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  1. Hello All, I just picked up some AVID model 103 loudspeakers at the Goodwill. It was "50% off day" so I got the pair for $15.00!!! One of the enclosures is missing a little wood-grain vinyl on the top, but they are otherwise solid, with no broken wood. The grilles are intact and in good condition, and most important, all three drivers work on each speaker! The sound is very good, so maybe these were reconed in the past. Amazingly to me, the printed card is still stapled to the back of one of the speakers! It shows the serial number and date of manufacture (Sep. 1977.) I was intrigued to discover a screw-type adjustment for "Mid-High Frequency Balance Control" which is set right in the middle at Neutral. Can anybody tell me if this control has much effect on the sound of the speakers? I thought this type of control had disappeared from the world of mid-range component loudspeakers by 1977. I haven't been able to do a good listening test at louder volumes, trying not to disturb (too much) others in the house. I've got the AVIDs in my bedroom, so they are mostly going to be used at low volumes, not for "serious listening". Should I just set the controls however they sound best? Oh, one other thing--due to space constraints, the 103s are sitting on the floor. With the 10" woofers, and since each one weighs 38 lbs according to information printed on the front of the cabinet, they are pretty big to be considered "bookshelf" but a little small for the floor. Would these sound best if I could get them off the floor? The only option for that, the way the room is arranged now, would be to put them about 5' above the floor, on top of a large IKEA storage unit. I'm afraid that at that elevation from the floor, the bass response might be weak. Thanks for any advice.
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