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  1. nefertem

    Braun L810

    Hi everyone I have a Nephew that has a early pair of the Braun L810 and I am going to help him complete his stereo system with a Turntable and new receiver (not going vintage because he wants streaming capability when not spinning vinyl) I updated my crossovers in my ARs a while back and not knowing a lot about the crossovers for this brand if they work should I just leave them alone? Or buy new caps? Also I have advised him not to play it too loud because of the midrange and tweeters thanks everyone
  2. Lakecat couldn’t you just build a second speaker and crossover seeing you have the original drivers already
  3. I wouldn’t blame the cats to much it looks like the spider just disintegration on its own I am not sure if Vincent at Audio Proz in Watertown could have some vintage woofers in stock
  4. Hi Kenyer I think that is a fair price not a steal but not overpriced like I have seen the AR 3s on EBay going for(not knocking anything on the AR3s but I love the AR 9 series)
  5. Lucky the spider is disintegrated go to Madison Sound or Parts Express for a replacement Dr Frankenspeaker needs to do surgery
  6. Hi Daniel one of my favorite bands to show people my AR 93 (your AR 90s Baby Brother)is a Jazz Fusion band from Germany called Passport I bet they would really open up the soundstage with your speakers
  7. Daniel very nice i am so jealous i bet the soundstage is awesome on those
  8. Hi Giorgio i wonder if Scanspeak or Seas made the Drivers for AR
  9. Hi Frank i made a audio recording on my samsung s9 sitting in my sweetspot my system consist of a AR Turtable 80s with a Sumiko arm and A pair of AR 93s Mod with Vifa tweeters and scanspeak midrange's i will post some photos later i just realised when recording this my microphone on my phone was facing me so that is why the recording sound like that l will try a different Album later Lonnie_Listen_Smith_sd.m4a
  10. Nice did the seller mention the name of the Stereo Store
  11. Hi Pascal I remember seeing a pair of stands for my nephew ADS speakers that are almost the same on a website I would check over at audiokarma website
  12. My friends aunt had those but I always prefer the original 9s
  13. There's a good possibility that those were made by Bravox in Brazil
  14. Sometimes it is just better replacing the driver
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