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  1. Hi ar_pro, My determination of more ‘bass’ was also confirmed by a couple of knowledgable and notable members on this site a number of years back so, I’m not simply talking through my hat as some do. Nor do I speak from behind the ‘key-board-shield’ as many do across the internet. In fact when I first realized there was more bass response, I was quite impressed myself as I still am today, many years later. Mind you it isn't a worlds apart difference but, it sounds slightly bigger and with more capacity. So yes ar_pro in terms of more bass my opinion is based on using a single pair of LST’s like I did in 1990, later adding a second set on top. I never did install a third set of LST’s on top of my double set as “AR surround” once jokingly suggested I do. Though I could as I have three matching PL-700 Series II amplifiers. However, the third amp is presently powering my set of AR-9’s which I hardly use. I’m simply too enamored with the double LST’s. If you could only hear the ‘system’, you’d know why.
  2. AR-LST's are very demanding about placement, even more so than regular 'box' speakers, placement is paramount and more so than other conventional speakers. Many of the set-ups I've seen here tell me the listener is not getting their full level of enjoyment, in fact most I've seen are incorrectly set-up. The first two rooms I had them in caused them too suffer to a degree. It wasn't until I had them in the room they're in presently have they bloomed into their full glory. In fact they've never sounded as good as they do now, few understand the level of high-quality sound these are capable of until they've been properly placed in a room. However, I have learned early on like all acoustic suspension speakers, placement is critical and especially so with the 'LST'. When I relocated to where I am now, I was especially excited about how they would sound. I knew a rectangular room that afforded me a free 'front-wall' was the key. And although initially I tried placing them 3/4 into the room before I cleared the front wall, their sound was less than acceptable and their bass-response was at best dreadful. The 'front-wall' with long converging side walls assisted greatly and proved ultimately necessary. Many non-cognoscenti do not realize this, thus they don't realize this speaker's full capability of stunning bass. Why they offer more bass response than a AR-3a has been enigmatic for me all these years but, why question greatness? Their 'huge' quality of sound output is simply sublime. So much so, that I am truly grateful I own them and that I finally have them in the type of room they demand. I seek no other speaker for my listening pleasure. And that's a fact, jack! So, I'm not certain if I own them or, they own me. So, I say to you Bill and all, when you do have a opportunity to listen to the 'AR-LST' be aware of set-up and placement otherwise you may be sorely disappointed. And of course, as always, the requisite high power amplification is just as important. All the while it must be in mind that 'far-field' listening is what their design also demands. So yes, they are truly fussy but, isn't anything else in life that's truly worth it seem to be? P.S. I am not a casual listener, and I approve of this message. FM
  3. You forgot to mention that 'Qua-Co' is in Blackwood, N.J.
  4. 'As rational human beings, we should be clear about things that we can be clear about'. Finally, someone offers a pair of AR-LST’s for the value they are truly worth. Let’s not forget that for people like myself that have been using AR speakers for over 48 years and has been listening and training my ears to be able to discern what excellent sound actually sounds like for longer, I feel this price is warranted. And not to sound like some others who defend what they own with such expressions as “IMO” or words such as; “my system sounds good to me and can match set-ups of higher price” , or silliness like “my $200. phono cartridge approaches and sounds as good as a $1500. to $4000. cartridge” or, don’t specify their amps power at watts per channel but, instead confusingly state total power is nothing more than ludicrous attempts at soothing their minds as their systems are likely of lesser caliber and accuracy. Going back to when the AR-LST was first released in 1972, I myself was taken aback to realize that AR had actually produced a speaker that was and sounded more accurate than my new AR-3a’s I had recently bought in 1971. The seller here says these are for the Mac275 amplifier. Well, that’s not nearly the case as these speakers require much more wattage. I speak from experience as I have attempted using my LST’s with other amps of lower power but, was sadly let down. My Phase LInear PL-400 at 400WPC@ 4 ohms is a worthy power source but, it too only nearly approached the necessary power to bring these speakers to where they perform their absolute best as they do better with almost double that power as is the case when using my Phase Linear PL-700 Series II at nearly 700 watts per channel @ 4 ohms. Beyond the ridiculous offerings of AR-3’s and AR-1’s for large sums of money that they are certainly not worthy of, a pair of AR-LST’s are clearly worthy of the $4,000. to $4,500. asking price range as they are here. I've read of others owning LST's but they just won't admit to the speakers huge appetite for high wattage for some odd reason. I recall when the AR-LST was first released in 1972, I dreamed about one day being able to purchase a pair but, unfortunately I was not financially able to at the young age of 22 years. When I finally acquired my present set of four LST's in the late 1980's, I was not only shocked that I did but, I still knew they required loads of power and that I had to purchase bigger amplifiers at an additional expense. In the early 1990's, I used my PL-400 with one pair, and although they sounded really good (much better than my AR-3a’s did with the same amplifier), in the back of my mind I dreamt about the phenomenal sound they would offer with increased power, knowing twice that amount would surely be what they demanded. Then, in 1990 I met a AR corporate big-wig from Britain at a stereo showroom in N.Y.C. highlighting AR’s newly released amplifier, pre-amp and speakers. He boasted of using four LST’s and two Phase Linear PL-700’s in 1974. Then and there, I knew I had a new goal in mind and I had to reach it if I wanted maximum listening pleasure. Fast-forward to 2009 and I purchased two expertly rebuilt Phase Linear PL-700 Series II’s as I was certain the AR-LST would benefit from such massive power which I immediately experienced upon hooking them up. My earlier room’s size and acoustics at that time did not offer the best situation. For the ultimate listening experience it was easy to hear the difference of using more power as the AR-LST’s really opened up in terms of a more accurate and a completely satisfying sound experience in my new digs. The home I presently own is much more conducive to better sound and is almost approaching ideal in its potential, ‘ideal’ being a room designed around one’s system. The new room is much bigger and affords me the best these speakers are capable of. Check here: Do AR speakers really sound that good? ** MORE NEW VIDEO** https://www.ebay.com/itm/AR-LST-accoutic-reasearch-collectible-vintage-speaker-for-mc275/323929499338?hash=item4b6bb3e6ca:g:n7MAAOSwwb9djV4D
  5. Men! I think this could be a fun time to be had by all. We'd just have to make plan and, I would need adequate time to set up the house to accommodate such an event. I'd be very happy to have you fellas over and a handful of others of course. I would venture a guess it would be more than one day of listening bliss so, plan accordingly. There are enough decent restaurants in the area so we'd be enjoying that aspect of meeting each other also. Let it be known: This is a vinyl exclusive home, as my system is analog and analog only. Anyone carrying or attempting to smuggle in CD's would have to leave them at the door. Or be sent out for 're-grooving'. Can you dig it? FM
  6. Anyone that doesn't think better quality cabling (in particular interconnects), makes a difference for the better, needs to have their ears examined. Period!
  7. RE: removing old glue. Use regular 70 % rubbing alcohol, makes it easy-peasy. Use a dull-ish butter knife to scrape it off into paper-towels as it's sticky and messy. I usually get the masonite as clean as possible for best adhesion on new foam. Using less white glue is the key as it will take longer to 'set' if too much is used. Spread with fingers or swab and apply to both sides. Apply glue to cone side of foam first, then to cone edge, let both sides become 'tacky' before moving on. Drying 20 to 40 minutes when using thin amount of glue, then apply to underside of foam outer rim of cone, and then apply glue to basket masonite surface. Let it get tacky then slowly press cone onto outer rim of basket and slowly press as you rotate the basket. There's really no need to use so many clothes pins when using a small amount of glue (white glue is best) while slowly rotating basket equally pressing down on foam edge with fingers and or a dull edge of a flat surface nylon/plastic tool. Out of the 20 or so refoams I've completely with-out shimming. I agree using shims is the fool proof method and if inexperienced it may be the best way, cutting that dust-cap with an X-actoi knife can be daunting and can render sloppy appearance if poorly done. I've tried a few different foam suppliers and have found 'Parts-Express' to be the best and they supply 2-3 different dust-caps of different sizes, along with swabs and glue. The best way is to be patient and work slowly. When work is finished carefully check that cone is free floating by equally applying a few fingers while pressing up and down on cone using equal pressure at the time all around. I also use a 1.5 volt double 'A' battery to check cone's motion and carefully feel and listen for any voice-coil rubbing. For cones that sag down due to a sagging 'spider' I've shoved plastic bags from the super-market under the cone to facilitate easier conditions and to keep the cone steady. Afterwards slowly/carefully pulling out plastic bag. If necessary, I've cut the plastic screen material AR used to keep fiber-glass out and then re-glue screening back in. Cut screen along basket's metal area and not directly into screen. This was necessary due to a sagging spider and the only time I've to use a couple clamps/clothes pins to hold cone in place. Install woofers back in cabinet the following day, hook-up and play a piece of music to see if all is O.K. but, don't get too loud until two days later. I've had the misfortune to buy a set of 12 AR cones that were freshly refoamed but, the previous owner had glued the foams to the underside of the cone's rim and that was time consuming to undo and replace properly. Good luck and if all is well, you can enjoy your accomplishment while listening. FM
  8. One of the best threads here in a quite some time. FM
  9. I.M.O. Paint them black, it's the only way to go, if not, it's lipstick on a pig. Pine is not an attractive grain pattern and is rarely used and, in most every case never cosmetically attractive. Did another call them beautiful, really? They're a far cry from that. If painted black and additional mids and tweeters are added, they have a chance. Otherwise, present a low desirability factor unless positioned horizontally as they were intended to be used by AR hiding the unfinished side.
  10. "Vintage-AR" might sell them.
  11. O.M.G. really? Excuses, and more excuses, then, requests? Photos please, where's your high-end laboratory/space in still fotos, I almost forgot you have video capability, show that too. Otherwise....... Then maybe it would nice if you list the degrees you hold, test documentation, test equipment used, microphones, mixers, DACs, room damping and cables used, along with comparative A-B recordings. Otherwise....... This thread is about the peaceful sharing of still fotos and or videos of member's systems. You come (butt-in) with comments such as "crap vinyl" adding a negative tone and obviously directed at the thread's originator, which is me. Is there a chance you've read that I'm a dedicated vinyl person and owner of 7000+ vinyl disks replete with full 'brush&vacumm' and 'UltraSonic' cleaning methods. Have spent thousands of dollars on tonearms, high-end sota cartridges. Disrupting the enjoyment and fun some of us were having and still ignoring that this post is all about the sharing of members systems in that you won't show your's. What don't you get about a short video recorded amateur-style on a $59. camera/phone low quality format posted on this site in low-quality before you inject particular levels of comment? People I know who have seen and listened have emailed me about how good it sounds and other's if equipped with decent CPU speakers are in complete agreement with my opinion You've made this into a big production and as I've said in every post of mine that you've invaded, I'm done with it!
  12. I repeat: "If you're not receiving a good quality from my video clips, something is askew on your end for certain". I have sent files to life-long stereo friends who have excellent systems and they were amazed of the very good quality. I'm getting excellent listening results as does anyone who has decent computer speakers and, I made mention of that requirement in the beginning of my post. I'm not here to enlighten you, nor do I care as I'm truly only interested in the pleasure that my over 50+ years of consumer audio experience and knowledge give me in my main system. I have read the repetitive, monotonous and self admission of futility in the silly 'Blaster' whatever posts that have ended in no useful results for anyone. Even an honored and respected member here has told you, that you could never replicate an AR-LST with dog tail chasing. It seems you expect me and others to pay credence and lend an ear to your posts. I don't have any need to, and typically as a matter of course automatically pass them by. If you seek credibility, show me, and everyone else here on this site, what your listening to, tell us of your components that are used and include a clip of what is heard in your room and perhaps I might be able to understand. You haven't done so, and yet I have listed all of my components, cabling, high-end cartridges and so on and even showed multiple sound clips. While you are continuously skirting and avoiding the issues at hand while not offering any substantial proof. The proof is in the listening. After all of my time-in, my 50+ years of learning experiences and dedicated practices of precision set-up 'front-ends' affording me the best system I've ever had in my entire audio life has no need to stop off for such foolishness to please anyone but myself and my visiting guests who are always elated and leave emotionally moved by the sound, and sound quality they've just heard. Avoidance, and hiding behind the shield of the internet while double talking is lessening all potential believability. The ball is in your court, show us a short clip that is representative of the sound you hear from your listening position as I and other members have done and things would change in terms of what I have already mentioned. Show us some views of your listening room or at least two sides of a four walled room showing component and speaker placement. To reiterate; my $59. pay as you go phone renders excellent results both audibly and photographically though, maybe not as good as your expensive Iphone can but, can certainly offer an insight to one who has ears that know what to listen for.
  13. Contrary to what you say, the iPhone has a notably good audio and frequency response https://kenrockwell.com/apple/iphone-5s-audio-quality.htm It's what you use for your listening components and room that matter, and especially judging from images that you've shown I'm forced to wonder as others would, if the room and speakers are properly arranged or if any sort of accurate statements/listening can be made. Fanfare for the Common Man is hardly a good piece to use for a thorough or even brief comparison as it is somewhat limited in its presentation and certainly too lengthy. If this is what you're using as shown in your foto below, I'd like to see the rest of the room as shown from a your typical seating perspective before I would find fault with your phone's ability. To aid in understanding, I'm sure we'd all like to hear a sampling of what your playback sounds like as this is what this thread is all about. If you're not receiving a good quality from my video clips, something is askew on your end for certain.
  14. Giorgio, there is a whole web-site devoted to Lenco tables, google it, it's huge. I feel it is very unfair and insulting that my thread has been moved and relegated to this area of "the Classic Speaker Pages". I have also been the victim of a couple of antagonistic, disruptive and anger-baiting vitriolic individuals who seem to always go after my posts whenever my stereo-system is mentioned.
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