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  1. mr.jones

    Powered Advent Loudspeakers

    I have Powered Advent Loudspeakers in the shop. The tech informed me he got the amps working but one of the fried egg tweeters is bad. I have some 5002 tweeters but would like to keep it original if possible. Any suggestions?
  2. mr.jones

    OLA foam surround source

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I will not use the generics and will probably go with Rick Cobb surrounds. I used his surronds on BA A40's and they worked fine.
  3. mr.jones

    OLA foam surround source

    I have some masonite ring OLA woofers that need new foam surrounds.I have done a few refoam jobs on other speakers using low cost generic foam from MAT Electronics. .I know that the OLA woofers are glued from behind so can I use a generic 10" foam surround on these? I can get the job done for less than $3.00 using generic surrounds as opposed to $20-25 for one of the eBay kits. I suspect that the eBay sellers are sourcing their foam from the same supplier as MAT and are charging a premium for instructions, glue, packaging etc. Can anyone recommend a good source for masonite ring OLA woofers foam surrounds? Thanks!
  4. mr.jones

    Powered Large Advents ADVICE NEEDED

    Hello, I have a pair of the Powered Large Advents that I picked up at an estate sale. They are in need of a lot of work so I am looking here for advice. Can anyone start me off by pointing me to members that may have experience with these or on line information? Thank You! Kurt
  5. mr.jones

    greetings from mr.jones

    Thanks....got a lot on the to do list looking forward to getting the AR9's rebuilt!
  6. mr.jones

    greetings from mr.jones

    Greetings all, I am happy to be here as I have heard a lot of great things about this site. I currently own AR9, AR 2ax, KLH Model 6, original Large Advents and Boston Acoustic A60 speakers. As you can tell I like the "New England" sound! I also have Infinity and B&W speakers in my collection. I am pretty inept at DIY so I will probably be asking for help on some of my projects. I am new to this site so please excuse any breaches in etiquette. Thanks ! Kurt