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  1. Hrm. Ok, no such thing in the USA, I guess. Damn, that grill cloth is ugly.
  2. And while we're at it, let's also mention that there's no such thing as an AR-2xa.
  3. Oops. You're right. No dome in the center of the cone.
  4. The tweeter I'm your photo is for the AR-4xa. It is not the same as the one for the 2ax.
  5. Your best approach is to tear the batting into pieces about the same size as the originals and mix them together. Or just replace all the old stuffing with identical weights of new stuffing in pieces.. There may be a density difference between old and new fiberglass, and there will definitely be a density difference between pieces and batting. What you want is for both speakers to be filled uniformly and as identically as you can make them.
  6. If you remove the fiberglass from the unmolested speaker and weigh it, be sure to post the result here. I don't think we have that data on the site for the AR-5.
  7. Or you could just order Kimpak. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01HNLT4NW/
  8. Original finish was linseed oil. Watco is an oil/varnish mix, if you use that you'll get a glossy coating.
  9. Somebody's driver license number is my guess.
  10. genek

    "Reply," not "Report"

    Recently there have been a number of Moderator Report messages that were clearly intended to be replies to a post. Please take care to click on "Reply" when you want to participate in a discussion, not "Report." "Report" is the link to bring inappropriate or offensive messages to the attention of the forum moderator.
  11. The "restoreability" of the finishes on these is questionable. Repairing the split corner, added to extensive water damage, is most likely going to call for sanding and a new finish.
  12. The unfinished utility ARs were originally intended for buyers who were going to insert them into other cabinetry (consoles) or to paint them. The issue with leaving them unfinished and not enclosed is that they'll eventually end up in the state Nes' speakers were in when received, dirty enough to require some extreme chemical treatment to clean. And even after the cleaning Nes is performing, there will probably still be things the wood has absorbed over the years, such as tobacco residues, that may outgas under the right (or wrong, depending on how you look at it) conditions. If you want unfinished wood to continue to look the way it does over the long term and to seal contaminants in, then you should plan on giving it a shot of clear, matte finish or regularly applying some clear paste wax to it.
  13. genek


    Where inappropriate posts go to die.
  14. What would you call "fake?: These appear to be real AR-3 cabinets with real AR-3 drivers and mostly original AR-3 parts. They might be a pair of AR-3s reconstructed using parts cannibalized from other AR-3s. Considering the age of the model, this s not an unusual thing to see here in the US, and for most of us here the important consideration would be that the workmanship is good and the speakers operate properly. So they are not "fake" AR-3s. But if someone is claiming they are an all-original matching pair of AR-3s with sequential serial numbers, that's definitely fake, because there never was such a thing in the history of AR.
  15. From the condition of the white labels, if someone did change the serials, it would have to have happened quite a long time ago.
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