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  1. I am very interested, but I am no where near Colorado. Are you able to find out the cost to ship to New Jersey? Thanks.
  2. Do I need to start a new topic on the same subject??????

  3. Trying to add to this post on CD8 speakers and getting frustrated because it is not working.

  4. John

    CD8 Woofer replacement

    Thank you very much for the quick reply to my question. Yes, I did get the woofers from Kentucky before they folded. I do not feel that I hear a difference as much as I know that there are different woofers in each speaker. It is more a mental thing of knowing that two different woofers reside in each speaker. The tweeters and midrange drivers are original and I have never had any issues with them. I use a 200 watt amp with clipping indicator lights which help in being assured that both the amp and speakers are driven cleanly. In my original post I had tried to download photos of the two woofers but was unable to include them. I do come to the site to read posts but I am new to posting so I may have done something wrong. Thanks again and I will sit back and enjoy critical listening of music and not be critical of my speakers.
  5. I have owned a pair of Allison CD8 speakers since the mid 1980's. They are in mint condition. I have never had to replace the grills on the speakers. The only issue that I have been concerned with was the replacement of one woofer that the rubber surround had rotted but at the time I did not realize that it could be repaired. I contacted Allison when they where located in Kentucky and going through financial issues which in the end resulted in closing, sad to say. I had purchased one woofer from Allison and did not realize until much later when I had the other woofer's surround repaired that it was different from the original. The speakers work fine but as someone who is concerned about the speakers being a match, it remains on my mind. Is there anyone on this forum that could give me info on finding a pair of CD8 speakers or info on a pair of replacement 8 inch woofers for the CD8. Maybe this is not an issue and I may be asking a lot but I'm old school and would like to keep it that way. It just sounds good to me. Thank you.
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