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  1. KLH Model 5 Rebuild including Recap

    If I remember correctly, Jkent used Mills wire-wound resistors when he rebuilt the crossovers to my Model 5s. Gosh, that was nearly three years ago. Time flies by! I have owned a Harman Kardon A300 for a week. It drives the Model 5s amazingly well and sounds great doing so.
  2. Sansui or Onkyo receiver best for Model 20 speakers?

    David, I liked the Marantz 1060 and 2230 very much, but I like the Sansui + Model 5 combination more. If you search AudioKarma, you'll find lots of information about the Sansui 2000 receivers. One thing that comes up is that one type of transistor (I can't remember the model number or the board or boards it's on) used in the receiver sometimes becomes noisy and should then be replaced. I wanted to mention this last evening, but forgot to do so. A friend sells used and vintage audio gear and has a few Onkyo pieces. They are attractive and do sound good. My ears are 56 years old and far from golden. I lucked into my first pair of Model 5s for $25 at a flea market. Kent, whose opinions I value, rebuilt the crossovers for me, and the rest, as the saying goes, is history. I've been sliding down the slippery slope of vintage speakers ever since! The best way to satisfy your ears and your curiosity would be to listen to both receivers with your turntable and speakers. If you want to take them and set them up for a comparison, why not do so? Just my two cents! Jim
  3. Sansui or Onkyo receiver best for Model 20 speakers?

    David, I don't have Model 20s; however, I have used, and enjoyed, the following Sansui pieces with my Model 5s: Sansui AU-505 integrated amplifier, and Sansui 800, 2000A, and QR-4500 receivers. For me, any one of these sounded better with the Model 5s than the Technics receiver that I first used and the Marantz 1060 and 2230 that I subsequently used. I actually traded the 2230 for a second pair of Model 5s. Another thing: all the Sansui amplification that I've used runs cool, a good thing if you plan to listen to for long periods of time (as I do with Pittsburgh's classical music station). I hope this helps. Regards, Jim
  4. AR XA again....

    Kent, It's a tough transition from lurker to poster! The picture of the AR-XA moved the old fingers to action! Jim
  5. AR XA again....

    I see pictures of the AR-XA, then I look at my Dual 1218s. I always find myself thinking to myself, "I have got to get one of those!" Nice work and a great-looking table.