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  1. Thanks for the prompt response Mark. I really was afraid I might have stepped in it. And I was really concerned. Thank You Jeff
  2. Kind Sir I came accross this Post 10 minutes after I posted a Pointer to a for sale post in the AR forum. If this was a violation of old or new rules, please accept my sincere apology. I had done this once before, some months back and did not receive ANY negative feedback. That resulted in my having done the same thing today. If my post as done today: My suggestion that a Person may just want to look is absolutely 100% sincere. Or if that suggetion is the only thing that makes a pointer like that acceptable please inform me. I genuinely intended the post as a thougtful gesture to my fellow AR lovers. I have really enjoyed, and learned a great deal from this group. I would truly regret any action that for ANY reason jeporized my membership. Sincerely Jeff
  3. Ebay item #190170778674 is one of the MOST beautiful pair of AR speakers I have ever seen. They are a pair of ARLSi's that have been owned by the seller since new. Pick-Up ONLY, Long Pond, PA. It breaks my heart that distance (1,100 Round Trip) and room prevent me from buying these gems. I do not have any association or financial interest with this sale or seller. But it would make my day to know I in anyway facilitated these speaker going to someone who would fully appreciate and enjoy them. Best Wishes Jeff
  4. Thanks for this accurate and brief summation. This is the conclusion I arrived at, but never made CLEAR. The original post concluded that the 040 woofer was the correct impedance, WITHOUT mentioning that it was NOT the correct driver. It that respect hopefully this time has been well spent. Even if clumsily managed by myself. Thanks Jeff
  5. Thank you Klaus and PRO for your responses. I did FINALLY find the 1986 Part List thanks to Klaus's prod. Previous attempts came up empty or 1979. I also found the schematic, dated 1978. It is obviously official and properly assumed to be accurate. My concern with a document like this, is that in my experience, production changes (in any manufacturing situation) don't always get pushed back, or added to such documents. Thank You for the Assistance Jeff
  6. FMI & FYI; Post #2177 pretty much addresses the 12" woofer issue. I would still appreciate input regarding definative AR90 10" woofer part #. Is 1210040 appropriate? Thanks Jeff
  7. Here's thr JPG I forgot to attach. Thanks Jeff http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/dc/user_files/2823.jpg
  8. The point must be made that THIS paragraph is NOW refering to AR 12" woofers. Those guys at AR were trying to make us crazy. (Perhaps I may be a little pedisposed to the condition.) I have attached a JPG of a pair of 12" straight sided, factory stamped 12" woofers Pt# 1210003-08&2A currently on eBay. There are 2 pairs of these same speakers, removed from my pair of AR9's, in my family room RIGHT NOW. They BOTH carry a STICKERED Pt# 2000031-1. 1 pair has ROUND magnets, the other pair are SQUARE. The numbers referenced in this paragraph refer to 12" woofer. This is now just puzzleing the heck out of me. I owe you an apology for MY falure to COUNT zeros. Regarding the AR90 10" woofer, I originaly asked about. You DO make reference to a Schematic. It's just that I have seen so many refererences to schematic errors, on THIS site that I am PRETTY reluctant to consider them as relable Part # references. I DO appreciate your input and information. But to be honest, at this point I would really appreciate any clarification regarding part #s of BOTH the 12" and the AR90 10" I originaly asked about. Perhaps yourself or another member can shed some light referencing an additional or more reliable source. Thanks Again Jeff
  9. Thanks for responding so quickly. But I THINK you may have in haste, made an error. I believe the FAMOUS 200031-1 woofer driver is the later version AR 12" from AR3a, AR9 & MANY other models. The AR90 has 10" woofer drivers Part # (?). Feel free to set me straight if I've missed this. If I am right take proper solice in the fact that, the only people who never make a misstake, are people who NEVER do anything. Thanks Jeff
  10. Beautifull!!! And I am sure VERY satisfying!!! Congratulations Jeff
  11. Maybe I have overlooked it, but as I read this thread, I did not see any answer to the question of whether this is THE proper original part for the AR90. The thread seemed to result in the conclusion that it was the PROPER impedience. But never mentioned the part number "1210040-2a" again, or addressed it's appropriateness. Would someone please be kind enough to address the Part # issue. Thanks Jeff
  12. Hi Vern, You are one in a million. Logic, wit, wisdom & an occasional bit of sarcasm! You are certainly just 1 piece of this CSP puzzle. But one of my favorites. Thanks for all the widom and entertainment, knowing that I have only just begun to paw the dirt around here. Jeff
  13. Thanks for your response. The sheet uses the tweeter type PRESSURE to describe the 17 & 18 tweeters. I take your response to be in favor of considering the DOME/CONE as an accurate description of an unusual design. Thank Again for your input. Good Listening Jeff
  14. Information Please The AR Model History Spreadsheet refers to the AR-6 and AR-7 Tweeter as DOME/CONE. I have AR literature from 11/73 that refers to the tweeter as CONE. The speaker was produced until 1976, did it perhaps evolve to a different DOME tweeter. I am attaching a copy of the .jpg that was in the Post to which I posted this reply. Is this tweeter so unique that it was refered to as a DOME/CONE. Any information would be aprecciated. Good Listening Jeff http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/dc/user_files/2621.jpg
  15. Thanks for taking the time to respond Ken. I consider the responses from yourself and Vern to be enough to set me to work. I will set about duplicating the current sheet, which shouldn't take all that very long. After a proofread I will probably try to touch bases with the both of you for a style critique. I am really only making very minor changes. It was well thought out by the creator. Thanks again for taking the time to respond. Good Listening Jeff
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