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  1. Scoup, the picture of your AR9LSi demonstrates the beautiful wood finish AR went to after the experimentation with plastic in the early 80's. My humble opinion is the drivers appear on the surface to be nearly identical between the AR9LS and AR9LSi, but as you can read in this forum, there was a harshness in the original design many found to be unpleasant. I'm not an audio engineer, and have never heard the AR-LST, but can tell you when I listen to the AR9, I just smile. They disappear in the music. I do have a pair of AR9LSi sitting in the garage, waiting for a spot in the house. I like to believe I'm one of many who requires more rooms in my house VS having too many AR speakers. No matter what, the LSi's are a spectacular work of art simply from the wood finish perspective.
  2. I went through this process on mine as well and tried an alternate method of isolating the caps in place and building an external board with new caps which was wired into place. Not sure there is a great method around the way the crossover is mounted, but an external board allows for future rebuilds without having to touch the original. I included a pdf detailing what I went through in this post: Not pretty, but the speakers still work great. Good luck with your project. The AR9LSi don't get the respect the original AR9's get, but are truly wonderful speakers.
  3. The grills (and cabinets) look fantastic. I did mine last year but did not retain the beveled edge. After looking at these. I'm thinking they may get a redo. Very nice
  4. briodo

    AR 58S

    Nice job pulling the mid dome out. Those have always been a challenge for me, due to family genetics with small fingers trying to "pop the bubble". My family is the reason why Dynaco had metal screens over their domes...
  5. thank you for capturing the pics of AR9's being sold for less than $200. The seller was very kind in returning my text letting me know they had already been sold. To a person with sharper eyes than mine! I keep telling myself it was not meant to be...
  6. yes, they already sold for less than $200... https://denver.craigslist.org/ele/d/yamaha-surround-sound/6556688430.html But you can still get the surround sound system for $65
  7. If I had a nickel for every time I told my wife: "but honey, these will be the last pair of AR's I buy, and I mean really this time". We only live once...
  8. Welcome to the forum and I personally want to share that the speakers you purchased represent the very best AR offered at that time in the 1980's, While I can't solve your question of "how much to invest", I can tell you that I have spent 40+ hours restoring a pair of AR9LSi's that could be twins with the one you purchased. They suffered from finish failure (polyurethane peeling) to foam surround and crossover rebuild needs. No matter what anyone says, the cabinets are where the work is required if restoring to like new. And yours look very nice compared to what I started with. The AR9LSi sounds fantastic and while I have never compared them directly with my AR9's, represent the same room filling capacity with the right amplifier. I'm a big fan of Crown XLS series amps and my XLS2002 runs these with ease. You did not show pics of the screens, and that's where the challenge lies for this speaker due to the complex design of the frame. Mine need to be redone and these are the only speakers I own that give me a pause due to the depth of the frame requiring stretching beyond my knowledge and google searches. I paid $150 for them 8 years ago, and they go for $500 and above now, indicating they are not going to lose their value. They will fill your music room with authentic AR sound featuring bass authority which very few speakers are able to duplicate. I wish you luck with your decision.
  9. What a wonderful picture. There is something about the walnut finish and lovely linen fabric that I find builds anticipation for the sound. AR9's have a unique and endearing sound, but the classics bring me back to how early hifi shaped the music we listen to today. AR3's at a family friends house in the early 70's opened a whole new world for me. Thanks for sharing
  10. LOL, I consider myself enlightened and entertained at the same time. Will promise to do better with my research and eat my vegetables! I did not know that design had a board mounted at the front... Thank you both for taking time to respond so graciously.
  11. Just saw the thread and picks on AR-1 by DKinYORKpa. Something is not right with this Craigslist speaker...
  12. Just curious if this is an original AR-1W driver. I thought they used the standard 12" woofer with flat sides? SN 4028 http://chicago.craigslist.org/chc/ele/5785792947.html
  13. Just a note to follow up on the Michaels Tea Linen, as I had to repair some grills for a family member with high strung puppy who tore through the original linen. It turned out to be a close enough match for me. I've included a picture with (left to right) original AR7 and AR3a linen, AR2ax with new Michaels covering, and the original linen from the AR2ax with holes from the puppy paws. Fortunately the dog is no longer a puppy, so I'm hoping they should be safe from another incident.
  14. Have to share the link since these never seem to come up that often. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NICE-Vintage-Pair-of-AR-LST-Studio-Speakers-NO-RESERVE-Acoustic-Research-/222217854704?hash=item33bd375ef0:g:kUYAAOSw-itXrpme The picture showing the LST mounted high on the wall is impressive to say the least.
  15. Great idea to use Michael's Tea Linen material. For the price, it will suffice on a pair of AR2ax needing the second pair of screens due to pet issues. While it may not be an exact match, your approach with bleaching solution gave great results and appear to match the original fabric... I'm impressed with your results!
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