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  1. AR-2ax Project

    Tune it to your taste. That's what everyone else does :-)
  2. Early KLH Ads Featuring The Model One, Two and Three

    Found them. Interesting that early ads talk about building all parts of the speaker systems in house, at least until they started buying tweeters from GE for the Model Four. 2756.pdf 2755.pdf 2758.pdf 2757.pdf
  3. The Quintessential AR Speaker

    Even at very low levels. I would also have mentioned the LST in there somewhere, but maybe that's just AR envy. I actually listen most to two pair of 3as, AR -2 series much less frequently.
  4. Anyone have Dynaco A-45?

    Some discussion here:
  5. AR-2ax Project

    aka mega328 or atmega328
  6. The AR-2

    Could indeed be a voice coil problem. It's also not that unusual for the spider and/or surround glue to let go. If needed, used replacements are fairly plentiful, though not all that cheap any more.
  7. The AR-2

    Can't tell if you tested bad drivers out of their circuits. Original pots appear to be fairly stout. Just don't hear complaints, though, to be honest, there aren't that many AR-2 resto threads. I love my old pair of 2s, but I finally relented and upgraded them with AR-2ax midranges.
  8. Or the drivers... they're ~40 years old. There could be some variations in output by now.

    If you haven't already seen it, there's an Advent reference thread here that provides a lot of details http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/identifying-your-advent-loudspeakers.126376/
  10. AR-2ax Craigslist 11-17-17

    I caught a pair of these off CL for $40, needing restoration of course. Similar sized houses, actually inhabitable, can go for a lot less, depending on neighborhood.
  11. I'd consider them if I wasn't already fully stocked. $150, reduced from $200 a while back. No affiliation. https://richmond.craigslist.org/ele/6364810184.html "Pair of refurbished AR2ax speakers. Ready to listen - Lightly sanded and oiled the walnut; these have a couple scars for added character, but no major imperfections. Drivers all work, pots cleaned (but still scratchy), new caps, new foam, new grille cloth. Restuffed with original insulation. No sequential serials here, but they're about 100 apart. No pics with the grilles fully in place because it's a pain and half to get them back off again, so I'm leaving them off until the buyer has inspected them."
  12. AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    Glenn and all, if you haven't seen it, there's a Photobucket fix, in the form of a browser extension. Search on "Photobucket hotlink fix".
  13. KLH Classic...

    The focus here tends to be on KLH products made through the mid to late 70s. There are specific later models that have been mentioned in various forums, but I think there are a couple of factors at work. Whatever sales share KLH had in its early days apparently diminished a lot in later years. There just weren't as many systems sold. In addition, it's basically impossible to determine what those later models were, much less establish a chronology. The catalog retailers like Allied, Radio Shack, etc stopped selling KLH stuff by the early 70s, so there's no comprehensive listing that I've seen.
  14. Quite likely it is a result of forum software upgrades. I'm guessing the file is actually somewhere on the forum but not where the link points. That's a shame; I've seen 8 and 10 year old threads that were trashed, but this is from 2014 and suggests institutional memory here has advanced Alzheimer's.