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  1. Unfamiliar AR cabinet finish

    .... or their head
  2. Scarce KLH No. Twenty Eight offered

    There's a pair on ebay now. eBay item number: 381826558508 They need work, and shipping is expensive of course but the seller is accepting offers. I have no connection--just FYI.
  3. Another Amp for AR 3's

    My 1st amp was the venerable Dynaco ST-35. Not knowing any better I "upgraded" in the '70s to an ST-120. But.... according to my tech, whose opinion I respect, the ST-150 was the best Dynaco amp. -Kent
  4. AR5 speaker question

    According to Wikipedia (and you know it's always accurate )
  5. AR5 speaker question

    Yeah--maybe those were added for cosmetics, so they "look" original" I dunno.
  6. AR5 speaker question

    The tweets say Teledyne on them so I'd say they're later, but I can't identify them. Probably another member can. -Kent
  7. Restoring finish on AR3

    That speaker looks good. I'd say it should not need much. Others may chime in with suggestions, and some may be better than mine but I would first clean it thoroughly. I use lacquer thinner for that, or Spray Nine. If there are any chips, fill with JB Wood Weld tinted with Mixol #22. After it is thoroughly cured, file down the patch then sand the speaker VERY lightly and carefully. Be especially careful at corners and edges--you don't want to go through the finish. Wipe it down with lacquer thinner again and see how it looks. You could use the Howard RAF at this point. Some like Mahogany, to give a slightly warmer tone, or Walnut. A couple of days later you can start applying coats of Watco Danish Oil OR use a wax finish. Howard Feed-n-Wax is good. Roger and others have had very good success with bees' wax. Good luck! -Kent
  8. Another Amp for AR 3's

    Who cares? May be a case of too much time on one's hands. One of the great things about this forum is that (nearly) everyone is (nearly) always respectful and civil. Let's stick to that standard. -Kent
  9. Another Amp for AR 3's

    I "think" the prices have come down. If I'm not mistaken they were selling for more like $200 when I got mine but I jumped on a "second" that looked perfect to me. Sold the original on ebay for $50 in a flash--probably could have gotten more if I did an auction. AC has them in cherry, mahogany and walnut. That's a beauty! -Kent
  10. Another Amp for AR 3's

    I had one for a while and it worked very well with the AR-3a's. If you want to fiddle with it a bit there is a good thread on AK about recapping. Whaleman started the thread and provide very good instructions AND a parts list. I "hijacked" the thread and described my recap. I was very happy with the results. http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/mac-4100-under-the-knife-qs.176380/ My only negative comment on the 4100 is that awful vinyl-clad cabinet so I bought a solid wood one from Audioclassics http://www.audioclassics.com/detail?detail=L4100M&nav=cat Enjoy! -Kent
  11. Searching for AR3 grill match

    Hey Cat That looks good. The original material was saran and it yellowed/darkened with age. The good news is Mellotone still make it, but in a different material (polypropylene I think). I think we decided in a previous discussion that DF7022 was correct. I know it looks light but IIRC some of the experts recommended this one http://wendellfabrics.com/mellotonefabricsamples.html The bad news is you have to buy a ton of the stuff. I did, and sold pieces to CSP members. I "may" have some left But I'll have to check. You can PM me a reminder. Take a look at this thread -Kent
  12. rectilinear grill removal and cloth cleaning

    Thanks for the follow-up. Maybe you could post photos after the grilles are finished. How are the cabinets? If they are oiled walnut and in pretty good shape, a wipe down with Howard Restor-a-Finish, followed by a coat of wax such as Howard Feed-n-Wax could do wonders. -Kent
  13. AR94S vs AR94SX

    My Si had a 5yF and a 40uF. It's the one shown in your 1st photo (with the two 22 ohm resistors). Roy recommended changing the 5uF to a 4uF and the 40uF to "greater than 70uF". He also recommended putting the low-range woofer on the bottom. If you haven't tackled the Si yet you may want to try these mods. -Kent
  14. AR-SRC endeavor

    Well, Kal’s a good guy! He took time to send me his schematic (attached) and some notes: C101, C102: Upgraded and bypassed, 10mf, 25V R101,R102,R107-R116: Replaced with 33K metal film R119, R120: Replaced with 333ohms metal film R117, R118: Replaced with 100K metal film Replaced 4136 with TLO75 I followed up with some questions. Kal had “hoped” the TL075 would provide an improvement over the 4136 but “it was not apparent”. The TL075 is kind of hard to find. There's this adaptor, which looks interesting: http://cimarrontechnology.com/rc4136upgradeadapter.aspx -Kent ARSRCa.pdf
  15. Another Amp for AR 3's

    Thanks for the education Gene! -Kent