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  1. Good point, Chops, and I do tend to agree with this statement, even if your earlier comment might have been perceived as a critique without a solution for improvement. Get involved and initiate your own threads in any section of this forum - - there are plenty of interested voices that will "Be MORE ACTIVE!" And welcome aboard.
  2. Den system

    Very nice set-up. Amongst my stuff, I've got the same cartridge, reel-to-reel, and speakers.
  3. AR's reason for being

    Great post by Tom. Many members here know this AR history far, far, far better than I do, but I've read enough that I tend to think of Villchur as the quintessential "idea" guy, and it was Kloss who was the marketeer and nudged Ed toward ideas of entrepreneurship.
  4. Hello sudhir - - I've been away for some time due to several unexpected events, but it looks like you are inching towards positive progress. The Carli and Solen caps you've acquired are suitable choices, and dxho is correct to suggest for you to abandon those aged red/black caps. Regarding the switch component, ultimately this will be your decision. I have experienced AR speakers from this vintage where a 3dB switch had minimal, if any, perceptible effect, but I have never felt the need to stray from the original design and bypass, or essentially eliminate, a tweeter control. It's effectiveness might not be perceived in your particular room environment, but that does not mean that it might be an important component when properly engaged in a room with different acoustical properties. I would recommend to keep the switch and just replace the cap with the one that you prefer.
  5. "On Hold" - Vintage AR Tweeters & Woofers

    Hi MNTV, Woofs/tweets look great, and pics suggest an appropriately respectful way to handle these drivers, but would like to know why you are selling these separate from the AR-17 cabinets, grilles, and crossovers. In other words, what is the basis for selling these as selected parts only?
  6. I think Mike's comment is correct. Hope this is helpful.
  7. AR-2ax Project

    We clearly have a misunderstanding. PM sent. All great lessons learned, and excellent advice for future restorers. Terrific pics, great project summary.
  8. AR-2ax Project

    To Kent: there is nobody (aside from a few hundred other members) who appreciates your eternal optimistic good cheer and useful, expansive contributions to this forum as much as I do. It is always a pleasure to read your upbeat advice and resourceful helpfulness, and much like yourself, it wasn't that long ago that I had never encountered my own first intimate relationship with a capacitor. And look at me now: I spew forth on a regular basis just like Old Faithful! That said, I do understand your perspective on Michael's confusion as a result of information overload - - I, too, was sensing this at various points - - but I just had to call you out on your dismissal of any second (or third....or fourth....or....) opinion from other experienced forum members. There are simply too many valued minds here to reduce this forum to an autocracy - - otherwise, we should re-name this CSP section as "Wayne's World", or something similar. The primary intent of your advice might have been spot-on, but the exclusionary delivery raised some hackles - - for me, at least. So.....fist bump - - - good-good - - - no harm, no foul. To Michael: I know this has been a trial by tribulation, but from the start, you have been an enthusiastic, inquisitive, and receptive patient for this mongrel group of armchair physicians and analysts. Stay plugged into this supportive group - - - we want to know how this project turns out, and then we will send you out on search for your second pair of vintage AR speakers.
  9. AR-2ax Project

    I took leave of this thread several days ago when it seemed that my persistence had become something of an annoyance. After a couple refreshing days of winter hibernation, I poked my head out of the cave long enough to see that the winter storm had turned into a horizontal sleet-driven blizzard with gale force winds, so I went back to bed so I could saw a few more logs. Peeking out again today, I see that the storm has blown over and the sun is shining again. Hallelujah, winter is over! Before the OP posted here, I was one of the CSP members who was advising Michael T in another online universe. Of interest to me was finding an enthusiastic newbie for vintage AR speakers who happens to hail from my own home state. With the exception of my suggestion that it wouldn't be over-the-top to increase one's max bid for these speakers to go slightly north of $30, all of my nudges have been aimed at a budget restoration - - - i.e., no new-old cloth woofers, and no new linen grille cloth. Regarding the original pots, those looked like they were fully cooked, so the replacement cost of new L-pads (approx. $5 or $7 apiece) was a wise and reasonable investment. Similarly, the suggestion to use new Carli caps is also a great bang-for-buck line item cost. Many respected and informed members have chimed in here with sage advice, cheerleading support, wise suggestions, and overall good intent, so it disturbs me to see any guidance suggesting that all-but-one singular voice should be disregarded in any restoration efforts. Even when I have strong and sincere respect for that particular voice, I could not disagree more with this sentiment, despite the OP's difficulty in wading thru the "differing opinions". If one cannot tolerate various opinions, it is best to stay off of internet forums. Nonetheless, there has been very useful input to the OP in this thread from a good handful of CSP members....not just one. Along with another CSP member, my offline communication with the OP has been nothing but inquisitive, respectful, informative, appreciative, and full of good humor. With great pleasure I was able to provide a component needed to meet his restoration objectives, and his sincere and prompt gratitude has made this travail all worthwhile. I do really hope he enjoys the 2ax speakers, and that the physical, intellectual, and emotional repair process was worthy of the time and energy spent.
  10. Teledyne Era AR's

    And, are these the tweeters you are referring to (Allison-left; AR-right)?
  11. Teledyne Era AR's

    Jeff_C is correct - - - the AR-16 is discussed here (as well as the phantom AR-13). http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?/topic/7498-the-ar-16—the-4th-add-speaker-system/ To the OP, that's a very nice find - - the AR-17 does not show up very frequently and those look to be in very good shape. Having original foam grilles in good condition makes them even a bit more rare. Congrats.
  12. AR-2ax Project

    Thx, Roy, and yes, I did read your earlier post, but then I just looked at johnnieo's schematic once more before making final comments. I understand there were several manufacturing or engineering changes along the way with the 2ax, but it's still a bit bewildering (to me at least). Perhaps I find this confusing because the "official" AR schematic for the AR-4 - - which uses the same driver as the 2ax mid - - clearly shows the yellow dot terminal connected to the positive cabinet terminal. So just to summarize, in a 2ax crossover, we need not be concerned about like or opposite polarity among all three drivers? Each driver can be installed without regard for wire color or terminal designation?
  13. AR-2ax Project

    I was just looking at this when Roy posted. I agree, this drawing is looking very good, and is already a significant improvement over what is found in the Library, but if I could make a few minor remarks: * there is one small (but important) typo in the title block * these schematics are more helpful when at least the "+" side of drivers is indicated * noting "225 turns" is also helpful - - sometimes that's all you see on the coil spool You might be thinking about when this tweeter is replaced with the prescribed Hi-Vi replacement.
  14. AR-2ax Project

    JKent, that .20 mH coil appears to be #21, according to this AR-92 crossover drawing from the Library. For the most part, this coil chart - - as good as it is - - covers the Classic era models and then dribbles into the subsequent series which featured the AR-11 and AR-10pi. While this coil chart is as good as I've seen, I've been curious about: 1. there is no inclusion of the AR-1, AR-2 or AR-3 models. 2. #4 coil does not include mention of the AR-6 (version 1). 3. none of these coils shows 265 turns, the coil found in the two-cap version of the AR-4x (and others?). That's exactly right, and do remember that you'll be helping all of us in the future.
  15. AR-2ax Project

    Whoops - - sorry about that - - I hadn't even thought to check the #5 coil spec, but Roy's value does jibe with this chart that is a good reference. (I see now that Roy just posted an earlier version of Tom's coil compilation). Your attempts to document this are very much appreciated, and this "new" schematic could become a very useful resource. I can't seem to find your revised schematic attachment for viewing, but if you're able to make the necessary revisions with these various bits of input, a more updated 2ax schematic (L-pad version) might become a great contribution to the body of knowledge here. Don't get frustrated with our picky comments - - like JKent said, your first diagram was a really great effort, very nicely drawn.