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  1. Cizek Model 2 controls

    Thanks JKent. The site you pointed out is very informative, thank you.
  2. Cizek Model 2 controls

    Hello, could someone please tell me what the control settings on the Cizek 2 are? Right now, I have it set to 'flat' and it's wonderful! What are the rest? Thanks! Hep
  3. Selling Vintage Speaker Collection

    A testimonial: I picked up a few pair of speakers from fixtillbroke today, and I'll tell you that he tends to: 1) underestimate the quality of his gear, and 2) gives a wealth of information up front before the sale. I received a ton of photos showing every inch of the speakers and even a video proving the drivers were good. He takes extremely good care of his gear, it's obvious when you see it. When he pulled up in the van, everything was boxed and/or wrapped for transport, it was awesome. I'm listening to the Cizeks right now, and they are beautiful. His stuff is good, he is a very nice guy and the deal was honest as the day is long. Thanks! Bill
  4. Who designed the AR LST/2?

    I'm interested because I have both LST2 and Allison Twos. The Allisons are more musical at the moment (LST2s need to be restored), but the LST2 has sound floating all through our rambling house in ways that even the Allisons can't beat. Both are great speakers, it is interesting how they both perform.
  5. Who designed the AR LST/2?

    Hi all, Legend has it that Roy Allison designed the original LST, then left to start Allison Acoustics. Does anyone know who designed the LST/2? Any background info on the speaker? I just acquired a pair for restoration, and would appreciate any insight you might have on these. Thanks! Bill
  6. AR94 Pushed in tweeter, easy repair

    Thank you Ken, I have exactly the same problem with my AR94 and a pair of Allison Sixes. I'll give it a shot on the 94s.
  7. medium allison

    Hi FrenchGuy! Congratulations, nice setup! I had problems with the midrange as well. With mine, the hair-like wire was not connected to the binding post. Check carefully and see if it's actuall threaded through the brass binder. Be extremely careful! The wire is quite delicate. Best of luck -Hep