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  1. bostown

    RDL Acoustics F-1

    Definitely the nicest of version of the classic Allison models. Those leads to the Tweeter are prone to corrosion but are easy to remedy and of course the foam softens to a crumble but also easy to remedy. ( I need to do both of these on my set, since they've been sitting idle for a while). Sadly I'm going to part ways with my Allison Ones. the cabinets have seen better days and I have other Restoration projects that are more important to me. The RDL speakers will get a stay of execution for a little while after I get them all doctored up and back into the rotation. Then it'll be time to see them off as well.
  2. bostown

    KLH Model Eight preamp?

    Are you referring to the KLH Model 16 ? Integrated amp that uses the Model 18 as it's tuner?
  3. bostown

    AR 303a

    I have the 302's ( in fact I acquired a few pairs while hunting down parts for my first pair). The 302 and 303 are gems and they are completely under the radar. - I'd be curious to hear if your re-cap ( or increased warm up) solves your issue. Now that I've amassed a few sets I'm going to make a solid pair out of the bits and pieces I have available in the spring. I may end up with multiple working pairs for my effort . Here's the pair that turned me into a fan.
  4. The Oak cabinet version are by far the nicest of the Ambiance line ( there was also a calcium injected ABS cabinet "outdoor" Ambiance) . A set of the Oak Ambiance on the original CSW Tripod Stands look Sharp!
  5. Unless the cabinets are splitting or show signs of damage, you should be able to clean off the old Nextel paint . Paint stripper works well. ( either the gel type or denatured alcohol worked for me). Access to the drivers - Use a credit card to get the grills off or a spatula , I've used a paper clip through the grills as well) they are held in place by some type of tacky putty along a few edges. The mildew smell should go when you get the paint off. Before you go through all of that. Plug them in and make sure they work
  6. bostown

    RDL Acoustics F-1 speaker rebuild

    That would have been a while back ( possibly a year or so, give or take a couple of months). If that's the same pair, it really is a small world. It was one of those out of state craigslist negotiations that just went all kinds of wrong. I was seriously annoyed back when it happened. (only mild mental scarring remains - as I've repeated this story via posts a few times) It was probably for the best. I had ( and still have) no place for them. Certainly, I could make some other stuff go away but that's no fun either. Recently I saw a pair of speakers on auction that were a dead ringer for the RDL S-1 called "blockhead" by a company called Glen monitor. - The price was high, they needed re-foaming and I needed no more projects so despite the curiosity It all spelled PASS! What are you planning on powering them with once you have them back 100% healthy and play-ready?
  7. bostown

    RDL Acoustics F-1 speaker rebuild

    It seems that Most of the RDL /RA Labs products are pretty rare. I've seen a couple here and there but in a flash they are usually gone and once it sells, you never see it again. such is the case with the F-1 ( I actually paid for a pair that a guy had in Chicago, Later that day he refunded me claiming that his roommate sold the speakers locally while he was out) which was fine. That's what I get for being greedy since about a week earlier I found and purchased a pair of RDL S-1. My guess is that the S-1, F-1, and B-1 are very close in performance, yet were designed with different placement options in mind. Either way. They sound great. I'm not sure if pics are allowed here but if so, you should definitely post a few.