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  1. The Electronic Subwoofer

    Tom Tyson knows more about these than do I but yes--they do work with other acoustic suspension speakers. There are settings for different Allisons but they can be translated into AR, KLH etc equivalents. Tom uses it with an AR 303 and, I think, AR-3a. I use it with the AR-91 and the effect is virtually unnoticeable but I want to try with my AR-4x. I think the difference with a good 8" should be much more pronounced. Take a look at the brochure I posted above. It discusses where the ESW can and cannot be used. The 12db boost starts at 35.5, 41 or 48Hz so for speakers that go very low normally (AR 12" woofers) the 35.5 is appropriate. Allison says the 41 point works for the Allison: Four (8"). I'd try that or the 48Hz for the AR-4x or KLH 8" speakers. The effect is subtle--there's not that much going on in the 20-35Hz range. It's NOT like those THUMPA THUMPA woofers you hear in cars at stop lights I don't "need" another but the handwritten note by RA was enticing!
  2. WTB AR3 Tweeter

    Contact chris1this1 http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?/profile/179217-chris1this1/
  3. The Electronic Subwoofer

    Cool! Hope you snatched it up! I recently bought a 2nd one, to use with my AR-3a's
  4. For Sale: Small Cape Cod house in good condition. Also have in back yard: Swing set, vegetable garden, Ferrari, Porsche.
  5. “ AR-LST, after Forty Six Years of Use”

    David The fuse blocks I have are Ferraz-Shawmut part # 30311. Looking through ebay I see some in the UK: 5 pieces for 14.68 GBP. Search ebay for "5 x 30311 Gould Ferraz Shawmut Mersen fuse block 30A 600V" What is the part # you're looking at on Mouser? -Kent
  6. “ AR-LST, after Forty Six Years of Use”

    David, I may have fuse blocks. Will check and let you know but shipping may be an issue. Cheapest looks like about $14 USD or £10.40 GBP so not much of a savings. -Kent
  7. Model Six w/ Janszen 130

    I'd say why not give it a try? The Microstatic tweeter array was intended as an add-on for early AR and KLH speakers. So your JansZens "should" work well with the Sixes. I'm just starting work on some Sixes now and will try them with Microstatics when complete. -Kent
  8. KLH Model Six

    RIGHT YOU ARE! I should have known that. Even though I couldn't see any components in that chunk of epoxy I chipped away at it and it broke like ceramic. Embedded in there were 3 more resistors and a double 2uF cap. And the caps are bad. So in addition to the 8uF "UltraCaps" I'll throw in some Madisound Surplus 2uF Mylar caps. Getting the plate off was a nuisance and getting it back on (and retaining the airtight seal) will be a chore. I HATE those metal plates KLH used. Each of the THREE terminal screws has to be isolated with rubber shoulder washers. Just a stupid design. Will be posting some photos eventually. Thanks Jessi -Kent
  9. KLH Model Six

    Nope. I didn't see any of the stuff ar_pro mentioned either Also didn't see your AR coffee cup.
  10. Kutztown?

    No! I didn't see any of that stuff I arrived about 11:30 and wandered around and around until 3. Saw a pair of AR-18s that did not tempt me but NO other AR stuff. Saw "some" Dynaco but no ST 70s. Think there was a quad integrated amp, a PAT-4, a Mk III and 2 pair of speakers. The only KLH I saw were the Model Six speakers. Was all that stuff gone by 11:30? If I go again maybe I need to get up earlier. And I still think we need a way to identify other CSP guys. -Kent
  11. KLH Model Six

    So I was at Kutztown and saw a pair of Sixes. They looked kind of sad so the seller said "The cabinets are rough and the tweeters don't work. Five bucks". So I couldn't resist Got them home (no easy feat: 3 hour drive in a 2-seater) and had to tear into them. Some initial impressions: These are NOT the epoxied-in versions but they are fairly early (SN 95544 & 99166) so they do have the 3 terminals on the back. Cabinets may not be that bad: water marks, a few chips, corner dents and what look like scorch marks. All can be fixed. Both Masonite grille frames are broken but the nice cast badges are there. Both tweeters work! Crossover is not like the one shown in the Model Six manual (in the Library). I've only opened one but it has an inductor, one 3 ohm resistor and one 8uF cap (well, the cap is actually a double 4uF, typical of KLH). It's a crappy old paper cap so I suspect that's the cause of the non-working tweeter although the toggle switch may also be the culprit. Has anyone seen a crossover like this in a Six? I don't even understand how it works; if there's only one cap and one resistor what does the 3-position toggle do? Seems to me there should be some more caps and/or resistors. edit: This IS like the crossover shown in the manual. See follow-up posts below. So the plan is to patch the dings in the cabs (probably with brown epoxy), replace the caps with some 8uF "Ultra Caps I got a while back from Apex Jr, squirt some De-Ox-It in the switches and fire 'em up. Will post pics and progress. -Kent
  12. Kutztown?

    9:30 AM: Headin' out the door! 2 hour drive but it's a nice day so it'll be top-down in the ol' 'vette. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6:30 PM: Back home. Jeff--I looked for your AR mug but didn't see it Saw some nice old radios, some nice classic-era components and a whole lot of junk. Had hoped to find glass for the meter on my Weston tube tester but no such luck. Picked up some vacuum tubes. Then as I was leaving spied a pair of KLH Model Sixes. I wasn't going to buy them but the seller said "well, the cabinets are rough and the tweeters don't work. They just need crossover work. 5 bucks". So who could resist? One went in the trunk and one in the passenger seat. I'll write up the resto in the KLH section but I'm concerned that the tweeter fix won't be a simple re-cap and new L-pad job. The caps may be oil and the level control is a toggle switch so we shall see..... -Kent PS: Started a thread here:
  13. Kutztown?

    As of today (Monday) the outlook for Friday in Kutztown is mostly sunny, high 71° I'm takin' the convertible! -Kent
  14. Here's a new replacement but it's $90: eBay item number: 162909738235 (I have nothing to do with this seller) -Kent
  15. Kutztown?

    Anyone going to Kutztown this year? If the weather's nice I plan to take a ride out on the 11th. We should have some way for CSP members to recognize each other. Flower in lapel? Fedora hat? Groucho glasses? Maybe we need a secret handshake. -Kent