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  1. npt3

    That tweeter looks familiar...

    Here (I hope) is a different but better link. https://www.shinola.com/audio/all/speakers/book-shelf-speakers-2-natural.html
  2. http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/reviews/entry/shinola-bookshelf-speakers
  3. npt3

    AR Turntable thread

    Aaaaaaand, here’s the finished product. It cleaned up very well, the dust cover polished up nicely, and the suspension was in great shape - no adjustments needed. The tonearm damping was shot, so I disabled that, and I’ve gotten the LPGear upgrade stylus.
  4. npt3

    AR Turntable thread

    Well, that explains it! I may check the elliptical out first - $56 for a new elliptical stylus on an arguably better cartridge (i.e., compared to $99 for a new M97XE) seems like a better deal.
  5. npt3

    AR Turntable thread

    What's the JICO part number for the SAS stylus? I was on their site yesterday; I searched for "M91ED" and only found the elliptical stylus.
  6. npt3

    AR Turntable thread

    I've seen the same comment about the Grados. I love Grado, but it's good to hear that they DON'T recommend their carts with the AR. I've been looking at three things: getting a new JICO elliptical stylus for the M91ED; the Shure M97XE; or the Ortofon 2M Red (if I keep the AR arm) or Blue (if I decide to mod the 'table with a new arm.)
  7. npt3

    AR Turntable thread

    I think I’ve found a great XA. More once I get it, but it’s got the “stock” Shure M91ED cartridge, which I’ve heard good things about, but was wondering if there’s a good modern substitute folks have used with the AR arm. I’m partial to Shures (I have a V15VMR on my ‘83 AR deck) but have open ears
  8. npt3

    Allison CD6 Manual needed!

    I'm suspecting that the answer to this is "no difference", but has anyone noticed any difference when the woofer is on the side (assuming there's the requisite 12" free over it)?
  9. npt3

    Allison CD6 Manual needed!

  10. npt3

    Allison CD6 Manual needed!

    That would be great, Bill!
  11. npt3

    Monitor Audio updates the CD6 form factor

    That was my only point. You (well, I) don't see many cube form factors these days.
  12. npt3

    AR Turntable thread

    I like how you kept the lines of the new base along those of the original. WAY nicer wood, same great shape! When I find a specimen to rehab, I may do that too.
  13. https://www.monitoraudio.com/en/product-ranges/monitor/monitor-50/
  14. npt3

    AR Turntable thread

    Got it! That will be the most interesting part of the project. I might try to find a "junk" T-bar on which to practice ;-)
  15. npt3

    AR Turntable thread

    Tonearms: I can scour the boards, but does anyone know off the top of their head which arms can be mounted to the XA/B (or, which ones can't)? I like the Linn Basik Plus, which I've seen for quite reasonable prices used. (I know the LA Audiofile article calls out the Maywire Formula 4 and the Grace 707.)