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  1. AR2ax woofers

    It is possible that the woofers could be corrected by removing the surrounds from the frames or the cones, using shims to center the voice coil, and then repositioning the surrounds. The one that is tight through part of its travel could be caused by the surround holding the cone/voice coil at a slight angle.
  2. A23 for A19

    Those numbers are from the AR3a restoration guide. I've thought about it for a day, and I still don't know for sure if they'd swap. It seems to me they would, with a little wiring mod.
  3. Same folks have a pair of Cello Amati (LST equivalent) speakers for sale ATM. 331928691572. This is not the empty Amati cabinets auction.
  4. Early Model Six's

    I specifically went for the low numbers, partly because they were so scarce and partly because I wanted to run them next to AR3as (my reference system). I've got Ones, Fours, and two pair of Seventeens. The Ones came with an oversized veneered panel on the top that looked factory but also had black paint on the sides. Decidedly not original. Fun fact: the earliest early models (One through Four) came with removable grilles and drivers (at least the woofers. I haven't seen corresponding tweeters).
  5. Early Model Six's

    Pretty sure that's not factory plywood/veneer. I don't recall anyone having trouble with switches. Are you attempting to collect every model of KLH? :-)
  6. Need a like button around here...
  7. AR Grill Badge Numbers

    Some of the regulars might have a better idea. The grilles on these betray nothing identifiable to me. Maybe you could get a shot of the labels.
  8. AR Grill Badge Numbers

    Welcome! I know squawdoosh about badging, but I know a little about early AR speakers. My opinion: good choice! My favorite so far is the AR3a. It was such a revelation (after 20 years of the AR2 and derivatives) that I went back through my music library just to hear what I'd been missing (mostly that lowest octave, more or less).
  9. I can almost guarantee trouble if they contain the Callins/whatever other name they were called capacitors (black body and red ends). Your speakers were built in their heyday. Obligatory request: pictures would help.
  10. Wow, those things look like they'd make an amp overheat, even if they were in good shape: 4-way/5-speaker with an 18" woofer. Besides drivers or wiring, the only other concern might be crossover components. It's got to be a complicated setup, and if it has/they have never been refurbed...
  11. KLH 6 construction differences?

    The upper box is the second gen, the lower was made in the transition period from the first gen, probably ~'62-'63. The 'plywood' is probably veneered particle board/MDF. I think KLH had mostly stopped using plywood by the time these were made.
  12. KLH Model Ten

    I'm wondering if it didn't measure up. It only lasted a year or so, even with it being promoted along with the rest of the line. I've never read anything about it's raison d'ĂȘtre.
  13. klh model 4s with interesting tweeter arrangement

    I've never seen a third small driver mentioned. Obviously, Fours were sold in a utility version, but I don't know if they were painted from the factory.
  14. A very early pair of AR-2 speaker

    I love the woofer in these, but the high end is pretty deficient. IOW, yes, I think $350 is pretty far into "collector" territory, when 2a or 2ax pairs can still be had for the same or less.