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  1. Hi eaze,

    I noticed your generous offer to supply a scanned copy of the owner's manual for the KLH Model Twenty Plus. Would you still have this, and would you be willing to send me a copy? I recently acquired one of these systems (but, sadly, without the stands!), and I'd sure love to have a copy of the manual.

    Thanks so much,


  2. Stephen,

    Send me your email address and I'll get the manual out to you.


  3. Hello eaze, I have a model 20 plus system and would love the info you have. Thanks, StephenD

  4. the_eaze

    KLH Model 20 Plus

    The boxes do have more volume. As far as I can tell there is no effect on speaker quality. They sound great. I came across a scan of the original owners manual. If any model 20+ owners need it you can PM me.
  5. the_eaze

    KLH Model 20 Plus

    I had mine serviced and it was about $50. Worked perfectly once I had it serviced and the guy even put in a new cartridge for the turntable. Love the unit. I don't think I will ever part with it. Personally I would just take it to someone who knows KLH. I found a guy who knew vintage KLH units really well, had a lot of parts, and good knowledge on how to fix it right. Worth it in the long run if you want top dollar for it.
  6. the_eaze

    KLH Model 20 Plus

    Andy, Thanks for the reply. Your article was one of the first things I read when trying to research the 20 plus. Interesting about the numbering, I guess there must be more of the 20 Plus around than people previously thought. When I dropped the unit off to be serviced the guy knew all about KLH and AR history. He gave me a bit of history lesson. He did say that the 20 takes a certain type of cartidge that is hard to find. Has anyone out there had experience finding a cartidge for the turntable?
  7. the_eaze

    KLH Model 20 Plus

    I just dropped off the stereo to get serviced. Hopefully it can get fixed. Still looking for some answers to a few questions if anyone knows. How were these units numbered? What cartridges can be used? Does anyone have a scanned copy of the original owners manual to a model 20? Thanks!!!
  8. the_eaze

    KLH Model 20 Plus

    The unit has two auxiliary inputs and so I hooked up my ipod and it worked great. The hum/buzz/crackle/ isn't present when I switch it to the auxiliary input. So I guess it has something to do with the FM stereo. Its present with the phono too but its much quieter. The speakers have a rich full sound which I really like. What are the best cartridges to install in the turntable? I really want a nice cartridge because I listen to a lot of vinyl and thats why I bought this machine. I know there are some audiophiles on here so help me out!!!
  9. the_eaze

    KLH Model 20 Plus

    I recently picked up a Model 20 Plus. Its got an amazing look and I love it. I am a newbie to KLH and this unit specifically. I looked through every page of this forum looking for more info on this system. What I am looking for is a scanned pdf of the original owners manual or maybe one from just a model 20. Another question I have is how hard are these to work on? Can I take this unit to any shop that works on stereos and expect them to be able to work on it? Or do I need to send this unit somewhere specific to get it serviced? It seems to have a low hum/crackle/buzz that is present with the FM and Phono playing. Nothing seems to get rid of it. At first I thought it was the speakers but even with them disconnected and headphones hooked up its still present. The balance also dosen't seem to work. I read on here that there were 3500 of these produced. I was also wondering about the numbering of this system. Mine is numbered 004741.
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