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  1. JKent

    Okay, these AR12 are awesome!

    I remember my first crossover rebuild: AR-4x speakers, purchased new in 1970. John O'Hanlon guided me through it and recommended using North Creek Zen caps. I think their other line was Harmony. I was pretty ignorant at the time but remember reading descriptions of bypass caps and cascading and being thoroughly confused. More recently I read the infamous "Humble Homemade Hifi" capacitor test. I'll admit I bought some Vishay 1837 caps for bypassing. Why not? Couldn't hurt--they're less than a buck apiece. Do I hear a difference? No. But YMMV. As for using pricier caps like the Cornell Dublier ($3) or AudioCap Theta ($6), I'm very skeptical. But if you think they're worthwhile, have fun experimenting.
  2. JKent

    Rectilinear XI

    Welcome Tom If you go back to the 1st post I mentioned using Roy's sealant on the woofer's cloth surround. This is the ONLY sealant that should be used on cloth surrounds. You may be able to get some by sending Roy a PM or just buy it from ebay seller Vintage_AR. -Kent
  3. JKent

    Snell E III

    Welcome Kamil I don't have Snells but I believe they are set up to bi-amp. I suggest you post a picture of the speaker terminal posts on the back. -Kent
  4. JKent

    AK gathering at Blue Mountain Lodge

    Please do. Thanks for arranging that, Glenn. It was good to put names and faces together. And your ebony veneer job on those JVC separates was beautiful! For the record, you don't look that much like Jerome Howard (aka Curly) Kent
  5. JKent

    ANOTHER KLH Model Five rebuild

    And yet another one: These were sent to me by someone who had seen a previous rebuild here. This one took about $30 worth of parts: Erse resistors @ $0.35 each, Erse metalized polyester film caps for the 4uF, some more surplus 10uF for the 16uF (with Erse 5 and Carli 1) and 25uF (with Erse 5).
  6. Heading out soon to the AK gathering in Peekskill NY. Hope some other CSP guys (besides Glenn, the organizer) will be there! -Kent
  7. JKent

    AR3 with no finish. Where to start?

    He's busy with life! I've emailed back and forth with Richard and in addition to his responsibilities he's taking some time to absorb what the experts here have to say. And "not to be disrespectful" either Cat, but these are rare speakers and I think Gene's cautious approach makes sense. Truth be told, I had suggested a stripper such as the soy-based kind or CitriStrip but as I said, a more cautious approach is warranted. Kent
  8. JKent

    Dynaco amp lovers!

    An update (no pun intended) on this: When I did my ST-120 I bought all the individual kits. Dan now has a complete upgrade kit and complete instructions, AND a YouTube video. Wish I had this when I did mine because IIRC I made one mistake. Check it out: https://www.updatemydynaco.com/storeindex.html#OPA1611X2
  9. JKent

    AR3 with no finish. Where to start?

    Hi Richard Let me be the first to say "welcome to CSP!" You and I have emailed about these and they are beautiful, rare and collectible examples of the AR-3! I'm sure Tom, Roy and others will chime in to advise you how to preserve these and enjoy them. That was quite a find, especially with the McIntosh components! Congrats! Kent edit: OOPS! Looks like Sam was typing while I was. So let me be the SECOND to welcome you
  10. JKent


    Welcome Greg! You've revived a 13-year-old thread! The AR-2ax's are wonderful speakers and from what I've read here the 2xa is the same speaker in the nicer (IMHO) European cabinet. Absolutely worth restoring. The woofers will probably need re-foaming. The one in the photo "looks" OK but will probably come apart if touched. Roy should be able to advise you on capacitor values and pots. The stuffing is probably the euro multi-color stuff that's not as nasty as American fiberglass. You will love these speakers! Kent
  11. JKent

    Sale price for Ar4x speakers

    I think you answered your own question, although some have sold for $150/pr or even less. I found a pristine pair in Goodwill about a year ago for $20. You could offer them in our "For Sale" section. Give your location and maybe a member will come and get them.
  12. JKent

    EPI 100V with Cambridge Soundworks woofers?

    Probably not. But maybe. When Henry Kloss was at CSW they made some nice acoustic suspension speakers. Maybe search for CSW Model Six speakers and see if that's the woofer you have. If so, maybe...... I wonder if Huw Powell at Human Speakers would offer free advice on that. Here are the woofers he sells for your speakers: http://www.humanspeakers.com/e/parts/001.htm
  13. Welcome Dolly Maybe post pictures? I never heard of those. Are they from Focus Audio in Canada?
  14. JKent

    KLH Model 23 Mod

    Hi TSJ The best wire for internal speaker wiring is tinned (aka marine grade) 18 AWG stranded. BUT it's not that critical and for those short jumps from the resistors to the switch it's no big deal. For the crossover you can use anything that looks close enough--don't go thinner. I'd use insulated wire to avoid shorting against the aluminum back plate. Resistors are meant to generate (and therefore tolerate) heat so no, they are not sensitive to soldering iron heat. Be sure to use a pencil type iron, 25 - 40 watts. Don't use a big ol' soldering gun. Kent
  15. JKent

    Stupid question on cabinet finishes

    I do that all the time, although the rep at Howard said not to but I think he thought I was using RAF over a hard finish. For oiled finishes it works well. I think the RAF sort of evens out the finish before using Watco. BUT they are 2 very different products. The RAF is not intended to be a finish. Howard recommends applying a wax (theirs of course) but Watco Danish Oil works very well. So does Minwax Antique Oil if a harder/glossier finish is desired. Hope that's helpful. Kent