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  1. JKent

    KLH 12 woofer vs KLH 5

    I'm not 100% certain but I think it will be OK.
  2. JKent

    KLH 12 woofer vs KLH 5

    Hey Boreas It's 10 years later and I know a bit more about the Five and Twelve (Sorry I can't help with your current question). The Five and Twelve did NOT use the same woofer. The round magnet woofer in your picture with a double-thick magnet is from a Model Twelve. The woofer shown below is from the Model Five. The only Twenty-Three I've been into had the square magnet like the one you are trying to replace. IMHO the double magnet Model Twelve type would NOT be a good choice but the Model Five type MAY work. Kent
  3. JKent

    AR Tweeter replica/replacement

    How do you know that? I have never owned the 10-Pi or 11 but I do have the 3a with cloth surround woofer (as I understand it the 10-Pi is a more modern 3a). Als\though I love the 3a I wouldn't say they beat the 91s in the bass department. I suppose YMMV
  4. JKent

    KLH Model Twenty Plus - Manual & Repairs

    Welcome Jemilroy The Model Twenty Plus is exactly the same as the Model Twenty except for nicer cosmetics. Don't have a manual but here are schematics. -Kent hfe_klh_twenty_twenty_plus_schematics.pdf
  5. JKent

    HeathKit AS-103 repair questions.

    Welcome BurnFX! Nice find! The Heathkit cabinets may be somewhat nicer than the ARs. Question: Are you sure you need to re-cone the woofers and not just re-foam? Re-coning will change the sound and may not be worth it. Just sayin' Many members recommend Rick Cobb (ebay seller looneytune2001} for foam surrounds. Ask for the "filled fillet" style surrounds. I also recommend shims and dust caps for the best repair and ask for the white water-based glue--NOT the solvent based stuff. Or use Aleene's Tacky Glue. You are lucky to have those Dynaudio drivers. They are excellent "may" work well in your 103s. If not, you can sell them to get $$ for AR drivers. The D28s have sold for as much as $279/pair (used) and there are D52s on ebay now for $175 each. When looking for new drivers, remember the AR-3a, 10pi and 11 all used the same mid so you have some flexibility in shopping. Post a "Wanted" ad (free) in our For Sale/Wanted section and you might get lucky. I went with Hi-Vi tweets. You could source original 3a tweets but they are mostly failing. Your Dynaudio tweets "may" work (see what RoyC says) or maybe see if member Chris1This1 has any rebuilt 3a tweets for sale. IIRC, the Heathkit pots were superior to the corrosion magnets used by AR so you are probably in good shape there. Of course, you'll want new capacitors. I'm attaching the Heathkit AS103 Assembly Manual and be sure to consult the AR-3a restoration guide: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/acoustic_research/original_models_1954-1974/original_models_schematicss/restoring_the_ar-3a/ Good luck and keep us posted! Kent Heathkit AS103 Assembly Manual.pdf
  6. JKent

    What type of load is the AR10Pi ?

    Oh--sorry. Should have realized your question was more complex.
  7. JKent

    AR-92 3.2 ohm amp

    Welcome Shinden I looked at the JVC manual and it appears that if the impedance drops too low the amp will go into protected mode. The light will flash and it may shut down. If you do decide to try, run only ONE pair of speakers. Assuming the people you spoke to at JVC are knowledgable technicians and not just service reps it would seem you "could" run the ARs if you don't over-tax them but they won't really "sing". Why take that chance? Buying a new, inexpensive amp that can comfortably drive low impedance loads, such as a Crown, will do MUCH more for your listening pleasure and equipment well-being than will over-priced esoteric wires (sorry for the dig but IMHO expensive wires do nothing but lighten your wallet). https://www.crownaudio.com/en/product_families/xls-drivecore-2-series I agree with David, although from reading the manual it seems unlikely there would be any smoke, just degraded sound. 4 ohm AR speakers like a lot of clean power. -Kent
  8. JKent

    What type of load is the AR10Pi ?

    Is this what you're looking for? http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/acoustic_research/add_series_1975-1978/add_series_brochures/ar-10pi_brochure/ar-10pi_brochure_pg4.html#previous-photo It says "4 to 16 ohms nominal, depending on switch position"
  9. Here's another thread: http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/acoustat-model-4-with-subwoofer.739012/ There are others. Just takes a bit of searching.
  10. Welcome slk Those ARs could make many of us cry. If you decide to try to save them you'll get plenty of help here. The 2ax is an outstanding speaker but they will definitely need work. The tweeters and mids probably won't work due to corroded pots and ancient capacitors so just clamping some plywood to the outside won't do. They need to be rebuilt from the inside out. Here's a thread on the passive sub: http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/acoustat-sub.242739/ Here's what JoeESP9 wrote: The SPW-1 has 4 six inch woofers in a ported box. It is a stereo sub with a shared cabinet. It was originally sold as an option with the Spectra 22's. The crossover has a switch the engages or disengages the internal 100Hz low pass crossover. The sub has an in room response to around 30Hz (-3db point). The subs crossover works with the crossover built into the interface units in the Spectra series panels. They have a switch for full range or above 100hz operation. There are pass through 5 way binding posts for connecting the SPW-1. A full range signal is always sent to the sub. During normal operation with one stereo amp the panels crossover is set for above 100hz and the woofers crossover is set for below 100hz.
  11. JKent

    KLH Model Fives I got a few months ago.

    Lookin' good! Glad to know all is working well! Kent
  12. JKent

    Dynaco amp lovers!

    Here's the Stereophile review of the AkitikA GT-102 power amp: https://www.stereophile.com/content/akitika-gt-102-power-amplifier Here's the last sentence: "Super-highly recommended." Some people in the "comments" section say that Emotiva gives more bang for the buck. My original post was not about the complete amp kit per se but about my satisfaction with updatemydynaco.com. I love the instruction manuals, email support and all the clever updates for aging Dynamo gear. If you have an old Dynamo that needs updating, this is your source! -Kent
  13. JKent

    KLH Model Six

    Thank you! The earliest Sixes had epoxied-in tweeters and woofers, and the fabric was wrapped around the front baffle. Virtually impossible to get into. Thank goodness these are later ones! Of the speakers currently on hand I'd rate them: AR-91 AR-3a KLH Model Five KLH Model Six But it's a pretty close race.
  14. JKent

    Quickie: KLH Nineteens

  15. JKent

    Quickie: KLH Nineteens

    No. I'm no expert on filters so maybe someone else can chime in but single-driver designs typically have filters to shape the response curve. Below is a photo of the LCR filter from a KLH Model 708 (the 708 is identical to the 21 extension speaker or the 11W speaker except for the screw terminals and this filter). Also have a look at Zaph. The 2nd photo is a Zaph design single-driver speaker I built. As you can see, it has a pretty sophisticated filter network. Here are the plans: http://www.zaphaudio.com/audio-speaker18.html btw--this is off on a tangent but the single-driver project was a lot of fun! I have a friend who works in a stair-building shop and he gave me cut-off pieces of an oak newel post. I asked him for some solid oak to make end pieces and built the little satellites shown. They're smaller than Zach's specs but this is what I had available to work with. Then I found a nice Celestion subwoofer at Goodwill. It worked but one of the front covers was missing so I asked my friend for 2 more pieces of oak, which he cut to size and even made the front curve like the original plastic. The sub/sat went to the friend's son so I then built another sub/sat, this time with a Polk sub from GW and maple sats to give to his other son. And thanks for the kind words Robert.