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  1. Thanks for the replys. I do not have any photos but they look good. Slight lower grill pilling and one small veneer chip on the lower front corner. I tried 4 different CD’s of different styles of Music- classical, 70's Rock, newer Pop, Soul. Absolutely not the slightest sound came out of either tweeter on any recording and I jiggled the attenuation switches while listening with my ear up to them. Unfortunately I would have to roll the dice and buy them and then proceed with the diagnostics once I got them home. Just don’t want to have more into them than they are worth.
  2. I looked at a pair of all original AR9’s for sale. Of course they need refoaming but the main concern is NO SOUND from either high tweeter. (meaning the high tweeter on each speaker is not sounding) The speakers have had 2 mature owners and reportedly have not been abused (and show no signs of it). Is this more likely to be the tweeter itself or the attenuation switch? The switches for the low mids and the mid range dome function properly. This would not be a result of missing jumpers on the back panel speaker wire connections could it. (the jumpers were in place but possibly may not have been making contact- but I’m thinking since the low mid and the mid dome were working that all circuits were getting a signal) I was unable to do any diagnostics at the sellers house and an agreed price could not be settled on so I passed on them. Looks like used tweeters run about 100.00 each give or take. Did not find any used attenuation switches for sale. I would rate cabinet (1 chip) and grill (some light pilling) condition a 7 or 8 out of 10. Opinions on likely culprit? What is a fair price to pay for these in this state? Thanks!
  3. thanks for the input so far... everything is hooked up correctly. the replacement drivers were 4 ohm Goldwoods with specs close to the originals. Perhaps they were not the perfect replacement but I feel they are close, and would that affect the mid range and tweeter sound? my main complaint is with that, not the low end. I am driving them with a Sansui Eight receiver which was rated @ 65 wpc in 1971 but has always been a very punchy receiver and has always made every speaker I"ve tried with it sound great. the 10" originals are electrcally dead and register no impedence reading. I'm assuming there may be a break in the voice coils..
  4. I recently picked up a pair of AR9 LS speakers in good original shape. I refoamed the 8" midrange and the 12" woofers and replaced the dead 10" woofers with direct fit replacements. Tweeters are original. I put them all back together, hooked them up.... and.... they sound lousy! All drivers are working (putting out sound) but the quality of the sound is very dull and lifeless. For example I have a pair of tiny AR18B's hooked up on the B channel of the same system and they sound 10 times better than the AR9's. Something must not be right here. Nothing is buzzing or rattling or sounds broken, they just sound like a cheap crappy pair of speakers. No treble detail, bass is not that impressive, overall sound kind of harsh but dull and muddy. I know the original crossover design on the LS was considered to have a "too forward" midrange and this was "corrected" on the updated LSi version, but I can't beleive in stock form, these 9LS's would not sound as good as an 18B or my 93S's. Any ideas?
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