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  1. Carl Richard (Carlspeak) RIP 11-11-2017

    DavidR emailed earlier today, and alerted me to Carl's passing. I thank him for that. Also, what a shock about Carl. A genuinely nice guy. Always helpful, with a great attitude, that was so welcoming. I will miss him, and his contributions to CSP. R.I.P.
  2. Ooh, I like those better. They look more like my AR58s speakers. It's a shame that more of the European styled speakers weren't available here? Or were they? I'm definitely no expert. Plus, those make me wonder how the 58s models would look with the AR91 woofer trim rings?
  3. There was an AR-8B, that used a 6.5" woofer. Maybe that was it?
  4. LMR replacement AR90

    I believe the first generation of the AR94's actually used the 200027-0 LMR as the midrange. But, that version of the 94 seems to be a bit rare. Here's the system drawing showing the parts. Also, I had some notes where I found the AR/Tonegan 1210045-0 woofers were also a replacement. It's another possibility, I suppose. Finally, I found a pair of AR18 woofers, on eBay, in excellent shape. When I got them, their impedance was the same as my AR90 LMR's. The only physical difference seemed to be the black 'rubber' dust cap. I'm planning on testing them in my 90's, once they're up and running again!
  5. Another AR-91 recap

    Those AR inserts are so strange. You see so many of the speakers without them. I wonder if they were lost, or did they deteriorate with time, and UV? The reason I'm puzzled is the fact that my AR90 inserts look pristine. Brand new, with no wear. And that makes me wonder why? Why did mine last? Did leaving the grills on at all times help, or did having the speakers in a less sunny room help? Both, I suppose. And after seeing Kent's work, it leaves me to think that I should make a template of my inserts, for possible future use. Yea, those 92's are somewhat sad. Especially with the accordion surrounds!!! But, if they were closer, I'd buy 'em...!
  6. Another AR-91 recap

    Wow. Nice job. They look almost as good as this redo!
  7. Capacitors Redux

    There's a coli difference too. The 92 uses a 2.85mH inductor, while the 91 uses a 1.37 coil. Though, I was surprised to see the difference in capacitors, with the 92 not using the 40uF cap.
  8. Capacitors Redux

    Yea, I found that out last night, after I finally looked up the various schematics. There are definitely parts differenences between the 91 and 92. Duh. Sorry, and thanks again. .
  9. Capacitors Redux

    Thanks ra.ra. I stand corrected. I apologize for the misinformation, as I wouldn't want to propagate incorrect data to our fellow AR enthusiasts. I guess, since the AR91's and AR92's use the same crossover board "blank", I incorrectly assumed the parts were identical as well. (What a putz). But, the AR91 crossovers do match the AR58s crossovers, other than the level switches. So, it could work as an 'upgrade', in order to add some measure of adjustment to the AR58s speakers, if desired. I can live with that...! My downfall.
  10. Capacitors Redux

    One other thought, keep the signal chain simple. The simpler the better, as simpler usually sounds better. I worked in audio for years, doing audio and Rom formatting, and as well as audio mastering. I used very good EQ's for work, out of necessity. But, I'd never use an EQ in my signal chain at home. Too complex a device, and the extra signal cables can easily color the sound. A similar story. I upgraded the stereo system in my wife's car. Good stuff. Alpine head unit, and Boston Acoustics Pro separates for speakers. I put that in first, for sound, until the rest of the system arrived. Soundstream Class A amps, a Coustics electronics crossover and a Alpine EQ and CD changer. Well, the simple head unit and Boston speakers sounded awesome when I put it in. So, we were super excited for the remainder of the system to arrive. When it came, I got everything installed, and tweaked, and it sounded like crap! All detail lost. No energy. Very bland, no matter how I adjusted it. I even went back to my dealer and paid them to adjust it further. No go. They were disappointed too. Only thing I could figure, was the added gear was too colored and complex, with all the extra electronics and cables, and it took away from the sound of the simpler set up. Lesson learned. Only what's needed.
  11. Capacitors Redux

    You should swap the stock 58s crossovers, with crossovers from the AR91/92 (it's the same crossover for either speaker). Those crossovers are exactly the same as the 58s; capacitor and coil values, and crossover frequencies, with the addition of mid and treble level switches. They typically use Callins capacitors, instead of the Unicon brand. So, a recap would still be in order. But you would gain some adjustability, with the level switches. You can 'usually' find them fairly cheap on eBay. Though like everything else AR these days, the pricing on the crossovers has jumped too. Oh, I truly admire Ken Kantor. But sometimes he's too much the engineer. I recap for longevity as well sound quality. 'Cause to me at least, in my experience, recaps are very audible.
  12. AR spirit 162

    I've never heard the Spirit Series. Sorry. But, my wife owned the AR 410 TSW speakers. Not bad. A more modern, flatter balance than classic AR's. Good snap and detail, with more high end, but maybe not as neutral as classic AR's either. Still, I thought they were pretty good. My wife liked them a lot. She likes a speaker that sounds exciting, with good bass timbre, and she liked the 410's for that. Though, that eBay auction is a bit pricey, especially since the speakers will need refoaming. While NOS is nice, that doesn't mean they're band new, without issue.
  13. Capacitors Redux

    I'll play along, as I want to recap my newly acquired AR58s speakers, too. But, unlike my AR90's, the non-Callins caps, in the 58's, seemed to have aged better and still sound good. Good enough, that I may not do the planned recap. At least not yet. Also, I was surfing recap threads last night, and a AR58s owner, at the DIY Audio forum, stated that he almost ruined his 58 speakers, by using polypro's in the recap. It changed the voicing too much. So, he went back to NPE's. But, as AR surround mentions, even NPE's aren't 100% given to not cause audible changes. I suppose that as long as one knows they may have to play with series resistance too, there shouldn't be too much of a shock, once the new speakers are fired up, and sound is different, after a recap.
  14. Lakecat, Your Polks look awesome. Very nice. If interested, you should head over to the Polk Audio Forums. Enthusiastic guys over there. Especially in the Mods section. Some epic rebuild threads in there. Crossover rebuilds too, that looked like they cost hundreds, if not thousands to do. Enjoy.
  15. Wife needs help finishing his bucket list AR92s

    I knew I'd seen the trim rings on eBay. Woofer Trim Rings