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  1. JKent

    KLH17 Capacitors

    Good catch Neil!
  2. JKent

    Are these AR speakers?

    Definitely re-cap, then judge. OTOH, you bought some beautiful cabinets for <2 bucks each. You could have some fun with these. A few years ago I bought some decent-looking Japanese speakers at the Sal. They did not sound very good so I tore everything out, reinforced the cabinets and built some DIY speakers designed by Johnny Richards. Here's the thread with some photos: http://techtalk.parts-express.com/forum/speaker-project-gallery/44147-rompicollo-8-2-way/page2?225010-Rompicollo-8-quot-2-way/page2= The drivers were Parts Express "buyouts." I don't remember what they cost but they were cheap. I can't design speakers and crossovers so I depended on Johnny's design. He was well known on PE Tech Talk for designing nice speakers around buyout drivers. I used a linen grille and some custom "JKH" badges that look like "KLH".
  3. JKent

    Are these AR speakers?

    Ha! Told ya so 😀 I agree with ra.ra. See how they sound and you may be happy with them. -Kent
  4. JKent

    KLH Model 12s in RI

    Agree. The Twelves are great speakers that sell for less than what they should be worth because very few people want such big speakers. If you can get them home and you have the room (and you rebuild the external crossover boxes) they are truly wonderful. Here's a very long thread on the Twelves. Several re-cap projects and a nice pic near the end of the thread of the Twelves in a listening room. Big, mid-century modern beauties. They MUST be re-capped. Those old capacitors are beyond their life expectancy. The good news is you don't have to use "audiophile" caps. Inexpensive mylars and/or NPEs will work fine. I also recommend replacing the 5w resistors with 10w.
  5. https://www.google.com/search?q=black+wood+dye&amp;client=safari&amp;rls=en&amp;source=lnms&amp;tbm=vid&amp;sa=X&amp;ved=0ahUKEwix6rSOnsDeAhVFwVkKHfAXDBIQ_AUIFCgD&amp;biw=1335&amp;bih=1274 This vid is a comparison of stain vs dye: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3Ysfw0LmMw and it shows using ebony dye. Gene: You've inspired me to try dyes. Here's a question regarding npt3's speakers: Since dyes soak in, are they suitable for refinishing projects? I'd be concerned that any residue of the original finish may cause a problem.
  6. JKent

    TSW series one-offs?

    Tim, Welcome to CSP. You said you replaced both tweeters. Did the originals have any identifying markings? And what about the other drivers? Any part numbers? Then there's that other speaker? Any markings inside or out? -Kent
  7. JKent

    Are these AR speakers?

    Not much to go by. I can't make out what the badge says but there were a number of AR knock-offs and look-alikes. The EJ Korvette house brand XAM comes to mind.
  8. JKent

    A pair of AR-3 fell into my lap this week

    I usually defer to Gene on things like this but I've been very successful with Minwax Gloss spray lacquer in a rattle can. Spray outdoors. It dries very fast so you can apply multiple coats quickly. -Kent
  9. JKent

    A pair of AR-3 fell into my lap this week

    Nice! Those steel straps are puzzling. Some have recommended 1/8" MDF instead of Masonite. The grille material is available from a seller in Canada. I'll try to find the info if you need it. I would advise against removing the tweets and mids until you have determined they are definitely bad. You can run a signal to each using the rivets where they are front wired. The less those fragile tinsel leads are disturbed the better. -Kent
  10. JKent

    KLH17 Capacitors

    Hi EasyWriter Let me be the 2nd to say "welcome". Here's the woofer schematic. Yes--two capacitors replace the one "double" black & red Callins type cap and you do wire them as described but be sure you have 2uF caps (not 2.5uF). And don't forget the 8uF. Also attaching a photo of the 17 crossovers out of the box for clarity. -Kent
  11. JKent

    Another KLH refurb - Not speakers

    Hi dxho. Thanks for the interest. Not knowledgeable enough about electronics to understand how one would make "some sort of diode arrangement". For the flashing lights: They were originally teal-color 10 watt incandescents. The "ceramic green" 11w incandescents were far too dim. What does seem to work perfectly well is one 25w white incandescent and one 25w-equivalent white LED. This gives plenty of light and allows the flasher to work. I do plan to experiment with 25w teal incandescent and LED. Just have to be careful about the physical size. I may dis-assemble the whole box. I'm not satisfied with the shoddy way it's put together.
  12. Welcome bhart Nice work! As you discovered, no amount of bleaching or cleaning will remove the yellow. The only way to restore the original white finish is what you did: a painstaking process of sanding and polishing. Your work came out great! I have seen white painted 400s and to my eye they look wrong. I took a radical approach in refinishing mine: Spray on a black pebble finish and replace the scratched and flaking faceplate with a new, slightly different looking reproduction. Here's the story: http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?/topic/8443-advent-400-table-radio/&amp;tab=comments#comment-103448-Kent
  13. JKent

    KLH model 11 phonograph manual

    You can find it here: https://www.vinylengine.com/library/klh/model-eleven.shtml -Kent
  14. JKent

    KLH Model 6 paired with 15-17 watt tube amp?

    Yup. Same era amp, same features.
  15. JKent

    KLH Model 6 paired with 15-17 watt tube amp?

    As an aside, I really have to light a fire under myself. Four years ago a friend gave me a Scott 299-A (20wpc) that had sat collecting dust for over 30 years. I replaced the caps then took it to my friend Tim at Bristol Electronics for a final check-out and adjustment. My plan was to hook it up in the living room with a switch that will temporarily remove the Cizek KA-1 (4 ohm) speakers from the HT and let me play vinyl through this system. Everything is in place but the wiring. Time to get off my butt!