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  1. i'm holding off on commenting further in this thread until i hear back from Gene.
  2. yet again you dodge the issue and rather than address it, you make only accusations against your detractor. it's plain what your bias is, whats mine? doesnt answer the question does it? so he did an end run, why should i care? widespread acceptance... within certain niche circles to be sure, but i never heard of Toole until you began chanting the mantra here. "better" as an objective term... i cant see how you can quantify that. i challenge you to do just that. another dodge. the zaphaudio link i countered when you first posted it, and you've yet to respond to that counter. i'm going to wade through a series of posts to try and glean what you may or may not be referring to, i'm asking you to definitively put down right here so there is no question, your definition of "accurate". if its all so cut and dried in your mind, you should find it easy to address any skepticism with straightforward responses. so start from the beginning, disassociate your inherent bias against AR and answer the following; what makes Toole an authority on anything? why should i give more weight to what he thinks is "better", than to what i think is "better"? your definition of "accurate".
  3. that last comment of yours, another back-handed swipe at AR that reveals an underlying bias against their contributions to audio. why do you care so much what Toole says, more importantly, why should i care? what makes him the final authority on anything? consider this: the only listener preference of any real importance is that of the individual. define accurate.
  4. substitute "less" for "poor" and "worse" when compared to contemporary designs, then i'm with you, but i'll also say that not as much high frequency response and dispersion may very well be "better". specifically?
  5. other than to stir the pot, have you got a point?
  6. i dont know how i could have helped, but i'm glad if i did. i understand your choice with relocating the crossover now. though as you say a bit messy, it is much more convenient. as to the tweeter, i am confident that it is original. to make sure you can check the part# stamped on the back - 200029-1.
  7. wow, very nicely done! i am thankful that my 9's needed only simple driver replacements. what was your reasoning for relocating the crossover external to the cabinet? was this made necessary by the added bracing, or was it part of the plan from the beginning? i too found that removing the chrome from the woofer grills to be a cosmetic improvement. as for the drivers, the tweeter in the pic looks like it could be a non-original replacement (i dont see the tell-tale white ring around the dome).
  8. not much more in the way of AR in part 2 of the interview, but its out now. http://www.affordableaudio.org/aa2010-06.pdf pg. 15
  9. saw an add for ZT Amplifiers just now. very cool!
  10. in addition to the 92's (if you can find them)... 91's or 98lsi. or you could go big with the 9lsi or 90.
  11. CSP member VINTAGE-AR (Larry) sells AR drivers and he might have some. for lack of anything else, you could try making your own from thick felt...
  12. for me its the overall balanced sound. AR speakers of the classic era do everything well, no one aspect of the sound overpowers the others. even with the prodigious low end that is a characteristic of many models, the balance from top to bottom remains intact. far too many speakers are either so lacking or dominant in one part of the spectrum that their obvious absence of balance makes for a disappointing experience. add to that their "natural" voicing and you get a speaker that never fails to deliver a very satisfying sound.
  13. according to the AB Tech Services site it can. http://www.abtechservices.com/arspeakers.html
  14. the library here at the CSP has the manual; http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library...ls/ar-9_manual/ might not be of the quality you are looking for....
  15. interesting info on the L3, its a shame when you realize how much was left in engineering. i've read somewhere here that the MGC-1 bass performance was not what KK had in mind when he developed the speakers, but that the powers that be at AR did not want it to outpace the low end of prior AR great speakers, so he had to compromise and use dual 8" drivers. i knew the addition of a sub wouldnt count, i just couldnt think of any possible contenders to the crown without using one. i have no qualms about giving the not to the 9, its the one i would have picked as well. i think the AR9 lives up to the hype, but is also a greatly misunderstood speaker as well. several years ago, and over several different occasions, i have compared the 9 directly in the same room with the Tannoy Berkeley, Vandersteen 2c and a host of other speakers. against the Tannoy and Vandersteen, i was a quite surprised and a bit disappointed with the 9. in the words of one of the others who was there on both occasions; "the 9 got its ass handed to it". since that time i've taken steps to place them as well in my room as it will allow, and to drive them with adequate amplification (at some point in there i also replaced the mid-bass drivers which had been improperly re-coned). on hearing my current configuration, the guy who made the above quote agrees with me that neither the Berkeley nor the 2c would best the 9. i have heard many times where people have come away from hearing the 9 less than impressed. in each case they were either underpowered or not placed correctly in the room (and on at least one occasion they had mechanical problems). the 9 is not easy to get setup for optimal sound and because of that sometimes get classified as a less than stellar speaker, however no one who's heard my current configuration thinks that.
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