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  1. RA Labs Mini-Reference speakers

    Great speakers! I bought these used speakers for 20euros and they sound great! In my second listening room they have replaced the Boston A60II , more extended bass and softly but detailed mids. Very nice sounding! Attached 1 pic of my Mini's. ps .the woofer have a strange sticky paint, but the surrounds are really ok after 15years! Why not in others speakers? Roberto/carsdealer
  2. Spirit Xover

    Ok Genek, thank you very much! Bye. Roberto
  3. Spirit Xover

    Anyone can help me? Bye from Italy. Roberto
  4. Spirit Xover

    more info: I bought these speakers in a garage sale without tweeters and I need to restore this little nice couple. I installed (for 15euros) the model 22bx dome tweeters but their level is a bit highly than bass. Moreover the internal damping synthetic material is too much pressed and fills the box too much more than all other AR speakers I had. Someone can help me? Thanks.Roberto/carsdealer
  5. Spirit Xover

    Hi there, I'm an old AR italian fan ( I had model6, 2ax,18,28&38s etc...); pls, someone have the Spirit 112 xover schematics? Thanks so much! Roberto/carsdealer from Milano