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  1. xmas111

    Greetings of the Season

    Beautiful job DavidDru! Looks brand new. Bet it sounds awesome. John
  2. xmas111

    Greetings of the Season

    The amps are - Yaqin MC-100B with KT-120's. Sound very nice with the 3a's.
  3. xmas111

    Greetings of the Season

    The 3a's are all decked out.... And season's Greeting to everyone.
  4. xmas111

    AR-3 Restoration Complete!

    Boy those look awesome, excellent restoration! Enjoy them. John
  5. xmas111

    Too much power for speakers?

    To much power usually isn't the problem. It's when you don't have enough power and the amp starts to "clip", that's when damage to your speakers can occur. John
  6. xmas111

    Newly acquired AR-LST

  7. xmas111

    Newly acquired AR-LST

    Would these work for you? Fuse clips Oops.....just notices he only has 3 available.
  8. xmas111

    Newly acquired AR-LST

    Hi David, You're welcome and I look forward to watch your progress on the stands. Have fun building them. John
  9. xmas111

    Newly acquired AR-LST

    Hi djcheung, I made some stands for my LST's s few years ago that seem to work pretty well. If you're interested in building your own here's the link to the ones I built. AR LST Stands Hope it helps you out and enjoy your LST's, great speakers! John
  10. xmas111

    “ AR-LST, after Forty Six Years of Use”

    Looking at the schematic it looks like a single tweeter can open and the other three will still function. I'm not sure what the impedance would be with three tweeters, didn't look that deep into it. Then again I might be reading the schematic incorrectly.
  11. xmas111

    AR Turntable thread

    No need for self promotion Kent, your repo AR badges are excellent! I had one on my AR XA turntable and it looked awesome. Any CSP member who buys one will not be disappointed. John
  12. xmas111

    AR Turntable thread

    Looks very nice indeed! You'll enjoy the sweat sound it produces. John
  13. xmas111

    A Nice set of LST's on CL in Albany

    They've been on there for a while. If I didn't already own a nice set I'd think about them. They do appear to be in nice shape. Beautiful speakers for sure. John
  14. Yup, I made 8 of them for friends. It's a Christmas scene. Not making anymore, it's to much work making most of the stuff.
  15. They are. I just flipped the grills around.