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  1. Hello everyone.

    Just an old 'hard rocker', with bad ears. Have a bunch of 'old stereo' stuff laying around. Listen to mostly (in my garage), some old klh and bose speakers .

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      wow hard rocker !

      happy birth day today congrelllllllllll



  2. Again, while stationed in Germany (in the army), you were either doing anything else, OR you were purchasing/collecting stereo equp, to bring back to the states when you left the service. A couple of my buds had bose 900 (series 1, I'm sure)...(it was 1974-75).........Anyway, my thoughts on them, (and again they were NOT placed in their ideal listening positions), (i.e. hard wall/brick/whatever behind them), so that probably was the biggest downfall, but I truly was NOT impressed with their sound. Too middle rangey (word?), and just sounded flat. (IMHO). Now these guys both had HUGE receivers powering them, with graphic equalizers, (besides the bose equalizer that came with them), but again, I was just not impressed. (probably the biggest reason I did not purchase a pair myself). I did however own a pair of bose 501s while over there. (sold them to purchase the Kenwood 777s (which I also sold before I left, to purchase some fairfaxs). In more recent years, I own a couple of pair of 401s, 201s, and recently sold a pair of 701s. (the 701s were TOO bassy for me). Do like bose products tho!
  3. When I was stationed in Germany, (Mannheim to be exact), in 74-75, we used to ride our 10 speeds to Heidelburg, and listen to the 'stereo wars' at some big auditorium there. I purchased a pair of fairfax tower speakers just before I left. (sold 2 sets of Kenwood triple 7's), (those WERE monsters), to pay for the fairfaxs. I had them shipped home to me in Wisconsin, when I went to tech school. I forget the actual part numbers of the speakers, but they had a (if I remember), a 12" woofer, a 5" midrange, and a small tweeter. I blew the woofer up in one of them, was pissed, and sold the pair to my younger brother. Don't have a clue what he ever did with them. They were sweet sounding speakers tho, (till the one blew up). I DO really remember listening to the 'wall of sounds' and wished the WHOLE time that I had enough dough to purchase a pair. BUT the one huge thing (besides the cost and fact that I didnt' have anyplace to put them, was their size. They ARE freaking huge. But wall of sound pretty much summed them up. HUGE sound came out of those monsters. I do miss my fairfaxs tho. THIS is the first website that I"ve even heard anyone talking about them. At this time, I"m listening on some vintage DCM time windows, (had 2 pair, sold one to make rent)................:>( Powered by 2 NAD 2200PE amps. (one for each speaker). They do sound great. But I digress. Shame fairfax went out of business.......................
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