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    Marty, Back in the late 60s early 70s I sold all kinds of equipment. Speakers included KLH, JBL, and Bozak. I kind of ignored the pair of B-302a and lusted after the "bigger" speakers i.e. JBL SR-8s which were huge. After 6 months on the floor I finally got around to the Urbans. Wow! For those small boxes sounded fantastic and I still kick myself today that I didn't buy them (I could have gotten salesmen price - as I remember under $200 each). If you find a pair of them buy them! They are rather inefficient so you will need 50 to 75 watts (rms) per channel to do them justice. On ebay there are lots of replacement parts so don't worry about that - surrounds for the woofer, midrange if they need them, and even whole parts all the speakers are available - even the xovers. Good luck and when you go to pick them up take a friend with a strong back, they are heavy. I'll look in my info box and see if I still have a Bozak brochure but don't hold your breath. klhbozak
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