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  1. Norman Labs

    Well I got them both done and my PL 700B is hooked to them. All I can say is wow. I have never seen the woofer move like it does now. I had the 700B up to almost 1/2. My floor was vibrating. I have no idea what the 11s are rated at; but they weren't missing a beat. I don't know if it was going to a 2nd order and removing everything else or what. These speakers came to life. Even on some of the highs they made my ears chirp. I would like to get hold of some 9s and really push the 700B. Larry
  2. Norman Labs

    When I said cherry. I meant in perfect shape. Not cherry wood. Well I just modded my one. Will start the other one tomorrow. I pulled all the CBs and the tweeter switch plus the light bulb in the X-over. I put new Solen caps in and went with a very simple 2nd order. I used their inductors; but I will change them in the future. I also used a blank off plate and put 5 way binding posts in. I used 12 ga silver coated ofc hook up wire inside. Well I got the one done an hour a go and hooked it up to my Creek. They have really opened up. They sounded good before. They sound so much better now. I have model 11s. I paid no attention to the box inside. It could be MDF. I will look tomorrow when I open the other one up. Larry
  3. Norman Labs

    I'm reopening this discussion. In 1978 I was going to buy a pair of Labs. They were towers and had a marble top if I remember right. I would like to know what model they were. I have a pair of model 11s that are cherry. If I can find these speakers I would like to buy them. Also has anyone done any mods to their labs like installing binding posts? Larry
  4. Cerwin Vegas

    I have a pair of Cerwin vega D-1s. The woofer was just been refoamed. These speakers are near mint condition. Can send pics if you want. Looking for 150.00 plus S&H