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  1. new loudspeaker efficiency question

    Does anyone know what is the efficiency of New Advent (large) Loudspeakers? I'm trying to figure out whether to go tube amp or hybrid on a budget of $700 or so. Any suggestions or thoughts
  2. best power for new advent loudspeaker a-3's

    Do you mean did I get the ones with the nice cabinets? If so, yes, and they're in really great condition. I know I overpaid ($375 plus shipping, ouch), especially by the standards of all the folks on this forum who seem able to find them for almost nothing, but I wanted ones that were in really good condition and I expect to use them for a very long time so whats a few bucks over ten years or more? At least that's my rationalization.
  3. best power for new advent loudspeaker a-3's

    Thanks Kent. They are these: http://audiokarma.org/forums/showthread.php?t=187970 so I think they are the New Advents with the 10" woofer etc. Do you still think my Kenwood will do them reasonable justice? brad
  4. I just picked up a kenwood ka-305 40wpc integrated amp that i want to use to power new large advents. Any opinions about the amp or how it will do with the speakers? Any other ideas for a good vintage amp for the advents?
  5. I had Smaller Advents when I was a kid, so am excited to have just bought some beautiful new Large A'3's. I have a Kenwood ka-305 integrated amp that i believe is 35 wpc. How well will that do with the Large Advents? If I buy another amp or receiver, any suggestions? Also what about speaker wire?