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  1. If you want to add more power amp to it, you should get NAD C275BEE that I plan to get next year. Online price $1200, but my local dealer only $900.



  2. Hello,

    I bought Bose 901 VI last month, and just got my Marantz SR4023 yesterday. It works perfectly, and the sound fantastic. The only way to make your bose 901 equalizer work that you need to get a receiver have Main In/Pre Out. I tested with Tape Monitor In/Out jack, I did not like it.


  3. 4 Bose 901 Series 6's

    tony_3D, what are you listening to with four speakers? If you're listening to music intended for two-channel stereo, or video intended for 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound, how do you process the signal?
  4. P. S. I have also heard a thinness in the mid-treble (piano music) on the 901's. I don't know why, but figured that lack of high-frequency extension wasn't the reason. Do you agree?

  5. I just discovered ClassicSpeakersPages.net. I figured that sending you my question by email is better than posting on an old forum.

    You say that the limited treble of the Bose 901 hurts their transient response. Like many middle-aged men, I cannot hear treble up to the limits of those speakers. Does that mean that I should or should not be able to discern the flaws in transient respo...