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  1. One of the best threads here in a quite some time. FM
  2. I.M.O. Paint them black, it's the only way to go, if not, it's lipstick on a pig. Pine is not an attractive grain pattern and is rarely used and, in most every case never cosmetically attractive. Did another call them beautiful, really? They're a far cry from that. If painted black and additional mids and tweeters are added, they have a chance. Otherwise, present a low desirability factor unless positioned horizontally as they were intended to be used by AR hiding the unfinished side.
  3. "Vintage-AR" might sell them.
  4. O.M.G. really? Excuses, and more excuses, then, requests? Photos please, where's your high-end laboratory/space in still fotos, I almost forgot you have video capability, show that too. Otherwise....... Then maybe it would nice if you list the degrees you hold, test documentation, test equipment used, microphones, mixers, DACs, room damping and cables used, along with comparative A-B recordings. Otherwise....... This thread is about the peaceful sharing of still fotos and or videos of member's systems. You come (butt-in) with comments such as "crap vinyl" adding a negative tone and obviously directed at the thread's originator, which is me. Is there a chance you've read that I'm a dedicated vinyl person and owner of 7000+ vinyl disks replete with full 'brush&vacumm' and 'UltraSonic' cleaning methods. Have spent thousands of dollars on tonearms, high-end sota cartridges. Disrupting the enjoyment and fun some of us were having and still ignoring that this post is all about the sharing of members systems in that you won't show your's. What don't you get about a short video recorded amateur-style on a $59. camera/phone low quality format posted on this site in low-quality before you inject particular levels of comment? People I know who have seen and listened have emailed me about how good it sounds and other's if equipped with decent CPU speakers are in complete agreement with my opinion You've made this into a big production and as I've said in every post of mine that you've invaded, I'm done with it!
  5. I repeat: "If you're not receiving a good quality from my video clips, something is askew on your end for certain". I have sent files to life-long stereo friends who have excellent systems and they were amazed of the very good quality. I'm getting excellent listening results as does anyone who has decent computer speakers and, I made mention of that requirement in the beginning of my post. I'm not here to enlighten you, nor do I care as I'm truly only interested in the pleasure that my over 50+ years of consumer audio experience and knowledge give me in my main system. I have read the repetitive, monotonous and self admission of futility in the silly 'Blaster' whatever posts that have ended in no useful results for anyone. Even an honored and respected member here has told you, that you could never replicate an AR-LST with dog tail chasing. It seems you expect me and others to pay credence and lend an ear to your posts. I don't have any need to, and typically as a matter of course automatically pass them by. If you seek credibility, show me, and everyone else here on this site, what your listening to, tell us of your components that are used and include a clip of what is heard in your room and perhaps I might be able to understand. You haven't done so, and yet I have listed all of my components, cabling, high-end cartridges and so on and even showed multiple sound clips. While you are continuously skirting and avoiding the issues at hand while not offering any substantial proof. The proof is in the listening. After all of my time-in, my 50+ years of learning experiences and dedicated practices of precision set-up 'front-ends' affording me the best system I've ever had in my entire audio life has no need to stop off for such foolishness to please anyone but myself and my visiting guests who are always elated and leave emotionally moved by the sound, and sound quality they've just heard. Avoidance, and hiding behind the shield of the internet while double talking is lessening all potential believability. The ball is in your court, show us a short clip that is representative of the sound you hear from your listening position as I and other members have done and things would change in terms of what I have already mentioned. Show us some views of your listening room or at least two sides of a four walled room showing component and speaker placement. To reiterate; my $59. pay as you go phone renders excellent results both audibly and photographically though, maybe not as good as your expensive Iphone can but, can certainly offer an insight to one who has ears that know what to listen for.
  6. Contrary to what you say, the iPhone has a notably good audio and frequency response https://kenrockwell.com/apple/iphone-5s-audio-quality.htm It's what you use for your listening components and room that matter, and especially judging from images that you've shown I'm forced to wonder as others would, if the room and speakers are properly arranged or if any sort of accurate statements/listening can be made. Fanfare for the Common Man is hardly a good piece to use for a thorough or even brief comparison as it is somewhat limited in its presentation and certainly too lengthy. If this is what you're using as shown in your foto below, I'd like to see the rest of the room as shown from a your typical seating perspective before I would find fault with your phone's ability. To aid in understanding, I'm sure we'd all like to hear a sampling of what your playback sounds like as this is what this thread is all about. If you're not receiving a good quality from my video clips, something is askew on your end for certain.
  7. Giorgio, there is a whole web-site devoted to Lenco tables, google it, it's huge. I feel it is very unfair and insulting that my thread has been moved and relegated to this area of "the Classic Speaker Pages". I have also been the victim of a couple of antagonistic, disruptive and anger-baiting vitriolic individuals who seem to always go after my posts whenever my stereo-system is mentioned.
  8. To GeneK: Now, you're scaring me! Nor will I leave my surroundings and great sounding system to go hear another's unless I knew it could challenged mine. Besides, there's nothing as comfortable as my own commode. It's ana-log ya know. So ultimately, once again, I'm rewarded with no one posting photos or descriptions or much less videos. P.S. yes another quote: ""If what I heard is in the the recording it is a crap vinyl recording." I will forgive for you know not what you speak of. To the intruder: I feel no need to explain or defend but, if you're looking for information, here ya go. I've been on this forum since 2004, that's over 15 years now and I've been an AR speaker loyalist since I first heard AR-4s in 1965 when I was 15 yrs. old. I have owned and perfected my systems since I first purchased new AR-3a's in 1971-2, that's almost half a century. And you did what, for how long? I've said and written all I could, read all that I wanted to and still I am unchallenged by another's vintage system. Unless there's someone hiding in the deep forest of grill cloth trees or wallowing in the static pool of ferro-fluid tweeter coil coolant or perhaps a desperado hiding under a large AR speaker that's not properly mounted on a 12 to 21 inch stand. I will sit in my living room and relish my efforts and personal dedication to the finest vintage system that I've ever heard. Mine! And for your edification I'll repeat; oh sound technician in the highest (sarcasm), you couldn't refrain from the nastiness, and argument provocation, huh? It's is a $59.00 pay as you go J3 samsung phone, one recess mounted pin head microphone. So, there is no way you or anyone else could possibly comment on the microphone's directionality. Enough said here, really! I've been a dedicated vinyl person all of my life, I typically use $2,000. to $4,000. cartridges mounted on $1,000.and $2,000+ tonearms. My system is set-up and 'tuned' to perfection. I have no need to listen to anyone or anything else except the next recording that I'm expecting to arrive in the mail. I have shown, and described in detail and now even have allowed others to hear my system, providing they have decent cpu speakers, whereas you haven't or at best vaguely done so. This thread has gone nowhere and through no fault of my own. I've been the only person on it who has shown a video of an ultimate high-powered AR-LST system and I really don't find it amusing or necessary to be challenged as there is no challenge here for me, I'm beyond that at this stage of sound system building. Except for a couple of other members who were gracious enough to share their system, you haven't and for what I believe to be obvious reasons.
  9. The so-called 'reverb' you speak of is in the recording. The cell phone's pick-up/mic is furthest from the speakers as I sit approximately 15 from the front wall/speaker location. Quote: ""It seems such a paradox that you have labored to create a fine analog system but are relying on analog to digital to analog conversion to show it. "" Agreed and so true but, these are the only avenues we have here, and I'm not relying on it, I'm already convinced of the high quality playback that I enjoy. Also, I bet if I had you here even for one listening session, you'd become an d analog person too. Quote: "" It is obvious your system can play with ease and authority but the nuance one would expect from such a system is lost in these examples."" Yeah, well, agreeing once more but, again, such is the apparatus (the net) afforded to us all in this given situation. Maybe we should all take Gene up on his offer and show up at his house and see. Oregon is simply lovely this time of year. I'll throw in $40. bucks for a set of CPU speakers too.
  10. If I may quote "newandold" earlier in this thread, as he said: ""It’s amazing 😉 that just by hearing the jazz on your video I can pick up the clean, crystal clear sound you’re getting."". I'll ask. didn't anyone else hear the same, if not then why? I did, and very easily so. I wasn't implying that we all hear it as 100% as it actually is but, a reasonable facsimile can and does come through a decent set of computer speakers, there's no denying that because others have heard it, I hear it loud and very clearly, in fact it impressed me. If on the other hand if one's computer speakers are tiny, and tinny sounding of course not and not even a hint will come through. I often surf high-end stereo sites of mega-buck systems to get a sampling of how the high-end has grown and even then I only get the gist of it's true quality because the net does have its limitations but, a certain level does come through, enough to tell me those guys are right up on a higher level of quality. So, on the 'to-do-list' maybe a purchase of decent size computers will be as beneficial as I'm saying they will be. Gene, are you relying on tiny, tinny built in speakers? Are most others? (LOL) Perish the thought! I'm actually laughing now because it dawned on me all at once that I'm a fully dedicated analog listener through and through and here I am defending digital sound through a computer and you haven't yet indicated what you're using with a computer or sound system. Certainly there's no need to, though the interest and curiosity of other's may be satisfied.
  11. As I've indicated, I used a $59.00 entry level Samsung cell phone and my computer uses two small in plastic enclosure 3 inch tweeter/mids and a 5 inch woofer on the floor below my desk. I paid $20.00 for it and it's a cheap Altec offering I bought in 2001. Any music that's on the web usually sounds decent enough to get a good idea and sampling there of. For those so uninspired by music on the web (which is pretty much includes all music) to be relying on their computers built-in speakers isn't saying much. Depending on such weak excuses and tiny little garbage built-in speakers is ridiculous. Mostly every modern TV for sale offers crappy sound unless the consumer buys what's offered as out-board speakers for an additional $100.+ Pardon my bragging but, on my computer, my posted clips sound excellent. Whoever is complaining about not being in stereo or for another matter is a numbskull as it is what it is. One of the first posters "newandold" to respond also indicated that my clip sounded excellent as did "crumpets" and his clip also sounded good. it's obviously the unwillingness to expose awful set-ups because of their apparent short comings due to its low quality of sound or the mish-mash of a poorly set-up system with lesser components piled up like a messy garage's storage shelve. And that's just explaining the sound aspect of it as they can still post stills of their systems but, don't. I have surfed the web long enough to know that one can distinguish good from lousy sound unless one relies on their small crappy built-in computer speakers, especially on lap-tops. Even my $1400. Mac had one crappy tiny speaker so,I simply connected my old CPU speakers that I have for 20 years now. Isn't it the norm that when one buys a new TV they are usually forced to buy outboard speakers too, or else you'll be starving your ears. As a electronics/speaker/hi-fi person the entirety of my teen and adult life I naturally found it necessary to equip myself with a better quality of sound emanating from my computer, damn I spend enough time and money on the silly screen machine, there's just no other way. If you ask me, once again it's the usual hiding behind the cloak and shield of the internet as the prime defense and excuse. Through such a disguise, newcomers talk as if they're experts, half-baked opinions fly with glorious colors and the numbskull level meter is always pegging in the red area. But, to be really honest, my system sounds great because I've invested time, research, knowledge, dedication and key money and made all of the correct selections of equipment to make it sound excellent and it even comes through as such through a $59. cheap-sh_t plastic cell phone and $20., 20 year old plastic speakers. So, I know there really aren't any valid reasons to hold back unless a person so chooses to. That, in of itself only contributes to a lesser degree of communication. If I were an outsider, I could imagine that all AR-4's sound just like AR-9s. So, there's no excuse unless a person simply doesn't have the need or desire to expose their 'stuff' as it where and that is fine also. I just thought it would fun to see, listen and learn but, I'm done with it now as I've tried four times over the course of a couple of years and still I've have been met with the same stone wall. I won't go back to sanding, deoxidizing of potentiometers or other utilitarian endeavors no, I'll simply go back to listening to my system as it is complete and ready to envelope me in gorgeous sound quality. In closing; if one had even the simple meager computer speakers that I use, they'd be able to hear how good my video/system does sounds and other's might.
  12. O.K. a fair explanation but, I feel there's more to it like a lack of anything to show or hear. One can make their own soup with all fresh ingredients or simply open a can and heat it in a microwave. There are distinct differences. So, it the forum continues as all talk and no show. Boring, monotonous and with-out have anything to aspire to, especially for newcomers.
  13. So, this post has been here for just over a month and less than a hand full have shown their set-ups and videos. Some bold enough to show other's instead of their own. What does this say about member's set-ups?
  14. Well, Chris, thanks for this one, no pun intended. You may recall that for AR speakers that I'm a big proponent of using huge amplification to power AR speakers so, of course my next question is: what are you using to power the lovely display of your LST's? I would also suggest that you read if you haven't already one of the original test reports done by a well known reviewer stating that he thought LST's could benefit by using something even bigger than the original PL-700 amplifier he used in his testing.
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