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  1. Would go well in a room with oriental themed furniture. Just what I should make for my 10pi's. Thanks for sharing your pics.
  2. Vern, Glad to see you back. Missed seeing you around the forum. Haven't posted much lately myself, but usually stop by every day or so just to see what is going on. Looking forward to seeing you about again. James
  3. Ran across these over in another forum. One is a scan of the AR-1 instruction sheet and the other is a scan of a hand drawn crossover network dated 1957 on AR letterhead paper. Thought some of our members in the know could tell if these have any value to be posted to the library. Took a look see and did not find them in there currently, or maybe I just did not know what to search for.
  4. My wife was just standing over my shoulder and I told her you actually meant "Nude Pictures of Free Speakers". Wait, she just left. Please post pictures now..
  5. I use Howards and like it. But I never use steel wool. A Danish furniture dealer put me on to using bronze wool instead, which can be picked up at a local hardware store, such as Ace. Also can get your Howards there also.
  6. Gee Frank, Now I know why I can never find a pair of LST's out here in the west. Everyone ships them back east for you to buy. I may have to travel out your way someday if I ever want to hear some in person. Good luck on your never ending quest for the "Wall of LST's" (feel free to use the title). James
  7. Frank, I actually have a VERY UNDERSTANDING wife. Otherwise there is no way she would allow me to have the following toys: Receivers 22 Amplifiers 7 Pre Amps 5 Int Amp 2 Tuners 7 TT 5 Cassette deck 15 R2R 4 8Track 1 CDP 6 EQ 2 Reverb 1 Speakers 35 pair [AR's 14 pairs- 10pi(1), 3a(2), 2ax(5), 4x(5), 94s(1)] If I found a pair of LST's she would allow me to have them also. '53 Jag XK120DHC '67 Dodge Charger '74 Dodge Charger '01 Dodge Ram 2500 QC LB '05 Dodge Magnum R/T M1911-A1 I take all of the garage, multiple systems in every room. Must be love as we just passed 16 years married last week. As for your rules, of course I would strictly follow all of them, after all I was a very squared away Marine and know how to follow orders, oh Master of Listening, Director of The Play List, Great OZ, etc etc....
  8. Hey guys be careful out there. This wild weather is making things dangerous. Glad to hear you are both OK. Looking forward to the Advent library but your health is always more important. Take care one and all. James
  9. Listen here you AR ‘bass-slam’ nut-job I've just about has enough of......... Just kidding Frank . Always enjoy your view point. May not always agree but still enjoy the read. As of this time my AR's may be a little underpowered but that doesn't detract from my (or the wifes) listening pleasure. One pair of 3a's are currently doing service in my living room via a ST-70/Pas-3/FM-3/XA setup that I mostly play jazz from a local college station or jazz and classical via the TT. The other pair is in the master bedroom coming off a Yamaha CR 2020. Plenty of power there (not as much as your PL of course) but the wife and I still prefer low to moderate levels. She has sensitive to loud volume ears but still enjoys what she describes as warm sounding the music that we listen to. If I ever get a chance to get out to the east coast from the west I may have to co0me by to let you demo your LST's for me. Heck, I've never even seen a pair in person yet. Until then keep enjoying yourself and the music. James BTW I have no idea of what I am talking most of the time
  10. Not to go too far off topic, but is there a way to contact MSound off of ebay as I no longer have an account there and feel no desire to renew it. Need to pick up surrounds for 3 pairs of 2ax's and 1 pair of 10pi's.
  11. Glad you like the sound, but if you have hooked them up in parallel and are running a 4 ohm load on an amp rated for 8 ohms, not good. Here is a good read on the subject: http://audiokarma.org/forums/showthread.php?t=60386
  12. The Yamaha R-9 has A & B speaker outputs which makes it easy. I am running a Dynaco A10/A25 stack off my little Dynaco ST-120 amp so I did have to hook that up in parallel. Make sure your amp is rated down to 4 ohms be fore you do. Debating now whether to run my newest 2ax/4x stack through my Dyna 400 or the Fisher 800B. Sounds good with both but much warmer with the tubed 800B. Have fun.
  13. Vern, Thanks for the info. I didn't know if Dynaco had a particular pre-amp they had designed in conjunction with the 400. I know many manufacturers did. Currently I have: PAS-2x with a ST-70 PAS-3 with a ST-70 PAT-4 with a ST-120 Maybe will look for a PAT-5 for the 400 and keep it in the Dynaco family. Thanks again. Will talk to you later. James
  14. I will be picking up a Dyna 400 amp this weekend and was wanting to find out what the era/date appropriate preamp from Dynaco would be for this amplifier? How about the same for a tuner to keep the whole setup as era appropriate Dynaco? Thanks for any info. James
  15. Mark, First of all I think it's time to find a better interior designer (read that to mean one who appreciates classic beauty such as that found in vintage AR speakers). Two, forget about making two trips to save the speakers, have the girlfriend carry the other one. Promise her a new outfit and a matching pair of shoes to leave her 'old' clothes behind. That way the speakers and the girlfriend are both saved. Now it's a win-win situation. James
  16. Do a search of the AR forum. They did make them and there is mention of them in a couple of posts. Made I believe in the Teledyne era. Can't tell you much more but others more knowledgable will be chiming in. Give them time.
  17. draftingmonkey

    A couple concerns

    Joe, When you are composing a PM, before you send the message go all the way down to the bottom of the page and check the "Add a copy of this message to my sent items folder " box. That should save your message in your sent items directory. James
  18. While I have a couple of ST-70's a Pas-3, PAS-2x and an FM-3 that I am trying to find the time to do some upgrades/modifications to, the gear I use the most is surprisingly a ST-120/PAT-4 with a Technics ST-7300 tuner running through a stacked pair of A-25/A-10's. Usually plays quietly in the background while I am online or trying to lie quietly in the dark with a migraine. Stays tuned to my local college jazz station.
  19. Here's a couple. Only happened to notice it as they are posts that I had added photos to. http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Boar...?showtopic=3869 http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Boar...?showtopic=3957 I agree about how well everything seemed to tranfer over. The little glitches we can deal with. BTW, I like your classic architectural detail photo on the home page.
  20. Mark, Have been cruising about. Things are looking good. One thing I notice is that it seems that not all the the images that were posted in some of the discussion topics have made it over to the new site. Just wondering if this is a burp or an action still in progress. James
  21. You need to make sure when you attach a photo that you specify a jpg or whatever type you are using. The last two attachments were specified as txt files so I can't see them.
  22. I have been using an XA for awhile now and do not seem to have any problems. Maybe bad hearing or a lousy system. Even using a Grado Blue stylus and I don't hear any of the renowned Grado hum I read about everywhere. Maybe I need to get my ears checked. Anyway, has anyone checked out the Vinyl Nirvana forum http://www.vinylnirvana.com/index.shtml. Lots of info on AR turntables including various mods to improve and/or upgrade them.
  23. Charles, Looks as if it would be OK. There are a number of places on-line to get surround kits. Someone more knowledgeable may chime in with who has the best. Check out the video at Speakerworks Northwest on refoaming. Watch the video and then decide if it may be to much work. It actually is not that hard to do. I only started a couple of years ago and now have done quite a few myself. The first time is always the scariest. Good luck. James http://www.speakerworks.net/repair_video.html
  24. ...there all alone at the SA I stopped at on the way home. The badges are missing and using my micro flash I could see through the grill that the woofs need new surrounds but I figured for the price (under $40) it might be fun to play with. (As if I need another winter project LOL). I went into the library and downloaded the info on the AR-94. Since I did not see anything for the 94s what is the difference between the 94 and the 94s. Thanks for any info. James
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