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  1. My AR4 tale of misery

    Huh? I'm confused. Are you saying that's what was in the Madisound speakers or that's what you have in the restored 4x's? A 4x crossover has a 1.2mH coil and a 20uF cap: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/library/acoustic_research/original_models_1954-1974/original_models_schematicss/ar-4x_schematic.html
  2. My AR4 tale of misery

    To follow up on Larry's comment, here's a thread that shows the phenolic ring tweeter in a pair of AR-4x speakers. There is some discussion about the tweeter and what value cap may work best. RoyC's very knowledgeable comments are worth noting. btw, "Vintage AR" sells PR tweets as a drop-in replacement for the 4x tweeter but they're less expensive at Parts Express. PS: OOOOOPS! Just re-read your previous posts. So you have ordered the phenolic ring tweeters from Vintage AR. No harm. They have an application of Roy's goo on them so it saves you a step. But I do recommend you read the linked thread regarding possible capacitor change. -Kent
  3. Options in restoring AR-2ax

    You don't need non-inductive (the Daytons that are OOS are not non-inductive). And if you're looking at Mouser, any of these will do: https://www.mouser.com/Passive-Components/Resistors/Wirewound-Resistors/_/N-7fx9f?P=1z0x88bZ1z0z819Z1z0z357Z1z0wt4wZ1z0wn9aZ1z0wn9r&Ns=Pricing|0 Or PM Larry
  4. Restoring KLH Model Thirty-One Speakers

    Wow! That's the nicest Twenty-Seven I've ever seen! Congratulations! -Kent
  5. Years ago I had what I believe were excellent results pairing a big VMPS subwoofer (12" woofer, 15" passive radiator) with a pair of Allison: Four speakers. I used a Hafler DH220 amp for the satellites and a bridged Dynaco ST-120 for the sub. But the key ingredient was an Audio Control Richter Scale electronic crossover. The Richter Scale encorporated not just a crossover but also a 6-band equalizer (for 22.5 - 125 Hz) and an audio analyzer with tone generator and dedicated microphone. It also provided the bridging for the power amp and some other niceties like EPL. Those Richter Scales are exorbitantly priced (IMHO) on ebay these days. Shoulda kept mine but I was "downsizing." I've since "upsized" a bit. I installed a plate amp in the VMPS sub and use it in a surround system where the front main speakers are Cizek KA-1s and the various surrounds are all nice little acoustic suspension jobs from Cambridge SoundWorks, Cizek, NHT, RatShack and rbh (oddly, no ARs in the mix). Balancing this conglomoration is a DSX Audyssey system (Onkyo TX-NR1008 receiver) that has a mic and audio analyzer, and does it all automatically. It sounds very good to me. ANYWAY... The point is I think the sound of a 12" AR speaker system could be achieved with inexpensive satellites such as AR-4x or maybe even something smaller such as the NHT Super Zero or C1 or _______ (fill in the blank). Since Jerry specified "something in today's market" let's go with the NHTs. Then add a big sub that goes REALLY deep along with a good crossover, EQ, and audio analyzer. Some will argue that 2 subs are needed. I think that depends on the crossover point but, as they say, "it couldn't hurt." -Kent
  6. KLH 324

    Now those there is some info on. Do a Google search. And they're from Cambridge. Late '70s, Singer-era. aka the "Little Baron". Probably decent speakers.
  7. Had to check out the website. That Albany does look nice but with a 5.25" "woofer" it is basically a satellite. Think I would prefer the NHT Super Zeroes Jerry linked. I have 2 pair of the earlier iterations of the Super Zero and they are quite nice. Or maybe one of their other satellites https://www.nhthifi.com/products?categories=satellite-speakers Thank you KK. Hey! They've brought back the KLH Model Nine! And for a mere $25,000.00! Let's see... they retailed for $1,140 back in the day. When was that? 1960-ish? Adjusting for inflation that would be about $9,600 today. Nope. Too expensive.
  8. Hi, New With New To Me AR-2ax Pair

    Very possible. That baby's over 4 decades old. I had the similar (but 4 channel) 4270 that a friend gave me when he switched to a little Bose system. It had been VERY well cared for and although beautiful I just had no use for it so I took it to a tech for refurb, then sold it (then gave the friend a gift certificate to his favorite restaurant). Point is, even having been well cared for the Marantz needed a little work. I'll be interested to hear your impression of the speakers with a modern high power amp. My guess is you'll be pleased but keep us posted! Kent
  9. Restoring KLH Model Thirty-One Speakers

    Nice write-up of a worthy restoration. One suggestion would be to do the woofer-push test to check for air leaks. Put 3 fingers on the cone, just outside the dust cap, and push in. The cone should return slowly. If it pops right out you have an air leak (which could decrease the bass) and may need to use that surround sealant. The Model Twenty-Seven is a nice receiver FM-AM receiver, all transistor; AM/FM vernier dial tuner. Designed by Henry Kloss in the mid 1960s. Power output was rated at 30 watts RMS per channel. List price was $325. This was Kloss's first attempt which led to the Advent 300 I've had 2 of these and based on that admittedly limited sample I'd say they have age-related issues. I sold the first one but took the 2nd one to Tim at Bristol Electronics in Ho-Ho-Kus NJ (HIGHLY recommended technician!) for the electronics work. I think it will be an excellent receiver to use with your Thirty-Ones. If you now have the KLH bug you may want to look into the Model Seventeen, Twenty-Three, Five and Twelve (in that order of preference). The Seventeen is another nice 2-way. The Twenty-Three is a step up with its a bigger cabinet and bigger woofer. The Fives are among my favorite speakers, designed to compete with the AR-3a. Twelves are basically Fives in much bigger cabinets with a cool external adjustable crossover "Contour Control". Model Twelves can sometimes be bought very cheap because they are cumbersome to move and have a low WAF. Here's my Twenty-Seven atop a Twelve.
  10. Restoring KLH Model Thirty-One Speakers

    Both Ar and KLH used this cross-hatched (aka "hot cross buns" or "tic tac toe") pattern to add some damping to the woofers. I doubt you will hear any significant difference between the two woofs. Good luck with the rest and keep us posted. -Kent
  11. Restoration stopped at woofer

    So... It's Bill LeGall of Millersound in PA. Great guy and an absolute speaker genius. Maybe give him a call.... http://www.millersound.net/contact-bill-legall-millersound.html
  12. Options in restoring AR-2ax

    Good idea Air is not much of an issue. You can attach them with an adhesive like Goop. Avoid hot melt wax--the high heat is bad for the caps. One neat way is to use ny-ties and a mounting block. 18 AWG. Tinned wire (aka marine grade) is best. Pic below is an AR-4x with wax block capacitor left in place and new caps mounted with a ny-tie on a mounting block. Keep us posted! Kent
  13. Options in restoring AR-2ax

    The PE L-pads are EXACTLY the same as the ones sold by Vintage AR. Save your money, especially since you have a PE order anyway. Also--the gaskets or sealers sold by PE are as good or better than the duct seal sold by Vintage AR. I like the "Parts Express Speaker Gasketing Tape 1/8" x 3/8" x 50 ft. Roll" or "Parts Express 12" Speaker Sealing Caulk Box of 72 Pcs". I see the PE speaker caulk is out of stock. This will work: https://www.amazon.com/Gardner-Bender-DS-110N-Duct-Seal/dp/B00689V41G/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1520911355&sr=8-2&keywords=duct+seal also available at Lowes https://www.lowes.com/pd/Gardner-Bender-16-oz-Duct-Seal/4595233 or Home Despot or your local hardware store. I'm pretty sure this is the stuff Vintage AR sells--just cut into smaller chunks. -Kent
  14. Rob, Sadly Carl is no longer with us so I'll step in. https://www.amazon.com/Earglasses®-Personal-Magnifiers-Hearing-Amplifiers/dp/B00B3LRKVM -Kent
  15. Options in restoring AR-2ax

    The resto guide may be dated. Ohmites are ridiculously expensive and are not sealed, so you have to put them in an enclosure. I used Ohmites in my 3a's and even though I only paid $7 each for them at the time they were a royal pain and not worth it. The L-pads are cheap and easy to install. Just be sure to wire them correctly. FWIW, ebay seller "vintage AR" sells plain ol' L-pads (for $15 each as opposed to Erse's $3.50 ea) and writes this in his ad: Superior to the original control which AR used earlier and was eventually utilized in the AR-3a Limited. It is heavy duty, has finer turns for better set-ability, is ventilated for heat removal and has excellent contact life. All controls on all early model AR speakers were the same, both the High Range and the Mid Range. We use these in all AR speaker restorations. We have been using and selling these for over 15 years and have never had to replace one. Personally, I would not "mix and match". You can buy 4 L-pads, plus resistors for the mids, and sell the old pots on ebay. -Kent