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  1. Repair or replacement.
  2. Reasonable, yes, (unless there are shipping charges) though the Twenty and its brother the Seventeen can sometimes be acquired inexpensively if you have the time to wait. I got a pair of the latter for $38 shipped. The system should sound very good.
  3. KLH apparently went to particle board fairly early in its history. I have a pair of Model Ones, serial 002 and 659. The early one has plywood sides, the later one does not.
  4. Nice catch! The pots probably need cleaning. I use vinegar to get in all the crevices, then a Dremel or some such if the corrosion is serious. Capacitors will quite likely need replacement, too. Yes, RoyC sells the sealer for the cloth surrounds. The seal on yours looks a little worn out, so they could probably use a treatment. I use GooGone or GoofOff, some variation of citrus-based cleaner for adhesive like on your cabinets. Toluene would be a last resort as it would take wood finish off, too. I've used various combinations of ARs. Right now my main listening station is two pair of AR-3a.
  5. Any chance of getting those pieces of veneer off the plywood? Whatever shape they're in, they are a match.
  6. 8 ohm?
  7. English/European models?
  8. Michael's is the best price, but it's also listed on Walmart, Amazon, ebay...
  9. Now that's something I hadn't considered when attempting to tighten up some of my systems- that apparently sealed drivers might not be. I guess I'm going to be regluing a few woofers in the coming days :-)
  10. Looks vaguely Zenith. Can you pull any drivers?
  11. They seem legit. I've gotten obscure shortwave radio stuff from them in the past. Images don't appear because they don't have them or stock on, say, an A70 tweeter, Delivery depends on factory availability :-) I got to them in the past because they're one of those suppliers that lists every part available for a wide swath of consumer electronics, whether they ever have those parts or not. I needed something (else) listed but unobtanium.
  12. The technical term for that condition is "blown". Quickest solution, likely the cheapest, and probably truest to the original sound is to buy a similar used driver.
  13. I've owned one or more pairs of AR speakers since the mid 80s. My main ones now are AR-3a. Impressions? I'm not necessarily attached to a brand, but I am to a sound. And AR is the closest I've gotten to it within reasonable means.
  14. Pictures would be useful in determining if they might be saved.
  15. The back plate can be sealed with your favorite sealing material and screwed back down to make it tight as well as removable (I think! I haven't worked on a Five). I would probably replace the foam rings on the mids and tweeters- cheap insurance to get that good seal.