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  1. Quite likely it is a result of forum software upgrades. I'm guessing the file is actually somewhere on the forum but not where the link points. That's a shame; I've seen 8 and 10 year old threads that were trashed, but this is from 2014 and suggests institutional memory here has advanced Alzheimer's.
  2. The AR 2X.... opinions?....

    Yes. These were my first ARs, so I had a sentimental attachment. But I also could never accept the lack of high end. Only took me ~20 years to upgrade :-)
  3. The AR 2X.... opinions?....

    I added what looks like the tweeter above to a pair of AR-2s. Really nice low as well as high extension now.
  4. The AR 2X.... opinions?....

    Souped-up AR-2, not quite the 2ax, but I like mine a lot. If they have the original caps, you'll get better sound if you replace them.
  5. AR-3 1965 Models ? SN C42801

    1) Something light like cheesecloth will work. 2) Others are more conversant in this question. In my projects so far, I've cleaned or repaired the original pot or replaced it with another repaired original. 3) Yes, the mid can degrade. Member RoyC has some success in reviving these. And welcome to CSP!
  6. Woofers are measured to the outer edge of the frame, mids and tweets are measured by cone diameter. Does indeed sound like you have the MSS491.
  7. Not the RF-416? I messed with some RS-406 systems that had the RW-489 woofer... serviceable but nothing outstanding (my reference is the AR-3a). Here's the crossover:
  8. More Stromberg goodness than you can shake a stick at. Catalogs down the page, if you haven't already seen this site.

    ~15 minute drive for me. Save a hundred bucks on Craigslist. Not hard to justify buying more of these. Tell people you're starting a museum :-)
  10. My current solution is to download threads a page at a time. It won't capture images that are linked, so those have to be done manually.
  11. Ordinarily, I'd attribute sound cutting in and out to a crossover issue, but your observations suggest a faulty tweeter.
  12. NOS A-P pots

    I really didn't like the stock sound either and finally modded this pair with AR-2ax midranges.
  13. NOS A-P pots

    I popped a spider and surround loose on an AR-2 woofer one day. The voice coil seemed fine, though, after regluing with no apparent lingering effects.
  14. Masonite Ring

    Good call. I blew the surround and spider off an AR-2 woofer one day during some destructive, uh, enthusiastic testing. The system survived just fine.
  15. Book: The History of Acoustic Research

    Sound Advice: How America's Greatest Speaker Companies Turned Down The Idea That Transformed An Industry or some such