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  1. AR-XA in box?

    This thread is taking on some new and interesting angles of discussion, and this conclusive statement from Tom, in my opinion, condenses in a single sentence both the initial and long-lived acclaim and success of the earliest AR turntables (TA, XA, etc.). The real beauty of these tables, aside from the lovely visual qualities, was the excellent performance delivered for only a modest cost investment. I find myself rarely interested in trying to obtain or experience the "best" of anything; but at the same time, I am always interested in the "best value" of any goods or services that might enter my life. Tom's extensive knowledge of, and unwavering respect for early AR products is always consistent in this forum, and many of us are the beneficiaries of his many posts on CSP. The writing is backed up with facts and opinions (and charts and photos and lab reports and.....), and I enjoy reading this sense of conviction, while also knowing that Tom will call out the real stinkers that AR brought to market as well as lauding many audio products produced by any number of reputable manufacturers over the course of several decades. Likewise, I admire Frank's deep commitment to his vinyl pursuits and pleasures; and I also respect newandold's abandonment of these earlier technologies for a more contemporary and convenient format. We're all enjoying musical reproduction in different ways, with different equipment, in different rooms, and with different budgets and different ears. To DavidR, I loved seeing that great LA Express band in the early-mid 70's when they toured with Joni Mitchell. They played in an exceptional music hall on my college campus, but the next time I saw her (same venue) she had upgraded (my word) her jazz IQ even more and was playing with Wayne Shorter and Jaco Pastorius. Soon thereafter, she was collaborating with Charles Mingus and Herbie Hancock and earned her metaphorical Ph.D in American jazz music. I also enjoy all of the other artists you have mentioned, several of who brushed up against Miles and were brought up on Creed Taylor's label (CTI) with excellent production and riveting album covers. And like Frank, I still dig many of those 50's and 60's cool cats who were out there be-boppin' on the fringe.
  2. AR-XA in box?

    Finally......back on topic. There might be a very nice TT inside all of that original packing material, but it is a pretty weak auction listing for a product that deserves some better exposure. Or maybe not? Vern has noted a missing belt, which might likely require replacement anyway, but one has to wonder what else are we not supposed to see besides the fractured arm support that is most obvious? The dust cover does appear to be in VGC, but when the listing touts the "newness" and hints at "unused", all I see are potentially fragile cables and a packing box that looks like it's been taped and re-packaged a half dozen times. I like the early AR tables a whole lot - - I have two XA's and an XB, but $400 for openers? As the ancient adage suggests, "a fool and his money are soon parted."
  3. Wharfdale W35 crossover rebuild

    Very nice work on the crossover rebuild. I'm pleased to see this strong testimonial, as I have been very satisfied using these electrolytic caps on some projects, too. When the capacitance values get a little larger, the Mundorf E-cap is offered in both Plain and Raw versions, and I've been perfectly happy using the Raw option - - they are less expensive and dimensionally smaller, two characteristics that appeal to me.
  4. Early AR6's

    Congrats, that is a terrific looking pair of AR-6's, so we''ll be interested to see more pics and descriptions of the drivers, crossovers, and cabinets. With the ribbed cones, I assume those might have the alnico woofers we've discussed here, but I guess you won't know for sure until you pull them out for examination. Please tell us more about this pair as well as the other pair you have when you get more information (pics!), and are you in the EU or the UK or the USA? I think your first test song on these speakers should be a Bob Marley number. Thanks, Pete, I think the image describes this characteristic rather well, and yes, the middle pic shows woofer at rest. This is a composite pic I made of my own early AR-6 woofer (s/n's below 04000), and I just use a little pocket digital camera and then compose, crop, manipulate, and assemble a multi-image using some very basic image software that comes on most Mac computers. Lastly, I adjust the contrast and sharpness and save a jpeg file usually no larger than 100KB for use on this site. Credit where it's deserved - - I constructed my own image after seeing this info from a 1972 review I found online from a British publication. The review goes on to say that the AR-6 represents AR's best-ever value; it is the best true bookshelf speaker they had ever tested; and that AR is rumored to be establishing offices in the UK. I just noticed for the first time that these markings on the cone backside are identical to those shown on my woofer above.
  5. Filled Fillet Foam on AR-9 8" LMW

    The treatment bead continued to be present on these Tonegen replacement woofers from a pair of AR-7's, serial numbers 20XXX.
  6. Filled Fillet Foam on AR-9 8" LMW

    I think you could say this is true of most, but not all 8" AR woofers. Pic attached shows new foam installed per original assembly, which had foam inner lip under paper cone of 200050 woofer.
  7. Early AR6's

    These pics of the long-throw alnico AR-6 woofer show movement in the range of 3/4" overall.
  8. Good workout for the 3A

    Company literature for the AR-6 seems to concur with this statement.
  9. Spotted these oddballs in local Ye Olde Junque Shoppe recently - - it is very unusual to find a speaker model by Teac that has any appeal to me but these are mighty curious. Model number is LS-350, they are 8-ohm three-ways. Big, heavy beasts, and good looking to boot! I presume they are acoustic suspension, and from what little I am able to detect, the build quality is impressive - - these side panels are 7/8" or 1" plywood, the grilles are nicely detailed, and the veneer is good. Am just posting here for posterity, but any information, thoughts or comments are always appreciated.
  10. Dynaco amp lovers!

    Yikes indeed! I wish I could find the original preview article I read that was predicting the lesser price. Geez, it must be those recent trade tariffs kicking in already!
  11. Dynaco amp lovers!

    When I saw this thread pop up again, I had forgotten that I had read the original discussion and was expecting to see a different topic. These upgrade options for the Dynaco ST-120 are quite interesting (does that transformer get rotated?), and this is a really helpful write-up - - - thx, JKent. It is good to know that this amplifier has an option for an affordable upgrade for the DIY-er. Years ago, I had my own Dynaco system with ST-120, PAT-4, and FM-5, and it served me well for many years. What I had expected was that this thread title would lead to a discussion of a new Dynaco amplifier introduced a little over a year ago. Since this falls within the scope of "Dynaco amp lovers!", I'll just add it to this thread - - I don't think this product has been mentioned yet in this forum. The product is a contemporary reincarnation of the venerable ST-70 tube amplifier, now called the ST-70 Series 3. Made in Canada but unavailable in kit form (and soon to be followed by a ST-1 preamplifier). The ST-70 appears to have a rugged build quality and the renewed aesthetics are very much in the spirit of the original. Selling for about $2K, it's still beyond my budget, but I somehow get the feeling it might just be all the amplifier I'd ever need. Website info: http://www.dynaco.com/st70#0
  12. Avid Model 230's here

    No part numbers mentioned, but some good info on 230 and 330 in this brochure, which states that "Avid is one of the few loudspeaker manufacturers that produce its own driver units". http://www.classicspeakerpages.net/IP.Board/index.php?/topic/4123-avid-brochure/
  13. AR LST tweeters foam pads

    Globs? I thought they were blobs. With age, these tend to dry up and go crunchy and diminish output. Replacing this suspension with new material is the most obvious element of Chris' rebuild efforts that was mentioned by GD70. Reports from CSP members claim that this process is highly successful for rejuvenating these old drivers.
  14. Newly acquired AR-LST

    Hey David, my first thought about painting these black was that the bottom of the speaker and the top of the stand would blend together into one thick black band and ruin the proportions of the speaker cabinet, but I was wrong. Yours look much better now and fit well with that room decor. I agree about the LST/2 stands in the pic above - - I immediately thought about the beautiful stands that John built for his LST's.
  15. Newly acquired AR-LST

    Came across this image in another online thread, and just thought it could be useful here for future reference as another idea for future projects. This is a pair of LST/2's, and the material for stands looks like it might be solid white oak.