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    I've always wanted a copper roof on my home. Maybe Frank has a good idea. Time to buy some cheap speaker cables...!
  2. Filled Fillet Foam on AR-9 8" LMW

    Detail A refers to "Process Spec # 104011". But, Process Spec # 104011 is also referenced in Note 11. Then, Note 11 refers to the inner dust cap. So, I'm not sure if Process Spec # 104011 points to an additional step for the surround, the dust cap, or both? I guess I need to check to see if Process Spec # 104011 is listed and explained in Ken's documents?
  3. Filled Fillet Foam on AR-9 8" LMW

    I 'believe' this is what Carl is describing. The circle of polymer around the inside edge of the surround. As to the polymer being a stock feature, on the LMR, my AR90's didn't have it. The AR9 may vary. But, they're supposed to be the same LMR.

    Oh, a gauntlet thrown...! A challenge issued...! To the lists, for I would tilt with thee...! First things first, I do not wear panties. So, no soiling of panties to consider, or ponder over! Only tighty whities for me! Now, picture a 5'11", 295lb. football player, in his tighty whities, and you'll have an idea of me. Now, try to erase that mental image. Next, as to the character of "Stimpy", & "DavidR". While it would be wrong to blow my own horn, DavidR is a very upstanding AR owner, and a credit to the breed. In our communications, I find David to be very honest, and isn't afraid to tweak and mod to achieve a high level of sound quality. A gentleman through and through. A boon to CSP. As to me "Stimpy", at least a bit of background history is perhaps in order. I spent almost 20 years in the audio field. Mainly premastering and mastering audio, CD-Rom data, and DVD formatting. Also, about 6 years running the glass mastering cutting lathes, at the start of the replication process. Lot's of years listening to and QC checking audio content. That included full audio mastering as well; EQ, compression, leveling, and setting the PQ Subcode TOC content. No stranger to audio. Now, gear! Whew. I'm not a head-banger. I never have been. My ears are very sensitive to peak levels, so I play back at low volume. Not much more than 80 or 85 dB. Usually less. While I do use a rebuilt Hafler DH-500 amp, I don't tax it's capabilities. What I use most, on a regular basis, is a Yamaha RX-A3030 AVR (for it's ESS Sabre32 DAC's). That's feed to the Hafler. Sources are a Sonographe SG-3 turntable, LMT arm, and Grado 8MZ cartridge, into a Music Hall pre-preamp. I also have a Pioneer DV-563A multi-format player, for SACD and DVD-A content. Plus, a standard Sony Blu-ray player. My main speakers are my Acoustic Research AR90's, along with ADS L570's, AR-1MS, or Monsoon planar magnetic open baffle speakers. Various Infinity and NHT's as well. The AR90's are down right now, as I'm completely refurbishing them. New surrounds, new capacitors and resistors, additional bracing, and damping material added to all of the driver baskets. Almost done. Trying to get the cabinets refinished. I find that harder than all of the electrical work. Not proficient at that. Now, finally, consider your equipment safe. No rogues here. I've had gear stolen, and I wouldn't inflict that on someone else. No matter how deserving! Salutations, Sir Stimpy

    Shucks...! Foiled again...!

    Drive over to Frank's place while he's gone down south. Grab what you need. Once Frank gets another set of LST's, he'll forget all about ever having owned AR9's.

    I saw that ad too. At an hour away, I'm a little further out. I was going to post the link, just in case. But, I'm glad you beat me to it, as I don't want to be on Frank's bad side. I don't want to be the one responsible for his commitment.
  8. Where to find 10" Bass Drivers for AR9LS

    Thanks Roy. Also, I find it amazing that AR had these 2 low impedance woofers wired in parallel! And without the AR9's crossover impedance circuit. The 9LS speakers must be a heck of a load to drive? It makes be glad that I only have AR90's.
  9. Where to find 10" Bass Drivers for AR9LS

    Well, Simply Speakers sells this woofer, with the claim that it'll work in the 9LS(i). But, they say it'll work for both the 90's and 92's too. More of a generic one-size-fits-all replacement, I suppose?
  10. Where to find 10" Bass Drivers for AR9LS

    More possibilities from member Jim: "I can help you with part numbers but the rest would be best left up to some of the others. The part number for the AR 90 woofer is 1200031-0 the part number for the AR 92 is 1210033-2 same as the (9ls ,30b,28bx,28bxi) But some like my early (9LS have the 200033-0) Hope that helps some. this is from a 1992 parts list JIm" Adding up, more woofers (and sources) that could work: 200033-0, 1210033-2, and 1-2100330B 863TNB.
  11. Where to find 10" Bass Drivers for AR9LS

    I found this in a search, from member Robert_S: "The AR-925 used essentially the same drivers as the AR-92, but the crossover did not include the (-3 / -6 / 0 dB) level controls for the mid and high range. The cabinet was similar in form factor to the AR-94. I had a pair for a while, and very much enjoyed their sound. Recently, I sourced and repaired a second pair for a friend which now see frequent use in a photographic studio. They've met with apt praise in that location. Worth buying? If the aesthetic and sound quality fit with the environment and requirement, and such things matter to you (or for spares). They worked surprisingly well in that particular studio-kitchen setting (despite the non-optimum placement), fairly inconspicuous with their brown tops and sleeves against a side brick wall. (Ideally—say, wall mounted AR-LST would have been my preferrence, funds allowing. I digress.) Note, of the four units I've refoamed, one had the later Tonegen woofer (1-2100330B 863TNB), the other three had the AR 200033-0 woofer. All had round magnets, with the surround foam attached to the back the cone. Robert_S" So, it seems that the AR 200033-0 woofer, used in the 9LS, was also used in the AR92 and AR925. Plus, the Tonegen woofer, 1-2100330B 863TNB, might work as well. As such, the AR92 woofers, that I linked earlier in the thread, could work for the OP.
  12. Where to find 10" Bass Drivers for AR9LS

    This is the 9LSi schematic. It shows parallel wiring of the woofers. And from memory, I believe the 2 woofers share the same volume, since you have to remove the 12" woofer first, when accessing the 10" woofer, in order to repair surrounds. Plus, with parallel wiring, I would have 'guessed' that both woofers were 8 Ohm? Maybe not.
  13. Where to find 10" Bass Drivers for AR9LS

    What's the impedance of the 9LS 10" woofers? There are a couple of 10" AR92 woofers on the U.S. eBay. The ad mentions worldwide shipping. Could they work?
  14. Where to find 10" Bass Drivers for AR9LS

    I did look at eBay.au for AR woofers, but found nothing. Though, I guess you could search other eBay sites, and hope replacements could be shipped for cheap. Otherwise, I'd look for woofers, with a similar impedance, just to at least get the speakers up and running. While not optimal, it's no fun not playing 9LS speakers either! In the meantime, while searching for replacements, maybe someone could rebuild the originals too?
  15. AR-18s speakers

    Wasn't that a Frank Lloyd Wright design?