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  1. AR 5 woofer question

    Your recollection is correct - - - original AR-5's had only foam surround woofers, and in fact, it may have been the first AR speaker model to tout this distinct development. The pair you refer to might indeed be terrific (and expensive ), but In order to install the cloth woofers, the AR-5 cabs required modification to fit the larger diameter basket frames - - not certain about the associated coil compatibility.
  2. AR 4xa

    Glad to know everything worked out so well - - when testing speakers, my preference is also often to listen to female vocals, but I also like to audition acoustic strings and maybe jazz organ and/or percussion with brushes. That fabric looks really good and at a fantastic price. Thx for the tip. Just some obsessive, fussy details here, but pics attached show finished version of 4x speakers mentioned above. Most of this simply reflects my personal cosmetic preferences, but also having some fun with the re-build process. Applying a coat of butyl sealer to the cloth surounds is not normally necessary (especially for these 4x woofers that have permeable dust caps), but I tend to feel that it adds a refreshed or enhanced suppleness to the surround. I do like adding the washers under the screw heads for a few reasons: a more refined appearance; a more confident tightening process; and it adds a degree of protection to the edge of the cloth surround.
  3. AR 4xa

    Yes, I fully agree with Kent - - - your woofers are just fine, and I was just joking since you did such an extraordinary job (tux, bow tie and tails) rescuing those sad-looking cabinets, and by comparison, the woofers appear a bit informally attired (sneakers, jeans, t-shirt). It is very doubtful that the woofers require any attention at all. Below is one pair of my 4x's that employ the identical woofer, and they perform extremely well.
  4. AR 4xa

    Wow, that's a pretty radical transformation - - - great work!.... and congrats on the excellent results. Now, you might be well served by including a simple coat of paint to refresh the appearance of the baffle board before you re-install the drivers - - - and those (excellent but) homely woofers are gonna bring down the overall bling appeal of your efforts . The metal badges are very simple to polish up - - any thoughts on grille cloth?
  5. Rectilinear X or Xa

    Although I have no experience with the KLH Seventeen, I am also a big fan of the AR-4 models and the EPI 100.....and I like these small 3-way Rectilinears a lot, too. Until this thread, I had never noticed or paid any attention to that 100 Hz listing, but that's extremely low for a woofer-to-mid crossover. This is indeed curious - - in fact, after looking at this literature for the Phillips 5061 mid driver, I have to now question all of the other woof-to-mid x-o frequencies that have been mentioned (250Hz, 350Hz, 400Hz, 500Hz) since this document suggest the "rated" frequency range for this driver is between 700Hz and 20kHz.
  6. Rectilinear X or Xa

    There are a few AR models that have a similar enclosure for open-back midrange drivers, but I've never seen an MDF sub-compartment on a Rectilinear speaker, and I've never seen one that also included the tweeter. Like the plastic tub you describe for the Rect III, it sounds identical to the ones I have encountered with the Mini III, as shown in attached pic.
  7. Carl Richard (Carlspeak) RIP 11-11-2017

    Sad news, indeed. Carl contributed much generosity and good work to this forum. Thanks for posting, Pete.
  8. Yeah, I'd love to find a pair of these rare little beauties. Because of the tiny cabinet, I had assumed that the 8s also had a 6" woofer like the 8b, but according to this thread where I first encountered this model, the drivers are the same as the AR-18s, including the 8" woofer. http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?/topic/4458-ar8s-or-ar8se-refurb/
  9. AR-8B.....Good call, Stimpy, or maybe it was this one - - the AR-8S, an even more rare and perhaps Euro -only model.
  10. AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    Thanks, Glenn. This is a great thread for anyone who happens to find this relatively rare model.
  11. AR12's Restored-A few Pics

    Hey Glenn, thanks for re-posting this - - - between your tips, techniques, and the excellent photos, this is essentially an entire tutorial for an AR-12 restoration. It is a superb piece of documentation, and I really appreciate the drafting layouts for gaskets and foam rings as well as the isometric sketch of the grille frames. I was never aware that this woofer had the double dust cap, but I've run into that on a couple of AR 8" woofers. The parts drawings in the Library always refer to this as "Cosmetic", so I suspect your guess at its purpose is probably correct. The single flat cap is certainly typical in the AR-2ax, AR-5, and AR-8, but I think I've also seen it on more modern AR-14's - - I s'pose you didn't run into the double cap on your LST-II's? Part numbers from '77 and '79 AR price lists are attached. About that midrange driver - - it seems the only times I've seen these type of drivers contained within their separate chamber is for cone type mid drivers that have open backs - - is this correct? And I assume there are two more short brown/orange wire leads inside that cup? Very cool method of raising the cone with those foam shims from below. Great project.
  12. Rectilinear X or Xa

    I have no further information regarding the image shown above, and I know very little about the various KLH woofers, but your comments sound very sensible and most likely accurate. I've got an early pair of XI's, and I am about to complete restoration work on another pair of Mini-III's. If you haven't already seen the Rectilinear pictorial inventory here, you might enjoy this. http://www.kallhovde.com/Njord Noatun's Vintage Audio Resources.html
  13. AR 8in woofers 200037-0 and 200001-1

    Hi Larry, here's just a few observations that come from looking at the drawings for these two drivers. They appear very similar and while they do have minor differentiations, it is unclear how this affects performance specs. The 001 woofer drawing (date 1976) suggests its use in the AR-15, AR-17, AR-18, AR-25 and AR-94. The 037 woofer drawing (date 1980) mentions use in models AR-18s and AR-28s. All of the major components are fully identical: the sub assembly (basket and magnet); the cone and skiver; and the spider and coil. Other components do show different part numbers, like the dust caps (two caps on the 001; one on the 037) and adhesives. Also, I just noticed that the 001 woof has something called a "weight" (item 11, made of lead) which is epoxied to the cone under the flat dust cap. Both AR drawings do show eight holes along the outer basket perimeter. The only 8" woofers I am familiar with that actually use all eight holes are early EPI woofers with rubber surrounds - - those use eight wood screws and no T-nuts.
  14. Although we cannot see all of the wiring in your AR-18 crossover (regarding phasing of drivers), I believe the AR-18 crossover is essentially identical to the AR-7 which preceded the 18. I see no reason to eliminate the switch - - of course that's up to you - - but you can see from this schematic that the switch merely includes or passes by the 3 ohms of resistance to offer two different levels of tweeter output. When switched accordingly, the resistance is in series with the tweeter. Again, this is your decision, and I'm fairly certain that from India you can locate some very good Asian or European made brands from reputable distributors. Since this is your first rebuild project and you'll be doing two pairs of speakers, why not get two or three pairs of modest-cost caps (no more than a few dollars each) and see for yourself if there are differences and what you end up liking best.
  15. Rectilinear X or Xa

    Hey John, that's a great story about your speaker history and your experiences with Symphony Hall. It is such a fantastic building - - one of the many masterpieces designed by the noted NYC architectural firm of McKim, Mead and White - - - and I think that I have read (at Symphony Hall, no less?) that the design of this interior space basically created the discipline now known as acoustical engineering. Your tale of the KLH woofer replacement might just offer a practical Rx for Martin's pending problem, but your comment also surprised me a bit. Earlier today, when I was trying to add some pertinent information to this thread, I came across this image of a Rectilinear Xa, but thought to myself ...."naaaaah, I'm not going to show a Rectilinear speaker with a KLH woofer." But now it seems fair game, and perhaps even prescient, so here's the pic that might look like your resurrected pair.