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  1. Back down the rabbit hole...! Say Hi if you see me down there too...!
  2. Hi Victoria_sf, I assume that your AR58BX speakers, look similar to these AR48BX speakers, for sale on eBay? While not top of the line 3-way AR's, they're still very good speakers. As such, I'm sure someone here, maybe local to you, could help you with the speaker; whether you wanted to bring them back to playable condition, or to help you sell them (or perhaps buy them). Heck, if I'm near, I'd be interested in helping (or buying). I'd hate to see a nice set of speakers thrown out. So, let us know what we can do to help? Good luck, Stimpy
  3. Good info. But, kind'a scary too. To me it seems many AR eBay speaker ads show 12" woofers improperly refoamed, as most are missing the masonite rings. Just something else to look closely at, when considering a speaker buy.
  4. Hi George, A quick question. Do you have a crossover schematic for the 1-MS speakers? Just curious as to the values of the caps you replaced? Thanks, Stewart
  5. I need to bring this thread back to the top. "DavidR", "AR surround", and I have been discussing the Masonite rings. So, that got me to wondering about their history. As such, a few questions. First, when did AR start using them? From the beginning, with the AR-1? Only on the 12" woofers? All 12" woofers; paper and poly? And finally, for how long? Just curious, as I sometimes see 12" based speakers without them. I guess the rings were incorrectly removed, during a refoam? Thanks for any info that can be provided!
  6. I never noticed them here...! I should'a made an offer...! I definitely look forward to hearing them, in a few days! Thanks again.
  7. Well that's bizarre! It looks to me like someone definitely was in there, as I wouldn't think they left the factory like that. It looks to be an easy fix. Or, pick up a set of 91 / 92 crossovers on eBay. They pop up fairly often. Then you'd have level switches too! And I'd try isopropanol on the glue also. Good luck.
  8. This sux. Everyone enjoying their freshly recapped AR's, and mine are still sitting. The crossovers from my 90s were pulled and recapped, but the refinishing of the cabinets has really slowed the rebuild process. Refinishing isn't something that I had much experiencing with, and I'm taking it very slowly. I definitely don't want to damage or destroy anything. But, I'll get there. Soon I hope, as I really want to hear the results of my recap! Oh yea, DavidR and AR surround, You're Welcome. Plus, I'm very happy to hear that my advise helped, and the speakers performing nicely. Awesome.
  9. Wow. Nice. I wish I had your problem, and your speaker collection! AR9s, AR90s, AR91s, AR93s, and AR94s. Awesome. Now, you only need AR92s.
  10. Yea, those are excellent articles. Thanks for the links. Plus, another thank you for getting Bill's name correct. So many posts refer to him as Bill Miller, instead of Bill LeGall. I guess the Millersound business name throws people a curve?
  11. Liangshan, my pleasure. Plus, the AR90s are awesome speakers. Perfect for a not too large room. If a very large room, the AR9s are probably better. Also, this listing must be from a newbie seller. They're still editing the auction, and now all the pricing shows as $350.
  12. They've been relisted! They're also now listed as AR90s. Plus, with a Free Local Pickup provision. Still a weird listing, as the Acoustic Research search, from the main page, shows the price at $325. But the actual listing, shows a $350 Buy It Now price. Regardless, a decent deal.
  13. I think Isopropanol / Isopropyl is good for cleaning off the old hot melt glue. The alcohol loosens the glue, and allows it to be removed with a paint scraper, or putty knife. Good luck with the project. Obviously, I'm interested in the results!
  14. The late Brian Cheney, of VMPS, swore by fiberglass stuffing for a bass cabinet. He felt that fiberglass was better able to control bass response, and respond lower in frequency than polyfill was capable. So, maybe he was right?