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  1. CSP download issues survey

    Looks like a permissions issue. I browsed the support forum for IPS message boards and see a bunch of people with this problem since the 4.x upgrade. I'll elevate it up to Mark and see if he can fix it.
  2. ar 1ms Acoustic Research 1MS Speaker

    High Fidelity test article attached, The 1ms was contemporary to the AR-9 and its relatives, so should pair well with them. I'm using one as a center channel speaker with classic series models and ended up putting a 1/4" layer of fiberglass across the tweeter to damp it down to a better match for those. BTW, despite the price saying "each," these speakers were packed as pairs, both speakers marked with the same serial number. ar-ms1 high fidelity.pdf
  3. Why ruin a good thing???

    Might be worth a couple of hundred for the drivers... A few more of these and we might need a new forum called "WTF?"
  4. Another fun Classic "What if...."

    What I was thinking was that placing the additional drivers above the main speaker's mid and high drivers and having the unit not integrated into the crossover would have enough of an effect on the sound for it to not sound like the LST. There is also the difference of the LST having its two mids on the side panels and two tweeters and no mid in the front. Maybe if the add-on had all the LST mid and high drivers and you removed the jumper from the main speaker...
  5. AR 1 question

    That's not really an enclosure for the "tweeter," which is actually a full-range driver used for mids and highs. It's an indentation in the enclosure for the woofer. The woofer is acoustic suspension that requires a sealed enclosure. The other driver is not This the enclosure that the WE 755a was most commonly used in during its heyday. Anyone over the age of 50 or so will probably remember seeing something like it in their schools when they were kids.
  6. An AR cocktail revisited.....

    My guess is that the AR-11 mids are just in better condition than the mids in the other speakers you're comparing them to.
  7. Another fun Classic "What if...."

    I imagine the sound would be pretty similar to what you get when you drop a Micro Acoustics MS-1 on an AR-3 or 3a.
  8. Are they really 3a's

    You'd have to disconnect at least one lead.
  9. Are they really 3a's

    A factory upgrade would have a new label. The fact that the label on yours has the serial number hand-printed on it suggests to me that that's what happened. Crossover mods, new mid and high drivers and new grill cloth and badge.
  10. Are they really 3a's

    Possibly 3s that were upgraded to 3a.
  11. You could try filling the hole with copper solder. Flows at about the same temp as silver solder.
  12. Brit AR-7 veneer ?

    Looks like quarter-sawn teak to me.
  13. Photo of the Day

    I really liked the sound of the 9s, except for the fact that they seemed kind of "beamy" compared to the Classic and ADD models with dome tweeters. The TSWs seemed to me to suffer from this even more. I wonder if stacking them and rotating them a bit relative to each other to widen the horizontal spread of the mids and tweeters would address this.
  14. Photo of the Day

    Second woofer is rear firing.