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    Reseal KLH6 Dust Caps?

    I just finished 2 coats of Larry's sealant on my KLH6 surrounds. The original dust caps were sealed at the factory. Should I apply a coating to them as well?

    Ever see a Heathkit AS-103?

    I found a pair of these a few years ago. The original owner, a tech school teacher had ordered them as a kit along with the Heathkit AR-1500A. I have the assembly booklets for them too. Mine are the AS-103a model. I am convinced that the Heathkit As-103a's are the kit form of the AR-3a with a couple of slight improvements. The Heathkit units have fuses which I thought was a good idea. I haven't touched mine yet. Been downstairs for 3 years now. One of the mids was replaced by the original owner......wierd looking thing but it works. I have a pair of restored AR3a's so the excitement to get these restored has been taking a back seat to other projects.

    3a version help

    Same as mine except for the goo along the edges. Defintely late 60's. Mine were recapped/new pots and have become my wifes favourites. You can listen to them all day and they are not going anywhere!

    My AR-91 Resto-Mod


    Snell J Help Please

    I just picked up a pair of Snell J's................been waiting for 2 months now...was excited to get them singing. Now that they are.............the tweeters don't seem to be producing the the sound levels that I would have expected. In fact they are not noticeable until I put my ear close to them I don't know where these crossover but it seems to me that there should be a lot more participation on the tweeters. They are audible though. One thing I did when I wired them was to connect both the reds and the blacks together. Not knowing these speakers,I figured that they were designed for bi-amping so I just connected the binding posts together assuming this was correct. Actually, I don't even know if they are the correct tweeters or not.Since having the opportunity to buy a pair, I have been reading with enthusiasm about these iconic speakers. I know they must sound better than this. I have them running with a vintage Harman/Kardon 430 twin. There is plenty of power there and I know the receiver is respectable as I A/B'd the speakers with headphones. The headphones sound just fine. Any suggestions are appreciated..Thanks Photo of tweeter attached.

    Shipping/packing AR-3as

    You are a brave soul. Sell them locally if you can and possibly avoid a catastrophie. One damaged corner would be be a serious disappointment for a buyer. I don't mean to be cynical but I've watched a carrier literally drop my $400 speaker drivers onto the cement doorstep...and yes they were damaged. And..........they did it again on the replacement ones. I couldn't get to the door in time. Some treat this stuff like bricks. There are lots of links on the web showing how your precious cargo gets treated. To me, shipping speakers that heavy would be a crap shoot......pretty risky.

    Fuses for Heathkit AS-103A.....

    More here; http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/showthread.php?t=266245&highlight=9090+load http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/showthread.php?t=248349&highlight=9090+load

    Fuses for Heathkit AS-103A.....

    There is a thread on AK re; this concern. http://www.audiokarma.org/forums/showthread.php?t=339880&highlight=9090+load

    Fuses for Heathkit AS-103A.....

    According to the Heathkit Assembly Manual for the AS-103A speakers the parts list calls for a 3-ampere fuse (3AG-3A). Heathkit part # was 421-2. Price was .10 cents.

    2ax Woofer Coating.

    There is quite a thread on AK about the Realistic Mach 1 speakers. One of the upgrades recommended is that the 15" cone be treated with crazy glue to prevent it from distorting. Some claim that they can get that driver down another 10 hertz in the range of 20 with the mods. Don't quote me, I grabbing this from memory. I think the mod package recommended was by the AK member VideoLady. I have a pair in the basement that with some time I will do all the mods. Most might not give the Mach 1 a lot of respect but there are many converts in that thread. I haven't owned anything with horns so that is another reason I want to play with them.

    Do you want my ar3a's?

    Hmmm...all I need is 1 tweeter and 2 mids for my second pair. abt same vintage. Parting them out is not what you really had in mind though?

    Speaker sealing gasket

    You can try plumbers putty and roll it out or this stuff. I have used this material and it works just fine........remove 2 strips together and apply. http://www.homedepot...ing-cord/941522 It is almost identical to the sealant that I removed from my Large Advents and AR3a's

    X-over Break In Period

    Well genek, it's gonna be hot dogs and salad for us tonight. Oh yes, we'll cap that off with a beer. Gotta same some money for audio gear!!!!! By the way........what passages will you be playing?

    X-over Break In Period

    I am certain that my Large Advents improved since recapping. I would say it was more than 10 hours but less than 100.

    X-over Break In Period

    I listened quickly this moring but had to go out. I couldnt hear anything over the 12k either. I'll get back after I download, burn and test. Thanks for the tip.