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  1. I understand. Reveneering IMOP is the way to go. You will a very nice system when you are done. I suggest that you consider having the drivers carefully removed and stored away until the work is done and then the drivers reinstalled once the reveneering and finishing is complete. Best of luck! Tom
  2. It isn't a difficult job really. Anyway, what is the shop going to do to them? It has been my experience water stains like that penetrate deep into the veneer. What are they actually going to do to the the staining? Sanding? Dark staining as camoflage? Just as a FYI material cost for veneer and finishing materials would run less than 100 USD. I'd estimate about 1 hour or less to apply the veneer unless the edges of the top require veneering as well. Where are you located? -Tom
  3. That water damage most likely has soaked through most of the veneer. Is the veneer blistered is these areas? If not in my opinion you might want to consider buying some flexible veneer from Parts Express, Woodcrafters or Constantines (in FL). This product is available with a heat activated adhesive or the type that you use contact adhesive. If you look in the Bose section of Classic Speaker Pages you can see how the early Bose 901's that I brought back to life came out.
  4. Sorry for the late reply. I'm onto other projects! Building another 901 will have to wait. If anyone wants to build another cabinet I have some 901 series 1 drivers I will donate along with the clone cabinet. Some of the old series 1 drivers have stiff surrounds that will need teasing.
  5. Hello. Does anyone possibly have a schematic for this module that AR sold intended to upgrade the performance of the AR1 and 1w to a AR3 levell? I'm sure my responses will say it is the same as the AR3. Does the module duplicate the whole crossover or just the the high pass filter to the midrange driver? Thank you! Tom
  6. These were original grills. Stained, rather badly. I assumed they were done. Then I read something on one of the car forums which led me to a test of fabric/ carpet cleaning products, the motivation was for old car restoration. One thing I did was I secured each panel to a piece of clean plywood. Otherwise the old Masonite will absorb the moisture on the cleaner and warp, plus the fabric wants to shrink a bit too.
  7. I managed to clean the staining from the original grill cloth using Blue Coral "Dri-Clean Plus". It took 3 applications but the result is satisfactory. -Tom
  8. After the stain and Minwax rub on finish have been applied.
  9. Hello all. Sorry for the delay updating this project. Time is limited when you are juggling a job and caring for a ill loved one. Well as it turns out last year I saw another series 1 cabinet on Ebay in what looked like bad shape. So, I bought it. Yes, it was in poor shape. A few hits with a rubber mallet and the damaged top popped off, much to my surprise. I made a new top panel from MDF then veneered before installation. After cleaning up the glue from the butt joints and gussets I bonded the new top panel in place in place. So I now the cabinet I built is an orphan.
  10. Hope everyone is enjoying a nice weekend. I noticed over the last few weeks the Forums have been down. Anyone know what is going on? -T
  11. Hello all, to all you people that do your own surround replacements I was wondering if anyone knows what happened to MSound and/or John McPeak the company's owner? His kits were great, he delivered them promptly and in my experience always the correct foam surrounds for the make and model were delivered. I know John changed his email at least twice and stopped selling through Ebay some years back. Thanks, Tom H.
  12. Hello. There were 2 versions of the original Allison 3 crossover. Later model had separate input terminals for the woofers and midrange /tweeter section. Separated this allowed the Allison 3 to be bi-amplified . Jumpers were in place for single amplifier use. Allison 3 systems produced after the company rose like a Phoenix may have used a different crossover since the drivers were likely somewhat different than those made decades earlier in Natick and Roy Allison, who designed these systems may have different ideas on crossover design. I have not seen a schematic for this newer design.
  13. Ok, with your supplied info the differences between these two mids is basically the damping applied via ferrofluid. Other than the diffuser grill assembly, any idea as to the differences between the mid units used in the AR10 /11 series the AR91 and the AR92? Damping?
  14. Hello all, This tuner listing popped up on my Facebook audio related feed. I guess FB ferrets this info out via your activity and suddenly these items for sale show up. Since its an AR tuner I thought I'd pass it along. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/496342270953782/ There are other Acoustic Research speakers here that might interest some of you AR-oh-files: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/112781448736001/search/?query=Acoustic Research&vertical=C2C&sort=BEST_MATCH I have no connection to any of these listings. I am addicted to buying old audio crap. (which is better than my brothers collecting habits: Sunbeam Alpine and Tiger sports cars, Lancia's and lots of tools that he almost never uses) Good hunting! -T
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