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  1. Difference in sound between AR3 and AR3a

    I sometimes wonder how many audio owners have ever actually been to a live acoustic instrument performance.
  2. Difference in sound between AR3 and AR3a

    Luigi, I remember comparing AR-3 and 3a new, and the difference was as you described, but rather subtle. If you find the difference more pronounced, then deterioration in components is a distinct possibility, and the 3 has had more years to deteriorate than the 3a.
  3. AR6 freshening up

    The coils are fine. As long as the resistors don't show any sign of physical deterioration, they're fine too.
  4. Locked out of my AR account

    Didn't see any messages to moderator on this. Looks like that's another problem with the new update.
  5. AR MGC-2

    If the $400 includes the electronic unit, I'd probably get them if they're in good working order. The MGC series mixes delayed sound from side-firing drivers with the direct sound of the main drivers to produce a controllable direct+reflected soundfield. The electronic unit provides both the delay and the power to the side-firing drivers, so that unit is essential if the speakers are going to work as designed.
  6. AR 3a vs JBL L65 Jubal

    Oops. Read that wrong. That's what I get for reading on my phone.
  7. AR 3a vs JBL L65 Jubal

    The L66 would be roughly comparable to the AR-2x. 10" woofer with a cone tweeter.
  8. What AR speakers are these?

    A picture would help, but it sounds like something made during the Audiovox period. Is there a year on it anywhere?
  9. Yes, you can even out orange peel in lacquer very light mist of thinner. But you'll get pretty much the same result from another light coat of lacquer.
  10. I stopped spraying lacquer a long time ago. Too many things that can go wrong if you don't have a spray booth. If I want glossy I use padding finishes like Qualasole or Lacover.
  11. AR 3 toe in or not?

    No, it's a TT, the original first version.
  12. Major Upgrade to The Classic Speaker Pages Forums

    Took me a while to figure out how to do it in the new control panel, but there is now a link to the library in the forum menu.
  13. AR 3 toe in or not?

    All I can say, what?
  14. Another AR90 restoration thread.

    It's really not possible to completely remove polyurethane from wood. There will always be some of it in the fibers. Once you have used whatever "remover" you find works best and have sanded the wood smooth, refinish it with something like Watco that includes a coating rather than a penetrating-only finish like BLO.
  15. AR 3 toe in or not?

    Toeing in does a great job of completely collapsing the reverberant field that the speakers' dome mids and tweeters are designed to create.