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  1. There are one each on eBay now.
  2. Just got a pair of EPI T/E 120s. They have the original tweeters but replacement woofers. The woofers are Daytons I'm told. Haven't verified that as yet. They sound nice to me. Haven't measured them, as I don't have an app as yet. I read up on them on the Human website but there's just a brief mention in the history section. Any information or experience anyone can share? Brian
  3. There's a pair of CD 7s in the NY area that have been on CL for months. I think he's asking $120 for them. I can't use them but maybe somebody here can. I searched on Central Jersey and added other areas. Brian
  4. The AL 115s are older. Bellingham, MA was one of the locations of the company when Roy Allison owned the company which was before 1994. He sold it in the early 90s. By 1998 the company was in Kentucky. They sold factory direct which is why you were able to order a "hybrid." Are there any marks on the backs of the tweeters that might indicate the system for which the tweeter was intended? Maybe the tweeter in the AL 115 was not the original but replacement from another Allison speaker system I belong to the Yahoo Allison Group and they have indicated that it is not a good idea to put a tweeter from a three-way system into a two-way system due to differences in frequency range and the cooling material used. Maybe a former owner of the AL 115s swapped out the tweeter.
  5. No, I bought a pair of AL 125s and a pair of 110s from Allison, KY back in 2000. I did not get them for that good a price. The AL 115s I bought off of CL but they are KY editions. My NL 1440s I bought from a store in Canada that sells used audio gear. I found them on a Google search. The price was great because of the currency conversion but the shipping brought up my final payout. I have the NL 1440s on bookshelves in my LR.
  6. Yes, Bill, I am aware of the NL654. I recently posted the NL brochure on the Yahoo website. There was also the NL 5400P subwoofer of which there was one recently posted on CL but someone must have bought it because the posting is already gone.
  7. Oh yeah, forgot to mention. I have AL 115s as my side surrounds and an AL 110 as my CC. Looking to use the second AL 110 as a single rear surround but haven't set it up yet. Need to move some things around in the basement listening room.
  8. Cool. I didn't know the AL 115 came in a marbleized version. Is that a KY AL 115? By the way, a few people baled from the Yahoo group about the same time you did. Also, I scored a Electronic Subwoofer through a fellow member. He picked up an A1 on CL and he didn't the want the ESW that the seller had. Paid a little more than I wanted but supposedly it's new old stock. Expecting delivery tomorrow, 9/6. We'll see.
  9. Hey Bill, I see those surrounds and center speakers are your NL 1440s. What's with the marble looking finish on the surround? I have a pair and they are a smooth lacquer finish. Brian (From Yahoo Allison Group).
  10. Toasted Almond, I know I'm late to this game but any chance you still have the RA Labs Mini-Reference? I live in Hamilton near Exit 7A
  11. Dude go to the home page of this website. Click on Library, click on allison, there will be an item that says allison 1983 and 1989; click on this it will give you brochure that describes all the allison AL series including the 115. Also, click on reviews. You'll see a Stereo Review Magazine Review of the Al 115 from 1994. Go to your library and see if they have the issue.
  12. AL 120s do not have a midrange speaker they have a tweeter and two woofers inversely mounted. It considered a 2.5 way speaker as the crossover points allow one woofer to act as a mid/woofer. Thee is a brochure explaining this on this website. So you may want a 6 inch woofer not an allison midrange speaker. good luck, Brian
  13. I just thought of this. Go the homepage of this website. Click on Library. Click on Allison. Click on Other. Click on 1983 and 1989. Two pages will appear. Click on the page marked 1989. This lists the AL series with pictures of the speakers with their grills off. Look for the one that matches your speaker. Brian
  14. The AL 120 did not have a mid range. Are two of the speakers the same size, but one with its cone facing into the box (the magnet is facing out) and the other with its cone facing out? If so, it is an AL 120 and considered a very good speaker. You also said it had a serial number. Doesn't the tag with the serial number indicate the model? Brian
  15. Based on the dimensions they appear to be AL 120s. If you take off the grills, are there two woofers and a tweeter? If so, they are AL 120s.