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  1. WTB-3a badges-long shot I know.

    Hey Glenn The original 3a badges are solid brass, so no rust. Use some paint remover or just buff them with steel wool. I've cleaned up really bad looking ones. -Kent
  2. RAMSA WS-36

    Hi Florian Not an English speaker forum--New England, as in USA But others are certainly welcome! My problem is I have no first-hand experience with these. I think you should look at the size and if at all possible audition them. But then again, we're talking background music and ambiance--not critical listening. If you think the physical size is OK and they will fit with the decor... maybe. With all those woofers and the horns on top they "look" more like disco speakers than jazz. I just don't know. Sorry I can't be of more help. Good luck with the restaurant!
  3. AR-6 crossover

    Bienvenue Grish If you have never done a foam job before, I would advise that you NOT use the glue that comes with the Simply Speakers kit. It is solvent based and very unforgiving. You can use Aleene's Tacky Glue https://www.amazon.fr/Aleenes-Tacky-Colle-usage-Royaume/dp/B00178KLEY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1508193112&sr=8-1&keywords=aleene's+tacky+glue The Tacky Glue is white, water-based and dries clear. If you make a mistake you can wash it off. You can spread it around with a finger if you want. Clean off any excess with water. If you don't align the foam correctly just pull it apart (before it dries). Some re-foam kits come with white PVA glue, which is virtually identical to Aleene's. Those cabinets may be birch. Don't know what the green stains are but maybe you can get them off with lacquer thinner or maybe very light and careful sanding. -Kent
  4. Allison One Tweeters...and a woofer question

    Sorry. Should have paid better attention. No disrespect to newandold but I think (hope) we may be pleasantly surprised. Who would do such a horrid thing?
  5. Allison One Tweeters...and a woofer question

    I'm confused. Why did you send your tweets out for repair if it's not possible? And FWIW, that's what they used to say about AR-3a tweets.
  6. Allison One Tweeters...and a woofer question

    What's the big secret? If it's Chris, I'm confident he knows what he's doing. RoyC tested Chris's rebuilt AR tweeters and proclaimed them to be very good. High praise indeed!
  7. Allison One Tweeters...and a woofer question

    Several years ago I was looking for tweeters for my Allison: Fours and someone on the Yahoo Allison group suggested the Audax TW025A2 1" Textile Dome Tweeter, 4 ohm. Madisound has these. Turned out I didn't need them because I was able to find originals but that's becoming difficult.
  8. Allison One Tweeters...and a woofer question

    Member Chris1This1 has been very successful rebuilding dead AR tweeters. Is he doing the Allisons?
  9. My L710 Restoration

    Glenn's method is better. My suggestion is easier. Depends on how much work you want to put into them. I was responding to "What's the easiest way to get a nice even finish on these?" Just be really careful when sanding, especially on the edges and corners. Veneer is thin and goofs can't be undone. -Kent
  10. RAMSA WS-36

    Welcome Florian Having said "welcome," this may not be the best forum for these speakers, since most of us here are fans of classic New England speakers. RAMSA is (was?) Panasonic's professional line. And although I've never even seen them I'm confident that they are very high quality. Back in the '80s I had a Technics SU-A4 preamp from their "R&B" (Recording & Broadcast) line and it was built like a tank! Not to be confused with the ubiquitous mid-fi Technics stuff (although even that is quite good). The Panasonic technician who checked out my preamp spoke very highly of RAMSA speakers. Of course this is all hearsay. I did a Google search and found virtually nothing on these. What I did find was in various foreign languages. Looks like these towers are ported, with big horn tweeters and four (!) woofers. I'm guessing if you have a rock band and want to rock a big auditorium these would do it! But in your living room? Or reproducing subtle vocals, strings, etc. I dunno. You'll have to weigh the costs and your interest to decide. As I said, I'm quite confident they are of high quality. -Kent
  11. Yeh--I always liked the Twelve. Just didn't have room for them. The cover of the box is thin plywood with walnut veneer. I wish these posts were still numbered but if you go back 1 page you should see pics of the covers. Yes-- +, - and flat Yes--the 2 screws are the connection to the amp. The 4 color-coded screws are for connecting a 4-wire cable to the speaker: common and woofer, mid, tweeter. KLH supplied a pair of short cables for those who want to mount the contour box on the back of the speaker, and a long (40') cable so you can control the contour from your listening position. Not sure about the crossover points but that sounds right. I have some lit that's too big to post here--watch your email. -Kent
  12. klh model 319 speakers

    Hey Joseph. Welcome. I'm a KLH nut and never heard of the 319. How about some photos? Front with grille off and the back label if possible. But I "think", based on some limited info via Google that these are 3-way ported speakers. They should be reasonably efficient. BE SURE to check the foam surrounds on the woofers and the mids. Your STA 2270 is rated at 60wpc. A comment on AudioKarma says it will drive 4 ohm loads. I see no reason why that combination wouldn't work just fine. -Kent
  13. Recapping the bass section of the AR9

    I think the smiley indicates Harry was joking. Better question: HOW did the can get a hole in it?
  14. Another pair complete. Caps in the 2nd box were as bad as the first: 50uF tested 121.8uF 50uF tested 112.4 2x4uF tested 0.464 & 0.228 2x4uF tested 0.002 & 0.001 2.4uF tested 0.002 & 0.001 2x2uF tested 0.072 & 0.10 3uF tested 3.63 (this was the ONLY cap of the lot that was anywhere near spec!) Don't have my Twelves any more so I can't test the contour boxes, so fingers crossed Here are before & after pics (2 before, 3 after). The cabinets were good with just a couple of chips and some paint marks. One faceplate had a couple of dings. The body & fender work is "OK"--not perfect. I stripped off the old lacquer and gave them a couple shots of new.