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  1. ******************** Pick up in Washington DC ************************ ... Retirement Sale. Another Fresh out of the closet from friends. - $250.00 - Look GREAT and sound Awesome. Solid Oak caps, top and bottom. - Matched pair - Left and right speaker. Floor standing speakers for the price of bookshelves. - Google them. Highly regarded. Have deep bass, easy to drive (10 to 250 watts ) - 30hz to 20khz, coaxial drivers with transmission line design. - 5 drivers in each cabinet. One tweeter in front located in front of mid woofer. - plus 1 - 6.5" woofer (front) and 2 tweeters back firing. - see image 3 for all specs. - Some consider the TF600 to be the best of the Time Frame line. - Google them and read reviews below on Audio review. http://www.audioreview.com/cat/speakers/floorstanding-speakers/dcm/timeframe-tf-600/prd_119364_1594crx.aspx - Quote from reviews below ...These are some of the great old school speakers I've had and never thought of replacing. These have the great looks and great soothing sound quality in them, they sure have a very broad and well balanced huge sound-stage to them. I think you'll need little help in the bottom end, other than that theses are phenomenal speakers. If your to get this kind of well balanced sound you would be looking about 2K - 3K range. It pumps up enough low end for me and I adore these guys from the late 80's, if you see them in the used market around $200-$400 in decent condition jump on them and you'll never regret them. - Also have a pair of DCM cx-17 - matching coaxial/transmission line bookshelf for rear speakers. - Also a pair of rare DCM Timepiece speakers. - Get the whole lot for an AWESOME Home Theater setup !!!!
  2. ...the AR-3a's were donated to Charity. They are GONE. If you are in Fairfax Va....you might find them in a Thrift store.
  3. Ciao Thanks for replies. Decided not to get them. For any body in Fairfax Va. area. Message me and I will give you his email address. Price was $200.00 but will accept $100.00 cash on pickup. Will hold out for a pair that I can experience as it SHOULD be. Too ole to DIY. Let the YOUNGSTERS have some fun. "Youth is WASTED on the YOUNG"
  4. ....hope to get them by the end of the week. Has anyone used these just as an added woofer to Maggies. Seems like it might be a good match. Have a spare SCS 350 watt 4ohm amp. The bases must be worth $75 right. Just would need a refoam job. Know someone who could do that. Will post serials when I get them. Thank you for replies.
  5. Ciao Thinking about these ar-3a's.....they supposedly have the original woofers....of course need refoaming. Owner said he had the mids and tweets replaced awhile back.....supposedly professionally. Looks like they are all wrong....of course can't tell what they sound like yet. I was thinking at best....they sound alright. Or, at worse ...use them as subs for my Maggies MG I's. The cabinets and grilles are suppose to be in good shape. I know they won't sound original....but I never heard a pair. I had the ar-4x's out of college. ..Also....read you can somehow just use the bass output by skipping two of the back connectors. Thinking about using them with my Maggies to add some bottom end. Any input appreciated. ...Also...can anyone tell from pic if these are early or mid 70's model???
  6. For Sale - Dahlquist M-907

    ....price reduction.......$220.00 for pickup in Washington DC
  7. For Sale - Dahlquist M-907

    ....last price reduction before Fleabay......$225.00
  8. .....For pickup in Washington DC - 20017 .........$165.00 ...From the Classic era of Braun and ADS. The L780 with 8" woofer in a 3 way setup. - They are in Excellent condition including drivers, cabinets and metal grilles. - Stands not included. Features: * Cabinet color: Black. * Type: Floor standing. * 3-Way speaker system.
  9. For Sale - Dahlquist M-907

    .....Price reduction..........$250.00
  10. For Sale - Dahlquist M-907

    ....Price Reduction.....$300.00 Woofers were refoamed 2 years ago.
  11. ....let us see some of "YOURS" Magnepan MG 1's (rebuilt) AR Classic Model 26 Dahlquist M907 DCM Qed B&0 CX100 B&O Cona ...not in the pic. Polk SDA 2B Large Original Advents Genesis Physics Model II Show us what you GOT !!! Need more visuals of these great CLASSICS .
  12. AR Classic Model 26's ForSale 20017

    .....I would like to know how they compared to the Original 9's. I would image that the 9's have deeper base. My main speakers are Maggies and miss the low end that the 26's provide.
  13. For Sale - Dahlquist M-907

    .........these were designed by Carl Marchisotto while he was at Dahlquist and later went on to start his own company ALON and NOLA
  14. ......Dahlquist M-907 -Last of the Great Dahlquist speakers. Walnut veneer. They look and sound great. They are a 3 way system. 10" - acoustic suspension woofer 5" - midrange 1" - dome tweeter. Frequency response is 30-24000 Hz, fabulous sound through the entire musical spectrum. For pickup in Washington Dc 20017 ..............$350.00