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  1. You could try filling the hole with copper solder. Flows at about the same temp as silver solder.
  2. Brit AR-7 veneer ?

    Looks like quarter-sawn teak to me.
  3. Photo of the Day

    I really liked the sound of the 9s, except for the fact that they seemed kind of "beamy" compared to the Classic and ADD models with dome tweeters. The TSWs seemed to me to suffer from this even more. I wonder if stacking them and rotating them a bit relative to each other to widen the horizontal spread of the mids and tweeters would address this.
  4. Photo of the Day

    Second woofer is rear firing.
  5. AR-3a pot orientation

    Your best bet is to use a VOM to set the pot in its correct mid position and then orient that to the white dot on the cabinet. There's always the possibility that the pots weren't originally installed correctly in the first place, that their resistance was originally out of spec or that their resistance has changed due to corrosive loss of material in the windings, especially if you cleaned them using an abrasive tool.
  6. New AR3 mids?

    Roy, I've had some conversations with the design folks at MISCO about the potential to have AR-spec drivers made, and while the physical mounting configurations are easy to customize, the actual working bits inside are another matter. So it's likely that the ABT drivers have always been the innards from a manufacturer's standard catalog in customized housings and mounting flanges. Since we've had such satisfactory results with the HiVi tweeter, perhaps we should be taking a look at HiVi's dome midrange? 297-415-hi-vi-dmn-a-specifications.pdf
  7. how to replace caps on ar3

    The wax box is the capacitor (actually, two of them). There are layers of conductive film and wax within it, rather than separate cans. This type of capacitor is no longer manufactured, so you replace it with two separate modern capacitors. Some people save the shell and put the new caps inside, but since you're going to seal the cabinet up there's really no point.
  8. AR-2ax Tweeter

    This is sold.
  9. hello, i would like to purchase the ar2ax tweeter that you have. i just purchased some ar2as and one of the tweeters glue blob is peeling off. thank you. my email is

  10. AR 6/7/8/4xa Tweeter

  11. AR-2ax Midranges - FREE

  12. AR-8 crossover schematic diagram ?

    The AR-4 series (which should probably include the 6 as well) has a sound that is very much in line with the larger models. The lows don't go as low, the highs don't go as high and the soundstage is narrower because the tweeters lack the wide dispersion of the domes, but the voicing and "accuracy" don't stick out like sore thumbs. By comparison, the sound of the AR-8 was like hitting your thumb with a sledge hammer. Roy was probably glad he got out the door before anyone could pin that one on him.
  13. I have two of these. Send me $10 to cover box and shipping for both and they're yours.
  14. AR-2ax Tweeter

    Front wired. $35, including shipping to US or Canada.