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  1. The CFT 1 was a more natural sound (similar the SEAS tweeter but not identical), where as the following CFT 5 had a little depth added in the faceplate, which boosted some frequencies making it a brighter sound. Scott
  2. Hi Steve!! SEAS 241 used in A70 I, A100 I, A150 I, A200 CFT 1 used in A70 II, A100 II, A150 II, A400 CFT 5 was used in A100 III, A150 III, A1000 I/II, T930 CFT 3 was used in the A60, T830 and I forget what else. It was not a great tweeter. These were the primary models, I may have missed some. Scott Sislane
  3. I know a lot about the history of BA speakers. What do you want to know? Scott
  4. yes, they glued the boards down using hot melt. Maybe use a putty knife and rubber mallet to remove them. Scott
  5. s sislane

    KLH Advert

    1/4" board advert, that was displayed in stores. Came from an audio store in Boston during a purchase.
  6. Here's a JPG, larger image. Hope this works better. Scott
  7. The A150 I had the seas 241 tweeter (round, face+dome/coil from norway), the SERIES II had the CFT 1, and the series III had the CFT 5. All soft domes. The last two had rect face plates. The seas 241 was a very flat, natural sound, the CFT 1 had a similar sound, but all made at BA. When they got to the CFT 5, they added a slight trough/indentation in the face plate,around the dome, which spiked the output at a given frequency, making it just a hair brighter, but sounded amazing.
  8. Not sure if this is viewing correctly, but this is an intro letter I have from old BA files. (I saved some things when I was there) I doubt anyone else has a copy of this letter...
  9. You need, what we called at BA, 'the special Moses formula', and the surrounds will never deteriorate. I still have a small bottle from 20 years ago. Has to be applied when surrounds are new.
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