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  1. Hello all, to all you people that do your own surround replacements I was wondering if anyone knows what happened to MSound and/or John McPeak the company's owner? His kits were great, he delivered them promptly and in my experience always the correct foam surrounds for the make and model were delivered. I know John changed his email at least twice and stopped selling through Ebay some years back. Thanks, Tom H.
  2. Hello. There were 2 versions of the original Allison 3 crossover. Later model had separate input terminals for the woofers and midrange /tweeter section. Separated this allowed the Allison 3 to be bi-amplified . Jumpers were in place for single amplifier use. Allison 3 systems produced after the company rose like a Phoenix may have used a different crossover since the drivers were likely somewhat different than those made decades earlier in Natick and Roy Allison, who designed these systems may have different ideas on crossover design. I have not seen a schematic for this newer design.
  3. Ok, with your supplied info the differences between these two mids is basically the damping applied via ferrofluid. Other than the diffuser grill assembly, any idea as to the differences between the mid units used in the AR10 /11 series the AR91 and the AR92? Damping?
  4. Hello all, This tuner listing popped up on my Facebook audio related feed. I guess FB ferrets this info out via your activity and suddenly these items for sale show up. Since its an AR tuner I thought I'd pass it along. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/496342270953782/ There are other Acoustic Research speakers here that might interest some of you AR-oh-files: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/112781448736001/search/?query=Acoustic Research&vertical=C2C&sort=BEST_MATCH I have no connection to any of these listings. I am addicted to buying old audio crap. (which is better than my brothers collecting habits: Sunbeam Alpine and Tiger sports cars, Lancia's and lots of tools that he almost never uses) Good hunting! -T
  5. I was wondering how the 8" Dayton full ranges would be. https://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-ps220-8-8-point-source-full-range-neo-driver--295-346?gclid=Cj0KCQiA2ITuBRDkARIsAMK9Q7Mt6U3spv6JCqCR-geVkYvIN-g38UhGG2P2wKmDWAqCcQZSrHcp3DwaAi5QEALw_wcB It would need level reduction and a proper crossover to properly mate with the AR woofer. Also, I see that Steve at Decware created some sort of a transformer based correction device mated with the previously mentioned Dayton that according to his posted details correct the response of the driver dramatically. https://www.decware.com/newsite/FRX.html I think not...... -Tom
  6. Interesting, those AR-1 systems. My question is "why"? Why are AR-1 systems worth so much? Is it the novelty of the fact they are the first of the "new" generation of speakers? Certainly by today's standards they are inadequate in the upper ranges. If I was inclined to spend 3 to 4 thousand dollars on a vintage AR system it would be the LST or a truck load of AR3a systems which are a better system by all standards above 575 hz. Below that there isn't any real difference, sound wise. Just as a benchmark here my uncle passed away in 2015. He had a huge collection of audio and electronics related items that went through an estate auction. Someone on these pages bought a single AR-1 at a radio swap meet for I believe was around 50 bucks. His story was the seller at the swap meet said it had come from my uncles (Ben H Tongue of Blonder Tongue Labs) estate. Also, somewhere in his home was the Jantzen 4 element ESL tweeter array. He told me decades ago the AR1/Jantzen array was THE system to own and was considered the ultimate system of the time. I think I saw the tweeter array in one of the photos. Someone missed out!
  7. I would offer the theory that the grill cloth was changed and/or they are very late production. Your woofers look like the drivers that came from my AR-2aX's and the set in my AR-5's. I believe the standard grill cloth that were shipped was the off-white/beige color.
  8. I am testing some Allison drivers, made in 1984. I noticed the Q measured with a DATS v2 is considerably different. I know the ferro fluid gets gummy with age and /or heavy use. Any thoughts on this? Thanks, Tom
  9. Hello all. I just completed replacing some surrounds that were incorrect types installed by a previous owner (5/8" roll, over sized surround used, by cutting out a section). My question is about the replaced dust cap(s). These are of the felted (porous) type that allows air passage. Since the AR voice coil formers are the vented type, should the the dust caps be sealed? It has been my experience they should. Thoughts? -Tom
  10. I only listened to them briefly. They sounded decent. Not like an AR, more like a JBL of the late 70's.
  11. Thank you for the schematic. Will help a lot. Also, my comment "nice job modifying these" stems from the fact the changes are minor, the were done neatly and he obviously either knew something about speaker design or he had assistance from someone who did. In any event restoring them to their original condition should be without issues.
  12. Hello again. I have acquired some AR-2 speakers that were highly modified. Well, I just happen to have AR-2 original drivers so I will be restoring them back to original condition. Anyone have the schematic for the original AR-2, that is the one with the dual angled mid-tweeter array module? I removed some of the solid brown stain on the cabinets and it appears these have the mahogany veneer. Also, the previouus owner did a nice job modifying these, apparently knew what he was doing or had good advice. Modifications to the cabinet appear minor (vent hole in the driver baffle and grill frame, , widening of the woofer cut out to accept a non circular woofer) Stay tuned. -T
  13. Thank you. Obviously something is off with this woofer compared what KK's figures are. -Tom
  14. Hello all. Does anyone know what the T/S specs on the AR 12" woofers should be? I have been going through my shop cleaning things up and found a pair of woofers that I had bought from a guy in NH years ago. I completely forgot I had these. Surrounds were replaced with what I am guessing were generic 15" woofer surrounds cut down. I ran one across my DATS and measured a free air of 19.5hz and a Qts of .25 (QMS= 2.399, Qes= .2817). Typically drivers intended for sealed enclosures is more like a Qts of.45-.5. I also found with the woofers a AR woofer surround kit from John McPeak at Msound which have the proper 5/8" width roll. Boy have my memories been dropping off the table.... Thoughts ? (no, not about my memory, the woofers) -T
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