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  1. Hi, New With New To Me AR-2ax Pair

    Ah, come-on pro-man, you did good.
  2. Hi, New With New To Me AR-2ax Pair

    Okay, so how are they different from any other surround? And, kent thanks for the endearing mention. In all of my re-foam-capades and purchasing and installation of surrounds, I've never heard that term used before. I guess I'm not like "most of us" here? It's a blessing. Sarals and jessiAV, of course he was speaking of himself when he inferred age. Ya see, gals, I do the heavy lifting here, the LST's the 9's so, one has to be in shape to listen to my speakers. FM
  3. Hi, New With New To Me AR-2ax Pair

    Yes, they were my group of friend's favorites for a time back then. I have five of their albums, please. I occasionally will see one or two while flipping through used record bins and always pass them by for obvious reasons. Truth be told, the last time I heard them, was back then. Often times the humor was too far out and if thought of or even referred to would put me in another state. Every once in a while, while driving "Antelope Freeway" pops up when driving in unfamiliar areas. Betty-Joe Beolouski, I think We're all Bozos on this bus, Waiting For The Electrician or Some One Just Like Him, please my head is spinning already............ I did really enjoy them in those years though. Uh-oh, now you made me think of them again and I have an idea in which vast area/debris field that is the vinyl swamp they're sitting in. No, I refuse, I can't do that to myself again, that swamp is too big.
  4. Hi, New With New To Me AR-2ax Pair

    Hi jessiAV, my name is Frank and although I've been here since 2004 and have re-foamed at least 20+ speakers, I have never heard of the term 'filleted- surrounds'. Perhaps you could enlighten me? Does it simply mean that the inner edge is slightly larger as it appears in fotos? I own two pairs of AR-2ax's, one has a little story, the other pair I inherited in 2007. The little story is; I am an owner of AR-3a's since 1972. In that same year I was already out of the military however, I had a close friend who was stationed in Thailand, (we both felt we had to do our duty) and had a few more months to serve. He also knew that I had already become a dedicated stereo person prior to entering the service and that I had 3a's. He knew I was home after being discharged and contacted me by long-distance phone call and asked me which speakers he should buy as he was due to get a substantial discount by being in the service at his base 'PX'. Well, I suggested the 3a's but, he felt the price was too high and decided to buy the 2ax's instead. When he was finally home for good in mid '72, he set-up his equipment using these same two 2ax's in his living room. Mind you, he carted them back to the US in original boxes when he left over seas. He also had a DeKorder 10 inch tape deck and a Sansui receiver, along with a new Garrard Lab95 turntable which he gave me and I still have but don't use. I didn't want his receiver as I was solely into separates. From 1972 till around 1977 he and our mutual group of friends listened late at night to Floyd, The Firesign-Theater, etc, etc. along with anything else that was current in those days using those same 2ax's. In 1979 this same friend sold the 2ax's to me for $100. This pair I used for rear-channel speakers '79 to '93 on again, off again in a 'discrete-four-channel' set-up. I still have them but, simply haven't gotten to them for repair as I presently enjoy other AR speakers and I'm actually overwhelmed with stereo stuff. Honestly, I prefer to listen more than tinker or repair and I'm overly entrenched in the enjoyment of vintage tonearms, turntables and current phono cartridges which I find to be more fun to play with and use. I use them almost everyday and besides once you've repaired your speakers, they just sit there and stare back at you. Tonearms, tables and cartridges must be handled in use and therefore are more interactive. Enjoy your time here, and the same to you "sarals". FM
  5. Exceptional arm? Ya, think?

    2-15-18 Hi Craig, I was using my poetic license as I’ve been on this site for 14 years now and feeling that I can. I was being facetious. I watched the bidding on that arm and it stayed at $73. until 3 seconds before it ended at $99. FM
  6. How could this have happened? How could a tonearm so heralded by so many go for so little and not get any love especially on, St. Valentine's Day? .
  7. AR-3A amplification at lower volume and bass - closed

    Is this a personal attack? Darn-it, it sure feels like one!
  8. AR-3A amplification at lower volume and bass - closed

    ""This"" ?? Eloquent. I was on youtube today and saw the calamity. Here, enjoy.
  9. AR-3A amplification at lower volume and bass - closed

    For some, I think reading about room acoustics and stereo imaging for realistic sound is in order here. Typically, the speakers should be on the short wall and certainly not 18 feet apart as that is fundamentally incorrect. For proper stereo imaging speakers should be 8 feet apart and on stands. This is no doubt why you’re not getting proper bass response. There’s no bending of the rules that have been in practice since ‘stereo’ began! To fully appreciate AR speakers, they must be set-up properly. Anything less, is just throwing some wires at some speakers. FM
  10. AR-3A amplification at lower volume and bass - closed

    I told you the front door was left open on this site a few years ago. Owning AR speakers does not give license to anything else. Do we jump off the bridge now or later? This line of conversation is beneath me and all of the years of learning what is correct and proper listening practices in the field of high-fidelity. Shame!
  11. AR-3A amplification at lower volume and bass - closed

    That's so wrong. It defies all basics of proper bass radiation and sound, it creates a boomy and muddy bass quality rendering inaccurate bass. It's elementary and basic knowledge, and such a basic principal necessary for correct and proper set-up and listening to elevate speakers off floors. Anyone else defending such practices of placing book shelve speakers on floors will be equally incorrect. It was one of the first things I learned over four decades ago. As I've been doing this for over 45 years, no one I've known who knows about acoustics has ever had their speakers on the floor unless they were made to be on the floor. You're joking right, this is a weird test of some sort?
  12. Filled Fillet Foam on AR-9 8" LMW

    Boy, am I glad I 'stuck' -around for your answer, pun intended. Well, I don't like poison, and I tried the rubber-cement almost 30 years ago so I won't use it again, except if while giving a concert I see a hole in the foam surround occurring. Wait, I don't have any and I haven't seen it in supply stores in years, though I could be incorrect. That silicone appearing bead between the surround edge and paper cone I typically remove. As much as I'd care to leave it in place with some surrounds, it gets in the way forcing the surround to bend at that juncture so, I remove it. Though, Pete B made me wonder, maybe that bead does afford some damping? FM
  13. Filled Fillet Foam on AR-9 8" LMW

    David, you may be absolutely correct. In the advertising world of yesteryear, rubber-cement was used in paste-ups and layout making. The bead in question has always seemed like a silicone type of affair as it has some spring and bounce back to it in finger nail and pinching tests. P.S. I guess I'm still a throw-back to the old world way of things. My vintage stereo ownership attests to that fact. However, in early posts on this site circa 2004 or so, I went back and forth with other members and I was proven wrong when I stated it was rubber cement on the surrounds. That bead sure feels like silicone, the surrounds may have had another coating on them as my AR-3a's surround always had a shine and sticky-ness to them in 1972 and after. As my 3a's aged the shiny-ness seemed to fade much like the rubber-cement's shine did. I'm curious what the actual substances were because I've always wondered and my thoughts about the subject have always been conjecture.
  14. Filled Fillet Foam on AR-9 8" LMW

    2-10-18 O.K., hold it rite there! Back in late 1989 when I reactivated my LSTs and there was seemingly not a soul who made foam surrounds, I was stuck and had no options. I resorted to using rubber-cement on my falling apart surrounds in combination to dryer-sheets as a solution. I have to say, it took about a year for the rubber-cement to sort of dry out and disappear or soak into the remaining foam. I continually added more cement whenever necessary. A chore and not fail proof. So, no, the rubber cement, it doesn’t work that well except for emergenciy use. In late 1991 I found this little ad in the back of Stereofool magazine from some small operation in S.C. who offered surrounds so, I purchased four. They were the early types and were cut to fit. They lasted for a few years and by that time newer and better surrounds were on the market. Since that time, those foams simply decayed and I’ve replaced them a while back. I’ve read that the newer foams are better and last longer? The foam on my speakers now have lasted since 2009 so I’m not complaining, just yet. I bought them from P.E. and I believe they're the wider ones. In the last couple of years, I found another place that was offering fabric surrounds as did someone years prior. I bet as RoyC will attest to, I'm sure, that they're not complaint enough and I'd agree unless someone with prior experience can state otherwise. FM
  15. Added some AR 2's

    The AR-2 speaker’s frequency response is 42-14k +/-5db when new and crosses over at 2,000HZ. This means there will be cap from 2,000 to 3,500HZ. when the Micro-Statics come in at 3.5KHZ. That’s an awful lot of music not coming through and missing if those two 5 inchers are deficient to begin with. I’ve seen others pull out those twin 5 inch speakers which only go up to 14,000HZ anyway and mount a wooden plate and install two other type of speakers in place. A bit daunting but, do-able nonetheless. With the newer AR-2a iteration, AR simply mounted an additional tweeter however, the AR-2’s may not have adequate space as is to do this with-out some reconstruction of the front baffle. Regarding the “Micro-Statics”; they’re capable of handling large amounts of watts with-out complaining. I know, I've owned them since 1974 and have relied on them with-out a care of damage. In any event they're almost a necessity for most any vintage AR speaker. Judicious volume setting is key to 'syncing' with host speaker.