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  1. Replacement woofers for the New Large Advent can be found for $84.50 each at AB Tech Services. http://www.abtechser...mntspeaker.html If you find used New Large Advent woofers that need foam surround replacement, that is easily done yourself or George and Alison at http://stores.ebay.c...Stereo-and-More do a professional job. To stack Advents put one upside-down on top of the other and wire them in parallel.
  2. I used to run 200 wpc Phase Linear 400 with no problems. Of course there were two amps and stacked double New Large Advents so even at 100dB the needles on the VU meters barely moved.
  3. Pete, I finished a 22K 6dB version for a friend to run between his preamp and power amp and upon listening neither he nor I can discern any difference. Is it possible I fried a component with too much heat from the soldering iron? On some of the connections I only placed a heat sink to protect the nearest component. Would that cause a lack of audible difference?
  4. For some reason the picture I posted of the circuit in diagram form no longer shows. Here it is again, attached. I have to build a new BSC for between a preamp and amp as a friend needs one for his system.
  5. Also, what EQ is available? Will REW do the job?
  6. Are these test tones available on a CD or must I download a program and run them through a computer? I have NCH Tone Generator. I would much prefer running them through my system from the CD player than from my laptop which has questionable sound card quality. I suppose I could make a CD of test tones using something like the NCH Tone Generator.
  7. Obviously, the stacked Original Large Advents cannot sound good according to one set of measurements. I think sprucemoose in the AK thread has a good question about how they sound. There is a reason why people are told they must audition loudspeakers, preferably with the components they will use, to find those that sound good to them. My setup includes stacked New Large Advents in a 11'9"x15'4" room with bass traps in the corners and absorption at wall and ceiling reflection points and behind the listener. The baffles of the speakers are 63" from the front wall and the center of the baffles are 39" from the side walls and 63" from each other. The interface of the cabinets in the stack are at listening ear level which is just outside of the near field (72"). I also have PeteB's 6dB "BSC" in the tape loop. I think this setup sounds good. I listen to alot of music with it. However, I also know my hearing is compromised. How one's hearing relates to measured frequency response is worth exploring. I have a RS digital SPL meter and would like to put it on a tripod at the listening position and measure the frequency response of the system. What source is recommended to play the frequency spectrum?
  8. It probably can't sound as good as an original woofer, but it might not sound all that bad either.
  9. I'm currently running two 200 wpc amplifiers into stacked double Advents. More power always helps with peak material. It is when an amp is driven hard without sufficient power (clipping) that speakers can be damaged. If you are concerned about speaker damage one can always fuse them, do a search here. Either of the amps you cite would drive Advents nicely. Also consider the Cambridge Audio Azur 540A V2, Music Hall A25.2, Jolida JD1301A, and the Onkyo A-9555. http://www.stereophile.com/integratedamps/907onk/
  10. See attached. double_advent_system.pdf
  11. jackfish

    Baby Advents?

    A closer look at the AK Advent identification thread reveals the following: Sounds like you might have Babys not 1002s. Advent 1002; badge is lower center Click here. Baby Advent; badge is lower right Click here.
  12. Other than having some lingering problems with my room which I will address with some more acoustic treatments, I would have to say that, yes, the Advents become less apparent with the BSC. Advents are pretty good with proper placement to begin with. But when you locate them into the room yielding an incredible soundstage the BSC really helps with the sound. I'm really appreciating my vinyl right now and can't wait to get my HK Citation Eleven back as it should provide another improvement. I don't know if this mom and pop is organized enough to know what they even have in stock, except that when you ask for something the old guy seems to know where he might have it. If you want you could PM me and I could give you his phone number. I'm sure he would welcome the business.
  13. Pete and Marty, I have all my materials together to build my BSC, but my problem is finding time right now and I know I'll have a few questions before I proceed. I know I won't get to it for about a week or two, but if Marty really wants to hear the loaner BSC, and the 6dB unit is appropriate, I'll mail it. If you want it PM me your address.
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