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  1. genek

    subwoofer crossover, what is this?

    Based on the cabinet style and the Canton address, probably the subwoofer from the Connoisseur series.
  2. Since I already have all the vintage AR gear I have room for here, I'd just put on some music, relax and keep my eye out for new technical bulletins from Dolby Laboratories.
  3. I envision the ultimate answer as an array of sources whose combined frequency response and reverberant field are digitally modeled and controlled. Component frequency response would become irrelevant because of equalization, and component dispersion would become irrelevant because the field is generated by modulating the output of each source. Think audio holodeck. The question would be, would you still want to recreate vintage AR sound, or knowing the original of the vintage design was to simulate the sound of a live concert, would your target be the original live performers in, say, the Boston Symphony Hall?
  4. genek


    When I did my 3a pots I soldered 12" wire tails to each pot terminal (and I matched the insulation colors of the pigtails to those of the original wires because I get easily confused about things like color coding). Once I had the pots reinstalled in the cabinets, I decided how much of the pigtail lengths I really needed to be able to comfortably solder them to the original wires, then trimmed and stripped them. It was easy enough to bundle up the excess wire lengths and wire tie the bundles to the crossover wiring after everything was done, and if I ever have to do it again, I can disconnect the pots more easily as well.
  5. genek

    New AR3a find and restoration thread

    Sprague Compulytic caps don't need to be replaced if they don't show signs of damage.
  6. genek

    New AR3a find and restoration thread

    The speaker on the right is one of the late models turned out after AR's move to Norwood, MA. It's distinguished by the MDF construction and back-wired mid and hi drivers.
  7. genek

    Opinions on these pots....

    All variable resistors are rheostats. A potentiometer is a three-terminal rheostat configured to act as a voltage divider, and an L-pad is a parallel and a series rheostat combined to maintain a constant impedance load. Two-terminal rheostats aren't terribly common these days; the more common configuration is the three-terminal such as the Ohmites. Use one end of the winding and the wiper and it's called "rheostat;" use all three terminals and it's a potentiometer.
  8. genek

    Facts on AR collector demand....

    The value of any object is determined by what someone is willing to pay for it. If you know anyone who's interested in an original early 1963 AR turntable for $10,000, send 'em my way.
  9. genek

    What type of load is the AR10Pi ?

    A transformer is just two or more cleverly arranged inductors. Even without a transformer, speaker crossovers contain capacitors and inductors, which are reactive components. Driver voice coils have inductance. The only truly resistive load is a bunch of resistors.
  10. No, it isn't. Another thing for Mark's to-do list, I guess.
  11. Is this what you're looking for? It doesn't have a # on it, but is titled "Technical Data." AR-3a Technical Data.pdf
  12. genek

    Difficulty Joining CSP - Any Suggestions?

    Use cspsignup@genek.com.
  13. genek

    A 'NEW' look in AR badges?

    A trademark search turned up 50 different instances of "AR" registered by a number of companies. Three of these belong to the current owners of the Acoustic Research brand. The distinction between all of them is the style of the letters and accompanying logos.
  14. Were there any 4-way AR speakers other than the ones with side-firing woofers? I'm wondering if the reason they were 4-way was just that they wanted lower midrange coming from the front instead of the sides.
  15. With regard to the comments about "vocal heavy popular music," the jazz and classical music that AR's classic era ads leaned toward both had plenty of vocals. And if I'm choosing a vocal to use as a listening test source, I'll take Sarah Vaughn or Maria Callas over David Lee Roth or Axl Rose any day.