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  1. nefertem

    Needing Sage advice for AR17 woofers

    Thanks Ra.Ra. that is what I meant for the most part I got mine at Lechmere after they were discontinued from the other audio stores these are mine after Dr Frankenstein aka me did a upgrade
  2. nefertem

    Needing Sage advice for AR17 woofers

    Ra.Ra Good afternoon I like your reply do you know how many different 8 inch woofer AR used up unit they left Massachusetts I remember my original 93 used two different ones for the midrange and two for the base smaller brother to the 9s Thanks Tim
  3. nefertem

    Needing Sage advice for AR17 woofers

    The ones in the 93s had squared magnets
  4. nefertem

    Found AR3 mid dome inside an AR2a

    Cool probably a assembly worker either did that early in the morning or trying to hide a screw up and didn't want there supervisor to find out
  5. Peter do you want tubes or solid state I had a Marantz 7T for a few months and it had issues this was in the 80s so be sure everything is in spec and no issues
  6. nefertem

    Black Friday Road Trip Yields Bargain AR 90's

    Great find😰 my Dream Speakers when I was 17 Enjoy
  7. nefertem


    Definitely go with the ARs
  8. nefertem

    Ar-11 woofer

    Hi everyone I have known Vincent from Audioproz for about over 20 years and he is very knowledgeable about the vintage audio as he used to work for Scots there a YouTube video here Thanks Tim
  9. nefertem

    subwoofer crossover, what is this?

    TraeCat that cabinet looks like a AR the Turntable before the top has been cut out for the T Bar and Arm mount
  10. nefertem

    How not to sell AR speakers on Craigslist

    My Dream Speakers but we all have to remember that you need a good size room to appreciate them and the Boss could always veto bringing them in the house or Apartment
  11. nefertem

    Repatriated AR collection

    Glad to have you back in AR Land and Red Sox Nation
  12. nefertem

    Introducing the Bosar 903a tower speaker...

    Hi Stu I liked your previous speaker setup with all AR Speakers
  13. nefertem

    AR93 EQ

    Hi Ra Ra I am spinning Jefferson's Airplane Surrealistic Pillow reissue Grace and Marty vocals sounds unbelievable
  14. nefertem

    AR93 EQ

    My AR Turntable