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  1. JKent

    Ar 2A

    Where are you?
  2. JKent

    Found beside four garbage containers

    Welcome Sam! Great find! There’s not a lot of “traffic” here on the Rectilinear section but those are some fine speakers. Enjoy! -Kent
  3. JKent

    EMI Speakers

    Welcome Mike Your father-in-law must really love you! What models are the components? Everything McIntosh is great. Rega Planar turntables also great. Dual TT good to great depending on model. I have very limited experience with EMI speakers but was impressed with what I heard and they are especially good with tube amps. I have no experience with Marantz speakers but believe they are well regarded. Check the woofers to see if they need new foam surrounds. You may not get a lot of responses on this “other “ section of our forum but hang in. You should also try the Audiokarma forums. You have a great collection of gear there! How about some photos? (edit them to about 100KB for best results -Kent
  4. JKent

    Allison CD8

    Give details and pictures, post in the For Sale section
  5. That may not be original. The ones on mine were eggcrate. You could make frames and use speaker cloth or try foamspeakergrills.com
  6. Outer should do you just want to prevent air leaks
  7. Not sure what you mean by inner and outer Just run a 1/4” or smaller diameter snake between the rim of the woofer and the cabinet where the Mortite was
  8. That 2uF is a double cap. Replace it with two 2uF caps I don’t bother replacing the black scrim cloth You will never hear the difference between 8.0 and 8.2uF
  9. 8.2 is fine Higher voltage is always good so yes— 250 is ok 👍
  10. JKent

    Needing Sage advice for AR17 woofers

    Those are looking good! As further evidence that I’m losing my mind.....Right now I’m sitting in my friend’s living room (800 miles from my home), listening to his AR17s THAT I RESTORED and gave to him several years ago. So ignore my previous statement that I never heard of them 🙁
  11. JKent

    So it happend again

    Resize pictures to about 100kb
  12. Jared I’m on the road without access to my files so maybe some other members will help You should have TWO 2uF caps and an 8uF. Check the schematic You could use the duct seal and some screws on the plate Michaels sells Charles Craft Irish linen which is good for the grilles and cheap with a coupon Resize your pics to about 100kb
  13. Hi Jared The woofer in the picture had not been re-sealed so I guess the factory went a little over. You only need to seal the cap itself--not the woofer cone so no overlap there. Stripped screw holes are common and your solution is fine. Maybe add a dab of wood glue to the toothpicks. OR, drill new holes. Be sure to fill in the old holes. I like the epoxy sticks available in hardware stores--you slice off a bit, knead it in your hand and press it in place. https://www.amazon.com/J-B-Weld-8257-KwikWood-Stick-1/dp/B002NJDAJY/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1547130354&sr=8-4&keywords=epoxy+stick The duct seal is inexpensive and works well. If you're of my generation you may remember playing with plasticene "clay" and rolling it into snakes. Use the same method with the duct seal. just about 1/4" diameter should work. If you go into the speakers, you may want to wear gloves and a mask when pulling out the fiberglass stuffing. Be sure to save the cloth that goes behind the woofer and re-use it when it all goes back together. It keeps fiberglass dust out of the woofer. -Kent
  14. Welcome Jared! So you have the whole Model Twenty--not just the speakers. Nice. If the speakers were recapped 15 years ago they "should" be fine, assuming the person knew what he was doing. Yes, Dayton poly caps are good and should last forever but even if electrolytics were used they "should" still be OK. Yes--do the dust caps too. This is what KLH recommended in Service Bulletin 60 (in our Library): http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/klh/other/klh_schematicsservice/klh_service_bulletin_60.pdf Go easy. You want to completely seal the surround (or "skiver" as KLH calls it) with the thinnest coat possible. The foam behind the tweeter is a gasket but the white foam they used can get flattened. If the tweeters have never been removed it may be OK. If you want to replace it there is nothing magic. You can use the excellent foam gasket from Parts Express but you have to buy a whole lot (if you decide to change the caps it may be worth it because you also use it as the woofer gasket). https://www.parts-express.com/parts-express-speaker-gasketing-tape-1-8-x-3-8-x-50-ft-roll--260-540 You could use Duct Seal frome Lowes or Home Depot's Electrical Dept. It's the same stuff Vintage AR sells and you get a brick of it for about 3 bucks at HD/Lowes https://www.lowes.com/pd/Gardner-Bender-16-oz-Duct-Seal/4595233 Or go to a craft store like Michaels and get a sheet of craft foam for about $1 and cut your own https://www.michaels.com/12x18-foam-sheet-by-creatology/M10597609.html I'm hoping one of the master woodworkers like Glenn or Roger chimes in on the gluing. Pictures would help. You can use old fashioned Hide glue or more modern Carpenter's wood glue but you have to be able to get the glue into the seams and crevices, then clamp everything with big bar clamps. Both of these types clean up with water, so if there is any squeeze-out onto the veneer it can be removed easily. Anything else? Well I'm assuming the former KLH guy also checked the amp while he was checking the TT. Those old Garrard TTs can be a pain and the amps can need attention but if that was done I'd say you're good to go. If you decide to change the caps, be sure to use some heat shrink tubing or otherwise ensure the metal leads cannot come in contact with the metal plate (stupid design IMHO). Below is a picture of a 17 xo with Dayton caps. Also below is a pic of woofer removed. You'll have to scrape off the old Mortite and use either the PE foam tape gasket or the Duct Seal. I'm also attaching a pic of the identical Model Seventeen xo, this one re-capped with yellow Carli caps. In that I moved the caps completely off the metal plate. Show is some pics. Resize them to about 100KB if you can. -Kent