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  1. AR Restoration Meeting--1

    Very cool Kent and Roy! Great picture too.
  2. AR-18s speakers

    Thank you for the kind words. And your work is first class. I did notice you quoting me, I'd forgotten about that line at first. Keep writing in your style, it's very good and makes for easy understanding. And thanks again for all the information you provide.
  3. AR-18s speakers

    ra.ra, Very impressive restoration! They look fantastic. Great idea leaving the natural MDF look then applying shellac finish. The rebuilding of the crossovers is very clean and professional looking. Replacing the crappy Spring Clips with Terminal's for the connectors is a very nice idea and look great the way you put it all together. Even identifying each terminal with a number makes it look professional. Thanks for all the great pictures and your excellent description of the step-by-step restoration process. You certainly have a great writing technique. And again as always very impressed with your knowledge/history of AR speakers. Like how you always come up the the original AR blueprints, BOM's and engineering notes. Thanks for posting this. John
  4. What is a good price for a pair of Ar3s?

    Wow Kent! That work area is so impressive. And I've never seen so many KLH products in one place. Everything looks very organized and I'm sure you know exactly where everything is. The handles on the AR XA dust cover is a mod I've never seen before.....but I like it. I remember when I had my first XA (in the late 60's) the dust cover drove me crazy taking it off all the time so I ended up putting some small brass hinges on the back of the base and the cover. I would lift the up dust cover and let it rest against the wall. Worked ok, just not sure it's the best thing to do. The 3a's look very nice too. Great space with lots of very cool stuff! Thanks for sharing the picture.
  5. AR9 Teledyn Big LF Caps where?

    If you're concerned about keeping the original look of the crossovers you can "stuff" the big can caps. I did that on a set of 9's a few years ago. Here's the link to show "stuffing" the caps. And the best part is they sound better this way....... Good luck with you restoration, you'll love the 9's!
  6. Nice job Glen. They fit that room like a glove! I'm guessing the tilt is 10ยบ
  7. AR-2ax Grill Material

    It's only a guess on my part..... the cut out in the grill for the woofer covers everything but the woofer itself. But the cut out in the grill for the mid and tweet is much bigger than the speakers themselves and you'd see the different in color between the wood and the speakers through the grill cloth. So I'm guessing that's why they only paint that area of the speaker face board. Like I say, it's only a guess.
  8. Golden Ears

    That is so bad!
  9. I agree With you Glenn, fabulous speakers but it's time to thin the herd. I'll still have the AR9's, LST's, (2 sets) AR3a's, 2ax's and 4x's.
  10. How ironic seeing this post. I'm also thinking of selling my LST-2's. Chris1this1 is right, better for pick up than attempting to ship. They're heavy little buggers.
  11. Don't want to steal Glen's thread so I'll be quick. I run them in Ultra Linear mode and they do have 4 ohm taps. Also replaced the KT88's with KT120's. Been running great for 4+ years! Here's a newer picture.
  12. Here's a picture of the stacked 3a's. Each set is driven with a Yaqin MC-100B amp. They sound wonderful.
  13. Hey Glen, As usual an excellent job on the restoration! You're going to enjoy for a while to come.....they grow on you. Believe me I know, my stacked 3a's have grown on me. John
  14. crimped and soldered lugs

    If you're careful you can drill the back side of the masonite board and use a bevel head screw like the one below. You probably want to use a 6 x 32 x 1/2" screw.
  15. Glen, Looking real good! I too will be interested in the end result with lots of pics as you go. I'm sure they will come out awesome looking....and sounding! Your work is always top notch! John