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  1. How would using AR or Allison hardware meet the criteria of using "modern components?"
  2. genek

    AR-3 Restoration Complete!

    The thing you have to watch out for when finishing with polyurethane is that unlike traditional finishes like shellac, varnish or lacquer where each new coat will chemically merge into the coats before them, bonding multiple coats into one, poly will not. The solvents in which poly solids are suspended don't react with cured poly. You can apply multiple coats, but each new one lay up on top, so before you put on another coat it's much more important to make sure the previous one is as free of imperfections as possible. If I'm not spraying I prefer to wipe or pad on, because no matter how careful I am with a brush I always seem to end up with a stray bristle embedded in the finish. If you apply multiple coats of any finish, regardless of what surface sheen you want from the final coat, all the ones before it should be gloss. The flatting additives used to make satin or matte finishes tend to be just a tad bit obscuring, and applying a lot of coats that contain them can result in a cloudy finish. My personal preference is to use only gloss and after the finish has fully cured to take down the shine with abrasive pads or compounds until I get what I want. Poly wood finishes are pretty similar to automotive clearcoat, so you can definitely accomplish good things with car products.
  3. genek

    For Sale - AR9 Speakers $1400

    You should tell people where you are.
  4. genek

    Prototype or DIY?

    If it's Roy Allison wouldn't DIY and prototype be pretty much the same thing...?
  5. genek

    AR3 with no finish. Where to start?

    I would agree with you if this was a hardwood veneered cabinet, but it's pine plywood. Open-grained, porous softwood. Just one step above doug fir exterior construction grade. The less solvent that's allowed to soak into it, the better. And if remover is used, I'd go with a thick paste or gel and not anything liquid, because I've seen water-thin strippers delaminate the outer layer of softwood ply.
  6. genek

    AR3 with no finish. Where to start?

    Paint remover will dissolve and dilute the rattle can paint and may cause it to penetrate more deeply into the wood. I'd try a Scotch abrasive pad first. You might get lucky and be able to scrub the paint off dry, and if not, the less paint there is on the wood when you have to resort to chemistry the better.
  7. genek

    Stupid question on cabinet finishes

    MEK should remove it. But don't let it soak in too deep or you may delaminate the veneer.
  8. genek

    Stupid question on cabinet finishes

    One of the ingredients in RaF is heavy parafinic, an oil derived from petroleum that has a "moisturizing" effect on wood and finishes. It can also have the effect of preventing new varnish or lacquer finishes from adhering well to the surfaces it's used on. Penetrating oil finishes will usually displace parafinic with new oil, so not as big a problem, though uneven oil penetration can still result. Watco and other "danish oils" are blends of oil and varnish, so the oil component may displace the parafinic in the wood and allow the varnish to adhere. Or it may not. If you're going to put another finish on, then RaF is a waste of money and an unnecessary risk. You don't need to "moisturize" wood you're going to put a new finish on. Just clean it with some mineral spirits first. The wood will be just as clean, there won't be any danger of poor finish adhesion and mineral spirits are a helluva lot cheaper.
  9. genek

    My Dads AR1s

    Unfinished cabinets were white pine with white birch face frames. It's ironic that decades later these "utility" cabinets are actually more valuable to collectors than the cabinets with furniture grade veneers, but if you're concerned about not hurting the value, your first attempt should be to restore the look of the unfinished wood when it first came out of the box.
  10. genek

    My Dads AR1s

    What's going on with the front of the frame? Is that some kind of tape peeling off? I would sand them and see if it's possible to clean the wood. If you want to veneer, you'll need to that anyway.
  11. genek

    T-Nut Alternative?

    I would drill a new set of holes offset about 10 degrees from the originals and then reset the nuts. That shouldn't shift the drivers around to the point that the leads are too short to reconnect. There are also round flange nuts that mount with small screws, but you might not have enough intact material around the original holes to use them, http://wedo.hillmangroup.com/item/steel-nuts/nuts-washers-stainless-assortments/4141 $24 for a pack of 15 at Home Depot.
  12. genek

    My Dads AR1s

    If all you have are a few dead spots, odds are you can just clean the pots and they'll be fine. I suggest you post pictures of the cabinets from all angles and see if the woodworkers here have any suggestions. Unless they look like termites have been chewing away at them, they can probably be cleaned up and refreshed without having to do anything that will negatively impact their original look.
  13. genek

    My Dads AR1s

    The woofer return sounds fine. If your original caps are oil filled metal cans and they don't show signs of leakage or other damage there should be no need to replace them. Replacing the original 15 ohm pot with a 17 ohm rheostat is a 13% increase in resistance that will change the mids and highs from the 755. Also, the rheostat appears in the photo to be a two terminal unit rather than three. If so, it's definitely not a suitable replacement part. Is the original pot not restorable? More pics would be useful, especially of the insides as you open them up.
  14. genek

    Cherry veneer 3a's....how rare?

    Re-veneering wouldn't have to be a bad thing, as long as one was honest about it and did it the right way to preserve the authenticity of the design. For any AR with a solid wood face frame (1 and 3 series and early 2 series), that would mean prying off the original face frame and replacing it with a new one made from solid lumber of the same wood as the new veneer (or in the case of something light, maybe white birch tinted as needed to match).
  15. genek

    Cherry veneer 3a's....how rare?

    I imagine that he priced the cost of replacing some dead tweets and/or mids and repairing woofers and decided to part it out instead. I've seen 3a's in every veneer except korina. Everything other than walnut can probably be considered rare.