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  1. Major Upgrade to The Classic Speaker Pages Forums

    Upgrade seems fine to me, with just one request. Like JKent said, message numbers help a lot.
  2. KLH various model rankings.....

    Model Thirties are supposed to have the same drivers as the Sixes, in a shallower cabinet.
  3. KLH Model One, Janszen 1-30

    Thank you! I think these, too, could have been a lot more, but there's so little traffic in them, it's difficult to set a price.
  4. Your experience matches mine. I'm listening now, and a comfortable background/listening level peaks at about .06 or .07 watts on the Onkyo M504 meters.
  5. KLH Model One, Janszen 1-30

    Thank you! Yes, I've been curious about KLH's first three models for quite a while. Here's 002 exposed a bit and its internal "electronics" :-)
  6. KLH Model One, Janszen 1-30

    This week I finally acquired a pair of Model Ones that I'd been stalking for weeks. The seller is local to me, so that helped tremendously in getting the things home. At 85 lbs each and 39 x 25 x 16 inches. Here is the original auction. I also spent weeks researching these. There's not a lot on them, because there are not a lot of speakers out there. These are serial no 002 and 659. The woofers sound amazing, more like a theater sound system or something. They'll put serious acoustic pressure in a room down to about 18 hz. But they are also quite inefficient. Both the Janszens need work. I know something about electronics, but it looks like I'm going to need some help with these. So, on with the pictures. I'm adding the four page instruction brochure for the One, Two, and Three to the library.
  7. Beautiful. Like the sound?
  8. Plastic Grille Repair

    The one exception might be automotive panel glue :-)
  9. MGC-1 reviews

    No accounting for taste, it is certainly true. It is hard to imagine giving up the extended bass my 3a speakers provide. On the other hand, never having heard the MGC line, it is possible the mid- range is so divine I would not notice the lack. What standard does one go by in determining desirability, other than demand?
  10. MGC-1 reviews

    Stereophile has just republished two reviews from 1985.
  11. Excellent, thanks. I thought I had read every brochure in the library :-) Browsing the 71 general catalog, and the 1W and 3 are still offered for sale.
  12. AR vs Advent in the late 80s

    Like these? Nothing else I can find from that era looks like the TSW boxes. "Notes: These are nothing special but are somewhat of a rarity. I believe the 1002 is nothing more than a re-badged original Advent Baby. It definitely has the Jensen styling so it must have been made after the takeover sometime in the mid 90s. That and the two models are identical apart from the badge placement!" From an audiokarma page, which I'll link when they come back up Monday.
  13. I've attempted updates to AR and KLH histories. See below.