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  1. Because the people who posted them have an abiding belief in the power of fantasy.
  2. An internet video of speakers tells you nothing useful about the sound of the speakers.
  3. Hosting server problems.
  4. The 755's were outstanding for their time. By today's standards they're still pretty good for a speaker with no usable response below 70 Hz or above 13kHz. Or, you could get some of these for $120 a pair: http://www.wildburroaudio.com/speakers.php
  5. My 2ax's look like that. They were from the last Norwood run of the mid 70's, with back-wired tweeters, no front panel terminal blocks and MDF rather than plywood backs.
  6. Hi-Fi News and Record Reviews - UK, very pricey Stereo Magazine - German, not quite as pricey
  7. I have heard 901s that I actually thought sounded ok. The problem with them is that they are so utterly dependent on room surface reflections that unless you configure them exactly the way Bose specifies, in a room that exactly matches the space depicted in the Bose 901 manual, you'll never get that sound.
  8. I have this from Ken Kantor in my files. 303v3a.pdf
  9. I haven't subscribed to anything since Audio went out of business in 2000. My newest piece of audio gear dates from the 1990s, so I don't feel as if I've missed anything.
  10. The AR-11 crossovers in my spare parts box have Sprague Compulytic caps. There's a good chance the 10pi crossover does too, in which case recapping probably wouldn't be needed.
  11. The unfinished pine boxes had solid birch face frames, so if they seem blonde under the white paint on the fronts you'll need to remove some paint from the side faces to see what's under there.
  12. I am surprised that nobody took these, even if only to pull parts from them.
  13. Cabinets are usually less available on auction than woofers, although there do seem to be a few up for bid right now
  14. The new baffle might have to move the position of the mid and tweeter a bit to clear the furring strips supporting it.
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