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  1. Yes, I thought it almost looked too good to be true:) That is one of the main reasons I even removed the drivers to see if they were likely originals. If the seller had it's twin, I think I would buy it even though I do not need it now. When I opened the box and my wife saw it, she said wow it is a "mini-me" in reference to the AR-5's. It sounds great:)
  2. I posted on the For Sale/Wanted section looking for a single AR-4. JKent send me a lead for a single AR-4X and I ended up buying it, thank you very much Kent! I wanted the AR-4 to use for a Center in a 5.0 system. I use AR-5's for the front, AR-308HO's for the surrounds and was using a NHT center. I was not happy with the NHT, so I wanted to see if I would be happier with an AR-4, so far I am. Below are some pictures of the AR-4X. The tweeter is dated August 1971 and the woofer also has a 1971 date. The speaker is in very nice shape, both the cabinet and the speakers. I did not remove the stuffing to look at the crossover.
  3. WTB a single AR-4 (any version) in good condition. Do not need a pair.
  4. My 17 year old wife, our puppy, and our brand new AR-5 speaker. 03/74 Our AR-5's have been used on a daily basis since 1974.
  5. I would think that AR's quintessential speaker, of or relating to the most perfect embodiment of something, is the AR-9. I think AR's defining or signature speaker is the AR-3/3a
  6. I bought my AR-5's on March 5, 1974 for $146 each. I still have the original receipt. I still use these speakers on a daily basis. I am not a collector, speaker designer or expert on the subject. I restored them and replaced the tweeters a few years ago with the HiVi's with the help of RoyC. I did a lot of research prior to buying the AR-5's. The majority of my friends were using big Sansui or Pioneer speakers. I had a few friends who owned AR-3's and AR-2ax's. At the time, I was a 21 year old married sailor stationed in Alaska. The price difference to me at the time was pretty significant. Our preference in music is more for acoustic or soft rock. What struck me with the AR-5's is the purity of the sound especially at the mid range. I have never been a person that likes the big overwhelming bass. Many people are, especially young people. I'll have a young person pull up next to me in their car and all I can here is the boom, boom, boom coming from their car stereo. Anyway, I am saying that the marketing and price point appealed to me, and from the sound of it to approximately 50,000 other people. The main thing I always heard from my fellow sailors was that it was basically the same as a AR-2ax. I think this may have been one of the primary problem with the AR-5, people viewed it as a AR-2ax, so they did not see a reason to spend more money on it.
  7. I still have and use my AR-5's on a daily basis. I bought them new at the Navy exchange in 1974. I debated between the AR-3's, AR-5's and AR-2ax's. My friends had all three models, so I did have a chance to listen to all. I think they are great speakers and hope they last the rest of my life. I originally used a Pioneer 727 which I still own. To me, and I like a lot of acoustic music, they can not be beat. A few years ago I considered replacing them, but instead rebuilt them and love listening to them. I know I am not as technical as many here, but from a pure enjoyment standpoint, you can not beat them. To me, the AR-5's are one of the best purchases I have ever made!
  8. I have owned and used the same pair of AR-5's for the past 43 years. I use them on a daily basis, they are hooked to my AVR, so they are pretty much always on. The only pair of speakers I have ever owned.
  9. My AR-5's are connected to my Denon AV receiver. So, I listen to my AR speakers all the time, when I am watching TV, listening to music or watching a DVD movie. I sometimes take them for granted and someone comes over and we are watching TV or a movie and they say you have the best sounding TV I have ever heard. I do also enjoy putting on my favorite CD's and just enjoying the purity of the music from my AR's. I am still as impressed as I was when I bought them new in 1974. I hope they last as long as me. It's all about the music, but, I love the music coming from my AR's.
  10. I still have my original AR-5's that I purchased new in March, 1974 at the Navy Exchange. A couple of years ago, I updated the Tweeters with the HiVI's. Back in the early 90's the woofer's needed refoamed and I took them to a local speaker shop that replaced them with Dyna-Drive woofers. They assured me they were better than new:)......yea sure. Actually, they did sound good. When I replaced the tweeters with the HiVi's I also found refoamed late model 2ax woofers on Ebay and put them in. I could hear better bass with the 2ax woofers, though it took awhile to get use to the "new" sound. I love my AR-5's and hope to have them many more years. They are currently being driven by a modern Denon AVR. I also still have my original Pioneer SX-727 that I purchased at the same time as the AR-5's. It is boxed up, not sure if I want to sell it or just keep it for old time's sake.
  11. Here are a couple of pages out of an early AR brochure on the AR-5 and AR-2ax
  12. Great picture and a great receiver. I just recently retired my Pioneer SX-727 that i bought in 1974 along with my AR-5s. I still have my original receipt, I paid $292 for the SX-727 and $292 for a pair of AR-5s. I just replaced it this year with a Pioneer VSX-1020 which is a very nice unit. I cannot make myself part with the 727 so it sits in storage in my basement. The only thing wrong with it is some of the controls could use a good cleaning. Enjoy the 636, Pioneer sure used to make some nice looking equipment.
  13. Just a note since I saw this thread still going. My AR-5's sound great thanks to RoyC and the HiVi tweeters. They have been installed since June of last year and sound as good or better than ever.
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