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  1. ra.ra

    AR94s in the house!

    I've got one 001 woofer on hand and it is measuring about 4.9 or 5.0 ohms DCR.
  2. ra.ra

    Needing Sage advice for AR17 woofers

    Yeah, I miss that old Lechmere store, which was located one block from the old AR building on Thorndike Street in Cambridge. Looking at your "upgrade", it appears perhaps you no longer have real AR-93's, since all drivers shown are not original. Did you make any crossover revisions to accommodate these interlopers? What about the (4) side woofers....replaced or original? If you need any of these 035 drivers, I have two that I cannot find a proper home for - - - send me PM if interested. Hi David..... any further details to elucidate this statement? If there is any place where this info on part numbers, pics, or further descriptions will be appreciated......this is the place to share.
  3. Agree with Kent - - 8.2 will work - - but if desired and for a few more pennies, two Dayton 250V 4.0uF caps in parallel will get you there, too.
  4. ra.ra

    Needing Sage advice for AR17 woofers

    Hi Tim, I don't think I can fully answer your question (how many woofers?), but in these threads we've been discussing several of the more frequent part numbers and details of 8-inch woofers that show up in multiple speaker models. The AR93 confuses me because I think there were several variations of 93 (with letter suffix?), but the original version is interesting because I think it may employ two drivers not found in other AR speaker models. If your speakers look like these, I believe the front lower midrange driver with flat dust cap is p/n 200036 (60uF capacitor), and the side-firing woofer(s) with white domed cap is p/n 200035 (120uF capacitor). Not sure if either of these part numbers shows up in any other AR speakers. Crossover frequencies for the 93 are noted as 350 and 2000Hz. The tweeter should be p/n 200034 (virtually identical to tweeter 038), with a 4uF cap.
  5. ra.ra

    Needing Sage advice for AR17 woofers

    Just my $0.02 here, but I always prefer the look of smaller dust caps on AR woofers. If you look back at my previous post with pics of three 8-inch woofers, they show, in order: 1) p/n 001(from AR-7) with 2-1/8" flat cap; 2) p/n 037 with 2-1/2" soft solid cap; and 3) p/n 050 with 2-3/4" with mesh cap. For comparison, the typical AR-4x woofer uses a 2-1/4" mesh cap. It appears that you have what I've described above as case 2), so unless you can cleanly remove all evidence at the perimeter of your existing 2-1/2 inch cap, you may indeed have to use a 2-3/4 inch diameter cap to ensure a neat appearance with the re-foamed woofers. Comparative drawings attached show 037 woofer on left with single domed soft cap; and 001 woofer on right with both flat and domed caps.
  6. ra.ra

    I Have AR-5's

    Thanks, Roy, I suspected this might be the case but could not be certain. I've never seen the domed cap on the AR-5, but the only reason I thought this might be possible is because of the multiple changes made to this driver (p/n 200004) as evidenced by the notations on the drawing in the library. The graphic depiction shows a domed cap, but under the Revisions list, there are mentions of cap changes, including one that notes a cosmetic cap, perhaps suggesting that at one point this driver had both a flat and a domed cap - - another condition I have never encountered.
  7. ra.ra

    I Have AR-5's

    sarals, this is a great thread and your pics and descriptions are most useful. Sorry to hear you've been running into additional challenges which are extending the re-build process, but your step-by-step methodology shows dedication and discipline which should ensure a successful project. Re: dust cap - - yeah, the new ones don't look bad, but since nothing's glued yet, I'm here to make a pitch to re-use the original flat caps. Just my opinion, but I think it is a distinctive part of the iconic look of the typical AR-5 woofer, similar to the same woofer used in the 2ax and the LST/2. Pic attached shows 2ax alnico woofer with re-used original dust cap and filled fillet foam surround. The choice of cap will not affect performance, but if you're objective is "as original as possible", perhaps this decision deserves some more consideration. That said, the earliest AR-5 literature depicted two features that may have never made it into production: one is the side-by-side tweeter and midrange; and the other is the domed dust cap. Subsequent brochures show the more typical features: two small drivers are staggered; and dust cap is flat.
  8. ra.ra

    AR2ax makes a candle!

    Wow, hard tellin' what's been done to the speaker in the first pic - - both the mid and the tweeter are most certainly not AR drivers. And that powered sub????? - - - have never seen anything like that built from an AR cabinet. Those are the rare Korina veneer, yes? They look simply terrific. Re: resistors - - I've never seen it in person, but I think there is one version of 2ax that has a parallel resistor on the mid driver. Yep, looks like the utility pine cabinet to me, too.
  9. Yeah, I like to mix the flavors, too, to give a bit of the red tint to the walnut.
  10. Ambitious project with terrific documentation and descriptions. Thx for sharing, will be watching with interest as it comes to completion. Great work!
  11. ra.ra

    I Have AR-5's

    Yeah, you might as well give it a try - - - I like that spirit! It might be wise to try to patch in a small piece of reinforcement material where that little flap stayed attached to the cone, and looking closely at the top of that pole piece, was there some type of fluid used in the gap?
  12. HI Giorgio, those are great pics to show the subtle variations - - - it looks like there are minor differences in the magnet assemblies and the basket profiles and wiring terminals, but basically these drivers otherwise appear nearly identical. DavidR's question is what we all want to know, but I also wanted to mention that you misidentified the Tonegen woofer - - it should read part number 1210003 (-2A) - - - the "3" part is important since it correlates with the 12" woofer. Also, are those AR tweeters mounted on your wall next to the Jefferson Airplane album cover?
  13. ra.ra

    AR2ax makes a candle!

    Thx, Kent - - that line gave me the best chuckle from this site in a very long time. Welcome to CSP, Charlie J. From the original AR-2a, it sounds like the dual mids have been replaced with the single 2ax mid (or AR-4 tweeter), but am curious about the tweeter replacement - - is this the Hi-Vi driver? Cap replacement sounds good, but am curious where the resistors are in this speaker? As JKent has indicated, recommendations for refinishing would probably depend on the wood cabinet veneer species. The image attached lists the original cabinet finishes for the 2a model.
  14. ra.ra

    I Have AR-5's

    Congrats on finding a pair of AR-5's, but too bad about the woofer. The voice coil appears to be in good condition, but the edge of that spider seems to have suffered from overheating. What to do? Replacement woofers (AR-5, AR-2ax, AR-8...maybe even AR-12 and 14?) are typically available for sale with a little patience, but you might also be interested in contacting Bill Legall at Millersound about repair.
  15. ra.ra

    Needing Sage advice for AR17 woofers

    Yep, those Tonegen 037 woofers should work out just fine. I think I've posted this before, but this image shows an identical pair of woofers which were used as factory service replacements for some AR-7's - - - you can see how they were originally factory labeled as 037 drivers, but eventually shipped out with stickers calling them 001 drivers. Congrats, good luck, keep us posted.