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  1. There is a separate KLH forum, likely you'd find more advice there.
  2. DaviR, would you think they would be as hearty as the original mids from the 1970's? In my experience, I feel AR's midrange is the best part of the 'AR-sound' besides their 12" woofer. I imagine they'd be manufactured in China as all have since AR went under. P.S. When Mark Levinson came out with his 'LST' he used the standard 4 ohm AR midrange with the metal grill absent as he asked AR to make them that way for him. The second iteration of the M.L. 'LST' used midrange drivers by another manufacturer. FM
  3. And rightly so because I'm more than likely correct. Jeepers, why wouldn't I be correct? I'm about 5 or so hours from Boston, MA., if you ever came to check out 'the system', you'd readily be assured with in the first few seconds of listening.
  4. Ah shucks fellas, that ain't no hole, why that must be black paint, just look at the other side of the speaker. After countless refoam operations I can attest to AR's quick swipe of the black paint brush. Why would there be hole on the masonite, why would there be a hole in the stamped metal frame? And Giorgio AR, you're completely correct about those mids, that's a later AR-11. Though I will admit that I've been staring at AR speakers for so many decades, after a while, it's almost like looking at a black hole. In the immortal words of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy in March of the Wooden Soldiers. "Why that's neither pig nor pork, it's beef".
  5. Great Caesar's ghost! Well, I can only imagine the fate of these cabinets. Either way, I can and will revel in the knowledge that four operating cabinets reside in my main system with plans of another system using only two cabinets sometime in the future. E' lei Giorgio, vuoi comprare, si o no? If I were you, being not so far away would buy at least four empty cabinets and get started having major fun. Buy all and sell the rest. At 400 pounds for the lot, it's almost free. FM
  6. It boils down to two things, personal philosophies and personal economics. And in addition to that I always say; “Fore warned, is for armed” It could happen at a time when it’s inconvenient and a hassle (it always is)so, it’s better to have spare drivers on hand so if it happens again, you simply take the short time to grab a spare, pop it in and continue listening. Sure beats locating one for sale, going through the usual problems of waiting and hoping one arrives safely and still not being sure if it’ll work correctly, let alone locating a good one for sale. I’ve been there before and bought/took any chance I had to stock-up and be prepared for the worse. This is why I own multiples of AR drivers and because I have reserved units, I’m never afraid to turn up the volume when needed. As an AR speaker owner going on 49 years now to be exact so, I’ve been there many times before. Of course it depends on one's priorities but, I'm talking about very old, discontinued speakers here. I do agree that in these modern times we live in a ‘consumerist-society’ and it’s certainly different from how I grew-up but, that’s the way it is and in this life time, with-in reason, there’s no sense in denying oneself of what’s available. Many here if not all have more than one set of speakers, it’s what we do out of desire and hobby related necessity. Additionally if you’re enamored as much as I am about these materialistic items, because that’s what they are, their age and scarcity are considerable. Just look at the way their cost has sky-rocketed in this last decade alone. If you want something and can afford it, flaunt it. Life is way too short. What’s that expression when one dies? “He who has the most toys, wins”. P.S. I still have my original “Beatle” boots I bought in 1964 (though feet like ears become bigger the older one becomes) and my original Fender Bassman amplifier I bought new in late 1967 which a year ago I had re-capped. I paid $250. new, boxed for the amplifier in NYC at either “Sam Ash” or “Manny’s” I don’t recall which and in as good condition as mine is, I could easily get $1,000.+ for it, though I will never sell it as I still use today. I thought about buying another but, they're too costly these days and too big in size to have two of them floating around here. P.S. 2 So yeah, I agree, attempt to repair it first but, as I said be prepared to replace it or at least have a spare or two. FM
  7. I would just buy another one, or two or more, it's that easy https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-early-One-AR-2-woofer-alnico-speaker-AR-logo-in-frame-WorkS/392527433381?hash=item5b64754ea5:g:t~kAAOSwrxpdwN~F I have spares of tweeters, midranges, and woofers. In this AR hobby there's no other way to operate. It hinges on how serious one is about their speakers.
  8. Via, vai , lasciami in pace! I'm kidding. My latest acquisition.
  9. Trouble maker! If I stressed-out any further and called the psych-intervention department at the local hospital, they'd never understand.
  10. As my curiosity would insist, I couldn't resist researching this sale in Braintree, UK. The seller states no shipping to the USA so, rite there I'm out and must stop thinking about such a thing though I bet if I offered a nice chunk of money, we'd work out a deal. I actually have enough tweeters and woofers to fill about 10+ cabinets, the X-overs would be an additional expense but, who's asking. To further expound on my fantasy thoughts I'd fill them with newly available mids but, I'd do so with-out question in a heart beat. What a project it would be to build 10+ cabinets. Further thoughts wander to purchasing more amps and for me, nothing less than a Phase Linear PL-700 Series II for each set so, right there more expense. This is a once in a life time situation and likely will never, ever, ever occur again. And, Gorgio, I've followed your posts thus far and enjoy them but, now I may have second thoughts because stuff like this actually becomes troubling for me and I know that I'll struggle to put it out of my mind. I'm left completely dumb-founded, and almost upset by this whole matter. But, thanks just the same. After-all, these are "LST's". Somebody give me a guitar, I've gotta write a song about this. FM P.S. I presently have 3 pairs of LST's and I'm thinking about another pair to have another stacked system so, I'll try to be calm as collecting too many speakers can become a neurosis of which I'm displaying tendencies of having already. Listening is the prime adjective for me as it should be for us all. The enjoyment of music is more important than collecting speakers and not actually using them is anti-productive. As most tell me when they see my already over indulged collection: "What are you going to do with all of those speakers?" "You can only listen to one pair at a time". So, in closing I better follow my own advice and return to the love of music, not hoarding wooden boxes. I have enough and will remain quite happy with what I already own. Though, lately, I must confess, I've gotten into collecting guitars, not really expensive ones, just a few that sound good to my ears, have good playability and look good to my eyes. Forgive me, I'm upset by this whole matter that's become an issue for me.
  11. So they will not wobble or crawl along the floor and aids in moving them.
  12. Hi ar_pro, My determination of more ‘bass’ was also confirmed by a couple of knowledgable and notable members on this site a number of years back so, I’m not simply talking through my hat as some do. Nor do I speak from behind the ‘key-board-shield’ as many do across the internet. In fact when I first realized there was more bass response, I was quite impressed myself as I still am today, many years later. Mind you it isn't a worlds apart difference but, it sounds slightly bigger and with more capacity. So yes ar_pro in terms of more bass my opinion is based on using a single pair of LST’s like I did in 1990, later adding a second set on top. I never did install a third set of LST’s on top of my double set as “AR surround” once jokingly suggested I do. Though I could as I have three matching PL-700 Series II amplifiers. However, the third amp is presently powering my set of AR-9’s which I hardly use. I’m simply too enamored with the double LST’s. If you could only hear the ‘system’, you’d know why.
  13. AR-LST's are very demanding about placement, even more so than regular 'box' speakers, placement is paramount and more so than other conventional speakers. Many of the set-ups I've seen here tell me the listener is not getting their full level of enjoyment, in fact most I've seen are incorrectly set-up. The first two rooms I had them in caused them too suffer to a degree. It wasn't until I had them in the room they're in presently have they bloomed into their full glory. In fact they've never sounded as good as they do now, few understand the level of high-quality sound these are capable of until they've been properly placed in a room. However, I have learned early on like all acoustic suspension speakers, placement is critical and especially so with the 'LST'. When I relocated to where I am now, I was especially excited about how they would sound. I knew a rectangular room that afforded me a free 'front-wall' was the key. And although initially I tried placing them 3/4 into the room before I cleared the front wall, their sound was less than acceptable and their bass-response was at best dreadful. The 'front-wall' with long converging side walls assisted greatly and proved ultimately necessary. Many non-cognoscenti do not realize this, thus they don't realize this speaker's full capability of stunning bass. Why they offer more bass response than a AR-3a has been enigmatic for me all these years but, why question greatness? Their 'huge' quality of sound output is simply sublime. So much so, that I am truly grateful I own them and that I finally have them in the type of room they demand. I seek no other speaker for my listening pleasure. And that's a fact, jack! So, I'm not certain if I own them or, they own me. So, I say to you Bill and all, when you do have a opportunity to listen to the 'AR-LST' be aware of set-up and placement otherwise you may be sorely disappointed. And of course, as always, the requisite high power amplification is just as important. All the while it must be in mind that 'far-field' listening is what their design also demands. So yes, they are truly fussy but, isn't anything else in life that's truly worth it seem to be? P.S. I am not a casual listener, and I approve of this message. FM
  14. You forgot to mention that 'Qua-Co' is in Blackwood, N.J.
  15. 'As rational human beings, we should be clear about things that we can be clear about'. Finally, someone offers a pair of AR-LST’s for the value they are truly worth. Let’s not forget that for people like myself that have been using AR speakers for over 48 years and has been listening and training my ears to be able to discern what excellent sound actually sounds like for longer, I feel this price is warranted. And not to sound like some others who defend what they own with such expressions as “IMO” or words such as; “my system sounds good to me and can match set-ups of higher price” , or silliness like “my $200. phono cartridge approaches and sounds as good as a $1500. to $4000. cartridge” or, don’t specify their amps power at watts per channel but, instead confusingly state total power is nothing more than ludicrous attempts at soothing their minds as their systems are likely of lesser caliber and accuracy. Going back to when the AR-LST was first released in 1972, I myself was taken aback to realize that AR had actually produced a speaker that was and sounded more accurate than my new AR-3a’s I had recently bought in 1971. The seller here says these are for the Mac275 amplifier. Well, that’s not nearly the case as these speakers require much more wattage. I speak from experience as I have attempted using my LST’s with other amps of lower power but, was sadly let down. My Phase LInear PL-400 at 400WPC@ 4 ohms is a worthy power source but, it too only nearly approached the necessary power to bring these speakers to where they perform their absolute best as they do better with almost double that power as is the case when using my Phase Linear PL-700 Series II at nearly 700 watts per channel @ 4 ohms. Beyond the ridiculous offerings of AR-3’s and AR-1’s for large sums of money that they are certainly not worthy of, a pair of AR-LST’s are clearly worthy of the $4,000. to $4,500. asking price range as they are here. I've read of others owning LST's but they just won't admit to the speakers huge appetite for high wattage for some odd reason. I recall when the AR-LST was first released in 1972, I dreamed about one day being able to purchase a pair but, unfortunately I was not financially able to at the young age of 22 years. When I finally acquired my present set of four LST's in the late 1980's, I was not only shocked that I did but, I still knew they required loads of power and that I had to purchase bigger amplifiers at an additional expense. In the early 1990's, I used my PL-400 with one pair, and although they sounded really good (much better than my AR-3a’s did with the same amplifier), in the back of my mind I dreamt about the phenomenal sound they would offer with increased power, knowing twice that amount would surely be what they demanded. Then, in 1990 I met a AR corporate big-wig from Britain at a stereo showroom in N.Y.C. highlighting AR’s newly released amplifier, pre-amp and speakers. He boasted of using four LST’s and two Phase Linear PL-700’s in 1974. Then and there, I knew I had a new goal in mind and I had to reach it if I wanted maximum listening pleasure. Fast-forward to 2009 and I purchased two expertly rebuilt Phase Linear PL-700 Series II’s as I was certain the AR-LST would benefit from such massive power which I immediately experienced upon hooking them up. My earlier room’s size and acoustics at that time did not offer the best situation. For the ultimate listening experience it was easy to hear the difference of using more power as the AR-LST’s really opened up in terms of a more accurate and a completely satisfying sound experience in my new digs. The home I presently own is much more conducive to better sound and is almost approaching ideal in its potential, ‘ideal’ being a room designed around one’s system. The new room is much bigger and affords me the best these speakers are capable of. Check here: Do AR speakers really sound that good? ** MORE NEW VIDEO** https://www.ebay.com/itm/AR-LST-accoutic-reasearch-collectible-vintage-speaker-for-mc275/323929499338?hash=item4b6bb3e6ca:g:n7MAAOSwwb9djV4D
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