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  1. dxho

    KLH Model 23...please kill me

    Renewing caps might be sufficient.
  2. dxho

    Another KLH refurb - Not speakers

    Sorry, thought you were confined to AC current. Looks like you already have a solution.
  3. dxho

    Another KLH refurb - Not speakers

    Is it worth considering LEDs with some sort of diode arrangement? Lots more light for the watts...
  4. dxho

    Another KLH refurb - Not speakers

    Yes, very nice signs.
  5. dxho

    Prototype or DIY?

    My WAG is: pull the cone (of course, that needs to be possible); center and glue the magnet; replace the cone. My one experience with this was an early AR-3a woofer. The magnet and pole piece try mightily to pull themselves off center. So you'll need shims and/or a jig to hold them in place. Epoxy is probably the best option in my mind.
  6. dxho

    Looking to buy klh model five and six woofers

    More info in this thread "Early Model Twelves had a dual magnet woofer and early model Fives had a very large bolt together magnet structure. Shortly thereafter the Model Twelve, Five and Twenty-Three all shared the same drivers (same square magnet woofers, tweeters and for 5 & 12 the same mid ranges)."
  7. dxho

    Looking to buy klh model five and six woofers

    I'll get back to this...
  8. dxho

    Looking to buy klh model five and six woofers

    The (late) Five, Twelve, and Twenty Three woofers are generally the same. I've seen examples, though, with single and dual magnets and no way to predict application. The Six and Thirty share the same woofer. More detailed KLH component listing here.
  9. dxho

    19” Advent 2002 in oak case

    Pictures would help identify your model, if it's not the Advent 2002 shown here. (Audiokarma link) Never heard of 19" speakers, if you're talking about woofer (or other driver) size.
  10. dxho

    19” Advent 2002 in oak case

    ebay sales history is a good way to gauge current value
  11. dxho

    Model Six Caps?

    If the terminal plate is recessed, you have the Callins or whatever caps, not the PIO. If the terminal plate is flush with the back of the cabinet, you might have metal caps. If not, they're some other brand besides the black plastic body Callins. Recessed terminal plates were phased in somewhere around serial 134xxx.
  12. dxho

    Later KLH model 6

    A few variables here. If it's the later version (removable drivers), the tweeters are interchangeable with the Seventeen and Twenty. The woofer only matches the Model Thirty. The Model Five, Twelve and Twenty Three woofers will fit, but they aren't an exact match.
  13. dxho


    Looks like the Euro speckle paint on the backs.
  14. dxho

    KLH Model Thirty-Two Loudspeaker

    Yes the tweeter is known to also exist in the Thirty One, Thirty Eight, and some late manufacture Seventeens. Damping? Seems like you answered your question. My Model Ones have t-nuts, but I don't recall seeing them in the Model Seventeens. The only other KLH I own are Fours, with epoxied woofers.
  15. dxho

    KLH history update....model six

    I've seen Sixes in the 70xxx serial range with glued in tweeters, so this example is a bit confusing. But I'll add it to the list :-)