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  1. Northern Electric was a Canadian company jointly owned by Western Electric and Bell Telephone of Canada. It manufactured Western Electric-designed products under license for about 50 years before eventually becoming Northern Telecom/Nortel. Mirrophonic was a WE cinema sound system, so what you have there is most likely a speaker salvaged from a Canadian movie theater.
  2. Or the seller pulled the inserts in order to photograph. The seal on the plastic wrap appears unbroken. If memory serves, my 2axs had cardboard inserts not styrofoam. I remember flattening everything and keeping it until the warranty expired.
  3. Might be better to consider this as an AR-9 series replacement. Only $2000 to replace the woofers in a pair of speakers!
  4. CTS (formerly known as Chicago Telephone Supply).
  5. As long as the discussion is about a driver's suitability as a replacement, it's fine here. Once the discussion shifts to "improvements," it'll go to the mods forum.
  6. That's got to be the smoothest output from a 3D printer that I've seen. Wonder how long before Chris moves on from rebuilding old tweeters and just starts offering new ones made from scratch.
  7. My first reaction looking at pine speakers that have been stained and cabinets with serious corner damage is that these are total noobs with delusions. But you never know, there are always people out there with more money than sense.
  8. Those aren't holes. They're the ends of the staples. Sometimes those big power carton staplers bend the staples outward rather than inward.
  9. Don't have a next generation here. Everything I have will eventually end up making a buck for someone. Might as well be me.
  10. As we get older, the question of where our toys go "after" becomes more of a factor. When I can no longer hear what comes out of my speakers and start thinking about downsizing to smaller retirement quarters, I hope there will be someone with the requisite "idiocy" to drop the big bucks on them, if for no other reason than such a person being very unlikely to part them out or use them as patio speakers until they rot.
  11. I use this after the vinegar-salt soak.
  12. Probably because neither of these were especially good examples.
  13. 3 hrs to go and they're up to $1950...
  14. It's materials plus environment plus operating conditions. The environmental conditions would be humidity, air pollution (both regional and home-specific, i.e., smoking) and outgassing from the materials and chemicals (glue and plywood/particle board binders) in the cabinets. And outgassing would have increased a lot when cabinets went from plywood to particle board.
  15. Given that the stain will never come out of that pine, I would go for a "black ash" look: 1. Sand through any coating to get to porous wood. 2. Fill the pores with a grain filler and light sand smooth. 3. Treat with a pre-stain conditioner and light sand smooth again. 4. Dye them black and then coat with a clear matte or satin lacquer.