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  1. Mine was the original post in this thread. At the time my original Dynaco preamp was: "Preamp - Dynaco PAT-5 (BiFET version)" About three years ago, it developed a buzz of sorts. Rather than mess around with it, I sent it all to AVA (Van Alstine) for a full upgrade. The only inside component remaining was the power transformer. The unit was completely gutted. All new components and boards were fitted Also, new RCA jacks were fitted with increased spacing (which allowed newer cables to be fitted without jamming) It's great! My whole system now cover the time span from the 60s to the 2010s
  2. jwjensen356

    Boston Audio

    There has been much news about Boston in the last week, mostly bad. But the news mostly made me think about Boston (and Memory Lane), mostly good. My good times (from the 50s) in Boston, going to university, etc., were also about audio. They included (not necessarily in order): * going to the Listening Post on Newbury Street (one street over from Boylston Street, not then the very, very up-market street that it is now) and seeing the first of the Dynaco amplifiers and listening to good (great!!) audio. * shopping for LPs at the record shop in the ground floor of the Hotel Troumaine (at Boylston and Tremont (please correct me if my memory fails me)) * shopping at the original Radio Shack (at lower Washington Street) where I saw the first of the RS Realistic tuners (built then by Harmon Kardon) and also where I bought hardware for my home-built power amplifiers * going to the Boston audio shows (at the hotel mentioned above) and also flying to NYC to go to the New York audio show at the Hotel McAlpine (I think it was there). * knowing Roy Paananen at Raytheon who wrote a MIT paper which formed the basis of the later HH Scott tuners (and also the National FM tuners, one of which I later purchased) * seeing Daniel von Recklinghausen at a presentation at school (university) discussing the HH Scott developments. * wandering over to Lafayette Radio and making sundry purchases there. * and after those purchases, etc., going to Durgin Park and having one of their $0.95 lunches (my favorites being the Yankee Pot Roast, or the Pork Loin with Stuffing). * and after getting my National FM Tuner, hooking it up and pulling in WQXR from NY, about 180 miles from Brookline. * buying a Rek-o-Kut turntable (K33H) which I still have. Along with a Pickering 190D arm (close-out discounted for $15) and still in use. After these, well, there might have been more but my memory fails me ( I must be getting old, well, at least older). I hope others can figure a few other examples from their memories). John
  3. It's been almost a year since the last discussion. I just received the latest issue of The Absolute Sound. A big Speaker Issue!! But still nothing about the vintage speakers review. Any news? John
  4. Since writing my original note I ordered (from Madison Sound) SEAS 27TDFC (H1189). It has been recommended as the closest to the original. Almost a drop-in (I had to cut away some relief for clearance). John
  5. Vern, welcome back! (where have you been?). John
  6. Boy, I have never seen anything quite like this. Someone probably tore into it. I believe the butyl surround is quite integral to the speaker assembly, not like the foam surrounds of the AR, KLH, etc. I think the real solution is to replace the speaker with a Dynaco original and if I were a betting man, I believe the regular A-25 speaker is the same. Remove the speaker and look at the designation on the magnet assembly and let us know what it is. If it is the same as a A-25 speaker, they are quite available on ebay. John
  7. This subject may be plowing over old ground but perhaps it may need replowing. What is a more contemporary replacement for the SEAS 87H? I recall a suggested Morel speaker. Is that a good replacement? What are opinions about the SEAS 27TFFC (H0881)? Any other suggestions? John
  8. There is a small sticker that is partially peeled and rolled over to cover most of the letters. From what I can read I think it says "Made in Norway". Our Dynaco speaker systems are made in Denmark but with Norwegian SEAS speakers.
  9. This thread is definetely a trip down memory lane. My recollection was going to the original Radio Shack store in Boston in the mid-late 50s and seeing the original Realist (Realistic?) FM tuner at $39.95. I bought one, a hot performer, but later replaced by my National Criterion FM-AM tuner (able to pull in WQXR-NY from Boston). There was also a Layfayette store near-by where I got a Japanese tone arm (silicone damped) that was a knock-off of the Gray tone arm. About 1958 I bought at the Radio Shack Washington Street store numerous components for the Williamson amps that I am still using, (USN WWII surplus oil-filled 600V capacitors at $0.50 each; RCA 630 TV chassis HV transformers, able to handle 30 tubes in the TV, at $1.00 each). Lots of goodies were then available. I spent many hours at the Listening Post on Newbury Street, drooling over the Dynaco Mk IIs (eventually to be replaced in my mind with the Williamsons I built). And the Boston High Fidelity shows were very good ( I compared them with the one New York High Fidelity show I went to). Thise were good times. I wish I had the money then to buy more but I was just a poor student at the time. John
  10. jwjensen356

    A-50 Advert

    Someone had a A-50 advertisement listed in the auction site. An interesting one, never had seen it before. It shows the two woofers in the 'owl' coniguration. John
  11. ------------------------------------------------------- Many years ago (and it does not seem that long ago) I could hear all the high frequencies that mattered. My usual check was to check to hear the high frequency whistle from the TV set (from the flyback circuit at 15750 Hz). No longer but now I am 73. After a lot of nagging from 'She Who Must Be Obeyed' I did go to a hearing aid place. I did it with the expectation that I would buy the hardware. Yes, I did. With no regret (but for the loss of some of that green stuff). These things do work. My problem was typical. A roll-off of the high frequency response which could be compensated by a boost of the response of the amplifiers now by my ears (think equalizers). My only problem is how do I rationalize using all analogue equipment (LPs through preamps through 6SN7s and KT88s to my Dyna A-50s) with digital processed hearing devices. My ear gadgetry can be programmed for 1) Automatic (sort of a plain vanilla setting), 2) voice in quiet, 3) voice in loud, 4) music, and 5)Bluetooth (still working on that). My wife immediatley noted that I don't say What did you say? very often and I do hear voices much better in conference room settings. The music setting needs toning down (that can be done). Recommended if you need the help. John
  12. Can you make a comparison between the two PAT-5s that you have? Is your OmegaStar PAT-5 newly done over by van Alstine (meaning lots of new parts)? John
  13. I spotted this comment by Vern dating back to 2006 (I think): J Gordon Holts's Stereophile review of the A-25 may have really been overboard, but not by very much. How can you say a $79.95 speaker outruns an AR-3A, Janzsen's and even KLH Nine at Over $1,000.00? Easy, just say it, sit back and enjoy. -------------------------------- I happened to have been reorganizing a bookcase when I stumbled upon an old Dynaco brochure (dated 4-73) titled 'Test Reports from Leading High Fidelity Publications'. It must have been decades since I last looked at it. In amongst numerous High Fidelity, Stereo Review, and Audio reviews, there is one Stereophile review, set in typewritten style. No date, just noted as Vol. 2, No. 9. Two pages, very much a glowing review of the A-25. Vern's comment is taken from a paragraph about half-way through, that the A-25 "beat all of them". This was in reference to its non-coloration of "the critical musical range". That it "seemed to have virtually no sound of its own". I don't recall having read it (or the others), being so long ago that the brochure got stashed away. And that was before I acquired Dynaco speakers (A-50s, 2 1/2 years ago). John
  14. Do some digging around in Patrick Turner's website. As I recall, he does address this. John
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