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  1. Many 3a's like this one?

    Looks beautiful! Sharing any secrets? -Kent
  2. Another Amp for AR 3's

    A related question: I was fortunate to have a friend give me a Scott 299A that had sat in a closet for decades. With some help from the folks over on AK and my tech friend, I replaced "most" of the electrolytics, some caps and installed a bridge rectifier. http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/scott-299a-2nd-version-rebuild.473624/page-2 Love the vintage tube amp but is its 17wpc too weenie to drive my AR-3a's? I was using an AR receiver (60 wpc) which seemed like enough but that's out for service. Right now I have an Advent 300 in there, which has a power output similar to the Scott, so I'm thinking the Scott may be OK. But respected members here tell me the 3a likes massive amounts of power. Input? Here's a photo.
  3. Another Amp for AR 3's

    Just a caution: The larger picture of rust CONVERTER would not be good. Rustoleum sells a similar product on this side of the pond and as the label says it convert rust to a "tough black primer". Kimmo, try the Scott 299 thread on audiokarma (linked in the next post). AKer Craig "NOSvalves" is an expert on rebuilding these and should be able to point you in the right direction. Here's his web site http://www.nosvalves.com/-Kent
  4. 3 badge for AR3 grill

    Hi canman. I won't have them until after you return, and I have to order 100 pieces, so don't worry about being too late! Watch the For Sale section for an update or feel free to PM me. Captiva is a great place! Enjoy! -Kent
  5. Why ruin a good thing???

    But hey--he's been "designing and building Audio Speakers for thirty two (32) years." And who cares about low QTS? These have heavy gauge speaker binding posts added as an option to the original one What more could you ask for?
  6. Well, Tom isn't just "some" dude. He could be "THE" dude (or is that Lubowski?) Yes. To us Jersey guys anything west of the Delaware River is just "out west".
  7. FS: JBL 4345 Studio Monitors

    hmmmmm.... Aside from the fact that those are the antithesis of "classic New England" speakers, no location for p/u and no mention of price. I'll pass.
  8. 3 badge for AR3 grill

    You can see them side-by-side in this post They are the same size (height and width) butTom Tyson found fault with them: As you can see the repros a a bit "thicker". IMHO it's not noticeable on the speaker but side by side you can see that the original is a bit more delicate. -Kent
  9. 3 badge for AR3 grill

    Good news I hope. I just ordered 100 of the "3"s. Will probably take a couple of weeks. I'll offer them to CSP members for a very low price (like 5 bux each) IF you are willing to polish them and solder your own pin to the back. If I have to do the soldering and polishing it'll cost ya Please watch the For Sale section or feel free to PM me. -Kent
  10. A Great-Looking AR Receiver

    Dang! Would have been a good parts donor. Some things (like face plates) are just unobtainium. I'm afraid that box is beyond repair but all the other goodies, from the knobs on back, will be useful to someone. My tech friend Tim is convinced I'm trying to own every Model Eight ever produced. He may be right. I have restored about 110 of them so far and there are half a dozen on the shelf awaiting restoration. They all go to Tim for alignment and other professional work beyond my ability, and he keeps 2 or 3 donor chassis for parts. Of course I don't keep them all. I have a couple of keepers but the rest get sold to people who will play them and love them. I often lose money on them but it's a really fun hobby. -Kent
  11. A Great-Looking AR Receiver

    Hi JeffS Yes, I bought the KLH Nineteens as you were loading them into the van. I didn't realize (I'm a bit brain dead) you were the same fellow with the nice PL setup. I wrote earlier we should have CSP T-shirts or something And I'm glad to see the photo of that PL system although it proves my memory is faulty: The amp is smaller than the 400. Oh well. And I remember seeing those nice B&W speakers but I thought your setup with the PL400 and Eico pre had a pair of Rogers 6 speakers. Maybe that was another table? It's all a bit overwhelming. I was kind of tempted by the amp but I have too many components as it is...... Next time we GOTTA have CSP IDs! -Kent
  12. A Great-Looking AR Receiver

    Sorry I didn't take pics. The guy was playing music through a nice restored Eico tube preamp and a reworked PL 400 amp (love those meters!) and some Rogers 6 speakers. Sounded great! Next to that he had a stack of 3 PL components: an noise reduction unit, preamp and power amp. All had what appeared to be solid oak (?) side panels. No meters on the amp and I think it was lower power but physically larger than the 400. Even had the owner's manuals from all 3. The noise reduction unit was missing one rack handle but otherwise pretty pristine. Guess I shoulda inquired.
  13. A Great-Looking AR Receiver

    An interesting day. My 1st time at Kutztown--it's about 2+ hours away. Spent a few hours there with Tim of Bristol Electronics. As Tim said, there were "oceans of old wood-cabinet radios." Found a KLH Model Eight. Nice radio, dicey speaker. The price was "OK". Bought several vacuum tubes, some Switchcraft jacks and a pair of KLH Nineteen speakers. Was looking for a tube tester but nothing tempted me. Prices are all over the map. Many seemed high but apparently they're negotiable. It was nice to go once. Not too many speakers. Saw some AR-2a's and some Dynacos, neither of which were bargains. There was a pair of Bose 901s out on the lawn without the EQ but I didn't ask the price. The focus is really on old radios and there's not a lot of "our" era hi-fi. Saw a very interesting Phase Linear setup with solid wood side panels that Frank may have liked. Maybe I'll go again in a couple of years,
  14. A Great-Looking AR Receiver

    Heading out in about 20 minutes to head to Kutztown! We should have "CSP" T-shirts so we can recognize our fellow nuts. I mean enthusiasts. I guess timing is everything. I have an AR receiver on my bench right now. Spent more than that and it has a significant scratch on the face plate. Anyway, won't get there until about 11 AM and I'll bet the AR will be gone by then. But there will be other things to tempt me! Better leave my wallet at home! (not) -Kent
  15. The old capacitor wires do nothing, so clip them short. On mine I left them long and hot-glued them to the board but that's not really the way to do it. Just clip them and forget them. No need to replace all the wires. Best wire is 18 ga marine grade or "tinned" stranded wire. The cap does need to be held down. You can use silicone glue, construction adhesive, Goop, a cable tie on a mounting block. Some use hot melt glue but CSP member John O'Hanlon warns the extreme heat could damage film caps. Not everyone agrees but John is a professor of electrical engineering, so he knows what he's talking about. The pink things on larrybody's cap are ny-ties like this https://www.amazon.com/Pack-Clear-Nylon-Cable-Ties/dp/B002PNW5XU mounted on these https://www.amazon.com/Startech-HC102-Adhesive-Cable-Mounts/dp/B00008VFBE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1473992467&sr=8-1&keywords=cable+tie+block Zen and some other "high end" caps have insulated leads. Not necessary--just make sure the bare wires are not touching any other metal. You "could" get a piece of 1/16" heat shrink tubing to slip over the leads. Nice but not necessary. btw, you bought flux and flux brushes. Not needed. You can google "how to solder electronics" and click on "Videos" on top of the page to find several helpful YouTube vids. -Kent