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  1. AR2ax rebuild opinions wanted

    When I refurbished my AR2ax's some time ago I re-capped my crossovers as it seemed to be the thing to do. Everything I read pointed towards re-capping because of the age of the original caps. So I ordered new Solen caps and installed them and connected them and put everything back together. At first I was somewhat disappointed. No, change that, I was disappointed because I did not hear any difference at all based on my memory of the way they sounded before the changeover. I began to think that the recap was a waste of my time and money as I felt there was no improvement in sound to my ears. I expected at least a noticeable difference but I could not convince myself that it was there (if there was). However, I had also read (with skepticism) that new capacitors and/or new speaker components needed play time to "break in". Well, apparently, that break in time finally took place as I now can honestly say that my "new" AR2ax's sound very sweet to my ears and, without hesitation, have found a permanent place in the master bedroom. Some day I hope to acquire another pair and, perhaps, stack them. I love these speakers. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine and just wait until those new caps finally break in. Your work will come to complete fruition when it does. Enjoy!
  2. Did I Get Spammed?

    I just checked my pm's and the pm from whoever sent it is now gone. How did it get deleted?
  3. Did I Get Spammed?

    I received a notice through my email account that I had a private message from Classic Speaker Forum member "mignulikz". When I logged on here it showed the member as being deleted but the PM message was titled "Please Help" (or something like that) . Like a dummy I clicked on it and it took me to what appeared to be a possible porn site but I closed the page immediately. Has this happened to others recently and is that why the member's name shows as being deleted? Anybody have any information about this? Jess
  4. Be sure to post some "befores and afters". Did you see Shacky's post on his AR3a restoration here and on AK?
  5. AR 3a Restoration

    Jim, There is a fabric used as a "dust cloth" in furniture building. It is usually found attached underneath sofas and beds. You can usually find this at most fabric stores. It it is porous and will allow your pots to breathe and keep fiberglass dust out. I used this when I refurbed my AR2ax's to cover the woofer baskets. The original stuff AR used served a similar purpose (my guess) but I decided to replace it with new "socks" using the new material. Hope this helps. Jess (pioneervato)
  6. AR2ax on ebay

    Hey, I have a pair just like them in the picture but without the badges. During the restoration process the badges were misplaced. Anybody want to buy them cheap? Here is the picture. As you can plainly see there are some similarities but the missing badges should confirm that these are not Kent's photos.
  7. Fantastic job, Kent. Those are beautiful indeed! Jess
  8. Since you have the holes cut I would try them out just as they are once you have the woofer set up but don't attach the grill cloth yet. If you don't feel that the sound has been affected by the modified cutouts then leave them and attach your new cloth. I for one would cut the opening to match the original grills to keep them as close as to the original look of the AR's. Just my 2 cents.
  9. The Smaller Advent

    Just picked up a pair of the "smaller" Advent from the GW. Surrounds are shot while the cabs need some work and the grill cloth replaced. These sport the green tweeters. Missing are the badges. I am looking forward to refurbishing my new acquisition but here are my questions: 1. Recommendation sources for new surrounds? 2. Are badges available (ebay or other sources?) 3. Should recapping be a no brainer as part of the refurb? 4. These are 4ohm ratied. Any caution on running these with my vintage Pioneer receivers? I will post the "before and after" when I get them done as well as my take on their sound. Thanks. Jess
  10. Advent Prodigy II Speakers

    Ah, I just took a look at your link. It's the inner crease that distinguishes it from the originals. And for future reference where might I get the originals and are all Advent surrounds of this design? I have a pair of Baby's that need refoaming as well, however I am not 100% sure if they are the original Baby's or the 1002's which look identical. Are there any clues to look for any identifying what I have? Thanks. Jess
  11. Advent Prodigy II Speakers

    Hey Carl, What is the difference between what I used from the original type. I don't recall noticing any difference between the old and new. The old ones were in pretty bad shape. I have never sold any of my acquired gear but I would be interested to know the difference. Thanks. Jess
  12. Advent Prodigy II Speakers

    Thanks guys for your responses. I picked up kits from an AK member and everything worked out great. Here are some pics of the refurbs.
  13. Baby Advents?

    I picked up a pair of small Advents about a week ago. How does one distinguish whether they are the original Baby Advents or the 1002 Advents. From the pics I saw over in AK they look exactly alike. Would badge placement determine the model? Most of the label on the back of one of the Advents is all but missing and so no help there. I believe there is a date stamp going back to 1985 (I am assumming) inside the cab. When were the Baby Advents introduced and when did production end. And the 1002?
  14. Info on upgrading AR2ax's

    If you definitely need to replace them because they are completely corroded you can find suitable replacements on ebay. Here is the latest posting. This individual (Classic Speaker member?) has a lot of items related to AR speakers. Good luck. ` Post some pics of your pots once you get them out of the cabinets. Once out it is a simple matter of removing the hold down clip and pots will come apart for inspection, cleaning, etc. If you are not sure they can be saved I am sure someone here will tell you if they can be. http://cgi.ebay.com/ACOUSTIC-RESEARCH-AR-S...1QQcmdZViewItem
  15. Info on upgrading AR2ax's

    If the pots are not completely corroded and beyond repair I would remove them and clean them up if you can. I restored my AR2ax's a little while back and it was my first time doing such work on a pair of vintage speakers. They turned out great and are now part of my main system. For me it was well worth the effort. If you do a search you will find my post on my restoration project. Good Luck! Here is the link to my post. http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Boar...?showtopic=4065 Regards, Jess