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  1. fairchance

    Ar3 vs Ar3a

    This questions probably been answered here, but I can't find it. Since I'm loving my Ar2-ax's, I've got an itch to try the Ar3. Ebay prices are much higher for the 3's than the 3a's. Is it a rarity thing or were the 3's made better/sound better? thanks, Dave
  2. fairchance

    KLH model 6's

    KLH model 6's. Vinyl walnut veneer cabs in very nice condition. The grills could use some tlc. Sounds and operates perfectly. $60 plush shipping Dave Chalk Hill Pa
  3. fairchance

    AR2-AX: Just got them singing again and..

    Thanks guys. I'll probably be on a quest for a pair of 3a's in need of some love.
  4. I love them!!!Mine are 1971 vintage and I just did a refoam and replaced a tweeter with one dated 1973. I never thought the bass would be this good coming from a relatively light weight woofer and a smallish cabinet. Beautiful balanced sound. Just ordered new 18 count oatmeal linen for the grills. When I get it done, I'll post some pictures. I can't stop listening to my favorite female vocalists. How do the 3a's sound compare to these? Is the huge price difference worth it or is it just a collector,rarity thing. thanks, Dave Chalk Hill Pa
  5. fairchance

    Help! Need an AR-2ax tweeter

    Hello, Thought I'd take a shot that maybe someone has a spare collecting dust. Front wire. Restoring a pretty nice pair and that's the missing link thanks, Dave