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  1. Advent 400 table radio

    An update on the 400, in case anyone plans to re-cap theirs: There are 15 electrolytics (including the NPE in the speaker). They are gray jacketed and some are marked Unicon. They're 40 years old, so this time I replaced the ones on the amp board and the tuner board. Here is a list of the caps, along with the measurements of the ones I just pulled. When I replaced, I went up one step in voltage ratings (replaced 16v with 25v, 25v with 35v etc) and used 105 degree caps if I had them on hand. Replaced the speaker cap with a PIO. Those guys sure liked hot melt glue! 1000uF 35v radial (measured 1081) 220uF 35v radial (measured 290) (3) 100uF 25v radial (measured 133, 135 & 139) 47uF 16v radial (measured 66.4) 10uF 25v radial (measured 13.13) 10uF 16v (measured 14.46) (4) 10uF 16v axial (measured from 14 to 18) 2.2uF radial (measured 3.56) 1uF 50v radial (measured 1.47) 1uF 50v axial NPE speaker cap (tossed before measuring)
  2. EMI Speakers

    We were all in the same place once. I'm not an expert, but a typical crossover may include an inductor, a resistor and a capacitor. Inductors are also called coils or chokes and are abbreviated L so a crossover may be described as an LCR type. There's no R in the EMI. If you wanted to replace the cap in an EMI you'd have to extract it from inside the coil. I don't know how easy that is so I'm inclined not to do it. I don't think an over-powered amp will hurt any speaker, as long as you don't accidentally crank it up to ear-splitting (and cone-shattering) levels. Plenty of people here advocate using kilowatt amps to drive their classic AR speakers even though an AR amp will do just fine at only 60 watts. It's usually clipping that can fry speakers and that's caused by too little power, not too much. But you CAN blow up any speaker by being stupid. I don't know what the output of the KLH table radio is but I'm sure it's less than 5 watts and probably more like 2.
  3. EMI Speakers

    Welcome jayrosc! Who knows? Maybe we'll start an EMI following here The only info I've found is the ebay buying guide linked above. The author of that piece said the jacket around the cap is the inductor. Interesting setup. He also wrote that modern solid state amps will destroy the speakers. I doubt it, unless someone is stupid with the volume control. I can say that these do seem to be particularly well-suited to low power tube amplification. As shown above, it works beautifully with the little tube amp in the KLH radio. In fact, I can only turn the volume control up a little bit--about the 8 o'clock position--before it gets way too loud! Nice speakers. -Kent
  4. EMI Speakers

    If you want one that's fully restored send me a PM. -Kent
  5. Welcome Mike I think tearing into the speakers is preferable to the damage the problem may be causing. I'm not at all familiar with these but it looks like that back panel comes off, so it may not be too hard to get inside, look for loose wires and inspect the crossover. If you do, please post pics of the innerds. -Kent
  6. AR Remote Control

    Hi Roger Sorry to hear that. If you are interested in tinkering, I have an SRC that I recapped and it "did" work perfectly until some mishap (still not sure what) blew the ground foil right off my preamp and also seems to have damaged the SRC. Now the remote receiver seems very temperamental and I can't get full volume. If you want to use it as a parts donor for the other one or vice versa send me a PM with your address and it's yours. -Kent
  7. EMI Speakers

    The "toosie roll" I used isn't a Mohawk but it's virtually the same. Thanks for the Famowood lead. I'd never even heard of it, but just ordered a small can to try it out. btw--if anyone else wants to try it, go to the Walmart site. They have the 1/4 pt can on closeout for under $7 with free shipping. -Kent
  8. EMI Speakers

    Thanks Robert. Wish I could get some other members interested but these aren't New England speakers--they're "Olde England" The effort to repair the water-damaged cabinet is coming out "OK". Not great, Just OK. I tried to fix the badly swollen particle board by jamming some epoxy in and clamping it tightly, but when I removed the clamps the epoxy just split. So the bottom of the cab flares out a bit. I filled gaps and cracks with brown epoxy. Used the "tootsie roll" kind that you knead in your hand. It's good for many spots but not so much for edges. For those I like the more liquid epoxy, tinted with Mixol and poured into a form made with a masking tape dam. I will have to touch up some of the edges using that method. After filing down the epoxy I sanded everything lightly with 220 grit. I'm always afraid of going through the veneer and sure enough, I did in one spot. Touched that up with a brown permanent marker (hope it really is permanent). I cleaned the cabinet with lacquer thinner (I believe they were lacquered) then used Dark Walnut Howard Restore-a-Finish. Of course now I won't be able to lacquer the cabs but I think Minwax Antique Oil (similar to Tung Oil) will give a nice finish. This cabinet is now lighter than the other, with a more pronounced wood grain, so if I decide to re-assemble it (as opposed to just parting out the driver) I'll have to do the same treatment on the other cabinet. Some photos to illustrate what's described above:
  9. Cizek HTA "High Tech Aspirin" Model AR11

    Follow-up to this thread: The High Tech Aspirin series included 3 subwoofers: Model 117 8” dual voice coil sub Model 232 12 inch dual voice coil sub Model 234 12 inch dual voice coil active/passive sub You can read the brochure in our Library here: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/cizek_2/cizek_brochures/ None of the subs include an amp but the "active/passive" one is set up for bi-amping. I have the Model 117. Like the sats it is solid oak. Gotta love Cizek! And like all Cizek speakers it has a a sophisticated crossover. This one is an LCR with 100uF and 280uF caps, 4 ohm resistors and unknown value inductors. The 4 ohm long-throw woofer has dual voice coils. Foam on this one seems good, even though the "woofers" on the sats had foam rot.
  10. EMI Speakers

    Update: Well, the one water-damaged cabinet is proving to be a real challenge. Not sure if I'll ever get it to look acceptable. It's surprising how little info there is on these. Made in England by EMI. EMI speakers were used as studio monitors in Abbey Road. According to the above-cited ebay article these are best paired with vintage Quad tube amps. It goes on to say this regarding the 630: "note the later black capacitor on-board LC x.o. shows it's the 5 watt RMS 630 (10 watt USA) and a red capacitor with a green basket is the 8 watt (16 watt USA) RMS 650. These watt ratings are for tube amplifiers and early Solid State, modern amplifiers are best not connected, as they're too powerful and may easily damage the alloy cone from over excursion, or ruin the speaker." I don't know about that but it got me to wondering about using these with low-powered tube amps. As it so happened, I had just finished re-capping a KLH Model Eight radio and decided to test the EMI with that. Now, I live in the Appalachian Mtns of northern NJ, surrounded by hills that were once mined for iron ore, so reception is abysmal. And, I always take my radios to a pro for alignment and general check-up. Haven't done that yet, so I wasn't expecting much.......... Fired up the Eight and managed to find an NPR jazz station from the Hudson Valley. WOW! I love the Model Eight but this is something else! One piece featured the Hammond B3 organ. Incredible. This weird elliptical coax that looks like something salvaged from the package shelf of your father's Oldsmobile really sings! I love this speaker with tubes! Maybe if I can only save this one it will motivate me to finish restoring a little Grommes mono tube amp that's been collecting dust
  11. Mirage 260 re-foam

    Most people haven't. Generally speaking, Canadian speakers are excellent. Think I read once that the Canadian government subsidized speaker research. Anyway, if you're skulking about garage sales and thrift shops and spot some Canadian Hi-Fi it will usually be a good choice. I found some Paradigm speakers in the Sal once for about $10. They made a nice gift for my cousin-in-law. Caveat: I mentioned to my tech that "all Canadian hi-fi is good" and he asked whether I'd heard of Electrohome. Apparently they took a bunch of out-of-work lumberjacks and tried to turn them into electronics techs. -Kent
  12. AR Grill Badge Numbers

    btw.... It's been mentioned before but for newbies: KLH at one time considered a marketing slogan "It's not perfect, but it's Kloss." Henry's name was pronounced like "close" (it did not rhyme with Koss, a headphone manufacturer)
  13. Mirage 260 re-foam

    Hi ra.ra. The rings are foam, glued on to the gasket Nope. Just a little adhesive. These are ported, so the drivers don't have to be sealed. I never tried putting it under. The originals were over.
  14. EMI Speakers

    Reviving this ancient thread. I came across a pair of EMI 630 speakers and took a chance. Unfortunately, one cabinet is pretty badly damaged, so we'll see... Here is a site in Hong Kong, selling a nice pair of these for HK $12,000 (that's about $1,547 USD). http://www.antiqueaudioshop.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=70 Apparently there is some cult following for the elliptical coaxial drivers. This ebay "buying guide" discusses the 630 and the coaxial driver but I find the narrative semi-incoherent http://www.ebay.com/gds/Rare-EMI-speaker-chassis-oval-elliptical-tweeter-B-W-/10000000010079859/g.html Here are some preliminary shots of mine. Heavy walnut-veneered cabs. Metal (!!) grille, single coaxial driver, cheap terminal screws. There is a single capacitor, enclosed in a cloth-sleeved inductor. Not sure how to replace the cap, or what the value is. I'm trying to repair the damaged cabinet but if not successful I'll just try to sell the drivers. More photos to come..... -Kent
  15. A friend asked me to re-foam these speakers. I was not familiar with them but they turned out to be pretty nice little 2-way ported speakers. Braced cabinets covered in black wood-grain vinyl. The tweeter is a Danish-built Vifa D19TD-05. The 6.5" woofer just has the Mirage part number and "Made in Canada". I did not change the xo caps: 10uF and 6.8uF. They tested OK. Checked a couple of suppliers for the surrounds but Roy suggested 6.5" Infinity surrounds that he's had a lot of success with. The originals were the "filled fillet" style but the Infinity foams seemed like a better fit. I like to use clamps. And shims. I cut and "hinged" the original porous cloth dust caps and re-used them. After everything had dried I fired them up. Nice sounding speakers! -Kent