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  1. Should I do this?

    Damn you Frank! I'm going to have nightmares about that abomination!
  2. 1967 KLH model 5 refurbish (1967?)

    Lookin' good!
  3. Major Upgrade to The Classic Speaker Pages Forums

    Mark, this is a terrific service you provide! Question/comment: I don't see any way to jump from the forum Home page to the Library. Am I missing something? Can you add a tab up top where it shows Forums, Calendar, Staff, Online Users? Also noticed the posts are no longer numbered. Sometimes it's convenient to say "look at Post #127". Can this be added?
  4. Old electrolytics were often marked with their tolerance: -10% +75%. Draw your own conclusion
  5. 1967 KLH model 5 refurbish (1967?)

    Helpful note from Roy: "I've found those KLH 5 (and 23) switches to be troublesome. . . . They need thorough cleaning when they are not damaged beyond repair."
  6. 1967 KLH model 5 refurbish (1967?)

    I think they looked for the best buys. Rumor has it HK used to buy surplus parts on Canal Street in NYC. If they could save a few cents on caps they did. Makes it confusing for us though. -Kent
  7. 1967 KLH model 5 refurbish (1967?)

    Ha! I TOLD you they're confusing! So it's not just me. I think I posted an incorrect parts list the first time I worked on these. Look at the black "2uF" cap. It's just like the larger red one. There is one black wire (common) and two red wires. If it were being used as two 2uF caps the reds would be soldered to different points. But the 2 red leads go to the same point, so the two 2uF caps in that tube have been wired in parallel. FWIW I have never seen black in a KLH either, Usually it's a white crinoline-type fabric. Maybe they changed the material they used or maybe someone has been in there before (the Mortite caulk looked pretty fresh in your photo. Usually it turns to cement after half a century). Kimpac btw is paper and kind of crumbly so I usually replace it with cloth such as crinoline. Allison speakers used fiberglass window screen (at least that's what it looked like). Kent
  8. 1967 KLH model 5 refurbish (1967?)

    Nope. That layout is exactly like mine. The 3uF is right. The 2x2uF is paralleled to make a 4. The 2x4uF is two 4uF caps. So you need to but three 4uF, one 3uF, one 16uF and one 25uF per speaker, See before & after below. They're from 2 different speaker sets but they're virtually identical. You can see the three 4uF and one 3uF clearly on the after shot (ignore the unnecessary blue "bypass" cap). The cloth behind the woofer is like Kimpac in AR speakers--it keeps fiberglass out of the woofer. I suspect the black scrim "may" muffle the HF somewhat. If I re-do KLH grilles I only use 1 layer but I would not recommend tearing apart good grilles. btw--I don't see the rubber insulators on your speaker terminal posts. Did you take them off? -Kent
  9. 1967 KLH model 5 refurbish (1967?)

    Hey Geoff Sorry. KLH and others made minor changes to things during production runs, so although the 4 or 5 Fives I worked on used the caps listed, I believe yours are different. There may be a logic for going with the later xo. Presumably this was an improvement. Virtually all classic KLH speakers had the sheer black scrim under the grille cloth. -Kent
  10. 1967 KLH model 5 refurbish (1967?)

    Please check the caps carefully. As I said, the originals can be confusing because KLH used double caps in these--2 capacitors wrapped into one package, An in some cases a dual 4uF is wired like 2 separate caps while in others a dual 4uF may be wired in parallel to make a single 8uF. It threw me off at first but I'm quite certain the shopping list above is correct. -Kent
  11. KLH various model rankings.....

    I think that does include the screen printed panel but the memory is a bit foggy Below is a list of caps and resistors per speaker. As I mentioned, I replace all the old 5w resistors with 10 or 12w. Plain ol' wirewound resistors are fine. Mills are nice because they're small but they're expensive--$4.25 each and you need a total of 10. Madisound has some Eagles that are nice but the values are not quite right. PE has 5, 10 and 15 ohm wirewound for $0.78 each but not 6 ohm. You'll have to use one of their "precision audio grade" resistors for the 6 ($1.38). I would use the cheapest film caps. Carli caps from Madisound are good but the values are slightly off. Daytons from PE are fine. They don't have 16uF but 15 will do or use 15 + 1 if you're OCD. You can also use Madisound 10uF surplus caps paralleled with others. Schematic is here: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/klh/klh_5_klh_model_five/klh_5_schematicsservice/klh_5_schematic_2.html#previous-photo -Kent Caps:3uF3) 4uF16uF25uF Resistors:56102) 15
  12. KLH various model rankings.....

    Hey Geoff So is it the point-to-point, on a shiny aluminum panel? (the PCB has 7 holes). I don't recall exactly how I removed it but looking at photos yes--there are 4 screws and I assume there was either a gasket or sealant to maintain the acoustic seal so you may have to pry a bit (and replace it when re-assembling). Looking at my photos, it's a 2-layer deal. I'll attach a photo but it's not the best. It looks like the black aluminum panel that the speaker terminals attach to was glued to the back of the cabinet on the inside, and that needed to be pried off. One caution: The 8-32 machine screws used for speaker terminals are installed through the aluminum panel. Dumb. They are insulated with rubber grommets so be SURE you reinstall them with the insulators! Hope this helps. Kent
  13. Repro Metal labels: KLH, Advent, AR

    Thanks John btw, the "3"s are gone. I also have some cheap Chinese knock-offs of the DakaWare knobs used on AR pots. Photos below show an original and a knock-off. -Kent
  14. Yet another 4x saga

    Looking forward to pictures. I noticed your logos are the rather rare type with recessed lettering filled with red paint. Nice. Those will clean up nicely. Ice huh? Hate that. We're having blizzard conditions here in the Appalachian mountains of northern NJ. -Kent
  15. Manual is at hi-fi engine (Mk I version). 95 wpc into 4 ohhms.