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  1. AR9LSi + Crown XLS2500 + Sansui555a OK?

    I don't have 9LSi's or 94's. But, I do have AR90's, AR58S's, AR18's, and AR-1MS's. Similar mids and tweeters in the 18's, and the 90's, to the 94's and 9LSi's. Regardless, my 18's sound a bit softer and smoother through the treble. Not as detailed or extended, but very airy. Good dispersion. The 90's have a sharper, better defined wave launch. You get better detail, and a more immediate sound. A little more forward; with again, better delineation of notes. More crisp perhaps. It's easier to hear leading edges of the notes. The 18's are more relaxed. Also, the 94's do have the same (lower) mid (or pretty close) as the 9LSi's, with that dual driver split. Upper and lower mids. That probably makes the 94's sound more similar than different, to the 9LSi's. Still, the 9LSi's should have a better, and deeper bass signature. Lower rumble, with more impact. I love the 12" woofers in my 58S speakers. The AR 12" is a fantastic driver. Quick and detailed, for it's size. It goes deep, without effort. It still surprises me, with it's bass extension. One other thing, check out this YouTube channel. A must see, for AR Fans. "R33 Chi" has a huge range of speakers, most AR's. He posts some very good videos too. It makes it easy to get a comparison between speakers, even through headphones. R33 Chi
  2. AR9LS Refoam question

    You did a beautiful job with the cosmetic improvement of this LMR. If possible, could you go into detail, describing the dye used, and the application method? Thanks.
  3. So, did an AR rep operate the room? Was it open to anyone and everyone?Just curious, I suppose, as to how the room was controlled? I how to wonder how often the turntable required a new stylus? Plus, it sounds like a prime feeding ground for thieves too.
  4. Latest aquisition - AR91s

    That's a busy To-Do list. It should be fun. Any caps in mind for the 10's, 9's, and 90's? Clarity, or Mundorf E-Caps, or...? Solen perhaps? Also, I've liked my AR58S speakers so much, that I think they're part of the reason that I haven't started back on the 90's. The 12" AR woofers sound too good to give up!
  5. Latest aquisition - AR91s

    Don't roll your eyes at me! Just because my 90's aren't currently available, doesn't mean that's a permanent condition! And in actuality, I do plan on testing the drivers all in phase. One day...! Soon?
  6. Latest aquisition - AR91s

    I must not be doing a clear job of explaining what I mean? On the 90's, the upper range drivers are out of phase to the woofers, as we've discussed. On the 9's, all drivers are in phase. That's what I refer to as phase "shift". This difference in phase, between the 2 models of speakers, is what I don't understand? Why the need? What's different in the 90's, compared to the 9's, that required this difference?
  7. Latest aquisition - AR91s

    The phasing differences between the 9's and 90's still makes me crazy! I guess I don't understand the need for the difference? I do know the 9's bass crossovers are different. Do those extra components shift the phase?
  8. Latest aquisition - AR91s

    You could always wait for a set of AR90 crossovers to pop up on eBay. The upper range boards are the same as the 9's, and already have the heavier duty toggle switches in place. Just swap the boards. But, I've do admit that I've never seen the rear panel of the 9's. Is the cut out the same size as the 90? Would it accommodate the 90 board, and switches? Plus, you'd need to add back the extra set of binding posts. Hmm, now that I think about it, too much work?
  9. Latest aquisition - AR91s

    Oh yea, I'm glad to hear that the Clarity's sounded nice on the 91's. I guess I should have used bypass caps on my Clarity's, on my 58S speakers, from the start. They didn't play nice at first for me. Adding bypasses helped me too. And I still need to try those C-D 940C caps. I suppose I need more speakers? For scientific purposes!
  10. Latest aquisition - AR91s

    This thread started on June 10th 2014. It was last updated, March 26th 2018. I made my first comments about my AR90's being recapped on May 31st 2017. So, my 90's have been in the works for roughly 10 months. David's 91's have been evolving for approximately 45 months. That gives me 35 months, give or take, to complete the cabinet refinish, and reassemble the speakers. At least, if I follow David's timeline? No pressure, and no complaints from the peanut gallery then! . I just hope that's enough time???
  11. Restoration stopped at woofer

    It's best to call Millersound. If you do, at least explain the shape of the woofers, and ask for a repair quote. Bill LeGall is very reasonable in his repair rates. He'll probably cost less than you think. Plus, as much as you value the woofers and the speakers, I'd hate to read later on that the restoration failed, for whatever reason. At least with Bill, that won't happen. Even do one woofer at a time, as funds permit. No need to rush. Just do it right.
  12. Restoration stopped at woofer

    I still recommend that you send the woofers to Bill LeGall, at Millersound, for repair. Sometimes it's best to leave certain repairs to the professionals. Millersound.
  13. Is AR coming back?

    The Acoustic Research name is now being used for a fairly high end line of media players, plus headphones. Media Players But, since Voxx International also owns Klipsch, I'd be very surprised if they ever relaunch AR speakers. Or at least, meaningful AR speakers. Though, it would be cool to see a line of planar magnetic speakers, since their headphones use planar elements. Wireless Speakers
  14. Restoration stopped at woofer

    Bill LeGall is one of the top speaker repair guys in the country. Maybe even the best. Honest, and very reasonable rates too. http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/roadtour13/roadtour13.html http://www.6moons.com/industryfeatures/forbidden/forbidden_9.html
  15. Teledyne Era AR's

    I'm glad to hear that the refoam and recap worked out. Give the Solens a bit of playing time too. Many feel they smooth out once they burn in for a while.