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  1. Options in restoring AR-2ax

    these work nicely: https://www.ebay.com/itm/8pcs-Antique-Brass-Plated-Brass-Base-Center-Hole-Round-Disc-14mm-1871C-U-299/401173375672?hash=item5d67cbeab8:g:WPQAAOSwPYZU9htH
  2. Restoration stopped at woofer

    You are indeed correct on the $53 woofer. RoyC sometimes has units for sale at reasonable prices.
  3. Restoration stopped at woofer

    It's a pretty fiddly fix. Hard to know exactly what it needs w/o knowing where it's broken. New voice coils are available ready to install for ~$35-40. Looks like reconing is ~$85. But neither will match the original sound. There's a used woofer at auction for $53. Others have sold for $25-85. You can keep it cheap if you're willing to wait. I like the sound of these things, but if you're done, the good parts will bring some money.
  4. Restoration stopped at woofer

    Sounds like the voice coil wire is broken somewhere on the former. Unless you're set up for repair or rewinding, your options are to pay a pro to do that or seek a replacement used woofer. Nothing available new will match. I don't know which would be more cost-effective.
  5. Options in restoring AR-2ax

    Depends on your toolbox and attention span :-) I'd probably escalate tactics until I got it turned or broke it/ proved I couldn't turn it. Nothing to lose, really.
  6. Options in restoring AR-2ax

    Spin that center disc 90° on the mid pot, it might be usable. Position the corrosion opposite the ends of the wire.
  7. Restoration stopped at woofer

    Piece o' cake :-) I blew the glue on an AR-2 like this. The spider needs to be attached first. Cut the dust cap mostly open (leave a bit so you can just hinge it, and then reglue when done). Shim the voice coil to center it, glue the spider. Actually you'll probably put glue on the spider and then shim the vc. Let that dry, then reglue the surround. Solder the leads, you're done.
  8. Restoring KLH Model Thirty-One Speakers

    That value of resistors is apparently a requirement of the crossover. It's not an issue for the impedance of the speakers.
  9. Restoring KLH Model Thirty-One Speakers

    That's a replacement. The original (according to an auction listing) looks like most KLH woofers from that period- cloth surround, big square magnet.
  10. AR is making speakers again

    maybe it's the perspective... the woofers are so small the tweeters look like classic midranges?
  11. AR is making speakers again

    Oh look- little LSTs. Frank will be... underwhelmed. Looks like they picked these before they were fully grown :-) http://www.acoustic-research.com/home-audio/2000-series/?sku=ARSP2S6BK
  12. Model Seventeens

    RoyC on this forum can take care of you. The sealer is clear-ish now, but to the same effect.
  13. Model Seventeens

    The AR type sealant is for the cloth surrounds. The thin foam ring or grey sealant is for mounting the woofer in the cabinet. You may need both. After mounting the woofer in the cabinet, press the cone in and watch its return rate. If it springs back immediately, check the mounting. If you're sure there are no cabinet leaks around the woofer or the tweeter, then the AR sealant is probably called for.
  14. It should yield a clearer sound, yes. Those black/red caps in particular can be WAY out of tolerance.
  15. Blown Woofer on AR-2ax

    I "blew" an AR-2 woofer: the surround and spider both came unglued from the frame while listening with gusto to some hard rock. It made pretty ugly noises at that point. After regluing, it's still going strong, 10 years later. So, inspection might reveal something less catastrophic than total failure.