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  1. dxho


  2. dxho


    That would be my guess. But it suggests you may not have a crossover wired up, and running straight amp power to the tweeter could blow it. My suggestion is to remove at least the woofer and follow the wiring to see what's up.
  3. dxho


    I had some 406s. As I recall, they only had a two-terminal plate on the back. Your looks like woofer, midrange, tweeter, and common.
  4. dxho

    Attic Find - KLH Model Seven

    Early on, KLH said their speakers could handle more or less any amp available to the buying public. I have a pair of Model Ones that will get painfully loud without apparent strain. Yes, you'll need to cut the grilles off to put sealer on the woofer surrounds. It might get the bass back.
  5. dxho

    Advent legacy VS legacy II

    1989 Stereo Review buyer's guide listing Acoustic-suspension floor-standing liquid-cooled speaker with solid-pecan top and base with wraparound grille. Features 10" high-excursion cone woofer with aluminum-coil form; 1" ferrofluidfilled soft-dome tweeter. FR 42-23,000 Hz ± 3 dB; min power 100 W rms; max power 500 W peak; sens 88dB sPL/W/m; imp 8 ohms. Black texture vinyl finish over dense fiberboard. 46.5 lb; 28.25" h x 16" w x 9.75" d $399/pr
  6. dxho

    AR 2 garage find

    You may be fine on pots and caps (as the original pots and oil caps don't usually go bad), especially if you're happy with the sound. You can disconnect one lead on the caps and test with a meter if you're not sure about them. Get the woofers sealed and glued, and you might just be set.
  7. dxho

    AR 2 garage find

    JKent, I don't know anything specifically... It's a bigger diameter and slightly shorter, sheet metal fully-enclosed case. When I recapped mine, I didn't take special note of it. That was years ago. I have one shot-ish...
  8. dxho

    AR 2 garage find

    This is going to duplicate jkent's to some degree... Aleen's glue is commonly used to reattach things that come loose, for a good while. You may not be seeing the full extent of it yet. Check the surround to the frame and the spider to the frame for any other glue failures. Pretty common on these... Also, the surrounds might need new sealant. If they're not sticky, contact member RoyC here for the specific sealer to renew these. It noticeably affects bass response. Pots have some bearing on treble, what there is. The pots on this model weren't used on any other systems, that I'm aware. And they don't appear to go bad. If you're in there, check the caps. Earlier models used metal-cased oil caps which typically don't need replacement. I won't say "never", but not usually. I replaced the tweeters in mine with the AR-2ax midrange, effectively turning it into an AR-2x. Very much opened up the top end. Factory tweeters on yours may not please... The cabinets are typically veneered, if they're finished. Mine were varnished. Old English isn't the best. Oil in general isn't the best. Wood care is a dark art unto itself.
  9. dxho

    AR drawings

    New (.pdf) version, many corrections. AR_Drawings_.pdf
  10. dxho

    Prototype or DIY?

    looks good to me
  11. dxho

    Vintage KLH speaker info reqd.

    One-year only model line-up: 1983 KLH Series 500 Speaker Systems All speaker systems in this series have ported cabinet hickory -grain vinyl finish; removable grilles. 515. 3 -way system with 15" woofer, 5" midrange, 3" cone tweeter. Frequency range 30-20,000 Hz; crossovers 1 and 4 kHz; power range 20-100 W; sensitivity 92dB SPL/W/m; impedance 8 ohms; 28" H x 18" W x 15.75" D $350 512. Similar to 515 except has 12" woofer Power range 10-75 W; sensitivity 90 dB; 25.5" H x 15" W x 12.75" D $250 510. Similar to 515 except has 10" woofer Power range 10-50 W; 22.5" H x 12.5" W x 10.75" D $160 508. Similar to 515 except has 8" woofer, no midrange driver. Low -end response 40Hz; power range 10-30 W; 21" H x 12" W x 9.75" D $100
  12. dxho

    AR2a midrange anatomy

    Pretty good work to remove those cones and not tear them. Did that coil get smoked?
  13. dxho

    200003 12 "woofer needs spyder

    Here are some spiders, US source, sorry. They are indeed hard for the consumer to find separate from reconing kits. Voice coils are also available. But they provide almost no specs. Good chance you'll have to cut the inner hole to size. The challenge is likely to be matching relative stiffness of the original.
  14. dxho

    Norman Labs

    appears to be some activity at audiokarma.org