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  1. WTB: Allison 6/CD6

    Yeah, I've seen those, but they're pretty rough (no grilles on one, damaged ones on the other)
  2. WTB: Allison 6/CD6

    Hi, I'd be interested in a pair of Allison 6/CD6 (i.e., later model) speakers, in Walnut. The tweeters and grills have to be completely perfect (I'm not doing repairs on those), but it's ok if the woofers need refoaming. Original owners preferred!
  3. I have two lovely pairs of AR3as that I have lovingly restored (I discussed this in another thread) that I would like to sell, preferably on eBay for the convenience, but I haven't a CLUE as to how to pack these. I'm of course not averse to local MA buyers (and I rather prefer that), but I want to open the geographic area as much as I can. Has anyone else found a "standard" size box or method that they use and can recommend? I can't be the first one to ask this on the forums! Thanks everyone.
  4. Edgar Villchur, 1917 - 2011

    Still can't believe the "crickets" in the audio press on Villchur's passing (you could bet money that if Dave Wilson dropped dead, Stereophile would dedicate an entire issue to him.) Here's a kind and heartfelt appreciation: http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/10/26/1030403/-Top-Comments:-the-Edgar-Villchur-edition?via=recent
  5. Edgar Villchur, 1917 - 2011

    The NYT Bits podcast this week discusses Villchur in the week's news (after Steve Jobs). Not much more new information than what was in the NYT obit, but it was touching that Jobs and Villchur were tied together by the Paper Of Record. Pathetic beyond belief that our own Boston Globe has yet to run something on him, in the birthplace of American audio.
  6. Edgar Villchur, 1917 - 2011

    I would argue (and it is a crime that this point has not yet been made in the press) that his work was as transformational as the Walkman (and, later, the iPod) was to how people enjoyed, lived and loved music. After the AR-1 and AR-3a, "regular folk" could not only afford extremely high-quality gear, but they did not have to arrange their entire rooms/homes around it, and in fact could put their kit into any room they wanted, from small apartment-dwellers to ranch-house owners. After the AR-XA, LPs could be listened to at their full potential. And the Amplifier tied it all together, and stylishly, too. And I don't think that it's an accident that the rise in music creativity and recording studio innovations in the early 60's (Beatles/George Martin, et al.) coincided with AR's rise. Thanks, Edgar.
  7. I finally finished restoring my 3as a little while ago. The pair that was cosmetically in better shape (which I really like and am going to keep), I just gave an application of Restor-A-Finish with an 0000 steel (very, very lightly). They could probably use a sanding and Watco oiling, but I'm saving that for when I get really bored. For all four speakers, I decided to paint the driver mounting boards and the outer-face of the grilles with a flat black latex enamel (Valspar 43777) and carefully replace the aged electrical tape over the driver leads. It looks a whole lot nicer now. The grilles came out GREAT with the new linen! I am really happy with the way they came out, and how they all sound. I've attached some pictures of pair #2. I'd like to offer these for sale through the group first, if anyone's interested ($250). Local pickup in MA would be preferred, since I'm dreading the idea of shipping them. That said, if I had to ship them, is there a standard box size (and, where could I get them?) that will fit the 3as that folks have used here? I don't mind packing them carefully but I really do NOT want to be making boxes.
  8. Allison 3 or Bose 901

    Threes, duh. ;-). You will be infinitely happier with them.
  9. Burwen gear

    I've been using KLH-era Burwen units (TNE 7000 and DNF 1201) for years in my archiving operation, and the TNE alone for LP listening. Does anyone know more about maintaining these? Mine are working just great, but I wonder if certain components are more likely to 'wear' or fail than others, or if other folks have modded or 'upgraded' theirs. Nick P.S. loving the increasing numbers of people restoring their ARs on the forums! I have to post some pix of the 3as I finished a couple of months ago...
  10. That's a very nice piece of kit for hopefully not a lot of bucks. As long as the tweets are in good shape, well worth the modest amount of $$ and time for a woofer refoaming.
  11. Original issue AR-3 renovation

    I used the JM stuff (no pun intended!) in a recent 2ax restoration - just great.
  12. I have a pair of Allison 3s, and AR3as that I recently restored. I am driving them (not at the same time!!) with an HK3485 (2x120W) receiver. I like the HK unit a lot, but have been thinking about tube amplification. I'd probably go with a power amp (remove the jumpers from the receiver and use it as a control unit). That said, I don't even know where to start. What's a good match for my speakers in, say, the $1 to $2000 range? Vintage units are OK. Can I even get something good in that range?
  13. Yay! That's where they measured out, Roy.
  14. I've Sprague caps in my 3a's. So, how much drift is "acceptable" (i.e., that won't adversely impact things sonically)?
  15. AR-2ax Restoration; should I continue?

    I replaced both of the woofers in the 2axs I recently rehabbed with the new ones that Vintage-AR sells, and those were just fine. I've got a spare original (refoamed and working) 2ax woofer I can sell you if you need it.