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  1. I would start by trying a bit of polishing compound on an area of the shell covered by the cushions. It's possible that the finish doesn't go all the way through and might actually be some kind of gelcoat that was sprayed into the molds the way it's done with fiberglass.
  2. These are way beyond anything you can fix with any Howard's product. And just sanding will be unlikely to produce an even appearance. You may need to bleach the top and then stain to put color back in. If you don't have previous finishing experience, these are too expensive to learn on and you should probably remove the drivers and take the cabinets to a professional furniture refinisher.
  3. Is the original surface a coating? Or is that the natural color of the plastic?
  4. Your best bet is probably to check the completed listings on eBay to see what similar items have sold for.
  5. I would be concerned about stability, since those casters are moving the floor contact points inboard 1-2 inches on each side.
  6. Don't know. I've seen these inside Heathkit versions of AR speakers, but the schematics that came with the speakers showed them as pots rather than l-pads.
  7. There are very few modern amps that don't contain a chip somewhere. Even if the output stages are discrete, there will probably be some in the protection circuits.
  8. I'd start here: https://au.mouser.com/
  9. AR speakers came with a five year warranty. They often went above and beyond that, but even they wanted you to dump them and buy new ones eventually.
  10. There were two add-on modules. The AR-3st contained the dome tweeter only and the AR-3t added both the mid and tweeter. Don't have schematics, but here's what they looked like with their backs open.
  11. Because the people who posted them have an abiding belief in the power of fantasy.
  12. An internet video of speakers tells you nothing useful about the sound of the speakers.
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