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  1. I haven't subscribed to anything since Audio went out of business in 2000. My newest piece of audio gear dates from the 1990s, so I don't feel as if I've missed anything.
  2. The AR-11 crossovers in my spare parts box have Sprague Compulytic caps. There's a good chance the 10pi crossover does too, in which case recapping probably wouldn't be needed.
  3. The unfinished pine boxes had solid birch face frames, so if they seem blonde under the white paint on the fronts you'll need to remove some paint from the side faces to see what's under there.
  4. I am surprised that nobody took these, even if only to pull parts from them.
  5. Cabinets are usually less available on auction than woofers, although there do seem to be a few up for bid right now
  6. The new baffle might have to move the position of the mid and tweeter a bit to clear the furring strips supporting it.
  7. The crossover plate is a total remove and replace. The MDF backs and Norwood labels are a tell that this is a late model 3a that originally came with back-wired mids and tweeters. This is a project for someone who already has a crossover and a full set of drivers in his/her spare parts box. And who lives close enough to not have to pay the shipping.
  8. Cut away the remainder of the old baffle, glue furring strips to the insides of the cabinet faces, then glue a new baffle to the strips. Not sure if the strips would change the cabinet volume enough to require tweaking the stuffing.
  9. The front baffle would be relatively easy to replace and the veneer doesn't look too bad. If this was close enough to pick up I'd probably offer $50 for it.
  10. This suggests to me that they were all that way when they were new.
  11. If any of your caps are aluminum cans that say "Sprague Compulytic" on them, just leave them be.
  12. The 755 had an unusually smooth response for a full-range speaker of its era, over a range from about 300Hz to 10kHz, though there are a couple of large dips under 1kHz. This made it a good choice as a high-range driver for the AR-1 crossing over at 1kHz. It also had the advantage of being widely available and relatively inexpensive. By modern audio standards, its performance is utterly unworthy of the high prices it brings as a collectible.
  13. AR-1 has an additional jumper that puts a 3.5 ohm resistor into the crossover circuit for an 8 ohm connection. It was supposed to compensate for certain "unfavorable" speaker placements, but is really not the best solution for normal placement with the wrong amplifier because it doesn't really turn it into an 8 ohm speaker; the resister just converts some of the amplifier power into heat, and who needs a heater in a speaker cabinet?
  14. Hrm. Ok, no such thing in the USA, I guess. Damn, that grill cloth is ugly.
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