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  1. AR speakers & lots of speaker parts

    Sorry--all gone except a couple of 9 series mids and a nice pair of complete AR-91s Kent
  2. That doesn't mean he didn't make an honest mistake. Or, as dxho says, it could be the drivers.
  3. 12 inch Woofer Surround fix

    Or..... Do what I did. I bought a pair of nice AR-91s a few years ago and the woofers had been very sloppily re-foamed. The glue was the solvent-based stuff and it was glopped all over. Also, the roll was pinched. So I packed them up and sent them to Bill LeGall at Millersound. I had them back in no time at a very reasonable cost and very professionally done. Perfect. Although I've re-foamed many speakers, whenever I have something difficult and/or valuable (Cizek KA-1s), I send them to Bill. -Kent
  4. KLH Model Six Restore

    Hi willcee and welcome! To quote "Lost in Space"; "Danger Will Robinson! Danger!" Do NOT use watered down caulk or any other "home remedy" out there. The good news is, there IS an authentic product available. CSP (and AK) member RoyC has cooked up an authentic butyl sealant. You could PM Roy or just go the easy route and buy some from ebay seller Vintage_AR. Roy supplies the goo for him. You may not even need it. Once the restoration is complete, push in on the woofer. If it returns slowly you're good. If it springs right back there is an air leak and a likely culprit is the cloth surround. If you buy Roy's goo apply it sparingly. Keep us posted. Kent
  5. AR-2ax Project

    I just checked your thread on AK. Glenn is GD70, so you already know him. If you have a place for them the 2ax's will give a lot of listening pleasure and the bonus is the satisfaction you get from DIY. -Kent
  6. C. Victor Campos

    Victor Campos on the KLH Model Thirty-Three
  7. AR-2ax Project

    Nice! Yes, those woofers have been changed. Maybe Roy will comment on any implications for restoration. That corner bash could be filled with epoxy but it looks like the perfect candidate for a patch. Glenn's your man for advice on that. Nice that the "a" logos are intact. They're hard to find and I just sold my last reproduction with no plans to get more. You "may" be able to clean up the linen. I'm not optimistic but it may be worth a try. Search a bit or wait for ra.ra or some other member to chime in. I think some have used very dilute bleach and/or OxyClean solutions. Then you'll probably want to clean or replace the pots. L-pads work great. And new capacitors--one 6uF and one 4uF per speaker. I like Carli film caps from Madisound. You can get a 3.9uF (close enough) for $1.35 and a 6uF for $1.80. Besides being cheap, Roy says the ESR of these Mylar caps is closer to the original electrolytics' values than are the various poly caps.
  8. AR-2ax Project

    Welcome Michael Photos will be helpful. Here are pics of one of my 2ax projects: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/acoustic_research/original_models_1954-1974/original_models_pictures/ar-2ax_pictures_from_jkent/ar-2ax_pictures_from_jkent__3.html#previous-photo Best grille cloth is 18-count linen in "lambswool" from 123 Stitch. That's covered in the AR-3a Restoration Guide. Be sure to download it and read it. The 2ax was a "little brother" to the 3a and much of the information is applicable to your project http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/acoustic_research/original_models_1954-1974/original_models_schematicss/restoring_the_ar-3a/ Another grille cloth option is the 28 count Irish Linen by CharlesCraft. http://www.michaels.com/10357706.html#q=charlescraft+linen&start=1 Many (not all) Michael's craft stores sell it. It's about $8 a roll and you need 2 rolls IIRC but Michael's always has 40% off coupons (and sometimes 50 or 60%) so figure about 5 bux a speaker. Not as nice or as authentic as the 18 count from 123 Stitch but much cheaper and not bad. That's what I used on the speakers pictured in the link in the first paragraph. Corner damage can be repaired with Mohawk Epoxy Stick, or you could do a jigsaw puzzle patch like Glenn does. I have repro AR Inc badges. PM me if interested. This should be a fun and worthwhile project. One bit of bias: This forum is your best bet for AR restoration advice. Many of us are also members over at AK and we value that forum but CSP really specializes in vintage AR. -Kent
  9. Hey MoPhoX Those front-wired tweeters are a dog to work on and not a good project for a first-timer. I agree with ra.ra about preferring back-wired tweeters and when I put Hi-Vi tweets in my AR-3a's I back-wired them. Here are some suggestions: Yes--you "may" have wrecked your tweeters but don't throw them away. CSP member Chris1this1 is a fellow New Jerseyan and apparently the only person on the planet who can rebuild the original tweets. You can have yours rebuilt or do what I did and donate them to him (he'll cover postage). To temporarily test your Hi-Vi tweets, scrape/sand the black paint off the front tweeter terminals (to get a good electrical contact) and wire the Hi Vi tweets. Back-wire them with #18 AWG wire. No need to solder--use crimp connectors on the Hi-Vi's. Don't permanently install the tweets but touch the new leads to the clean & shiny front terminals and see if you get sound. If you don't you can try rotating the Hi level pot back & forth several times to try to rub some corrosion off. As has been mentioned, you may have bad capacitors too. When you do put the speakers back together you can disconnect the tweeter wires from the back of the front terminals and connect those wires to your new wires on the Hi-Vi, using wire nuts. Ask questions and post pictures. btw--it was not the thin leads that caused the lack of sound. 18 wire is recommended because that's what the internal wiring is but the tweeter will work with hair-thin wire. Something else is wrong so you have to work methodically to track it down. The easiest first step is to be sure you have a good solid electrical connection from the Hi-Vi to the front terminal. -Kent
  10. Nice collection Matthew! How do you like the 28s? You would probably get more responses by posting in the KLH section (even though there are Advent & AR speakers in there). Cheers from a fellow Kloss fan! Kent
  11. ar3a midrange vs ar11 midrange

    They're the same. The 11 has a thicker mounting plate and the screen is silver color, but it's the same driver. I have a pair in my AR-3a's. Kent
  12. AR-6 Restoration

    Hey--there's a pair of AR-6 speakers on ebay now for only $1,740.00! Grab 'em!
  13. What's the impedance on the Advent/1?

    Well thanks for the information. As I said--I'm no expert on Advent. Based on your response I did another Google search and found the Advent/1. They are 8 ohm speakers. Apparently there was also an Advent 1 (with no slash). Confusing. -Kent
  14. What's the impedance on the Advent/1?

    Welcome thompw. I don't claim to be an Advent expert but AFAIK there is no such thing as an Advent/1. "The Advent Loudspeaker" aka the OLA was 8 ohms. -Kent
  15. Quality binding posts

    So he could replace just the nuts? That would be a whole lot easier!