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  1. dxho

    Model Six Caps?

    If the terminal plate is recessed, you have the Callins or whatever caps, not the PIO. If the terminal plate is flush with the back of the cabinet, you might have metal caps. If not, they're some other brand besides the black plastic body Callins. Recessed terminal plates were phased in somewhere around serial 134xxx.
  2. dxho

    Later KLH model 6

    A few variables here. If it's the later version (removable drivers), the tweeters are interchangeable with the Seventeen and Twenty. The woofer only matches the Model Thirty. The Model Five, Twelve and Twenty Three woofers will fit, but they aren't an exact match.
  3. dxho


    Looks like the Euro speckle paint on the backs.
  4. dxho

    KLH Model Thirty-Two Loudspeaker

    Yes the tweeter is known to also exist in the Thirty One, Thirty Eight, and some late manufacture Seventeens. Damping? Seems like you answered your question. My Model Ones have t-nuts, but I don't recall seeing them in the Model Seventeens. The only other KLH I own are Fours, with epoxied woofers.
  5. dxho

    KLH history update....model six

    I've seen Sixes in the 70xxx serial range with glued in tweeters, so this example is a bit confusing. But I'll add it to the list :-)
  6. dxho

    AR-2ax Project

    Looks quite nice from here.
  7. dxho

    Restoration stopped at woofer

    Speaker Exchange sells a whole cone, surround, spider, dust cap, and coil kit for $30: http://reconingspeakers.com/product/ar-10-1-5-vc-aftermarket-recone-kit/ or $33: http://reconingspeakers.com/product/ar-ar2ax-10-aftermarket-recone-kit/, depending on the size of your voice coil. Know that a new cone and surround will not sound like the original, though I don't know how far off they would be. RoyC is my first choice in answering that. There are no doubt other kits out there. You might be able to just replace the coil. I don't know that offhand, though.
  8. dxho

    Options in restoring AR-2ax

    these work nicely: https://www.ebay.com/itm/8pcs-Antique-Brass-Plated-Brass-Base-Center-Hole-Round-Disc-14mm-1871C-U-299/401173375672?hash=item5d67cbeab8:g:WPQAAOSwPYZU9htH
  9. dxho

    Restoration stopped at woofer

    You are indeed correct on the $53 woofer. RoyC sometimes has units for sale at reasonable prices.
  10. dxho

    Restoration stopped at woofer

    It's a pretty fiddly fix. Hard to know exactly what it needs w/o knowing where it's broken. New voice coils are available ready to install for ~$35-40. Looks like reconing is ~$85. But neither will match the original sound. There's a used woofer at auction for $53. Others have sold for $25-85. You can keep it cheap if you're willing to wait. I like the sound of these things, but if you're done, the good parts will bring some money.
  11. dxho

    Restoration stopped at woofer

    Sounds like the voice coil wire is broken somewhere on the former. Unless you're set up for repair or rewinding, your options are to pay a pro to do that or seek a replacement used woofer. Nothing available new will match. I don't know which would be more cost-effective.
  12. dxho

    Options in restoring AR-2ax

    Depends on your toolbox and attention span :-) I'd probably escalate tactics until I got it turned or broke it/ proved I couldn't turn it. Nothing to lose, really.
  13. dxho

    Options in restoring AR-2ax

    Spin that center disc 90° on the mid pot, it might be usable. Position the corrosion opposite the ends of the wire.
  14. dxho

    Restoration stopped at woofer

    Piece o' cake :-) I blew the glue on an AR-2 like this. The spider needs to be attached first. Cut the dust cap mostly open (leave a bit so you can just hinge it, and then reglue when done). Shim the voice coil to center it, glue the spider. Actually you'll probably put glue on the spider and then shim the vc. Let that dry, then reglue the surround. Solder the leads, you're done.
  15. dxho

    Restoring KLH Model Thirty-One Speakers

    That value of resistors is apparently a requirement of the crossover. It's not an issue for the impedance of the speakers.