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  1. The time to start being concerned is when you see stuff like this and don't care about it anymore.
  2. I would think that with a rarer wood, the buyer pool for a single speaker would be a lot smaller than for a matched pair. It also looks as if your mids and tweeters may not be the original units.
  3. If the seller can't tell you, I'd base my offers on the assumption that I'm going to need to replace that woofer. You might be able to rebuild it, but best to plan for the worst case.
  4. There's never been a pressing need to explore 2ax midrange replacements, because there's a never ending supply of them on eBay.
  5. Surprising that you fried the mids but the tweeters are still working.
  6. The 2ax and 5 have very different crossovers. It's probably not impossible, but it's a much bigger job than just swapping out the drivers. Original cone drivers show up on ebay all the time, cheap.
  7. That's cherry. Great condition, from the looks of it.
  8. The listing said for pickup only. They sold pretty quick.
  9. Color versions of RAF contain a dye, but Howard doesn't provide any info on its color fastness. So I wouldn't count on any color it applies to last. I lean toward dye stain rather than pigmented, especially on darker wood that has light streaks in its grain. Pigmented stains don't do as good a job of evening these variations, and if you put them on heavily enough will obscure grain. OTOH, if you have lots of damage that you can't sand or bleach out, obscuring the grain can be a good thing.
  10. I think it's almost certain those cabinets are not mahogany. Walnut is the most likely, but there's so much damage it's hard to tell. One of the images made me think cherry, and one had me wondering if it might be pine. But I don't think the 2ax was ever made with the one unfinished surface, so I'd discount that impression. I think these are too far gone for any finish restorer, and you're going to have to sand.
  11. Wasn't the entire 9 series designed to be floor speakers? I wonder how the listening would have gone if they hadn't been up on the shelf.
  12. If 10oz in the AR-11 drawing is an error, it's one that persisted, because the library contains 13 revisions of that drawing from 1974-1978 that all say the same thing. I have a pair of empty AR-11b cabs here awaiting use. The traces of stuffing left inside are clearly yellow fiberglass.
  13. BTW, how much polyfill did you put in the cabinets? The assembly drawing for the AR-11 says to use either 20oz of fiberglass or 10oz of poly. The problem with that spec is that it doesn't provide any specs for the poly itself, such as density, and we know there are different kinds of poly with different characteristics. Fiberglass, on the other hand, doesn't seem to have that kind of variation.
  14. If you have image editing software, download the old image, reduce it in size or move the "quality" slider down a bit (or both) and save it as a smaller file. Then you can delete the original and replace it. You can reduce jpgs down to 50k and they will still work well in the forum.
  15. Just head on out to Home Depot and get a bag of fiberglass insulation. Use the 20oz recommended for a later 3a woofer. The AR-3a restoration guide says that polyfill won't work for a 3a cabinet.