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  1. Ar90 #2 recap

    I know, I know. My 90's will get there eventually. I promise! And Harry, speaking of 90's, do you have a pair for sale? I've been seeing a pair on CL, and I thought maybe they were your's? Too many speakers now (like that would be a problem)? I've used Dayton NPE's, and I've liked them. But I usually use a small Dayton Film&Foil bypassed across the NPE's too. Just a little extra boost.
  2. Filled Fillet Foam on AR-9 8" LMW

    Looneytune2001 sells a AR 8" surround. It's recommended for the AR-18, and others. AR-18 Foam But, he also has Boston Acoustic 8" filleted foam, which many over at Audio Karma suggest to use. BA Filleted Foam It does make me wonder if there's differences between the two, and which is best?
  3. Ar90 #2 recap

    I recently bought Bennic NPE's from Madisound. They did't have every value that I needed, so I had to order a few additional NPE's from Parts Express. The PE Dayton NPE's were slightly different in style, and a bit smaller than the Bennics. That surprised me, as I 'thought' Bennic made the Dayton NPE's. But, I guess not? Regardless, both seemed like good parts, and are working fine. Oh yea, Congratulations on the new 90's! Sweet. I'd like a 2nd pair too. Then I'd have at least one pair that worked!
  4. Picked up some more AR speakers

    Just trying to be thorough.
  5. Picked up some more AR speakers

    I think I'll just stick with Rust-Oleum satin black. That makes my brain hurt less...!
  6. Picked up some more AR speakers

    Eastern Chem-Lac 37038 Lusterless Black H-8241. It's in the AR-9 Cabinet Plans that Ken uploaded. Cabinet Drawing 1 references Drawing 6, which lists the paint, in Note 6.
  7. Picked up some more AR speakers

    The stock Unicon brand of capacitors, in my 58S's, still seem to sound fine. So, if your 10pi speakers have those, you'd probably be good for a while. If Callins, I'd upgrade (replace).
  8. Couldn't resist! Now what? Franken-3a

    The guy I recently bought my AR-58S speakers from, was personally remodeling his kitchen too. Similar style and quality of work. Though, he went with the new black stainless steel appliances. That was my first time seeing that finish. It was very classy. Regardless, great work so far. Love the sink. Nicely done. Joanna Gaines would be proud! But, no pot filler? Shame on you.

    One disappointing thing about Ken's files,; there's no crossover schematic for Ken's own MGC-1 Magic speakers! Does anyone know if a schematic exists? I'd love to get a copy. Just for the speaker. I don't need the processor. Thanks in advance!

    Most of the AR crossover schematics can be found in Ken Kantor's Flash documents. Here's the link. AR Drawings As such, here's a resized drawing of your schematic.
  11. I don't like to cross-pollinate threads from different forum's, but I thought this might be of interest here? It's a curb side find, consisting of a pair of AR-3a's, and a single AR-3F? So, not knowing anything about an AR-3F, I thought I'd post this link to the AK thread in question. Maybe someone here, could help out there, or find this thread of interest? I do. The AK Thread. A Trio fo Vintage Soldiers... The speaker in question.
  12. Newly acquired AR-78LS

    I used these Parts Express binding posts, when I recapped my AR-90's. They were the same length and thread pitch, as the originals. They worked perfectly for me. As to recap's, that's a debatable subject. But, for my two-cents, I do it, and like the differences in sound, from fresh caps. I usually use polypropylene caps for at least the series values, then usually NPE's (Mundorf E-Caps or Bennics) for the shunt/parallel values. For my 90's, I used decent Mundorf poly's (EVO Oil). For my 58S AR's, I'm using ClarityCap ESA's for the 2 series caps, and Bennic NPE's for the shunts. The ESA's were on sale, and the final cost was around $65 for all of the 58S caps. I hope to finish the 58S recap this weekend. The 90's have been recapped, but I'm refinishing the cabinets too, and that might push that project into the Spring. Good luck.
  13. Newly acquired AR-78LS

    Wow, free AR-78LS speakers. I could get used to a problem like that. And glad to hear that you're liking them so far. My recently acquired AR-58S speakers surprised me as well. Dynamic, with a smooth, even frequency response. Very good speakers. Also, here's a AR-78LS crossover schematic, if needed.
  14. AR 9 Crossover Rebuild

    I know I'll finish them soon. I've just been working through some health issues (herniated discs, kidney stones), that keep plaguing me! One step forward, two steps back, lately. But, I do a little here and there, as I can. More a labor of love, than a race, I suppose? So, the 90's will be finished, when they're finished. I'm patient. Doing it right. But sometimes it feels, the Mundorf's I've used in the recap, will need replacing again, due to old age, before this is over with!