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  1. Hi Kent, I just need a schematic (with voltages) don't really care about a manual proper These plate amps are fairly simple, like PC power supplies and the fix is usually a .10 cent zener or a cap or resistor or two that's fried I have a working unit that was given to me me (nice sub actually) that works but after a while goes into shut down Like I mentioned, I'll probably find the issues once I open it up (just haven't has a chance this week, it's been a disaster AND I woke up the other day with a fairly serious lingual hernia to deal with, n top of all my other health crap) by just giving it a good visual, but still, I ALWAYS prefer trouble shooting with a proper schematic And yeah, like I said in my first post, product support from Cambridge has ALWAYS sucked, even back when they were in all the malls (don't ask me how I know) I'm going to repair this sub- not worth it to me investing in just buying another cheaply built chines plate amp from Parts Express - they're basically all the same platform (again, like PC power supplies) Once the specific issue is identified I will also address all the other issues with upgrade parts (again, building as cheaply as possible like they do) Most of these amps are only good for a few trouble free years anyway (again, same as PC power supplies) Even Lexicon uses the same cheap crap you'll find in an HP tower PC! I've fixed more than a few of their $6000 dollar processor/pre-amps and all that was in them was cheap as dirt "Artesyn" switching PSs, just with a "proprietary" part number (and the Lexicon price tag of course!) I've probably already got all the parts on hand already here at the house and Fry's has a very good selection of zeners f I need them (which seems to be one of the common failure items on these due to underrating (read building as cheap as possible) all of their boards Thanks for your input as always Best regards, Craig
  2. In need of a SCHEMATIC and or a SERVICE MANUAL for an old Cambridge Soundworks "BASSCUBE 12S" Any help or direction to a source would be greatly appreciated A schematic for just the plate amp would take care of the total ticket! I know this amp is totally repairable and I'm going to start with the basics that plague them all but I'd like a schematic to assist with Voltage values and transistor types I can do this flying visual but a schematic would be an ENORMOUS time saver! Thanks to all Craig
  3. Analogman

    Blown New Advent driver

    Don't know exactly how to interpret this post and don't really care Just hope it wasn't negative in nature as I was just passing along some sound (no pun intended) advice is dealing with one of probably the top 5 speaker repair men, or just speaker men period, in the good old U.S.A. KNOWN QUANTITY and guaranteed PRISTINE results Just telling you what I know from actual experience in dealing with the man and a long time relationship And for what it's worth, few people are as gracious as Bill LeGall, but suffice it to say, he prefers (as do I) doing business in the analog domain (i.e.: face to face, voice to voice and with a Human connection) The punks today call it "old school" Take it for what you will brother Good luck getting your speakers repaired Craig
  4. Analogman

    Blown New Advent driver

    I've known Bill a long time and I guarantee you he'd be able to handle a Canadian transaction Pick up the phone and give the man a call And whether he does (decide to help you) or he doesn't, all you are doing now (and everything else at this point) is wasting time Craig P.S.: Plus, let me give you a little tip - Bill is NOT a fan of email - CALL HIM
  5. Analogman

    AR-2ax SOLID BRASS Version Badge

    The old, original AR inc. badges have been claimed and given to a fellow forum member who does restoration work, so I only have the two pristine badges still for sale The all brass SINGLE AR-2ax and the bastard child Klipsch
  6. No disrespect, but you've got the "I'm right you're wrong" "last word syndrome" REALLY BAD And as an aside, I am intimately familiar with Smoot Hawley - to put it briefly "labeling" in a strictly LEGAL sense doesn't necessarily translate to a paper label or some big ass stencil or sticker on a good as we've all come to associate with everyday household consumer goods like CD players and TeeVees (or in this case, loudspeakers) There is/was/and always will be different and various regulatory codes and requirements and INTERPRETATIONS as for ENFORCEMENT REQUIREMENTS in many instances which are ADMINISTRATION SPECIFIC i.e.: who's President at the time and who's Congress is currently pissed off with as to meeting the REQUISITE EXECUTIONS of the labeling requirements as well as how demanding and punitive in nature financially they may (or may not) be Also, as mentioned, I reside in a house full of attorneys (you can feel for me on that one) - so don't practice it (LAW) or quote snippets of it from wikipedia unless you also are one, OR, UNLESS you are ACTUALLY AND FULLY versed in that aspect and specialty area of the LAW and know what it is that you are reading, MEANS AND IMPLIES, (my best advice) Same as folks practicing medicine off of webmd - not a recommended practice! (no pun intended) In other words, don't quote cursory crap found on-line because you feel comfortable that it is somehow "proving" YOUR point of view or opinion - too much of that going on today in all spheres There's pattern starting here so I will ask you politely to please go Moderate/Administer/or Whatever someplace else except after every post I make that you don't like or agree with (or at least it feels like it) I'm well into my 60s and I don't need a shadow, if you can appreciate what I am saying Respectfully and thank you Craig
  7. Analogman

    Large Advent Speakers - $100

    Post is more than a year old So, I doubt it very seriously Besides the fact that if you take the time to click flyingsaber's profile you'll see he was a "one hit wonder" who only joined to try and sell the speakers http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?/profile/179481-flyingsaber/ Craig
  8. Analogman

    Repro Metal labels: KLH, Advent, AR

    You do beautiful work Kent You have also graciously helped me MANY MANY times, knowingly or not I have known you were well loved and active here since (my) day one, but had no idea just how much! And NOW, I see you are a Davis fan (as am I) Wish you were here on the left coast and I'd share with you some nice stuff I have (probably nothing you haven't heard, but some GORGEOUS pressings) Although soon, as in well before Summer, I hope to be out of this nightmare and back home in North Carolina, Lord willing Thank you Kent, sincerely, and best regards Craigk
  9. Analogman

    Blown New Advent driver

    You certainly aren't the first Canadian I've encountered to cry about y'all's costs of doing things, with all due respect You live where you live and it "is what it is" I understand and fully appreciate all of that and we all aren't made of money, myself included,, but there is also the important thing to remember Measure twice and cut once I would strongly urge you to take Kent's advice (and mine) and suck it up and have both of your woofers done by Bill You'll know what you've got and they'll be better than they ever were (and you'll never have to give them a second thought again) Don't be penny wise and pound foolish And for the record, I have NO financial interest or affiliation with Bill LeGall beyond being an EXTREMELY satisfied customer (and I do much of my own work as well - I just know enough to know what I don't know) After Bill does his thing, your drivers will be better than they were the day they were born - that's a FACT Sincerely Craig
  10. Analogman

    Blown New Advent driver

    Absolutely, +1 and then some He has repaired ancient field coil drivers for me that others wouldn't even talk to me about let alone repair His work is pristine AND immaculate Craig
  11. Analogman

    AR-2x: odd mod

    Maybe he didn't want to chop it up OR screw with box volume and stuffing (you yourself already alluded to the no change in box volume in post 3) He also saved himself making new blocks to plug holes, bracing and cleats so again, we're back to altering box volume I would prefer his add on section approach if for no other reason that if he was ever so inclined he could even do some "tweeter" rolling and never have to cut, open or change the original AR box sealing and tuning (stuffing especially) in any way Why can't you just give the guy credit for possibly knowing more than you're giving him credit for just because you don't agree with his execution (or wouldn't have done it yourself, personally that way?) In addition, the way he did it, he didn't have to even break the seal on the woofer or the box - very well conceived AND possibly reversible mod, depending on how he fixed his top section to the original cab I wish all box mods with home tools would be so well thought out! Craig
  12. Analogman

    AR-2x: odd mod

    Whoever did it wanted a mirrored pair with an in-line array - like the L100 Century (original inline model) The way he did it was about the simplest means to that end - especially as those obviously started out life as just (very early) AR-2s and not "x"s, AR-2as or 2-ax(s) http://acousticresearchspeakers.net/category/ar-2/
  13. Analogman

    Blown New Advent driver

    Disregard, I understand now Where do you live? Someone mentioned Sacramento, are you up there? If so there's a couple honest guys that do good work in Sac You most likely broke the glue joint at the former to cone connection at worst Very possibly an easy fix at an honest shop Craig
  14. Analogman

    "On Hold" - Vintage AR Tweeters & Woofers

    Well established phenomena (sadly) that in in most instances, cannibalizing systems and selling off individual drivers and parts nets a greater profit than selling the whole system Also negates the expense, risks and hassles of packing and shipping if you use epay or can't/don't want to wait on finding a local buyer Extremely common (is the case) with all things, ESPECIALLY legacy (read: "real") JBL NOT implying that this is the case or motive with this poster, minnesotatv, but it is standard practice with the majority of (regular) on-line sellers dealing in classic speakers Just take a cursory look at epay listings for any well regarded model from the classic erea and do the arithmetic You'll find 3 to 1 components versus complete systems for most models - including gutted cabinets Craig
  15. That is not true, at least most definitely not in all instances and classes of goods - broad brush statement based on nothing factual or objective - purely an anecdotal observation These rules and regs have also change greatly over the past 50-60 years as well - and are changing still And even if it were, I defy you, or anyone else to show me legislation , or "law" which states that the country of origin, or manufacture, HAS to be visible from the OUTSIDE of the product (POSSIBLE exception - food and drink goods, possibly drugs and agricultural products and finished textiles (clothing) (for what it's worth, I live in a house full of attorneys) As I already wrote, I OWN a number of electronics and speakers that ARE "Made in Japan" but to ascertain that fact requires that one OPENS the box, where yes, and I agree with you 100%, things are profusely marked as such Also, if you read the applicable codes rules and regulations, stating country of origin on the BOX or packaging will satisfy the majority of the import tariff and rules regarding manufactured goods - meaning that yes, they have to mark it (or at least they are supposed to) but it they did it/do it only on the shipping container then they are in compliance AND, as I have already said, I am NOT trying to start an argument - I simply stated a FACT (or an opinion if you rather) - those speakers in the original post LOOK like something Coral would have made, and they DO But I DID NOT say that they were - because I do not know unequivocally who did actually make that particular pair of loudspeakers I did not intend for my comment/impression/opinion to be turned into such a big deal No disrespect was intended Craig
  16. Analogman

    AR-2x: odd mod

    All true and pretty much goes without saying (as in obvious) My comments were directed towards the speculative nature of the original post - not YOUR objective synopsis of the obvious It's also clear (at least to these eyes) that whoever did the work did a right fair job, although not a very "pretty" one (but definitely looks to be a good solid execution, so some thought was definitely put into it) Be good Craig
  17. Analogman

    AR-2x: odd mod

    Without actually hearing, or knowing anything OBJECTIVELY meaningful, beyond the visuals, these speakers you are posting the hypothetical inquiry about, is truly a total waste of time YOURS and the forums The may suck out loud (no pun intended) or they may well be a carefully and intelligently executed custom mod job that sounds wonderful But who the hell knows based on a picture and the color of the grille cloth? For what it's worth, there's always plenty of room for improvement with the top end of any original 2x You need more meaningful information Craig
  18. Analogman

    Exceptional arm? Ya, think?

    Plus, it's just the arm tube and the seller is clearly a scrounger/flipper (nothing wrong with that) I looked at the original ad in context The hard to find (and expensive parts) the head shell and the counterweight don't even appear to be part of the sale For all you know it's a damaged or defective tube some AR dealer replaced under warranty ages ago Like old vacuum tubes in new boxes I'd have never paid a hundred bucks for that arm tube unless I knew a heck of a lot more about it background wise - like him being able to produce a sales receipt and then I'd be skeptical without a hands on inspection - and only then if I needed it for a first class all original restoration project (that someone else was footing the bill for) Who bought a replacement arm tube for their AR, back in the day, just to have a "spare" on hand? Whole story doesn't ring true I don't think you missed out on anything Craig
  19. Analogman

    Exceptional arm? Ya, think?

    Little over the top with the silly drama, analogies and metaphors don't you think? I know it's (probably, to some members) heresy to say this here and I am NOT trying to incite a flame war or a troll, BUT, there are many arms far better than the original AR and can be had for close to the same money as your ePay ad, used, if you are patient and shop wisely The AR was the King of it's class FOR WHAT IT WAS in it'sday Now , if you needed that arm for a museum quality restoration or the like then that's another conversation which I fully appreciate A lot of the passion for the (original) AR turntable is nostalgia Is it a good table? Hell yes. But in it's STOCK form is it a a very very good to great table No - and primarily for me is that your cartridge options are limited in stock form (I'm a low output moving coil guy) Those are my feelings on it and I have owned serviced restored repaired and sold MANY turntable over the years from more than a few manufacturers, including ARs Anyone who disagrees with me, that's fine and I respect your opinions But I'm saying to you, don't let it get you down (unless you just needed the arm badly for some project) There's better (tonearms for reasonable money) to be had Craig
  20. Analogman

    Advent legacy

  21. Hello everyone, I am (and have been trying for ages) to locate a schematic for this speaker's network (I have the factory spec sheet but it contains no specific details as for the network and wiring) Since Bosch has taken EV over support is non-existent and just flat out rude - I've tried talking with them several times Obviously, I own a pair, but I want a diagram primarily to see how the original design treated tweeter phase (wiring polarity) I purchased these, lightly used, from a pro dealer back around 1990 and there is a GOOD chance they were monkeyed with - they sounded fantastic back then but not so much now (still good after the re-edge, but not like they were if memory serves) and I've never been 100% certain they were factory correct at any time I've already done the switch the wires and see what happens, how does it sound dealio - results were inconclusive/not convinced I REALLY need an accurate diagram Long story, but my pair is one I bought (almost new) back in the early '90s (like I already said), then made the mistake of selling around 2001, sought them out last year, actually found the guy after 15 plus years and bought them back While they were with the second owner they took a beating (cosmetic) but I digress I had to do a re-foam on the woofer surrounds and a small compromise had to be made - again, long story - but the pro 12" EV woofer is fairly uncommon and is a hard surround to fit (but again, irrelevant to my quest!) So to the point, I'd really be EXTREMELY grateful to find a schematic for this system, first and foremost, as well as a secondary item - a source for the acoustic foam that EV used to dampen their tweeter diaphragms on their models with the "Direktor" horn loaded tweeters I'm not interested in the junk that outfits like Simply Speakers sells - it's too thick and comes with that old "not exact, but close enough, won't affect sound" - I'd like to find some correct material, or at least something honestly close/designed for the purpose - I realize that the possibility of actually finding genuine EV foam ain't going to happen, pipe dream, and it doesn't need to be Right now, my original material is still intact thankfully, but if I ever have to service them I am sure it will disintegrate (I'm not looking for the stuff they used as a "diffuser" around the tweeter, like what was on the Interface models and the Sentry 100, à la the JBL L100, rather the thin material they actual put on top of the dome à la Acoustic Research's mids (where they used the yellow glass type material) The damping foam is fairly important on the EV tweeter as they can be EXTREMELY bright to the point of harshness without it BUT THE ACOUSTIC FOAM IS A SECONDARY ISSUE - just thought I'd throw that out there while I was typing this story! ; - ) An accurate system schematic is my primary goal Any help or leads would be well received Thanks to all Craig This is what I'm working on and need the network schematic for; you can also see the foam in the center of the horn - it was probably about an 1/8 of an inch thick when new - on most vintage pro EVs it's missing (been removed due to rot):
  22. Correct Speakers have always been a subcontracted item to fill out the Fisher market presence, even after it wasn't Fisher anymore (in name only) All I said about the original inquiry was that they look like something Coral would make and they do I've got more than a few pieces, speakers and electronics, where the label as to "made in" occurs inside the box, not out Don't know if there was ever a legal requirement to indicate such information on the outside of goods or not Interesting point though Craig
  23. I understand bi-amping - I own a pair of EV Sentry 500s I asked as the brown zip cord type wire is still half the signal I assume coming off the same taps at the amp Since it's AC I don't see how you've achieved anything with only one cable attached to the NEG side of the network? You need another wire - if you open the network's connections then you still need a signal and a return (independent) for both halves But if what you've got going works for you then that's cool! - wasn't calling your suggestion to bi-amp into question or insinuating anything about a recommended execution Craig
  24. Don't know what that photo is of the hack wire job but it isn't bi-amping that's for sure Craig