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  1. It's five years later now, and I'm still using my Marantz Imperial 6s as my "vintage references." I never did redo the caps (scared I'd screw things up), but I don't really hear a need to redo anything. They sound smooth and balanced, and I can listen to them for a long time without fatigue (my friends agree). I finally brought the NLAs home, and am listening right now. They sound incredibly clean and have the tightest (and possibly deepest) bass of any of my speakers (including older AR-3as), so I will keep them. But they still sound a tad bright to me, so I turn the treble control down to 9 o'clock on my NAD 1020 preamplifier when I listen to them.
  2. I had an S-8900 In my college days, and really liked it. It powered Dynaco A-25s at the time. It started to hum when I was in Graduate School, and I gave it to a friend's father, who was a Professor of Music at UCLA. I don't know what happened to it after that. I think the Marantz 2230 is really "sexy," but I've never used one in my system. Right now, I'm using a Kenwood KR-5150 as my preamp/tuner, and it sounds quite musical. It sounded great on its own with a pair of New Large Advents.
  3. Horswispr

    Are Denmark A25s all wood? Refinishing?

    They look nice to me! They're a bit shinier than the "patina" I come up with, but the overall color is good.
  4. Horswispr

    Small Advent Rejuvenation

    I hope there's follow-up on this one! Good advice, JKent! I respect the Small Advent and wish they'd made them with real walnut veneer. I've always been tempted to try veneering a pair, as I've been repairing old veneer for years now. Maybe that will be my next step in the endless learning process. Right now I'm working on a single Klipsch Heresy in light oak. I'll just sand that one down and oil it. Not sure what I'll do with it, though.
  5. Horswispr

    What Dynaco Equipment Do You Use?

    I finally hooked up my Dynaco Stereo 120 and it sounds fine to me, not THAT different from my conrad-johnson MF-80. No, it doesn't sound tubey, but it doesn't sound hard or bright as some writers led me to believe it would. Admittedly, this 120 has some upgrades, but I think they're just new capacitors. The previous owner told me that no "mods" were done that would make it sound different from an all-new 120. By the way, my tubed Fisher X-100B sounds best with my Marantz Imperial 6s.The Dynaco Stereo 120 sounds best with my DCM Time Windows. Other speakers I've been playing with lately include Dynaco A-25s (always), KLH 6s, and AR-2axs.
  6. Horswispr

    Dynacos on eBay. What are they?

    They never said anything about the switch from horn woofers to roundie woofers either. Or black front to red front (or was it the other way around?). I think I've even seen different capacitor values in Dynacos (4.7 and 5.0). Interesting that nobody's still around (apparently) who can comment on the switch from Scanspeak to SEAS. In my experience, the SEAS outnumber the Scanspeak by a ratio of about 8 to 1, maybe more.
  7. Horswispr

    AR3a cabinet restoring

    Nice job, Kent! I enjoy corners like the one you showed. I guess the main thing is to make them structurally sound, and then worry about cosmetics. I have some pretty nice walnut veneer here, so once I've built things up, I try to cut the new veneer in such a way as to make it look like any edges are part of the grain. My method of color matching involves red mahogany stain and various stain pens. It's an enjoyable challenge that generally extends over several days or even weeks.
  8. Horswispr

    KLH Model 18, 21, and 8

    I've restored (cosmetic only) several KLH Model 21s and one Model 8. If you can deal with tubes, the 8 is the way to go. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The version I restored was the earlier one with two 3" drivers in the small speaker cabinet. There's something about tubes, even in a small mono radio. As for the 21, it's great too, and I use one in my kitchen. I recently had an empty pair of KLH Model 26 cabinets come my way (similar to 24s, with RCA jacks), so I put generic 8" woofers and some spare Dynaco A-25 tweeters in the cabs. One is sitting around but the other is now hooked up to the 21 in my kitchen and it sounds great! I did write a review of the KLH Model 8, in which I compare it with the Model 21. I'll link that one if I can find it. http://www.epinions.com/review/KLH_Model_8_FM_Radio_epi/content_598544518788 How in the heck do I attach pictures from my own computer? I have a cool one of the KLH Model 8 as I was working on it, and another of a nice KLH Model 21 I recently refinished. I'd love to share 'em but can't figure out how.
  9. Horswispr

    KLH 33

    Thanks, Kent. I didn't go inside the KLH 5 pair I restored, as my responsibility was only to refinish the wood. I did push the woofers in, and they returned gently, as they're supposed to. As you say, they're really beautiful with a light sanding and oiling. I can't tell if they used some kind of stain or tint back in the day, but I use straight Howard's Orange Oil, and the grain really pops. With my KLH 6s, I replaced the 8 mfd red and black things with Dayton 8.2s. I THINK the other caps might be out of the circuit with the tweeter switch in the reduce position (where I leave it), but I'm not sure. The KLH 6s sound good. One of these days I'll have to bring my AR-2axs over for a run with my Fisher X-100B. I haven't heard that combination yet. The X-100B (four 7868s total) works wonders with Dynaco A-25s. Anyway, thanks again for your comments! --Colin
  10. Horswispr

    KLH 33

    I recently refinished a pair of 5s and they look (and sound) really nice. The 5s sounded a bit more reserved, and also a bit smoother, relative to my 6s. Here's my write-up: http://www.epinions.com/review/KLH_Model_5_epi/content_605933506180
  11. Horswispr

    KLH 33

    Amusing. I already reported the offending pieces.
  12. Horswispr

    KLH 33

    Someone got SPAMMED, I reckon. How do we flag for removal?
  13. Horswispr

    Finished the Thirty-Threes (finally!)

    Thanks for letting me know about your write-up, Kent. Hope it's OK if I self-promote here. Our impressions seem quite similar. http://www.epinions.com/review/KLH_Model_33_epi/content_603497664132
  14. Horswispr

    KLH 33

    Thanks for the link, Kent. I had NOT seen your write-up, and yet it seems our impressions were similar. I think you called it "forwardness," while I called it "brightness." I didn't get to test the sensitivity of the pair I listened to. Interesting that you found them no more or less sensitive than the AR-2axs. Maybe their design was more similar to Dynaco's "Aperiodic" approach than a true bass reflex approach. I still have my KLH 6s here, and still enjoy them. For me, it's close to a toss up between KLH 6s and AR-2axs. I'm pleasanty surprised by the (more sensitive) ported Marantz Imperial 6s as well. Their sensitivity means they mate well with my 17 wpc Fisher X-100B.
  15. Horswispr

    Dynacos on eBay. What are they?

    I've never heard any of these later "Dynaco A-25s." It would be interesting to A-B them (meaning any of the later incarnations) with the original. I've heard some XLs, but they didn't sound as good as regular A-25s to me (both SEAS and Scanspeak versions sound great to me). Interestingly, I DID hear a pair of early American Dynaco A-25s (with the three-screw-hole-tweeter and the "almost-SEAS-looking" woofer) that sounded quite good--perhaps a bit punchier than their Danish counterparts. I'm listening to an "if it ain't broke don't fix it" pair (I never re-capped them) as I write. They have the "roundie" woofers and the cabs with no grain on the back edge. I assume them to be among the last ones made in Denmark. They sound...like Dynaco A-25s.