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  1. KLH 6 construction differences?

    The upper box is the second gen, the lower was made in the transition period from the first gen, probably ~'62-'63. The 'plywood' is probably veneered particle board/MDF. I think KLH had mostly stopped using plywood by the time these were made.
  2. KLH Model Ten

    I'm wondering if it didn't measure up. It only lasted a year or so, even with it being promoted along with the rest of the line. I've never read anything about it's raison d'ĂȘtre.
  3. klh model 4s with interesting tweeter arrangement

    I've never seen athird small driver mentioned. Obviously, Fours were sold in a utility version, but I don't know if they were painted from the factory.
  4. A very early pair of AR-2 speaker

    I love the woofer in these, but the high end is pretty deficient. IOW, yes, I think $350 is pretty far into "collector" territory, when 2a or 2ax pairs can still be had for the same or less.
  5. AR-2ax refurbishing and use question

    Many options - I staple tie wraps to the cabinet.
  6. Looks like there's a black ring around the outside of the woofers, adapting them to early cabinets.
  7. New AR2 Owner

    Thank you for the compliment. All correctionsgratefully accepted. Post 'em here or send them to me.
  8. I don't see much of a down side to repair. It's pretty easy to pick up a used one if it doesn't work. Yeah, coffee filter material is usable for the cone. Pick your favorite glue; it doesn't seem to be critical. I think I'd start with a little of the same glue on the surround. Yes, they are original. There's a simple test to see if they need more sealer, but the cone/s need to be whole.
  9. How do you compare speakers?

    The Aton DLA2 looks capable. Here are a couple of auctions. 252155664717 252324418723
  10. How do you compare speakers?

    A peek on the auction site showed a few selectors w/remotes, but it might be cheaperto buy a receiver with second room speaker output.
  11. I'm liking the Heathkit assemblage.
  12. Reviews of Advent/2 ?

    Audiokarma has an Advent reference threadthat isn't especially kind to the /2. Doesn't appear they rise to the level of the ones you already have.Apparently surrounds have to be cut by handas there are nonepre-made. A lot would depend on the cost to you.
  13. Major Upgrade to The Classic Speaker Pages Forums

    Upgrade seems fine to me, with just one request. Like JKent said, message numbers help a lot.
  14. KLH various model rankings.....

    Model Thirties are supposed to have the same drivers as the Sixes, in a shallower cabinet.