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  1. Interesting stuff (well, maybe only to AR geeks like us). Going off on a slight tangent, here's a question for you, Roy. You wrote You're familiar with my ar-3/3a conversion but to briefly recap: They were 3s but I could only salvage the cabinets and cloth-surround woofers. You provided some very nice AR-11 mids and I used the Hi-Vi tweets. The crossover was pretty much built from scratch as a late AR-3a xo. The only mod IIRC was the addition of a series cap to the tweeter. I'm using the #9, 2.85mH woofer inductor. Should I swap that out for something smaller? -Kent
  2. Great score! I'm guessing the woofers were replaced. But I agree. Let's see what Roy and/or Tom have to say.
  3. I'll have to give that a try on my KLH radio restorations. I see 2 problems in Geoff's case though: his chips are rather large and will require a lot of touch-up work Mohawk recommends coating the finish with lacquer--perfect for KLH radios and "some" KLH speakers but not good for the ARs
  4. http://www.speakerworks.com/resistor_L_pad_8_ohm_15W_p/resl8ohm15w.htm
  5. Welcome to the CSP! You can upload them to the Library Additions section http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?/forum/12-library-additions-and-corrections/ Where are you located? Bristol Electronics in NJ can get your center console working like new. -Kent
  6. btw, SpeakerWorks has the L-pads on sale for $3 each. Also check out their other crossover parts for some good prices.
  7. Geoff, I can see why you're torn. That IS a very interesting grain and the walnut veneer available today doesn't compare. But that's a LOT of patching. I use epoxy wood filler but I think filling those large areas with filler will look like crap. Glenn is very good at making jigsaw puzzle pieces to fit and you could try that if you have some pieces of old veneer lying around, but it seems like a daunting task. The problem of course is not only the number of chips and their weird shapes but also the irregular grain. Is there a place that sells veneers in your neck of the woods where you could go and hand select interesting pieces to re-do the tops? That may be the best bet. Hey--it's pretty amazing how much of those you WERE able to save. Good luck with those and keep us posted on your progress. Kent
  8. Welcome Jeff Howard Restore-a-Finish is meant for just the circumstance you describe--scratches etc. that don't tempt you to re-finish. http://howardproducts.com/restor-a-finish/ As for the sun bleaching I'm not sure. R-A-F does come tinted so maybe. -Kent
  9. here are some. No brand name though. The cone reminds me of Zenith omnidirectional speakers https://www.etsy.com/listing/174011571/pair-of-mid-century-modern?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=mid century speakers&ref=sc_gallery_4&plkey=bb48a1f3f8b2bb2ad50f756d5620084e52e1bdb4:174011571 Here's a pair with logos (scroll down to almost the bottom of the page). Identified as Philco and although the logos are on there, they're not clear enough to read http://www.automaticwasher.org/cgi-bin/TD/TD-VIEWTHREAD.cgi?51998_6
  10. Update: I now have genuine DakaWare knobs, exactly like those used on the AR-3 etc. I sell them you-know-where but will give a better price to CSP members.
  11. Yes. The shaft is 6mm, or just a tad under 1/4". btw--I have knobs listed in FS.
  12. ditto Larry & Gene. For your garage, I'd go with Michael's. And if I understand your post, that's what you used but just can't remember the source. It's called Irish Linen although it's now from Poland. It's in the needlepoint section. Maker is CharlesCraft, color is "Tea" and it's $7.99 for a 20" x 24" piece: http://www.michaels.com/10357706.html#q=irish+linen&start=23 With 40% off coupon it's about 5 bux. 28 count so a little on the fine side but nice. I recommend not soaking it, because it will shrink. Apply it to the frames first, then spray with water and it will shrink to be nice and tight. Of course the Wichelt 18 ct lambswool is the most authentic but I think it's too much for garage speakers. Only problem is the availability of the CharlesCraft has been a little spotty. If you get stuck PM me and I'll buy it here and mail it to you. It may not be a perfect match for the other speaker if you used the Irish Linen that was actually from Ireland on these but it's pretty close, and it's the garage, and you may have another mishap some time. Here are some AR-7s I did with the CharlesCraft fabric (sorta wish I still had them.....) -Kent
  13. They came today. 12 days from Bulgaria--not bad. They're just a tad bigger than the A-P pots, smaller than L-pads, so no problem there. Shafts appear to be steel and will have to be cut. I paid $19 including shipping for 2 pair (4 pots) but it looks like the price has gone up a bit. Still not bad IMHO
  14. Great score! I have 2a's with the same grilles, finished all 4 sides but mine are lacquered mahogany. The badges are screwed on. Nice sounding speakers. -Kent
  15. Welcome M2 Those are very cool looking! How doe they sound? I'm a sucker for real wood, and rosewood is almost impossible to come by. I'll bet Mid Century Modern fans would kill for those! Google "sinus speakers" and you'll find some stuff. -Kent