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  1. A trifold Brochure from 1978 that features the AR ADD series speakers and the newly released AR-9. AR_1978_Trifold_Brochure_AR-9_and_ADD_Series.pdf
  2. Attached is AR brochure for the AR-EB101 turntable and the following AR speakers; AR-9LSi, AR-98LSi, AR-8bx, AR-18bx, AR-28bx, AR-38bx, AR-48bx & AR-58bx AR-9Lsi_and_AR-98lsi+_Brochure.pdf
  3. AR55

    AR5 midrange help, please

    If your are still looking for midranges for your AR-5's, a pair is up for sale on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Acoustic-Research-AR5-Midrange-Vintage-Speakers-Sound-Great-Test-Great-Long-Lead/123683251431?hash=item1ccc18a4e7:g:CfwAAOSwZGJcg2Wm
  4. AR55

    Using AR speakers in a home theater?

    Most Yamaha receivers can be set up to handle speakers with 4 ohm loads. That said, the Yamaha receiver (an older RX-V3900) used as part of my great room system does not power my main left-right, AR-9Lsi (4 ohm) speakers. I actually never intended to use the receiver to power the 9Lsi's, since I already had an exceptional McIntosh MC 7270 stereo amp. I did at one point, however, hook the 9Lsi's up to Yamaha to see how the receiver would perform powering all 6 speakers (5 of them 4 ohm). It never shut down with the 9Lsi's in the system, but it did run quite hot. It still runs warm, when powering just the 98Lsi (4 ohm) center and surround speakers and AR-8bxi (8 ohm) "presence" speakers, but it is no danger of overheating. The system also has a powered Velodyne subwoofer. I actually have a another system with AR-11, 14 & 15 speakers + Velodyne subwoofer in former bedroom that is now devoted to home theater, so this system is primary used to listen to music. Sometimes I will use Yamaha's "The Roxy Theatre" surround music mode, but most of the time its used for stereo listening. A pair of 9Lsi's can nicely fill a room with music all by themselves. I have a friend that uses a Denon receiver in his surround system. His main left-right speakers are 4 ohm, AR-TSW 910s (yes, I brought him into AR fold). He managed to kick-in the receiver's thermal protection circuits early on and it shut down. He now also uses a separate stereo amp to power the 910's and the receiver handles the other speakers. In the receiver's defense, he pays his system VERY loud. I'm amazed that he hasn't lost his hearing. Another friend has a newer mid-level Yamaha receiver (not an Adventage) with a combination of 8 ohm and 4 ohm speakers and is not having any problems. His room is only about 14'x16'. A lot of it comes down to how loud you play your system and the size of your room. The great room that my 9Lsi's are in is 17'x24' and my 2-person home theater room is only 12'x14'. The 4 ohm, AR-11 mains in the home theater room seldom require more power than 25 watts even with action adventure movies.
  5. AR55

    What are these speakers exactly?

    They are probably CL-8's. The CL-8's measure 10"x13"x22". They have a 1" dome tweeter and an 8" woofer.
  6. AR55

    AR AV1 Bookshelf speakers

    The AR AV-1 and the AR AV570 (later Advent AV570) are the same in appearance different internally. The AV-1 has a 1" tweeter, 4" woofer and a 15 watt amp. The AV570 has a 1" tweeter, 5" woofer and a 30 watt amp. I have attached a spec sheet for the AV-1 and the owner's manual for an AV570 (Advent version). AR-Advent AV570 Owner's Manual.pdf
  7. AR55

    Acoustic Research Classic 30's

    I saw a pair of AR Classic 30's sell on eBay for $900 a couple of years ago. Since yours are in "mint" condition and have spare drivers plus the original boxes, you very well may be able to get more.
  8. AR55

    I Have AR-5's

    Midwest Speaker sells a replacement tweeter for the AR-5 on eBay for $69.95 each. I can't say if it is better than the Hi-Vi tweeter, but it is another option.
  9. AR55

    Needing Sage advice for AR17 woofers

    The ADD AR-17 came with 20001 8" woofer. AR also used this woofer for the ADD series AR-15, AR-16 & AR-18. It was also used in the earlier AR-7 and later in the AR-25 & AR-94. The 200037 8" woofer is a later model used in 8 ohm speakers. AR even tested this woofer in a AR-17 cabinet (see attached), so it should be a good substitution for the 20001. I believe that the 210037 model was the same spec as the 200037, but made by an outside vendor. I am not familiar with the 200027 model. 8-inch Woofer Spec-100037.TIF
  10. AR55


    In a previous post it was established that the AR MST ("Woofer", posted 10-26-18) used the universal 8" AR woofer 200001. That woofer was used in the following speakers: 4, 4X, 4BX, 6, 7, 15, 16, 18, 25 & 94. Note that the AR-18 is an ADD series speaker. Later models (18s, 18b, 18bx & 18bxi) use different 8" woofer models. These may or may not have the same sound characteristics as the 200001 model. If the label on the back of your woofers have the model number 200001, then they should be the correct woofers. I believe that the 4, 4X, 4BX & 6 had alnico magnets, whereas the 7, 15, 16, 18, 25 & 94 had ceramic magnets. I am not sure when your MST was manufactured. If it was made prior to 1974, it probably had woofers with alnico magnets.
  11. AR55

    AR woofers

    I believe that the following AR speakers have the same 8" woofer (part number 200001): 4, 4X, 4XB, 6, 7, 15, 16, 17, 18, 25 & 94 I have a pair of AR-15's with those woofers. I saw a listing on eBay a few months ago for the woofers from a pair of 94's and one of the photos showed part number 200001 on the back label. I believe that these may be easier to find than AR-7 woofers.
  12. AR55

    Need help for AR-12 refurbish

    If you plan to refinish your AR-12's, note that the veneer used by AR is fairly thick and can be easily sanded if you are careful. I picked a pair of AR-15's on eBay that had been painted black and they turned out to have a beautiful veneer under the paint. Why anybody would have painted them in the first place is beyond me. The attached photo shows one speaker still painted black with the other refinished. There have been a number of refinish options discussed in the forum. I used Watco Danish Oil. Wet sanding the first coat and adding 3 additional coats.
  13. I should have given a more detailed accounting of the Fisher 800c matchup with the AR-15, AR-14 & AR-11. Usually the speakers are connected to a 120wpc McIntosh amp in a 12-ft x 14-ft room. With all but the most extreme music source, such as Telarc's 1812 Overture, the AR's haven't pushed that amp to noticeably distort (I do have a subwoofer for movie sound effects). It is true that the AR-15 is less sensitive than the AR-11 or AR-14, but at the same time it doesn't have the bass response of the others. When I individually hooked-up each set of speakers to the Fisher 800c, all three sounded very good with most music sources even a at fairly high volume levels. The only time that the Fisher struggled is when the music had a significant amount of bass energy. That was most noticeable with the AR-11's. To be fair, the Fisher still did very well with with the AR-11's until the volume level started to become uncomfortable. In a much larger room I feel that the 11's in particular could overwhelm the Fisher with some music sources.
  14. I had the opportunity to try out my father-in-laws' Fisher 800c with some of my AR speakers after getting it restored for him. The 800c has slightly more power (30wpc) than the 400. The 800c matched up very well with my AR-15's. It also performed reasonably well with my AR-14's and AR-11's, but I was most impressed with the AR-15 match-up.
  15. AR55

    AR 11

    The tan tweeter and gold emblem indicate 1st generation AR-11's. The second generation had black tweeters and silver emblems. The drivers look to be original. The grills are definitely not original. I think that $700 is a high. I paid $525 for 2nd generation AR-11's in 2008. The drivers were all in good shape. I did refinish the cabinets and eventually replaced the original grills, when I came across ones in better condition. Also, I would definitely listen to them before you buy. The 1st generation AR-11 tweeters were not cooled with Ferrofluid and it is not unheard of to find a blown tweeter.