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  1. Thanks Robert, I wish Larry the best of holidays, and will wait patiently for his return 😊 BRgds Klaus
  2. Just found the answer: "This seller is currently away until Mar 20, 2019, and is not processing orders at this time. You can add this item to your watch list to purchase later." BRgds Klaus
  3. Dear All "Vintage_AR" shop on ebay.com is empty, has he moved to a web-shop outside ebay, or is he temporarily out of business?? I need 2 woofer adaption rings for mounting newer smaller version 10" woofers in an old set of AR.2Ax, didn't Larry use to have those on stock?? Hope that it is not something serious. BRgds Klaus
  4. KlausDK

    AR LST crossover

    Thanks Roy, I never had a problem with mine, I replaced the fuses with new, when I got mine 10+ years ago. I use original Bussmann Fusetron FNM2 fuses, hard to get by here in Europe. BTW I apologize for errors in the text in the above post (now corrected, but visible in Roy's quotation , looks like I was drunk when I wrote that (and I was not!!! ); Must have been the autocorrect function on my phone. BRgds Klaus
  5. KlausDK

    AR LST crossover

    Very interesting fact that the fuses can cause degradation of the sound. However, bearing in mind how unobtainable/expensive the tweeter are, I would never play mine w/o fuses installed. BRgds Klaus
  6. Hi What is it you think is strange, other than the fact that somebody removed the dustcap?? BRgds Klaus
  7. KlausDK

    AR LST crossover

    It is due to the transformator in the LST cross-over, which is not a part of the 3a cross-over. Early versions of the LST did not have the large Capacitor, but they blew a couple of power amplifiers, since the speaker impedans (due to the transformator) went towards 0 with lower frequencies, thus the capacitors were installed; same goes for AR-LST2 and AR 10Pi. both with transformers in the cross-over. Later a 10 Ohm resistor was added i parallel with the capacitor. BRgds Klaus
  8. KlausDK

    AR10pi Crossover

    A little off topic to your question, but what are you planning to do with them?? BRgds Klaus
  9. KlausDK

    Masonite Ring

    I find the early type wider ring much more comfortable for gluing the sorrounds on to. I ordered a buch of masonite square large enough to cut the rings from. Cut inner before outer ring, I agree. What is available at Lowe's Home Depot is hard for me to tell, since we don't have them here in Denmark. BRgds Klaus
  10. KlausDK

    Masonite Ring

    The masonite ring needs to be in place for correct operation of the woofer, I have seen several woofers, where it was removed, probably in relation to a refoam by a person with less than adequate knowledge of AR-woofers. I make the ring myself from a piece of masonite, you can get the dimensions for the intact one. As far as I remember, the thickness is 3.4 mm, here in DK we only have 3.2 mm, which is what I use. On the picture the ring is fixed for gluing, this is the early type woofer with the broader ring. BRgds Klaus
  11. KlausDK

    AR9 woofer or not?

    The masonite ring seems to abscent as well, but who knows what speaker is pictured here? The floor is also different from picture in the CL ad. BRgds Klaus
  12. Hi Luigi Nice work!! Richard from Australia has, helped by a couple of friends here on the forum, previously oploaded a drawing of the 10Pi cross-over schematic, you can take a look to see if they look alike?? BRgds Klaus
  13. KlausDK

    AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    I love the look of your room, I feel instantly at home surrounded by all those speakers and drivers BRgds Klaus
  14. KlausDK

    AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    Really nice work on those 12's Glenn Regarding new fronts, this is also a possibility, and yes, the edge of the foam could have been cut nicer: Foam Grill home made BRgds Klaus
  15. KlausDK

    Worth it?

    AR 98 LS I'm pretty sure, you need to refoam both woofer and lower midrange. Great speaker, tonegan units (probably), on the very edge of the decline of the classic AR. BRgds Klaus