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  1. frankmarsi

    Calling Frank Marsi

    2-16-19 Sadly, my favorite used record store that I had harvested over 6000+ records from across the last 10 years has closed due to the store's owner of 30 years retiring. I truly believe that I was probably his biggest customer in that period and I even came away with a few classical disks that are valued at $150. and more each on the auction site and that I paid only a few dollars for in his store, I am grateful and will forget. Most with an over purchase of 10 were $0.89 and certainly, I never walked with less than were decent to almost new condition. After VPI 16.5 RCM washing and or 'ultrasonic-cleaning', I remain the lucky one and fortunate consumer who got his money's worth, and then some. Though lately, I've been purchasing many as reissues and originals online, my costs have increased greatly. Now,I must seek-out other stores at an appreciable distance from me but, that won’t stop me as today I’m making a pilgrimage to a few other stores in my state though they’re all an hour away or so, whereas my old favorite was only 15 minutes away. In the last few years I’ve been able to clean around 3500+ disks and enjoy those but the calling for more music is ever present. Many in my collection cannot be found on any other medium except vinyl, many being out of print and no longer available. Next week I’ll be receiving another high-performance cartridge so you know I’ll be riveted to my turntable, swinging those vintage tonearms and enjoying the tactile musical experience by revisiting some of my ‘system-testing’ records that I use whenever a new phono cartridge comes into my hands. It's all part of the fun of bringing musical enjoyment into my mist by using vinyl. Pictured below is the altar if you will, where the ritual of my musical dedication takes place. And no, this is not a stacking-up or a hoarding collection of equipment like some 'newbies' might have but instead, a fully operating system. Accessible inputs are: 3 turntables, 2 tape decks, 2 CD decks, 1 FM tuner. Nothing here is being stored or shelved, all pieces are fully functional and an integral part of my success at using vintage equipment and although not shown all of the musical sounds culminate in using four AR-LST speakers. And trust me, I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't have AR speakers provoking me to make them sound the best they could. Other hobbies have very similar callings such as this; https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2019/02/13/why-i-drive-1950-mercury-coupe?utm_source=SFMC&utm_medium=email&utm_content=19_Feb_16_Weekend_News Though in the 1980's I also did it with cars but, cars require more room and harder work. But, these days, I do it with vintage stereo system listening. Experimenting these days is minimal, actual enjoyment is maximized as the 'system' is pretty much complete. Mounting a new high-end cartridge or dialing in a tonearm are the furthest extent of my efforts. In the spring or sooner, I'll be installing more shelves to store the huge amount of disks because their number has become overwhelming. I will openly admit, vinyl has become an obsession and to me, rightfully so. You can ably use the cliche; 'so much music, so little time'. So, for me, I've reached the pinnacle in what I set out to do starting in the mid 1960's. Now, I have AR's classic series high-point, the AR-LST's powered by high power period correct amplifiers and feed by period correct turntables. It bears repeating, though every piece is vintage the system is feed by modern moving-coil phono cartridges as moving-magnets* just don't afford the higher degree of performance that I demand since being spoiled with MC's for five years running now. And to think, in mid 1967 I started with a Shure MD3 cart., a Dynaco PAS-X kit built tube pre-amp and 17.5 WPC ST-35 tube power amplifier and two Cortlandt St. NYC bought speaker enclosures. P.S. DavidR, you still have a good way of making me laugh and JKent, I thank you for the drink offer but, make mine a double please. Or as my father use to say: "Eh, per cento anni, a tutti", (eh, a hundred years to all!). * In the future I may out of curiosity buy into 'Clearaudio's' upper-tier MM's. Presently the best MM's that I have are the AT-150MLx, AT-440MLa and my original Shure Type III w/Saunders better stylus and a Shure Type IV with a 'SAS' stylus. I haven't used any of those in over 5 years.
  2. frankmarsi

    Calling Frank Marsi

    Kent, Re: "Sadly, things written on the interweb can be misconstrued. People don't get the body language, tone of voice or facial expression. The fact is, I was supporting your point of view, Frank, not being divisive." I accept and welcome the olive branch. About myself, I sometimes may be sensitive whenever vinyl is questioned or challenged as I place much emphasis on it in my systems, or should I more aptly say, total emphasis on it. I spend much money on new and used vinyl disks every month and have invested much in numerous expensive vintage tonearms and like wise on modern cartridges, phono cabling and record cleaning machines. It can be said that vinyl is almost an obsession for me and can be confirmed by anyone who has experienced a 'listening-session' on my main system. I say listening sessions because that's the term my friends and I used back through-out the 1970's when it was the norm for a person of my age to be deeply involved in the enjoyment of music listening all based on vinyl, assembling stereo systems and enjoying our lives. Back then it was common-place to be completive as to who had the better components in their system too. These days, it seems a few folks are offended and become defensive because their system may not measure up, whereas years ago when the newer 'tech' was coming into the public arena circa the 1970's it was all good clean fun. In fact going back to 1971-72, I was the only owner of AR speakers in my group of friends. I found it satisfying and pretty amazing that with a few short years, my closest buddies all purchased AR speakers after having listened to my AR-3a's leaving us only with turntable and cartridge wars but, even then they eventually purchased what I was using as a cartridge, the famous Shure V15 Type III. To your point JKent; "People don't get the body language, tone of voice or facial expression", I agree whole-heartedly and will add that some folks even use it (the internet) as a shield behind which they can hide and defend themselves while talking about things almost as if they're experts when all they're doing is repeating what they've read from other's perceptions and dialogs. Some even take 'sniper' shots so to speak and spew their vitriolic slanted views or psychotic notions. Okay...enough said. Excuse me while I go man the 'con' and start up my system. Yes, there are a few switches to be turned on to initiate operation, this ain't no minor league set-up here you know. Because my home has many trees around it, when not being used I separate my system from AC wall power. Once the power is applied it then proceeds to a power-conditioner with a power delay to the two amplifiers bulging with high power, then I let the whole system warm-up for a minimum of 20 minutes before I'll sit in the room to be immersed in the glorious sound of music. Here, have an olive.
  3. frankmarsi

    Calling Frank Marsi

    I guess that's because I'm so well loved here.
  4. frankmarsi

    Calling Frank Marsi

    Let's see your phono/vinyl set-up. Finally, an accurately priced AR turntable. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Acoustic-Research-AR-XA-Turntable-with-dustcover-cartridge-manual-receipt-works/183684043144?hash=item2ac46c1188:g:UDMAAOSwe0tcZA9E:rk:10:pf:0
  5. frankmarsi

    Calling Frank Marsi

    2-12-19 To "ar_pro". Yes it is and it’s a 8.7+ in condition and barely used when I acquired it it 2010, I have another that's about a 7 in condition. To "Stimpy". I decided to augment the classic S.M.E.3009 by adding the ‘split-weight’ earlier counter-weight addition, it being a very difficult part to locate. What it offered me was better tracking by moving the main counter-weight closer to the pivot-point while using the split-weight to balance out the stylus’ weight. I had to do this as I find most cartridges sound better with an arm of higher mass. In this case I’m using a “Orsonic” headshell which is 10 grams plus wires, tags and mounting screws so, to balance this along with a 8.5 gram “ART-9” cartridge I decided to operate with the additional split-weight. It's no secret that my Ortofon Cadenza Blue cartridge sounds excellent in the Dynavector 505 arm. In the very near future I will be using this set-up with all of my S.M.E. Pre-Improved arms as I find not only does it afford better tracking additionally, the sound quality is improved because of the more steadfast tracking and inertia due to the increased weight. For the longest time I have been fond of the classic S.M.E. 3009 Pre-Approved arms as they’ve been a thing of beauty for me ever since I first became aware of them in the mid 1960s. Their graceful ease of use and excellent/neutral sound qualities have been world renowned for over 60 years. However, when using my “Dynavector” DV505 tone arms such is not the case as those arms are quite massive and can easily support a heavy cartridge and heavier headshell with-out the need of adding more counter-weight as does the “Fidelity-Research” FR-54 in my ever growing tonearm collection. I’ve even gone as far as beefing-up my two Grace F 840 arms in a similar fashion as they have responded remarkedly well to such modifications also. This is all due to my moving away from lighter weight moving-magnet cartridges these last few years to the more detailed and exuberant sound quality of moving-coil cartridges. And in terms of the vintage AR speaker sound quality, any heightening of the higher frequency response is always welcome. To answer “Stimpy”, I’ll only throw a few in here as there’s too many to list. Oscar Peterson Cannonball Adderly Nat Adderly Art Blakey Ray Brown Eddie Cleanhead Vinson Joe Williams BIll Evans Ahmad Jamal Louie Bellson Ella Fitzgerald Eartha Kitt Della Reese Benny Carter Count Basie Roy Eldridge Niels Pedersen Zoot Sims Thelonious Monk Dizzy Gillespie Horace Silver John Coltrane Lee Morgan Red Garland Hank Mobley Dexter Gordon Sonny Rollins Sonny Clark Chet Baker Duke Ellington Ornett Coleman Art Pepper Miles Davis Joe Newman Ben Webster Wayne Shorter Just to name a few as I find I dwell in the jazz years of the early 1950s to 1965 though I have some late 1940's also. I'm more of a 'Be-Bop and 'Swing' fan. If you wanted to know a more concise list by album name, that's possible but would take more time. In the last two years I have added over 500 albums of jazz only. But, please don't be dissuaded as the main collection is presently over 7000 and that's 90% Rock with about 600+ disks of classical. Of course when I see a 'classical' title I enjoy, I'll buy that also. I'm a music listening person who listens with vintage 'TOTL' AR speakers and high amplifier power. Is there any other way? FM
  6. frankmarsi

    Calling Frank Marsi

    Hello DavidR, thanks for asking. I've immersed myself even further into a collection of jazz music that I've been putting together for maximum enjoyment as that's the main objective of course. Some new disks, some used disks but, all ultrasonically cleaned and each giving me the satisfaction I seek. I'm finding there is much music I may have over looked through out the years and as long as I've put so much time, effort and money in my glorious sounding system, I may as well enjoy it. Other than that, I've been focusing on tonearms and cartridges to tinker with, though I'm glad to see a group of new members here who are eager and with a positive energy. I see that you're still holding up the fort here though. What's new with you? Kind of you for caring enough to ask. Be well, one day I'll have to have you over. Just be prepared to be completely won over by vinyl.
  7. frankmarsi

    Opinions on Double Advent Rebuild Please

    The photo is swiped from the internet, all I did was correct the color a bit*. I do suggest looking for a follow-up thread about that same system pictured. Although and generally speaking, the Advent is an easy load to drive, I do believe running double speakers on any single amplifier is an eventual recipe for disaster. Whether 8 ohm and especially 4 ohm will no doubt cause a degree of stress for most any amplifier and is generally not recommended. I originally purchased my set of Advents in 1978 for a girlfriend at the time, she's gone but the speakers remained, luckily. My summation of their sound was somewhat of a small-scale version of the AR sound though with a touch more high-end frequency offered and also with a punchier bass, though lower bass extension was mostly absent. There in was the problem for me as they could at times sound artificial because of the extra dose of punchy upper mid-bass in my opinion. And the fact that it is still a two-way system and I prefer a three-way made it easier to understand. Regardless of the speakers used in 'stacking', amble wattage is needed and under powering them is actually futile in terms of 'head-room' and ultimate transient-response with the handling of peaks of any given program material. Though some here will forcibly insist that almost any amp will do the job, that assumption is not the path to be taken when one is seeking the best in sound reproduction. Just the other nite, I was as listening to some Oscar Peterson and Eddie 'Cleanhead' Vinson and although the piece was demanding about 75 to 125 watts @ 4ohm RMS for the body of the music at moderate levels of 65 to 78db at 15 feet distance from the speakers, when 'Cleanhead's' alto-sax suddenly came storming in, the meters jumped to around 175 to 250+ watts around 82-87db. Had my amplifiers not been capable of such needed power, the clean and realistic sound would not have been realized. Consequently, the alto-sax came through effortlessly and realistically loud and clear as it would've in real life. If one doesn't have that luxury when powering a true hi-fi system, the peaks and transients meld into a congestion of sound that is anything but realistic and the transients, details, and harmonics, get lost and are not realized or heard as they should be. Go tell that to some of the low-power using thick-head folks that insist their listening is correct and that all is as it should be. It's not unless substantial high power is used. And although the Advents in discussion here are relatively much easier to drive, there is no substitution for high wattage. Those who insist otherwise, are missing the point. *In that photo are what appear to be corner bass-traps. I can understand the bass-traps being used with those little Advents as I've mentioned they have a mid-bass peak and using traps is one way to quell the over-emphasized woofer response. For the past two years I've used similar 'traps' but, mounted on the front-wall of the ceiling corners to slightly subdue what I felt were reflections from a slight over-abundance of 'upper-mid' information from my four stacked AR-LST's in relation of my listening room being 26 feet by 13 feet and my listening position being 15 feet from the speakers. By doing so, using the traps also slightly tightened up the bass which was beneficial in the long rectangle shape of my listening room. I have been thinking of using smaller 'traps' at the rear of the room but, the distance from the speakers to the 'rear' wall has not proved to be too much of a problem though it probably would be something I'd have to try before I'd have an opinion on it.
  8. frankmarsi

    Opinions on Double Advent Rebuild Please

    I've been meaning to do this for quite some time now as I have the same amps, the Phase Linear 400's to use and I have one set of the exact same Advent speakers, a second set would be easy to acquire as they were very popular in the late 1970's when I bought my first pair for $200. At one point I vaguely recall reading even some 'high-end' purists gave credit to this set-up's quality of sound. https://www.stereophile.com/content/vintage-stereo
  9. frankmarsi

    Opinions on Double Advent Rebuild Please

    Hi Kent, regarding the additional bracing you installed; did use any screws, or was it a simply a tight fit with glue applied? If so, which glue did you use? I still have some very old 'Franklin's Horse Hide' glue left over from my father's collection of tools and related items. I recall building my own speakers cabinets around 1966 and I had used 'Franklin's' glue wherever I was able to, in all the joint corners and along the baffle wherever it met up with the sides and it was as strong as, well, a horse. I had checked on that same brand a while ago and as I recall it was bought out and is under a different company name with some ingredients removed also so, I'm not certain if it has the same strength. As I recall when you tore apart a section where it was used, it would take a layer of the plywood with it.
  10. frankmarsi

    I Have AR-5's

    There's one for sale, I'd ask first, confirm its condition and then jump on it: https://www.ebay.com/itm/ACOUSTIC-RESEARCH-AR-5-WOOFER-ORIGINAL-AR5-LOOK/303039644796?hash=item468e92047c:g:-LYAAOSwSVdb0HIb:rk:2:pf:0
  11. frankmarsi

    Odd replacement tweeter

    Chris, I had my suspicions which kept me away from them. However, as an LST owner of many years, if the price was better than he was asking, maybe I should have.
  12. frankmarsi

    Odd replacement tweeter

    Chris, if I may add to your uncertainty; a few years ago there was a vendor on the auction-site selling self-adhesive foam covers exactly like that. My LST's required more of them than I was willing to pay for so I never purchased them. Then there's the built-in deflection of the LST cabinets moldings that dissuaded me also. In that respect, those moldings present a degree of diffraction a 'purist' would find exception with. Would the foam surround help? I'm not certain but, it doesn't seem likely. The later "Amati" by Mark Levinson with the 'Dynaudio' drivers were all flush mounted for the obvious reasons mentioned. Newer production box speakers all tend to have flush mounted drivers as a rule avoiding such problems. Of course being LST's * a speaker I have lusted for since their introduction), I wasn't going to look for problems as I felt with so many tweeters projecting into the room the effects wouldn't be noticeable though I bet a purist would complain. Then again, a purist dwells with-in a different strata of speakers. Chris, I trust those are the LST's that were offered for auction and I contemplated the purchase but, I've got to much on the table with modifying and playing with vintage tonearms and modern cartridges. You know, your AR's can only sound as good as what goes into them, garbage in equals garbage out. Besides, I'm still recovering from celebrating my 15 year anniversary last month of being on this forum so, I was fatigued. Just the same, good luck with them.
  13. frankmarsi

    Odd replacement tweeter

    Chris, David, I was about to say from the AR-11 series and I believe they have the ferro-fluid also. P.S. How come you have another pair of LST's, I thought you were trying to sell or sold them by now ?
  14. frankmarsi

    Needing Sage advice for AR17 woofers

    Get these, ready to use? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Acoustic-Research-AR17-Speakers-Pair/323575013128?hash=item4b5692df08:g:go0AAOSwZKJcAFd8:rk:7:pf:0
  15. frankmarsi

    An AR Christmas

    We all love the box, the box is good. WE EXPECT GOOD FROM THE BOX. It makes us good. Merry Christmas!