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  1. AR LST crossover

    Michele, you haven't mentioned anything about the condition of the woofers. Might they need a re-foaming job? I'm one of the lucky and the few here that own LST's. In terms of room placement, required handling power and such, they require some different conditions than your regular speaker box. The 'AR-LST' is not a common speaker and as such special considerations must be adhered to. If not properly observed this could add to your situation of lessened bass response. FM
  2. Is AR coming back?

    3-17-18 Is AR coming back? Well, if ‘KLH’ can do it, why not AR? Forget the little boxes, I'd be thinking of the model 9. https://www.soundandvision.com/content/klh-returns-full-line
  3. AR is making speakers again

    HI ar_pro, although I love music at almost any cost, computer-files are not my cup of tea. Being somewhat of a traditionalist, especially regarding music playback set-ups, and as such I am a fully immersed devotee of the black-wax medium. My styli vibrate, then the music goes round and round (oh-oh-oh) then it comes out as even stronger vibrations thru the speakers. Mostly all musical instruments utilize vibrations and so do my AR transducers, aka, Laboratory Standard Transducers, aka AR-LST. For me, homogenized or canned sound, or touch-screen push-button sound is for public address systems, sirens and alarms not my musical enjoyment. I find it odd that a site that harbors and whole-heartedly endorses the use of old and literally very limited life-span antique speakers can be so enthralled with little impressions on a CD or what some one transmits thru a computer site. In terms of 'certain-improvements'; what was meant was modern MC cartridges, ultrasonic disk cleaning, and newer types of interconnect windings. Regarding computer files of which I haven't any regard for, I wouldn't get into that world if you paid me. That is reserved for casual listening while viewing on a computer screen. For many others when seriously listening is done, one must sit down, reading the realistic-sized record jacket for credits and info, intensely listening and being immersed in the music. Music is made by making vibrations and ends up as vibrations coming out of vibrating speaker cones. FM
  4. AR is making speakers again

    You are incorrect on both issues so I won’t bother to reply. Sadly for some, a set-up isn’t of high enough quality so it can’t ‘reveal’ enough quality reproduction to show any differences. Apparently there are certain levels of detail and micro detail that aren’t being realized because of a low resolution set-up.
  5. Everyone Wants AR-LST's

    David, I feel the same as you do. Though a number of makers have ways of making certain higher priced ones to allow ribbons and wires in speaker construction sound really good. Most are costly for the better ones though at some point 'wires' require rebuilding. FM
  6. AR is making speakers again

    What kind of magic?
  7. AR is making speakers again

    It does look nice, if that means anything to our ears?
  8. Everyone Wants AR-LST's

    I'm generally put-off by horns but, they too have a diaphragm like domed speakers, the horn is used for radiation and spread. Horns have been around for many years, many being the first speakers ever available. DavidR, "we all have places to go", "we all have places to go", "Look at the big man with the horn".* *(from a current commercial on TV about Washington crossing the Delaware river). FM
  9. AR is making speakers again

    David, I'm surprised at you. These are made for some devout AR owners. You know the ones who believe they must keep their tone controls set on flat and that muffled sound is the way it has to be. The ones that believe a $200. cartridge sounds as good as a $2,000. cartridge. The ones who disregard 'head-room' because they don't know the wonderful world of really high-powered amplifiers. The ones who omit correct room placement of speakers because they're in denial about such facts and feel they know better regardless. The ones who insist that CD's are better than a clean high quality recorded vinyl disk. Or the stalwarts who believe the 'old wet blanket' sort of sound is the way it's all supposed to sound like. Or the ones who believe that better quality interconnects don't make a difference. And, the ones that feel a $78. turn table's tone arm can compete with more costly ones. And lastly, the ones who won't open their minds to the rest of the audio world and certain improvements that have been made in the last 40+ years. Or, the ones who won't believe the flood might come. Me? I'm hanging with Noah.
  10. AR is making speakers again

    Good-gosh! I just now saw the site. Though I have my doubts. All I can say is: 'Hey, you never know'. Hope springs eternal. FM
  11. AR is making speakers again

    Hello dxho, Thanks for the mention and consideration. But, just looking at these I wonder about diffraction effects with those domes mounted the way they are. See my last post about another similar attempt. What's that song? "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing" FM
  12. Everyone Wants AR-LST's

    3-5-18 AR-LST wanna-be? Or, everyone wants LST’s. Or, do most AR people dream of having LST's? However, there are folks out there that will do almost anything to have or approximate and set of LST speakers. We've all seen home-made versions, if not do a search and see for yourself. Years ago before I acquired mine, I too dreamed of making a pair. At the time, in 1972 the problem was how to seek out all of the required raw speakers. I wasn't even pondering X-over's. The more I though about it, the more it seemed ‘not-do-able’. Fortunately, I then acquired mine in 1987 and dispenced with such mental wandering. Before that, I lived in constant frustration about NOT having AR-LST's. Regarding these seemingly wanna-be constructed big boxes, for obvious reasons, I don’t think they’d measure up to the quality of sound that emanates from ‘real’ LST’s. Though, being a speaker loving type of guy, I'd still be curious as to how these seemingly well and probably home made boxes do sound. In the mid 1960's I attempted a few self made speaker boxes but, the attempt simply ended in frustration and I gave up due to being 16 years old, I didn't have the where with all or correct tools, measurements or raw speakers like AR was producing. At that time, to me a X-over was a simple capacitor. In 1968 I did buy two pre-made typical ported speaker boxes (about the size of 3a's) on Cortland Street on 'Radio-Row' in Manhattan along with Jensen 12 inch drivers that I ripped out of my Fender Bassman Amp, and two horns with one capacitor. Results? Not what I had hoped for. Admittedly, whom ever constructed these did a decent job and the raw speakers used aren't bad ones. Overall a very good effort and I'd still be interested in how they sound. The builder apparently had a good idea of what these are and their operation, while, I'm sure they knew of the LST. I'm thinking these might have been good in a small club. But, as mankind would have it, 'where there is a will, there is a way.' If it were my project, I would've chosen different drivers but, hindsight is always 20/20. But, like I said, these may have been built for nite-club use. FM https://www.ebay.com/itm/Speakers-Cross-Between-Speakerlab-7-and-AR-LST-with-EV-Drivers/142711446854?hash=item213a43dd46:g:37AAAOSwGvZanPz2
  13. Bi Amping the AR9 - How do you do it?

    3-4-18 Straight from the horse's mouth. Thank you DavidR, now I am certain. But why I didn't I catch that in the manual? Small matter though. I only have PL-400's and three PL-700Series II so, even if I tried I can't escape high-power. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.* * John Dalberg-Acton, 8th Baronet P.S. In the foto above of my AR-9 system #2 I'm using two PL-400 amplifiers of identical model with various other vintage components was then in early 2014, it's since been altered. Nonetheless, this is almost uncanny as today one of the last three or so PL fellas who worked at the company when it was up and running pre-sell-out, called me out of the clear blue. I had been trying to reach him regarding working on my amps, though I knew he was relocating. I had actually almost given up on this guy. This will hinge on what he'll charge for each rebuild of course. But, one thing for certain, I am having the power cut-off relay installed in each one. Over the years, I have found the smaller PL-400 is a sweeter sounding little monster as compared to it's bigger sibling, it just doesn't have the large balls as it's bigger sibling. I also discussed with him that because of the reticent nature and sound response of AR's I'd like to solely continue using PL amps as they offer a sense of exuberance and slam as does my choice of MC phono cartridges in order to compensate for the AR speakers' reticent nature. This isn't happenstance, it's how I planned my system to sound since '74 when I first coupled AR and PL in my listening life. I seek excitement and realism, not 1950's or '60s home speaker common sound quality which is fuddy-duddy in its sound quality and is well entrenched in sounding dated, muffled and canned and because it just doesn't move me as a system should be sounding realistic. Having to strain and saying to yourself "Uh, I think it sounds good" is not for me. Either it replicates the real thing or it's not. Been there, done that in the beginning, many, many moons ago. That fact is what propelled me to always keep my system growing. Onwards and upwards, no lateral movements for me chucko. If I had JBL's I'd probably be using laid-back sounding amps to quell and compensate for their nature. It's all about system-matching and system-synergy and I feel the road I've been on regarding all of this stuff has been the high road. Between my choice of interconnects, speaker cables, choice of MC cartridges, tonearms, ultra-sonic cleaning of vinyl disks, proper handling, et-all, has led me to have a system that is very revealing and probably one of the few vintage systems with as much detail and high resolution that anyone could speak of. It may not be as resolving as a current mega dollar system is but, it'll go toe to toe with most systems out there just not the super-duper silly money and much costlier stuff. Am I proud of what I've put together after all of these years in this insane hobby? You can bet your last dollar I am. Uh-oh, I went astray again, I'm such a blabber-er. You must understand, I'm very satisfied with what I've put together. DavidR, thanks again for posting that information. I may have to look for another PL-700 and try bi-amping again with my AR-9's? Personally, I don't think AR-9's can handle it at higher volumes using two such high power amps. FM
  14. Hi, New With New To Me AR-2ax Pair

    Listen here you two new crazy kids on the block, bfastr and sarals. Please indicate how the re-foaming job is coming along. It appears as if you both will be using the 'filleted' surrounds. You may recall I wasn't familiar with these and when I asked I was given the run around with no clear answer. Who cares they appear just like I thought they'd look like after I did a search to be sure. I'm curious if they have additional weight and if their shaping proves a bit difficult in glueing the inner edge to the cone itself. FM
  15. AR-90 In Scituate, MA

    2-21-18 Regarding the MGC-1 AR speakers. That speaker may have been the ‘last battle-cry’ of some of the original AR designers before they retired or bailed?