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  1. I have Powered Advent Loudspeakers in the shop. The tech informed me he got the amps working but one of the fried egg tweeters is bad. I have some 5002 tweeters but would like to keep it original if possible. Any suggestions?
  2. Thanks everyone for your replies. I will not use the generics and will probably go with Rick Cobb surrounds. I used his surronds on BA A40's and they worked fine.
  3. I have some masonite ring OLA woofers that need new foam surrounds.I have done a few refoam jobs on other speakers using low cost generic foam from MAT Electronics. .I know that the OLA woofers are glued from behind so can I use a generic 10" foam surround on these? I can get the job done for less than $3.00 using generic surrounds as opposed to $20-25 for one of the eBay kits. I suspect that the eBay sellers are sourcing their foam from the same supplier as MAT and are charging a premium for instructions, glue, packaging etc. Can anyone recommend a good source for masonite ring OLA woofers foam surrounds? Thanks!
  4. Hello, I have a pair of the Powered Large Advents that I picked up at an estate sale. They are in need of a lot of work so I am looking here for advice. Can anyone start me off by pointing me to members that may have experience with these or on line information? Thank You! Kurt
  5. Thanks....got a lot on the to do list looking forward to getting the AR9's rebuilt!
  6. Greetings all, I am happy to be here as I have heard a lot of great things about this site. I currently own AR9, AR 2ax, KLH Model 6, original Large Advents and Boston Acoustic A60 speakers. As you can tell I like the "New England" sound! I also have Infinity and B&W speakers in my collection. I am pretty inept at DIY so I will probably be asking for help on some of my projects. I am new to this site so please excuse any breaches in etiquette. Thanks ! Kurt
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