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  1. Hi Pascal I remember seeing a pair of stands for my nephew ADS speakers that are almost the same on a website I would check over at audiokarma website
  2. My friends aunt had those but I always prefer the original 9s
  3. There's a good possibility that those were made by Bravox in Brazil
  4. Sometimes it is just better replacing the driver
  5. Tom that was very informative do you of any modern 12 in woofers that are close to specification for AR3 owners that might have no other options in restoration
  6. . I would be concerned if you are paying more for used woofers than buying new ones for the same price or less
  7. Yes I upgraded the crossover also the ohm load just changes the impedance as for my two bass woofers they are in parallel
  8. After refreshing myself with your speakers . I remember wanting those when I was just starting out in AR Land. If you were to go with the scanspeak you would be very happy the parts express has good drivers too but they are almost as much as the scanspeak treated woofers I found over the listening experience with my system that the more modern woofers are faster in response and the sound stage is more detailed especially with female vocals and more forward I previously replaced the tweeters too
  9. I made a mistake in my first post it really brings the sound stage more forward I really have frankenspeakers with AR 93 cabinets
  10. I used these woofers with very good results in my AR 93 midrange https://www.madisoundspeakerstore.com/approx-8-woofers/scanspeak-22w/4534g-discovery-8-woofer-4-ohm/
  11. I believe Bravox in Brazil 🇧🇷 made drivers for MB Quart
  12. Thanks Ra.Ra. that is what I meant for the most part I got mine at Lechmere after they were discontinued from the other audio stores these are mine after Dr Frankenstein aka me did a upgrade
  13. Ra.Ra Good afternoon I like your reply do you know how many different 8 inch woofer AR used up unit they left Massachusetts I remember my original 93 used two different ones for the midrange and two for the base smaller brother to the 9s Thanks Tim
  14. The ones in the 93s had squared magnets
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