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  1. In cases where you have especially "interesting" grain, the most effective repair is usually a hard filler and some artwork with graining pens and brushes.
  2. When did they start including measurements? My recollection of TAS and Stereophile the last time I looked at either was that the editorial content, i.e., "listening impressions" were all that there was in the reviews. It's all academic for me, though. I pretty much stopped reading audio reviews and buying brand new audio gear when Julian Hirsch retired.
  3. Since the only things in my home entertainment system that are more recent than 20 years ago are the TV and the Roku box, what's current is not much of an issue for me. I do wish that the current owners of the rights for Audio, High Fidelity and Stereo Review would make their archives available, though.
  4. My experience trying to read both TAS and Stereophile date back to days of measurement vs golden ear reviews. Both of those publications were the epitome of the "our ears are so good we can hear things that can't be measured so why measure" school of audiophilia. Or have they changed?
  5. My brand new AR-2ax's in 1975. Unfortunately, I lacked the foresight to take closer shots that could be better references 47 years later.
  6. For speakers in the garage, I'd probably want to use something that's more of a dust barrier, even if it doesn't have "the right look."
  7. I don't read Stereophile. It's probably the least credible hifi publication I've ever read.
  8. The current "best" substitute is Wichelt 18ct "Lambswool." Widely available, but usually in stock at 123Stitch.
  9. My mistake. I was reading on my phone and got the number wrong. Definitely 2.5kHz, which makes the tweeter a no-go as a mid.
  10. Do you have an early 2ax with the red dome tweeter, or a later one with the black dome tweeter. The early 2ax crosses from woofer to mid at 2kHz. The later one crosses at 1.4kHz. The Q1R tweeter's response bottoms out at 1.5kHz. It might work ok in the early model, but probably not in the later one. The HiVi dome midranges have a response range of 800Hz-9kHz, so one of them would probably a better driver to play with. You'll still need a mod if you want the crossover points to be the same, but at least there'd be more overlap to serve as a buffer if you're going to try to do it ears-only.
  11. These appear to be finished on both long faces...? Remember that these were designed to be horizontal because of the crossed mids. If you want to use them vertically, you'll probably want to replace the dual mids with a 2ax mid driver.
  12. There's currently some 15 ohm 25 W sealed back Ohmites on Pricey at $129 each.
  13. Score on those pots. They're the same ones I have in my 3a's now. Heavy brass wipers with coil springs instead of the combo spring/wipers of the later models that tend to disintegrate over time.
  14. No, they're gone. I installed a nice, clean set of early AP units from an old AR-2a with windings and wipers potted in lithium grease.