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  1. Should I do this?

    Could be worse. Could be AR-1's.
  2. AR3 Jumpers

    If you expect something to sound better, it will sound you.
  3. Can it be true?

    Thinking they sound great and original performance are not necessarily the same thing. Or even close to the same thing.
  4. The AR-3a Is Now Hipster Cool

    Another shallow person buying something because it's a status symbol, and not knowing enough about it to not put it on the floor in a hallway...probably someone who moved up here from LA after watching Portlandia...
  5. Definitely true when it comes to mass market products. OTOH, computers have opened a whole new and fertile ground for lone tinkerers. I will not be surprised if one day someone posts a hack that mods a new HT receiver to emulate the sound of a Marantz tube amp, or a multichannel speaker array sound like a pair of AR9s or a JBL Ranger Paragon.
  6. Have never heard any accounts of that happening. Most reports I've heard of AR driver failures when new seem to have resulted from sustained overdriving, especially on lower powered amps that went into clipping. .
  7. I have 3a's as fronts, my old 2ax's as rears (overkill, but it's what I had around the house when I set this up) and an 80s era mini 1ms as the center channel (had to put a bit of fiberglass wrap in front of the tweeter to match the highs to the classic era speakers). No sub, though the pre thinks there is one so no LFE goes to the other speakers. I use pretty much the same levels for movies as I do for music (if I can't hear someone else in the room talking, it's too damned loud). I also have compressed or "night mode" engaged so that anything Dolby Surround (movies) gets its audio compressed to a more listenable dynamic range. This has been my HT for the past eight years, and so far nothing has gone wrong. I also have enough drivers in my spares box to replace anything that ever does blow or just crumble with age. If I make it to 10 years without having to use any of them I may break out the woodworking tools, build a pair of cabinets and put together another pair of speakers.
  8. I find the wider dynamic range of most movies renders them unlistenable in a home environment. I often can barely make out dialog, but the crescendos of music and sound FX are uncomfortably loud. Fortunately, this can be fixed by selecting compressed dynamic range, aka night mode, on the HT preamp. The nice thing about it is, since it's part of the Dolby Surround decoder anything not Dolby Surround encoded, i.e., analog music, is passed through unaffected, so I just leave it on all the time. My preamp is set to send the HT LFE channel to a subwoofer, but there isn't one there. That prevents all the low frequency stuff that I really don't want to hear anyway from being sent to the main channel speakers.
  9. If you look back at the equipment that was being used by AR for its "live vs recorded" demos, if playback hardware really defines the "heart" and "soul" of music, then what you really need is analog 7" open-reel recordings at 7.5 IPS.
  10. Compare to most of the speakers being made today, the AR-3a is the opposite of efficient, but clean power is pretty cheap today compared to when the speakers were made, so really, who cares?
  11. I think he's basing that assumption on the use of an added midrange driver in the demo.
  12. Plastic Grille Repair

    My biggest concern would be whether it's worth the effort. After all these years, the plastic in AR3 grill frames has probably become quite brittle with age and they're likely to just break again somewhere else. I'd probably just replace them with hardboard cutout panels like the ones used in later model classics.
  13. Most do-it-yourselfers will have a natural tendency to believe that anything they change will be an "improvement," even if objective evaluation shows it is not. This is not just an audio phenomenon. Look at really, really old copies of magazines like Popular Science and see how long advertisers have managed to convince people that installing things like magnets into their cars' fuel lines will improve horsepower or fuel economy.
  14. AR vs Advent in the late 80s

    Kloss left Advent in 1976.
  15. AR sold the 1w all the way until the end of the classic speaker era, so it started out that way but wasn't limited to only mono users.