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  1. AR Turntable thread

    Got it! That will be the most interesting part of the project. I might try to find a "junk" T-bar on which to practice ;-)
  2. AR Turntable thread

    Tonearms: I can scour the boards, but does anyone know off the top of their head which arms can be mounted to the XA/B (or, which ones can't)? I like the Linn Basik Plus, which I've seen for quite reasonable prices used. (I know the LA Audiofile article calls out the Maywire Formula 4 and the Grace 707.)
  3. WTB: Allison 6/CD6

    I have my CD6s, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. AR Turntable thread

    I found Issue 29, too!
  5. AR Turntable thread

    1. In my main system, I've got the classic reissued AR turntable configuration, i.e., outfitted with the Linn Basik Plus arm and Shure V15VMR cartridge that I bought new in 1986. A couple of years ago, I had Dave Archambault at Vinyl Nirvana upgrade the springs, replace the Hurst motor with a much quieter upgrade, and replace the metal pulley with a polymeric version. Both very worthwhile upgrades. I was looking at the Linn Trampolin baseboard (with the adjustable feet) and wondering if it would fit my deck? It seems to me that the '86 AR plinth dimensions were (deliberately?) comparable to the Sondek. Alternately, I'd like to see if anyone knows good adjustable feet to replace the stock ones I have. I'm not talking about the enormous pontoons (or spikes) that are out there, something about, say, 1" diameter at the base. 2. And JK's comment about his '2 in pieces' leads me to my next project, getting an AR to restore. I've just restored a pair of beautiful Allison CD6s and want those to be part of a future, smaller system I want to put in a study that I'd share with my wife. I'd like to find an AR "project" deck, maybe an XB (with the cuing lever) or, more ambitiously, adding a more modern arm. I've heard that the stock classic AR arm is way better than its simple appearance would indicate, but if I could fit a modest arm like the Linn, I think that would be fun to try. Is there an analog of "Restoring The AR3a" for the AR turntable?
  6. AR Turntable thread

    Hi. I KNOW that these forums are for speakers (it's in the title!) but I don't know of a good, lively community for discussing the AR Turntable. I've got questions. Does anyone have any good suggestions? Thanks!
  7. Allison Seven Speakers Restored

    Excellent work (and nice looking tweeters)! Howard’s RAF IS great stuff.
  8. Allison CD6 Manual needed!

    Hi - if anyone has a CD6 manual, could you post it up here? I've just added my manual for the Three and the CD7 in the Library Additions and Corrections forum, BTW.
  9. Including the "Speaker Impedance" info sheet, and "Switching Circuits for 4-Ohm Speakers." CD7.pdf
  10. My copy. Enjoy!Three.pdf
  11. That's good enough for me!
  12. https://www.parts-express.com/wet-look-4-oz-black--340-513 This looks like a way to add a little protection to my 8" CD woofers (these are of 1987 vintage and don't appear to have the same type coating as the woofers in my Threes.) Anyone use this? Should I NOT use this?
  13. These are the "after" pictures.