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  1. Zilch

    BSC vs Shelving

    Post your version of the transfer function, and we might discuss it further. Carl's measurements suggest that I've got it right, which has occurred on multiple occasions in this forum. I don't view this as a matter of "competition," rather, merely exposition of fact. Stuff is what it is, and there is value in knowing exactly what, is all. If others believe in magic, it'll not be on my account. You grant that it is not merely BSC, yet you continue to call it that. In the interest of your own integrity, at least put that in quotes....
  2. ... in a diminutive package. Didn't know there was solid walnut in them "lips," did we; roundover turns them into mini-bullnozers. Use better baffle material than me, of course, and add sub(s). XD120 buyouts are all gone, but new XD125s, the updated version, available: http://www.loudspeakersplus.com/product/XD125/18-SOUNDXD125/ Full skinny here; scroll back for more, if you lust.... http://techtalk.parts-express.com/showthre...999#post1691999
  3. You'll be restoring Howard's posts and re-opening The Kitchen, then, RIGHT...?
  4. Zilch

    Tweeter offset

    Unless they are mirror-imaged, offsetting the tweeter significantly degrades imaging. The resultant decorrelation of the common-mode (centered) signal does enhance spaciousness, however. They were about spaciousness, not imaging, and the advantages of not having to make, stock, and deliver two variants to each customer argued strongly in this favor -- they don't image worth a whit in stock form....
  5. Rick Cobb for surrounds; his kit includes a 30Hz CD to do the alignment without removing the dust cap or shimming. Advents don't image worth a whit. Mirror- imaging or centering the tweeters helps with this. The grille is integral to the performance of the originals, less so the "new". Crossover upgrade? Here go:
  6. That alone begs for confirmation. Measure nearfield both with and without the stock lowpass in place....
  7. Both OLA and NLA are measured in this thread: http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/showthread.php?t=165025 It's imperative that OLAs be used with the grille in place; as disclosed there, that's integral to achieving the design performance. [NLAs are still intact, actually.... ]
  8. Zilch

    KLH-5 Measurements

    The HF is peaked on-axis to compensate for the directivity loss; unless toed-in, we don't normally listen there. The technique is commonly employed with beamy tweeters....
  9. Zilch

    BSC vs Shelving

    Baffle Step Compensation (BSC) is the step filter you describe: http://www.trueaudio.com/st_diff1.htm Pete's "BSC" is more like an equalizer with the well-known "smiley face" transfer function:
  10. I'm about to embark upon updating A-25 to constant directivity with DXT: https://www.madisound.com/store/product_inf...roducts_id=8322 There'll be measurements galore and a PCD sim crossover design to go with....
  11. You seem mighty sure of that. Privy to inside info? Who knew that measuring a tweeter would precipitate a meltdown?
  12. So, Breunniger is now an underdog hero? If it comes out the opposite, you won't spare us your OTHER, equally disparaging, view of it and the principals, we trust....
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