentially the AR-5 without the AR-5 mid and requisite AR-5 crossover. If you have further questions and require a more personal or quicker response, feel free to contact me through a forum PM. Roy
  10. Follow up ar-5

    The tweeter and screw holes are the same.
  11. Follow up ar-5

    I doubt there are any all-original AR models from the early days with perfect tweeters, regardless of tweeter version. You have a "dealer"? Roy
  12. Follow up ar-5

    The orange dome tweeter has indeed held up better than the smaller black dome, but it is hard to say which one was "better" to begin with. Not all reviewers were convinced the 3a was an improvement over the 3. I've always felt that the dispersion attributes of the smaller tweeter are not readily apparent in most settings, especially with the grilles on. Given the success of the orange dome tweeter in the 2ax and 3, there is no reason why a decent pair of orange dome tweeters could not be used as acceptable replacements in a pair of front-wired 5's. The tweeter crossover cap was the same 4uf for the 2ax (both versions) and 5. Of course, dealing with the orange dome tweeter's aluminum leads is never fun... Roy
  13. Follow up ar-5

    Oh..sorry, I agree with you about by-passing the pots. It was not clear if you were responding to a post in the thread or making a general statement about the 5. The OP subsequently showed a photo showing the work he did to restore the controls and replace the caps, but didn't say anything about the resulting sound. The AR-3a and the AR-3 have a collector's premium attached to them. They are great speakers (when properly restored), but their high prices have as much, or more, to do with historical significance and perception as performance. Roy
  14. Follow up ar-5

    "no bass", "unbridled midrange"? Absolutely no truth to either statement. How much do you actually know about the AR-5? Roy
  15. AR9 Teledyn Big LF Caps where?

    Large Sprague and Industrial Condenser caps generally measure better than Callins. The problem is there are more "opinions" than measurements in these threads....and a need to believe individuals who claim to be able to hear that which cannot be measured. Roy